Janet Berliner Books In Order

Madagascar Manifesto Books In Order

  1. Child of the Light (1992)
  2. Child of the Journey (1996)
  3. Children of the Dusk (1997)

Friends Around The World Books In Order

  1. Swan Luka (2012)


  1. Rite of the Dragon (1981)
  2. Sol’s Song (2011)
  3. What You Remember I Did (2011)


  1. Artifact (2003)

Anthologies edited

  1. Desire Burn (1995)
  2. Peter S Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn (1995)
  3. David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible (1995)
  4. David Copperfield’s Beyond Imagination (1996)
  5. Snapshots (2000)

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Janet Berliner Books Overview

Child of the Journey

Picking up where Child of the Light left off, Child of the Journey begins as the Na*zi tides sweeps to power in Germany. Jewish visionary Solomon Freund desperately seeks to rejoin his bloved Miriam. His quest leads him from the precarious refuge of Holland back into the deathtrap of Berlin to the horrors of Sachenhausen concentration camp, and finally to Madagascar.

Rite of the Dragon

They were all that stood between the future of South Africa and the dragon Negwenya, mother of all lightning birds. Their destiny became the destiny of a nation a continent, a world. The fates that ruled them rule us even now. Rite of the Dragon is a unique and unforgettable book that combines the sweep and passion of James Michener’s The Covenant with the bone chilling terror of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot and Firestarter.


Deep in a tomblike cavern along the ocean floor lies a secret that has remained hidden from humanity. Until now…
An Oilstar drilling rig off the coast of Venezuela in the Dragon’s Mouth channel has pierced an underwater cavern and brings to the surface four stones unlike anything on this earth. Frik Van Alman, the tough as nails maverick head of Oilstar realizes immediately that they represent an extraordinary opportunity…
and a terrible danger. His superstitious native crew, already uneasy working in the infamous waterway, refuse to dive in search of a fifth stone, and when Frik’s lab chief tests them, the results confirm Frik’s hunch: when these four stones are connected they hint at a power source that could revolutionize the world’s energy production. And, Frik realizes, such a revolution would put him and all other oil companies out of business. Before he can plot his next move, his lab chief Paul Trujold, fearing the greed and calculation in Frik’s eyes, sends the stones to safer hands. One of the stones lands in the hands of Paul’s daughter, Selene Trujold, the leader of an ecological action trying to halt Frik’s drilling and the damage it’s causing to the Caribbean ecology. Frik and Trujold meet in the lab after Paul has sent away the stones, and an accident badly burns them both, killing Paul before Frik can find out what he’s done with the find. Desperate to reclaim the stones and determined to find the fifth piece of the puzzle, Frik enlists the aid of the Daredevils Club, a select few risk taking thrill seekers of whom Frik is one, who meet every New Year’s Eve to compare bold new stories of the past year’s exploits. Their members are a disparate bunch, including a doctor, Arthur Marryshow, whose greatest risk is healing those who risk their lives in political hotspots; Ray Arno, a stuntman turned demolitions expert; Simon Brousseau, an expert deep sea diver; and Joshua Keene and Terris McKendry, a bickering best buddies tandem experienced in undercover operations requiring strength, expertise with weapons, and nerves of steel. At the next New Year’s Eve meeting, Frik proposes a mission: collect all five stones and return them to him. Along with the rest of the daredevils is Peta Whyte, Marryshow’s proteg , not officially a member, but more than qualified by her role in planning and effecting Arthur’s escape from prison on her native Grenada sixteen years before, when she was but sixteen. She attends in Arthur’s place, for he’s been killed, victim of a terrorist bombing just blocks from their Times Square rendezvous. The Daredevils embark on an adventure that takes them along the coast of Venezuela, from stealth jungle raids to deep sea dives, from the haunts of Latin American power brokers to the camp of eco terrorists. A fast paced, thrill a minute hunt challenges the loyalties of the daredevils, as they become pawns in a deadly game of deceit and betrayal. After all the adrenaline rushes and spilt blood, the remaining members of the Daredevils Club gather once again on the following New Year’s Eve, this time in Las Vegas, for one final confrontation, as Frik slips the five stones into place…
as the unthinkable is created.

Peter S Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn

Let Your Imagination Run Free Peter S. Beagle’s international classic The Last Unicorn has captivated readers for three decades. Now Beagle is back, with the help of co editor Janet Berliner, with this magical volume of legendary stories that capture the essence of this best loved mythical creature of all time and explore its immortal allure. In this second volume of tales from Peter S. Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn are fifteen more astonishing, delightful, and breathtaking stories by today’s top fantasy authors including a story original to this paperback edition by Peter S. Beagle himself.

David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible

Seventeen tales of murder, magic, and illusion include contributions by such popular authors as Eric Lustbader, Ray Bradbury, Larry Bond, Joyce Carol Oates, Dean Koontz, and Raymond E. Feist.

David Copperfield’s Beyond Imagination

Like its triumphant predecessor, the first volume in David Copperfield’s ongoing collection of his favorite writers, this is far more than just a book:it is a dazzling miracle show in which unique literary talents are displayed with the incomparable showmanship of the world’s most acclaimed illusionist. In a truly remarkable publishing event,some of today’s most celebrated authors have been summoned onstage and have been asked to perform their own special wizardry for a legendary performer’s millions of dedicated fans. David Copperfield, considered by both his colleagues and his vast audience to be the greatest stage illusionist of all time, understands the passion and power of fantastic literature, and he knows how to present it to its full advantage. For this latest collection, the authors he most admires have been invited to do what they do best mystify and enrapture,dazzle and delight, conjure marvels and summon nightmares in a spectacular display of all new, all original stories. Copperfield’s second invitation onlyvolume includes such masters of literarylegerdemain as Neil Gaimon, Peter S. Beagle, Anne McCaffrey,Tad Williams, Greg Bear, Katherine Dunn, and the grand illusionist himself. Each arrives on stage with an original story written especially for this spectacular presentation. Here, in the realms ofBeyond Imagination, you will meet the girl who made the magician disappear…
the alien who conquered Las Vegas…
the sorcerer who was too good at sorcery. Here you will find oil from a corpse that leads to love or insanity…
the 12th century city that appears once a year in downtown Chicago…
the secret voodoo activities in modern San Francisco. All these wonders and more are brought to life with fascinating flourishes and inimitable style in this critically and popularly acclaimed new series. Each story and each author is introduced by David Copperfield himself.


Presents a collection of short stories focusing on the relationship between and mother and daughter from such authors as Margaret Atwood, Gloria Naylor, and Alice Walker.

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