Jane Kidder Books In Order

Wellesley Brothers Books In Order

  1. Passion’s Fever (1991)
  2. Mail-Order Temptress (1992)
  3. Passion’s Song (1993)
  4. Passions’s Captive (1993)
  5. Passion’s Bargain (1994)
  6. Passion’s Gift (1995)
  7. Passion’s Kiss (1996)


  1. Heart Song (1999)
  2. Something So Right (2000)


  1. Carnival of Love / My Timeswept Heart / Confederate Vixen / Passion’s Captive (1994)
  2. Baby Dreams (1996)

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Jane Kidder Books Overview

Carnival of Love / My Timeswept Heart / Confederate Vixen / Passion’s Captive

Stay alive. That’s all Dr. Sydney Hale can think. In one terrifying minute, her life was turned upside down. Now, the cops think she’s a murder suspect, the government wants her to come in, and somebody will do anything, including kill, to get the knowledge only she has. Alone, she’ll never survive on the run. What she needs is a perfect weapon, and Marine Jack Wilson just may be the answer to her prayers. Jack has always been clear about who the enemy is, but now, he’s not sure. Why is Sydney Hale the only survivor of a government lab breach? What secrets is she hiding? Why is the government lying to him? Jack intends to find the answers to all his questions, but first, he has to keep Sydney alive long enough, and if there’s anything this Marine knows, it’s how to keep moving and fight back. What he doesn’t know is what to do about the fierce desire she awakens in him. With no one to turn to but each other, sexual tension explodes into a passionate hunger and a tender love neither can fully trust, or live without. And with the stakes rising, Jack and Sydney will make their stand, gambling everything they have on a choice that could save, or destroy, them both…

Baby Dreams

Historical love stories in which unexpected bundles of joy bring romance to six very different couples includes Jo Goodman’s ‘The Baby Dream,’ Carol Finch’s ‘Lullaby of Love,’ ‘A Daughter for John’ by Phoebe Conn, and other tales by Hannah Howell, Barbara Benedict, and Jane Kidder.

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