Jane Feather Books In Order

Almost Books In Publication Order

  1. Almost Innocent (1990)
  2. Almost a Bride (1999)
  3. Almost a Lady (2005)

Blackwater Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. Rushed to the Altar (2010)
  2. A Wedding Wager (2011)
  3. An Unsuitable Bride (2012)

Bride Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Accidental Bride (1991)
  2. The Hostage Bride (1998)
  3. The Least Likely Bride (2000)

Cavendish Square Books In Publication Order

  1. A Wicked Gentleman (2007)
  2. To Wed a Wicked Prince (2008)
  3. A Husband’s Wicked Ways (2009)

Charm Bracelet Books In Publication Order

  1. The Diamond Slipper (1997)
  2. The Silver Rose (1997)
  3. The Emerald Swan (1998)

The London Jewels Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Tempt Me with Diamonds (2019)
  2. Seduce Me with Sapphires (2020)
  3. Ravish Me with Rubies (2021)

Kiss Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Widow’s Kiss (2001)
  2. To Kiss a Spy (2002)
  3. Kissed by Shadows (2003)

Matchmaker Duncan Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. The Bachelor List (2004)
  2. The Bride Hunt (2004)
  3. The Wedding Game (2004)

Trapped Books In Publication Order

  1. Trapped at the Altar (2014)
  2. Trapped by Scandal (2015)

V Books In Publication Order

  1. Venus (1988)
  2. Virtue (1993)
  3. Vixen (1994)
  4. Velvet (1994)
  5. Valentine (1995)
  6. Violet (1995)
  7. Vanity (1995)
  8. Vice (1996)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Love’s Charade (1986)
  2. Smuggler’s Lady (1986)
  3. Beloved Enemy (1987)
  4. Reckless Seduction (1987)
  5. Chase the Dawn (1988)
  6. Reckless Angel (1989)
  7. Silver Nights (1989)
  8. Bold Destiny (1990)
  9. The Eagle and the Dove (1991)
  10. A Valentine Wedding (1999)
  11. All the Queen’s Players (2010)
  12. Twelfth Night Secrets (2012)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Engagement at Beaufort Hall (2012)
  2. A Holiday Gamble (2014)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Snowy Night with a Stranger (2008)

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Jane Feather Books Overview

Almost Innocent

Dear Reader,Almost Innocent is a romance that is particularly dear to me, with a hero*ine who surprised me with her strength and resourcefulness, and a hero who will always be one of my favorites. Growing up behind the impenetrable walls of an English fortress, young Magdalen does not know that she is the illegitimate daughter of a powerful English prince and his murdered French mistress or that she has been a pawn in the struggle between England and France ever since she slipped from her dying mother’s womb. All she knows is that she longs for excitement. And then one day, as if in answer to her prayers, the splendid figure of Guy de Gervais, a true knight in shining armor, rides into her cloistered world and spirits her away. For Magdalen it is love at first sight. The one and only love of her life. Yet Guy sees only his responsibility to keep Magdalen safe until she can be wed to his nephew and thus fulfill her political destiny. Then duty calls Guy to the bloody battlefields of France, and when he returns, time has transformed Magdalen into a stunningly sensual beauty. Suddenly the noble knight is fighting the fiercest battle of his life: against a searing desire for a woman he cannot have.I hope that you will be thrilled by Magdalen and Guy’s passionate love story, and that you will have as much pleasure reading it as I had writing it. Warmest wishes,Jane FeatherP.S. Don’t miss my latest novel, The Widow’s Kiss, featuring an enchantress who has been widowed no less than four times…
and the formidable hero who finds himself reluctantly falling under her spell. From the Paperback edition.

Almost a Bride

In this spectacular new romance from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather, fate deals one stubbornly single young woman and one deceptively heartless man a shocking hand in a high stakes bet. But is love in the cards?

Jack Fortescu gambles to win, and this time his prize is not only his rival’s lavish mansion but everything in it
including the man s beautiful sister! But when it comes to games, Jack has met his match…

Left homeless by her brother s escapade, Arabella Lacey has two appalling choices: pack her bags or agree to marry the lunatic who s taken over her house. Why would such a handsome and outrageously wealthy man want such an unromantic arrangement? Arabella intends to find out, and have a little fun in the process at Jack s expense…
literally. As Jack discovers that his reluctant bride is no ordinary beauty, he feels a stir of admiration, among other emotions, that wasn t part of the bargain. Now he s the one with everything to lose…

Almost a Lady

In this exhilarating new novel of romance and intrigue, New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather tells the tale of an adventurous young woman and the hardened spy who is unexpectedly and most inconveniently captivated by her…
. Independent and inquisitive, Meg Barratt wants nothing to do with any stifling society marriage. Meg yearns for the kind of passion that exists only in books until a violent storm lands her on the high seas with the most dangerous and seductive man she’s ever encountered or imagined. For Cosimo, women are objects, to be manipulated for business or pleasure sometimes both. But when the seafaring assassin accidentally kidnaps Meg on his latest mission, he must reconsider his position. Recruiting his unsuspecting captive for the danger ahead is far more challenging than he expected and far more seductive.

Rushed to the Altar

From New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather comes the first of a wonderful new trilogy, The Blackwater Brides, set in the sensually im proper Georgian period, in which three noble brothers discover they will be forced to find brides under highly unusual circumstances. Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, needs a prostitute. Not in the usual way, however. His wealthy uncle’s will promises to divide his huge fortune among his nephews if each rescues a fallen woman…
by marrying her! And since Jasper s estates were already mortgaged to the hilt before he inherited them, when he catches a pretty young prostitute trying to pick his pocket, he immediately makes his proposal. Clarissa Astley is not at all what Jasper believes. The orphaned daughter of a prosperous merchant, she is searching the seedier districts of London for her young brother, abducted by their evil guardian, who wants the little boy s inheritance. But she needs powerful help, and the darkly handsome Earl of Blackwater is certainly that. So she pretends to be exactly what he assumed a risky charade for an innocent virgin. But when passion flares between Jasper and Clarissa, the deception becomes even more difficult to handle…

The Accidental Bride

Dear Reader,In my ‘Brides’ trilogy, three unconventional young women vow they will never marry only to be overtaken by destiny. The Accidental Bride could only be the story of Phoebe, the ‘awkward’ one…
. For four years, Cato, the Marquis of Granville, had been just another man the uninteresting, somewhat intimidating husband of Phoebe’s older sister. But then her sister died, and Phoebe seemed a reasonable substitute. Her forced engagement to him should have been quite a cold blooded arrangement…
except that one day Phoebe looked at Granville really looked at him and saw what she’d never seen before: he was darkly, breathtakingly attractive. Once she’d noticed, she couldn’t seem to stop noticing, and suddenly Phoebe was disastrously in love. It would be nothing short of torture to be married to Granville, knowing he didn’t love her and never would. After all, Phoebe was not the kind of woman men fell in love with Phoebe with her untidy hair, her rumpled clothes, and her fingers forever ink stained from the poetry she wrote. When running away does not solve her problems, Phoebe decides to try something a little different something that involves a little change in wardrobe, a daring new attitude, and a bit of brazen seduction. Granville is about to discover that his awkward Phoebe is woman enough even for him…
. Warmest wishes,Jane FeatherP.S. Be sure to watch for Olivia’s story, The Least Likely Bride, coming in hardcover in early 2000.

The Hostage Bride

Dear Reader,Here is the first of my new ‘Brides’ trilogy, in which three unconventional young women vow they will never marry only to be overtaken by destiny. Bride 1 is the outspoken Portia…
. It’s bad enough that seventeen year old Portia Worth is taken in by her uncle, the marquis of Granville, after her father dies. As the bast*ard niece, Portia knows she can expect little beyond a roof over her head and a place at the table. But it truly adds insult to injury when the Granvilles’ archenemy, the outlaw Rufus Decatur, hatches a scheme to abduct the marquis’s daughter only to kidnap Portia by accident. Portia, who possesses more than a streak of independence as well as a talent for resistance, does not take kindly to being abducted mistakenly or otherwise. Decatur will soon find himself facing the challenge of his life, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, as he contends with this misfit of a girl who has the audacity to believe herself the equal of any man…
. Warmest wishes,Jane FeatherP.S. Phoebe, the ‘awkward’ one, will be next, in The Accidental Bride. Watch for it in early 1999.

The Least Likely Bride

Dear Reader,In my Brides Trilogy, three unconventional young women vow never to marry, only one by one to be overtaken by destiny. Scholarly Olivia is most certainly The Least Likely Bride One moment Lady Olivia Granville is strolling along a path, her nose buried in a tome of Greek philosophy; the next she is plunging down a rocky cliff. When she regains consciousness, she is naked and unwittingly trapped on a pirate ship. Her captor, though, is no ordinary pirate. Wickedly handsome, disturbingly mysterious, the grey eyed master of the Wind Dancer is both a physician and an artist, and admits to making his living from the sea. Most disconcerting of all, when he turns his glittering eyes on her, he sees not the stammering, hopelessly bookish young girl Olivia has always been, but a passionate, beautiful woman who can, if she chooses, embark on the adventure and the love of a lifetime.I invite you to share in Olivia’s passionate, enchanting adventure. Warmest wishes,signedJane Feather P.S. For Portia’s story, be sure to read The Hostage Bride, and you will catch Phoebe’s story in The Accidental Bride. And look for my next novel, The Window’s Kiss, in early 2001 in which my hero*ine has been widowed not less than four times!

A Wicked Gentleman

Bestselling author Jane Feather brings to life the glamour, sophistication, and intrigue of Regency era London in this captivating novel of unexpected passions and dangerous secrets. Pooling their meager resources, Lady Cornelia Dagenham, her sister in law Aurelia, and their friend Liv Lacey arrive in London’s Cavendish Square to spend a month at the home Liv has just inherited. But why anyone would show a fervent interest in purchasing the rundown property particularly the arrogant Viscount Bonham, who clearly could afford the finest of homes is a puzzle to Cornelia. His charms are undeniable, though and Cornelia finds her resistance to this mysterious stranger falling away…
as a sparking passion clouds her view. But their affair may place her and her friends in danger as Harry Bonham sweeps her into the sparkling whirl of high society. Leading a double life as a code breaker for the Crown, Harry is a man of many secrets. Is it Cornelia whom he truly desires, or something hidden in the house on Cavendish Square?

To Wed a Wicked Prince

Livia Lacey came to the house she inherited in London’s Cavendish Square with her two friends, Lady Cornelia Dagenham and Lady Aurelia Farnham, to experience the excitement of city life. With Cornelia now happily married, Livia and Aurelia are on their own. But dashing Prince Alex Prokov, a newcomer to London, seems enchanted by Liv the moment they meet. Disarmed by the prince’s determined pursuit of her, his exuberant joy of living, and the desires he awakens in her, Liv agrees to marry him.

But while night is a time for passionate embraces, Liv discovers that her irresistible husband can be as autocratic as he is extravagantly generous. While Alex balks at Liv’s independent ways, he refuses to explain his own comings and goings. When Liv learns one of Alex’s secrets she only loves him more. But when she learns the other secret, will she feel wickedly betrayed?

A Husband’s Wicked Ways

When a spymaster proposes marriage as a cover, it might be madness for a lady to indulge in…
A Husband’s Wicked Ways Bestselling author Jane Feather beguiles with this sparkling story of the alluring secrets hidden behind the elegance of Regency London, when a lovely young woman discovers the danger…
and delight…
of risking everything for love. Aurelia Farnham believes she is happy living in London’s stylish Cavendish Square. But with her friends Livia and Cornelia both married now, Aurelia is the only one still husbandless, and sometimes she longs for more. Then Colonel Sir Greville Falconer storms into her life, delivering a letter from her late husband, a war hero, which reveals he was a spy the colonel’s spy. Now Greville needs Aurelia to continue the patriotic mission and partner him as he exposes a ring of Spanish spies who have infiltrated London society. The attentions of the charismatic Greville excite Aurelia as his mock courtship blurs the line between pretense and reality. When the simmering attraction between them ignites into passion and the danger of Aurelia’s double life escalates, Greville insists on marriage as the best way to protect her. Now Aurelia realizes she has more than shadowy antagonists to fear, for she’s lost her heart to a dashing spymaster who will one day slip away as suddenly as he appeared…

The Diamond Slipper

Dear Reader,

What comes to mind when you think of a diamond slipper? Cinderella, perhaps? That’s what Cordelia Brandenburg imagines when her godparents arrange a
marriage for her with a man she’s never met a marriage that will take her to Versailles, far from the rigid confines of her childhood home. The betrothal
gift is a charm bracelet with a tiny, glittering diamond slipper attached…
as befits a journey into a fairy tale future.

But Cordelia young, headstrong, and completely adorable runs into trouble right away. Her escort to the wedding is the golden eyed, sensual, teasing Viscount Leo Kierston. For Cordelia, it’s love at first sight. Yet Leo seems to see only a spoiled child perhaps it’s the way she cheats at chess and Cordelia is determined to show him the woman beneath.

There is, however, no escaping her arranged marriage. She’s devastated to discover that her new husband is an utterly loathsome tyrant who will stop at nothing to satisfy his twisted desires.

My heart went out to Cordelia as she struggles courageously against a man determined to break her spirit. But her husband has a secret, one that will bring down the vengeance of Viscount Kierston and all who have reason to hate him.

I hope you’ll enjoy this love story of two of my very favorite characters.

Warmest wishes,

Jane Feather

P.S. The charm bracelet makes its next appearance in The Silver Rose.
Look for it next summer.

The Silver Rose

Ariel Ravenspeare’s vicious brothers formulate a plan to trap their sworn enemy, the earl of Hawkesmoor, into a marriage that will destroy him, with Ariel as bait, but Ariel finds her new husband unexpectedly difficult to manipulate and powerfully attractive.’

The Emerald Swan

Dear Reader,

My new story begins on a terror filled night when two babies identical twin girls of noble birth are separated. One grows to womanhood as the frail, manipulative ward of the handsome young earl of Harcourt. The other becomes an enchanting, street smart urchin who earns her way as a traveling player on the streets of England and France.

The two girls’ paths might never again have crossed if Harcourt hadn’t run into Miranda in the midst of an exuberant performance. The resemblance to his ward is unmistakable uncanny, in fact…
and an ambitious plot begins to take shape in Harcourt’s mind.

His ward, Maude, will commit herself to a convent rather than marry the love struck king of France, who will soon be traveling to London to claim her. What if Miranda were to take Maude’s place? Harcourt is confident that with the right training, the right clothes, and the right attitude, the lithe, carefree Miranda will captivate society and the king.

So begins Harcourt’s breathtaking scheme to turn an ugly duckling into a gorgeous swan. But if he succeeds too well, Miranda may become something irresistible even to Harcourt…

It’s a delicious dilemma and a dangerous deception…
and the twists and turns surprised even me.

Warmest wishes,

Jane Feather

The Widow’s Kiss

Dear Reader,When I first saw her, I realized that the miniature portrait I had shown to the king did not do her justice. Lady Guinevere Mallory’s beauty transcended even a portrait painter s skill. It was nearly impossible to believe that this woman, who had buried four husbands before her thirtieth birthday, could have used murder and the dark arts of witchcraft to achieve her great wealth.I carried the king s writ to investigate Lady Guinevere s oft repeated widowhood. Was it mere coincidence that each death had left her wealthier than the last? The fact that I believed she also held lands that rightfully belonged to my family made my investigations all the more personal and all the more thorough. Surely, I thought, such a woman would bear some obvious mark of treachery on her countenance, in her manner. But when we met I saw only the beauty of her pale blond hair and her deep violet eyes that seemed to me to offer a glimpse into the intriguing world of her brilliant mind and spirit. I began to wonder how the gentle hands of such an elegant woman, whose cool composure belied her dubious past, could have committed cold blooded murder. Now as I learn more about the mysterious widow, I find myself growing more curious about the secrets of her heart and more determined to reveal those secrets. Guinevere is the most captivating and intriguing woman I have ever met. I have but one question: Will my interest in her prove to be a fatal one? Hugh of Beaucaire

To Kiss a Spy

Simmering with danger, alight with humor, and always ablaze with passion, Jane Feather’s novels have made her one of today s most beloved romance authors. Now, the New York Times bestselling author of The Widow s Kiss returns with the unforgettable story of a daring young widow driven by a single burning obsession…
and the brazen master spy who vows to lay bare her secrets…
body and soul…
One moment Lady Pen Bryanston was recklessly rifling through her mother in law s ledgers searching for clues; the next she was matching wits with an elegant, arrogant stranger who had caught her in the act. He said that he d followed her. He claimed that he wanted her. Yet when he took her in his arms, an astonished Pen could only laugh. Owen d Arcy was a sophisticated spy whose notoriously lethal charms had never failed him until now. Sent by the French ambassador to seduce the lovely confidante of the cousin of the Holy Roman Emperor, Owen had entertained no doubts he would succeed in capturing both the lady and her royal secrets. But when he swept Pen Bryanston into his embrace, hoping to throw her into confusion, he found himself unexpectedly disarmed, nonplussed and outmaneuvered by a rank amateur. Here was a woman who did not melt at his pretty words and smoldering glances, a woman who in fact found amuseme*nt in his advances! Clearly, a woman with hidden depths that begged to be explored…
Pen sensed from the first that Owen d Arcy was an infinitely dangerous man. What she couldn t comprehend was why a man of his ilk, a man who moved through the courtier s world withsupreme confidence a man whose skill with a rapier was that of a trained assassin would be interested in her. Yet the thought of it sent shivers of excitement coursing through her. And then, in a heartbeat, Pen realized that Chevalier d Arcy was exactly the man she needed, the one man who could help her solve the mystery that had tormented her for too long. But when Pen seeks to recruit him, he proffers a deal she cannot refuse: If she agrees to divulge any information that might be of interest to him, Owen will help unearth the truth behind her own haunting secret one in which innocence, birth, loss, and deception collide. A secret that may mean Pen has more to live for than just memories of the past and the beloved husband who was taken from her too soon. It is a devil s bargain, but Pen has no choice. And now, as she turns spy and Owen turns detective, both will find themselves drawn into more peril than either imagined…
as they battle enemies known and unknown, as they struggle to weave their way through a serpentine world of lies and as they fight to resist the untamed passion that ignites between them…

Kissed by Shadows

New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather has won legions of fans and critical accolades for her unique blend of sizzling seduction, dangerous intrigue, and passionate adventure. In this second of two romances featuring two unconventional sisters whose quest to solve the mystery surrounding their lives puts each of them in the path of an irresistible hero, Jane Feather tells the story of a young bride in peril and a mysterious English lord who find themselves at the center of a sinister plot…
and a reckless affair. Kissed by ShadowsLady Philippa Nielson had no memory of what took place in her bedchamber in the dead of night nor knowledge of the dangerous plot that put her life in jeopardy. But with a brief touch of his hand and one glance of his knowing gray eyes, Pippa felt a connection to the dark stranger who should have been her greatest enemy. Who was this man who seemed to understand more about her life than she did herself? Why did she respond to his most casual caresses with the most urgent and reckless of desires? Lionel Ashton had been appointed guardian of both Pippa and the secret she unknowingly bore. And protect this sensuous and fiercely independent woman he would, even from the king himself. But what Lionel knows about Pippa will put both their lives in the greatest danger even as they slip under the spell of a daring seduction that will turn them into passionate outlaws…
and legendary lovers.

The Bachelor List

In this exhilarating new trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather, a trio of spirited sisters secretly run a thriving matchmaking service. But these three good catches of impeccable pedigree have little interest in matrimony themselves until, one by one, they meet their matches. Constance Duncan may be the eldest of three sisters, but she has more important things on her mind than finding a husband for herself, at any rate. Through the Personals services of her popular newspaper, The Mayfair Lady, Constance connects lonely hearts. But her own heart lies in her work, and nothing will distract her from it until she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a man of disastrously different views. Max Ensor is a politician whose outmoded attitudes outrage her even as his powerful presence intrigues her. Clearly there is only one thing to do with such an exasperating man: convert him! Little does Constance know that Max has the same plan in mind for her…
. What follows is a fiercely passionate duel in which two headstrong people discover that, differences or not, sometimes one gender cannot will not do without the other.

The Bride Hunt

In Jane Feather’s dazzling, irresistible romance, London s most charming matchmakers are faced with a ruinous lawsuit and now Prudence, the brainy, beautiful middle sister, must save them. Soon after the Duncan sisters personals service turns a profit, their controversial newspaper The Mayfair Lady offends a powerful earl who is now determined to demolish them in court. In dire need of counsel, the women turn to England s most sought after young barrister. Sir Gideon Malvern is notorious for his aggressive style and his love of a challenge. Spirited Prudence, with her beauty unsuccessfully hidden behind spectacles and frumpy clothes, provides him with exactly that. But how in the world will the Duncan sisters be able to afford Gideon s fee? Prudence proposes a barter: Gideon defends their case; they find him a bride. It s an exchange of services even this most cynical single barrister cannot refuse.

The Wedding Game

In this captivating romance about the inimitable Duncan sisters and their clandestine matchmaking service, a handsome new client throws youngest sister Chastity into an unexpected quandary. Chastity listens to Dr. Douglas Farrell’s distressingly unromantic requirements for a wife: wealth and social status. Her instinct is to refuse service to the tall, muscular, dark eyed physician, but she can t turn away a paying client. Yet the doctor conceals a secret. He s prepared to sacrifice his bachelorhood for his true passion: caring for the poorest of London s poor. Of course, his dream requires capital. For that, he is convinced he needs a well to do, well connected wife. Little does Chastity know that if she ever learned the selfless truth, the handsome doctor just might steal her heart. And if Douglas ever lifted the veil that covers this mysterious woman, he might discover his perfect match.


From the New York Times bestselling Jane Feather, author of To Kiss a Spy and Kissed by Shadows, comes a deliciously sensual tale of intrigue and temptation

The last thing Lord Nicholas Kincaid expected to see in the gloom of a London tavern was a vision of loveliness. And when she led him to a bedchamber with a come hither smile, there was no question of resisting until he realized the lying wench meant to render him senseless so the landlord could rob him blind! That’s how the handsome lord made the acquaintance of Miss Polly Wyat, a ravishing beauty he soon decided would make the perfect spy. Unwittingly, she would infiltrate the inner circle at the king s court. But when Nicholas sets out to bind Polly with chains of passion, he ll find himself hard pressed not to be bewitched or to fall in love.


Duping unwary nobleman out of their fortunes in the gaming halls a dangerous game she plays in order to raise money to avenge her father’s death Judith Davenport finds herself under the scrutiny of the honorable Marquis of Carrington.


Saddled with Chloe Gresham, his beautiful and irresponsible young ward, Sir Hugo Lattimer, a man driven by dark memories and a tormenting despair, has no intention of caring for her until he falls in love.


Masquerading as a widowed French comtesse, Gabrielle de Beaucaire returns to England to destroy the man responsible for her lover’s death and sets out to seduce Nathaniel Praed, Britain’s greatest spymaster, into letting her become a secret agent.


From beguiling New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather comes this classic tale brim*ming with intrigue and passion. A quirk of fate has made Sylvester Gilbraith the heir of his sworn enemy, the earl of Stoneridge. But there’s a catch: To claim his inheritance, he has to marry one of the earl s four granddaughters. The magnetically handsome nobleman has no choice but to comply with the terms of the will, yet when he descends on Stoneridge Manor prepared to charm his way into a fortune, he finds that the lady who intrigues him most has no intention of becoming his bride. Maddeningly beautiful and utterly impossible, Theodora Belmont refuses to admit to the chemistry between them, even when she s passionately locked in his embrace. But soon the day will come when the raven haired vixen will give anything to be Sylvester s bride and risk everything to defend his honor…
and his life.


From the extraordinary pen of Jane Feather, nationally bestselling author of Valentine, comes a bewitching tale of a beautiful bandit who’s waging a dangerous game of vengeance and betting everything on love…
‘An author to treasure.’ Romantic Times


Picking pockets as her only means of survival, Octavia Morgan realizes that she has made a terrible mistake when she targets Lord Nick, the most notorious highwayman in England, who vows to ensnare Octavia’s passions.


From the incomparable Jane Feather, author of national bestsellers Vanity, Violet, and Valentine, comes this enthralling new romance of daring deception and forbidden passion…

Juliana drew the line at becoming a harlot. She had already begun the week as a bride…
and ended it as a murderess. She was sure no one would believe that she’d hit her elderly groom with a bed warmer and knocked him dead quite by accident. So she did the only thing she could she ran. Yet now she was in no
position to turn down a shocking proposition from the dangerously handsome Duke of Redmayne: that she become one man’s wife and another man’s mistress his mistress.

Could she play such a role? Could she live up to such a bargain? And once she had tasted the pleasures of Redmayne’s bed, would she ever want anything else?

Love’s Charade

Fighting for survival amid the shadowy boulevards of Paris, beautiful runaway Danny hides a dangerous secret and encounters Justin, Earl of Linton, who takes pity on the bedraggled waif, until he learns a surprising truth. Reissue.

Smuggler’s Lady

Merrie Trelawney’s identity as the leader of a band of smuggler’s is safely hidden by an air of sober respectability and dowdy widowhood, until the attentions of rakish Lord Rutherford threaten her perfect disguise. Reissue.

Beloved Enemy

Risking her life to transport Royalist fugitives to safety, Virginia Courtney becomes the prisoner of Colonel Alexander Marshall, an honorable soldier who seizes her family’s estate, and the two passionate enemies soon find themselves torn between duty and love. Reissue.

Reckless Seduction

After overhearing ruthless blockade runner Dominic Delacroix’s plans to seduce her older sister, headstrong beauty Genevieve Latour risks everything to stop him, only to find herself caught up in a perilous battle of passion and intrigue. Reissue.’

Chase the Dawn

Fleeing a fiery inferno, beautiful, artisocratic Bryony Paget falls unconscious into the arms of a handsome stranger. She awakens with no memory of her proud aristocratic past only the stirrings of desire kindled by her mysterious rescuer. American patriot Ben Clare has no time for romance or for the dark haired beauty who interfered with his midnight raids for liberty. But he cannot resist Bryony’s innocent passion and together they steal joy amid the strife of bitter war. Too soon the cruel discovery of Bryony’s true identity forces her to choose between the Loyalist father she adores and the rebellious man she could never live without. Publication of Chase the Dawn debuts our program to reissue select backlist favorites of Jane Feather’s classic historical romances as we continue to publish her new novels.

Reckless Angel

Reckless Hearts The insured ‘boy’ Sir Daniel Drummond rescues from a British battlefield is no boy at all, but a vivacious young enchantress fleeing her tyrannical father. Moved by her plight, her spirit, and her mesmerizing beauty and his own young daughters’ need for a mother the dashing nobleman impulsively offers to wed Henrietta ‘Harry’ Ashby, who promptly throws his life and household into chaos. Reckless Angel Headstrong, impetuous, wildly unconventional, ‘Harry’ knows precious little about wifely duties. But the irrepressible miss understands the importance of unwavering loyalty when danger threatens. And she knows daring ways to set a man’s passions aflame and the sensuous secret to transforming a marriage of convenience into a union of everlasting ecstasy…
and love.

Silver Nights

An Arranged MarriageFree spirited Sophia is a tempestuous heiresscapable of turning heads and breaking hearts. Orderedinto a loveless marriage that could bring her even greater riches, Sophia accepts her fate until she sets her eyes on Adam, the virile nobleman who is to escort her to her future husband’s estate. Adam is immediately captivated by Sophia’sheated sensuality, which sears through his cool reserve and makes him forget his duty. As for Sophia,she is powerless to resist his intense masculinity andair of mystery. Rebelling against her impending marriage, Sophia willfully surrenders herself body and soul to Adam’s intense passion…
only to discover that the price of forbidden love could be her life. Free spirited Sophia is a tempestuous heiress capable of turning heads and breaking hearts. Ordered into a loveless marriage that could bring her even greater riches, Sophia accepts her fate until she sets her eyes on Adam, the virile nobleman who is to escort her to her future husband’s estate. Adam is immediately captivated by Sophia’s heated sensuality, which sears through his cool reserve and makes him forget his duty. As for Sophia, she is powerless to resist his intense masculinity and air of mystery. Rebelling against her impending marriage, Sophia willfully surrenders herself body and soul to Adam’s intense passion…
only to discover that the price of forbidden love could be her life.

Bold Destiny

A Fiery Siren

Once she had been Annabel Spencer, a proper British subject; now she is Ayesha, the most coveted prize of the powerful Akbar Khan who offers her to an Englishman for a night of pleasure…
a night that ignites a burning desire.

A World Weary SoldierStationed in an exotic, remote outpost where the glory of the British Empire has faded, Lieutenant Kit Ralston masks his bitterness behind a cynical facade. But when he meets Ayesha, a scintillating, jade eyed temptress, his hungry heart awakens.

Vowing to rescue Ayesha and make her his own, Kit abducts her but can the power of their love overcome the obstacles they face?

The Eagle and the Dove

An Imperious CaptorHeading a thundering cavalcade of richly dressed Moorish soldiers, Lord Hassan commands attention with just one glance from his deep black eyes. And with one look, he knew that he had to have the chestnut haired beauty who returned his stare with such bold, sensual defiance. A Willful Captive Fascinated by the enigmatic horseman, spirited Sarita is swept up by the arrogant stranger and carried off to his mountaintop palace. Enslaved to this mighty lord, Sarita’s untamed and passionate nature swiftly makes a prisoner of Hassan’s yearning heart. But their powerful love could topple a vast empire…
and in doing so, endanger the future of this destined pair.

A Valentine Wedding

Dear Reader,

In celebration of true love, here’s a Valentine’s Day treat the tale of two star crossed lovers who can’t see that they’re perfect for each other…

Lady Emma Beaumont and Lord Alasdair Chase were once inseparable childhood friends, then betrothed lovers. But something went dreadfully awry, and Emma left Alasdair practically at the altar.

Now, two years later, Emma has inherited a substantial fortune…
but there’s one small string attached: until the day she weds, Emma cannot spend a farthing without Alasdair’s consent.

The thought of having to go to Alasdair, with his mocking smile and derisive eyes, every time she needs money is not to be borne. Emma swears to Alasdair that she’ll have both a husband and a lover by St. Valentine’s Day.

Alasdair vows she won’t unless he himself becomes both her lover and her husband. In fact, he’s looking forward to employing every form of sensual persuasion he dares to convince his passionate, headstrong Emma that she’d rather have him than any other man.

Will he succeed?…
or will Emma get her way?

Warmest wishes,

Jane Feather

P.S. In summer ’99, look for The Accidental Bride, the next volume in my Brides trilogy, which began with The Hostage Bride. Three unconventional young women vow never to marry, only to be overtaken by destiny…
. In The Accidental Bride, Phoebe, the ‘awkward’ one, stumbles into romance, adventure, and passion…

All the Queen’s Players

At Queen Elizabeth’s palace, intrigue abounds. And when a naive girl with a gift for keen observation enters the court, she can hardly imagine the role she will play in bringing England-indeed, the whole of Europe-to the brink of war. Nor can she foresee her own journey to the brink of ecstasy and beyond…

When she becomes a junior lady of Queen Elizabeth’s bedchamber, Rosamund is instructed by her cousin, the brilliant and devious secretary of state Sir Francis Walsingham, to record everything she observes. Her promised reward: a chance at a good marriage. But through her brother Thomas, Rosamund finds herself drawn to the forbidden, rough-and-tumble world of theatre, and to Thomas’s friend, the dramatic, impetuous playwright Christopher Marlowe. And then Rosamund meets Will Creighton-a persuasive courtier, poet, and would-be playwright who is the embodiment of an unsuitable match.

The unsanctioned relationship between Rosamund and Will draws the wrath of Elizabeth, who prides herself on being the Virgin Queen. Rosamund is sent in disgrace to a remote castle that holds Elizabeth’s cousin Mary Stuart, the imprisoned Queen of Scots. Here, Walsingham expects Rosamund to uncover proof of a plot against Elizabeth. But surely, nothing good can come of putting an artless girl in such close proximity to so many seductive players and deceptive games. Unless, of course, Rosamund can discover an affinity for passion and intrigue herself…

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jane Feather conspires with history to tell this dazzling story about two very real, very wily queens- and one impassioned young woman whose life they change forever.

Snowy Night with a Stranger

Warm up on a winter’s night with three passionate love stories from three shining New York Times bestselling authors! Jane Feather leads an unwitting Yuletide traveler down a twisting path…
. Edward Vasey, Viscount Allenton, is journeying precariously through a snowstorm when his coach is overtaken by highwaymen! Robbed of his money, Ned takes refuge at Selby Hall, where a spirited beauty with a shocking secret may steal something more his heart. Sabrina Jeffries unlocks the heart of an embittered lord…
. When a coach accident strands heiress Elinor Bancroft at the home of the notorious Black Baron, she discovers the Christmas Day heartache that darkened his soul years ago and her generous heart brings a festive air to his home and reawakens his spirit to love. Julia London sends a debutante into the wintry Scottish wilds…
. Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is led by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face. As they journey on, Fiona draws closer to her brave, enigmatic protector but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?

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