Jane Johnson Books In Order

Eidolon Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. The Secret Country (2005)
  2. The Shadow World (2006)
  3. Dragon’s Fire (2007)

Moroccan Books In Publication Order

  1. Crossed Bones / The Tenth Gift (2006)
  2. The Salt Road (2010)
  3. The Sultan’s Wife (2012)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Maskmaker (2009)
  2. Goldseekers (2011)
  3. Pillars of Light (2016)
  4. Court of Lions (2017)
  5. The Sea Gate (2021)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Swashbuckling Fantasy (2006)

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Jane Johnson Books Overview

The Secret Country

Ben wants a Mongolian Fighting Fish more than anything. But when he goes to Mr. Dodds’s Pet Emporium with his hard earned savings, he buys a cat instead. He doesn’t have a choice, really. The cat insists.

Iggy as the tabby likes to be called has been kidnapped from his home, a parallel world known as The Secret Country. And as the two soon discover, Iggy is not the only animal to fall victim to the pet store owner’s devious scheme: Mr. Dodds is stealing The Secret Country‘s magical creatures and selling them to England’s rich and curious. Being away from their homeland causes the creatures with any connection to The Secret Country to be under immediate threat. What’s more, it seems Ben’s mother is their long lost queen.

With his mother’s life hanging in the balance, it’s up to Ben to play his part in an ancient prophecy and prove he’s worthy of the title of Prince of Eidolon.

The Shadow World

Ben Arnold had hoped that exposing Mr. Dodds’s vile Pet Emporium


business that stole magical creatures from Eidolon to sell to England’s

rich and curious would prevent the Secret Country from fading away into

ruin. However, it soon becomes clear that the evil, dog headed Dodman’s

reign of terror has only just begun.

Ben’s mother, Queen Isadora, returns to her homeland to lead its creatures

against the Dodman. Unwilling to be left behind, Ben’s sister, Ellie,

crosses into the Secret Country and walks straight into a trap. Ben and his

father follow close behind, and soon the entire Arnold family is scattered

across Eidolon’s magical and dangerous terrain. The Arnold children are

destined to save the Secret Country, but first they must save each other.

Dragon’s Fire

Isadora is back in Eidolon, marshalling her forces against the evil Dodman. Back in our world, Ben and his siblings are suspicious of their new neighbour with his Eidolon eye, Ben can just make out that she’s a witch from the Secret Country, and that she’s got plans for them, none of them good…
The Dodman knows all about the legend of three children from both worlds saving the Secret Country from his clasp and he’ll do anything he can to prevent it. Whirled through the wild roads with the witch, they lose baby Alice, and end up trapped on an isolated beach. But the Nautilus and their old friend Silver swim to their rescue and soon they are on their way to help their mother in her battle against the dinosaurs and other creatures under the Dodman’s control. But Isadora’s army isn’t faring at all well and before Ben and the others can ride to her rescue, she is captured and taken to the sinister castle for a wedding ceremony unlike any other. But first the Dodman needs to get rid of Ben’s dad…
It’s a fight to the finish, but n a dramatic showdown, young Alice reappears transformed and vanquishes the Dodman, reuniting her family and claiming back the throne. A brilliant conclusion to a magical series.

Crossed Bones / The Tenth Gift

The art of embroidery uncannily links two fascinating women of different eras and their equally passionate love stories. In an expensive London restaurant, Julia Lovat receives a gift that will change her life. At first glance it is a book of exquisite seventeenth century embroidery patterns belonging to a woman named Catherine Ann Tregenna. Yet in its margins are the faintest diary entries; they reveal that Cat and others were stolen from their Cornish church in 1625 by Muslim pirates and taken on a brutal voyage to Morocco to be auctioned off as slaves. Captivated by this dramatic discovery, Julia sets off to North Africa to determine the authenticity of the book and to uncover more of Cat’s mesmerizing story. There, in the company of a charismatic Moroccan guide, amid the sultry heat, the spice markets, and exotic ruins, Julia will discover buried secrets. And in Morocco just as Cat did before her she will lose her heart. Set almost 400 years apart, the stories of these two women converge in an extraordinary and haunting manner that will make listeners wonder is history fated to repeat itself? A literary mystery, historical adventure, and dual love story, The Tenth Gift literally crosses genres with narrative ease and prose that is as captivating as the characters who people this unforgettable tale.

The Salt Road

From the author of The Tenth Gift comes another story of exotic, foreign lands, entwining storylines spanning generations, and the quests to overcome love lost.’My dear Isabelle, in the attic you will find a box with your name on it.’Isabelle’s estranged archeologist father dies, leaving her a puzzle. In a box she finds some papers and a mysterious African amulet but their connection to her remains unclear until she embarks on a trip to Morocco to discover how the amulet came into her father’s possession. When the amulet is damaged and Isabelle almost killed in an accident, she fears her curiosity has got the better of her. But Taib, her rescuer, knows the dunes and their peoples, and offers to help uncover the amulet’s extraordinary history, involving Tin Hinan She of the Tents who made a legendary crossing of the desert, and her beautiful descendant Mariata. Across years and over hot, shifting sands, tracking The Salt Road, the stories of Isabelle and Taib, Mariata and her lover, become entangled with that of the lost amulet. It is a tale of souls wounded by history and of love blossoming on barren ground. From the Hardcover edition.

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