Jane Welch Books In Order

Runespell Books In Order

  1. The Runes of War (1995)
  2. The Lost Runes (1996)
  3. The Runes of Sorcery (1997)

Ond Books In Order

  1. The Lament of Abalone (1998)
  2. The Bard of Castaguard (1999)
  3. Lord of Necrond (2000)

Book of Man Books In Order

  1. Dawn of a Dark Age (2001)
  2. The Broken Chalice (2002)
  3. The Allegiance of Man (2003)

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Jane Welch Books Overview

The Runes of War

The citadel of Torra Alta, won a millennium before from the indigenous dragons, is under attack. The Vaalakan army from the north, led by warrior priest Morbak, draws near. The Runes of War, hidden for many centuries must be unearthed to protect the civilized lands of the south.

The Lost Runes

Caspar and Hal have found the runes of war that will keep the Valakan horde at bay until spring by then, they must have recovered the power of the Mother Goddess. Accompanied by Keridwen the Maiden they seek a cauldron lodged in the male preserve of the cathedral in Farona.

The Runes of Sorcery

The third book in the ‘Runespell Trilogy’. Caspar, Brid and Hal have traced the lost runes in the Yew Forest in the heartland of Farona. Etched on the bottom of a cauldron, the runes tell the location of the Druid’s Egg, an object of such fearful power it has long been hidden in distant lands.

Dawn of a Dark Age

The first book in a new epic fantasy trilogy by British author Jane Welch. Prince Rollo’s world is shattered by the death of his mother, Queen Ursula. But even before he can grieve he faces the bitter disappointment of being overlooked as his mother’s heir in favour of his younger sister; as only the female line in Artor’s Royal family inherit the magical power to control the Great Bears of Artor a talent every sovereign must possess. Seething with self loathing, grief and disappointment Rollo focuses his anger and resentment upon his father. Deeply concerned for his son Spar decides to leave his daughter, now Artor’s Queen, and take 13 year old Rollo half way across the world to Torra Alta, his barony in Belbidia, to claim the only birthright left to him. But fifteen years have passed since Spar left Hal and Brid as guardians of his remote fortress and in the intervening years, many things have changed. Beasts of legend have grown in strength and will. A huge golden dragon plagues the mountains and swarms of Hobs ransack the fertile plains of Belbidia. Fourteen years ago the Chalice of Ond, was lost. A sacred artefact with the power to transfer the magic of one object to another the chalice is the only explanation for the rising threat. If this powerful weapon has fallen into the wrong hands the Dawn of a Dark Age will come to Belbidia.

The Broken Chalice

The second book in a new epic fantasy trilogy by British author Jane Welch Silas has fled with The Broken Chalice of Ond, forcing the companions to flee into the surrounding forest, pursued and hunted by the remaining angry swarms of hobs. But their escape is slow as Isolde falls ill; the injured hand she plunged into the Chalice during the ceremony is infected and the disease is spreading rapidly, transforming her flesh into the scales of a hob. Sick with worry, Rollo decides to go after the chalice, hoping to reverse the spell, but Leaf insists on returning to aid her people convinced she can find a cure with them. Unable to agree, the company splits. Meanwhile Torra Alta is under siege, attacked by men imbued with dragon fire powers. It seems the attack on Belbidia is not simply a civil war, but a mass invasion.

The Allegiance of Man

The concluding book in a new epic fantasy trilogy by British author Jane Welch A lucky subterfuge has fooled the Golden Dragon into leaving Opal Island; and she has trailed the Pisceran Porpoise out to sea believing that the newly repaired Chalice of Ond the only hope of resurrection for her precious golden son is hidden beneath her decks. On board, amidst the dragon attacks, Lord Casper worries for his own son, Rollo, abandoned on the hob infested rock. But Rollo has the real chalice in his possession and although the responsibility weighs heavily, he must find a way to elude Silas’s minions and travel across the ocean to find his father if Isolde is ever to regain her humanity, to reunite Aranthane with his wife or save Leaf’s dying people. Rollo must learn to harness the strange power which lies unpredictably within his body to ensure that Silas’s invasion of Belbidia is stopped and that Torra Alta, the only home he has left, is rescued.

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