Jane Aiken Hodge Books In Order

Purchas Family Books In Order

  1. Savannah Purchase (1970)
  2. Judas Flowering (1976)
  3. Runaway Bride (1978)
  4. Wide Is the Water (1981)
  5. The Lost Garden (1982)

Lissenberg Books In Order

  1. First Night (1989)
  2. Leading Lady (1990)
  3. Last Act (1979)


  1. Maulever Hall (1964)
  2. The Adventurers (1966)
  3. Watch the Wall My Darling (1966)
  4. Here Comes a Candle (1967)
  5. The Winding Stair (1968)
  6. Marry in Haste (1969)
  7. Greek Wedding (1970)
  8. Strangers in Company (1973)
  9. Shadow of a Lady (1973)
  10. One Way to Venice (1974)
  11. Rebel Heiress (1975)
  12. Royal Gamble (1976)
  13. Red Sky At Night (1977)
  14. Secret Island (1985)
  15. Polonaise (1987)
  16. Windover (1992)
  17. Escapade (1993)
  18. Whispering (1995)
  19. Bride of Dreams (1996)
  20. Unsafe Hands (1997)
  21. Susan in America (1998)
  22. Caterina (1999)
  23. A Death in Two Parts (2000)
  24. Deathline (2003)

Non fiction

  1. The Double Life of Jane Austen (1972)
  2. Only a Novel (1972)
  3. The Private World of Georgette Heyer (1984)
  4. Passion and Principle (1996)

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Jane Aiken Hodge Books Overview

Savannah Purchase

Historical RomanceLarge Print EditionAs children, Juliet and Josephine often played the innocent game of impersonation. They were cousins, but they looked like twins. Life and war separated them, but the years didnt dim the astonishing resemblance. Suddenly, fate threw them together again two beautiful, desirable women playing out a deadly masquerade. Set against the elegance, splendor and gentility of the early 19th century South, this is a suspenseful tale of high intrigue and dangerous deception.


Secretly engaged to her handsome tutor, now on a world tour, Kathryn of Windover Hall finds herself abandoned at Windover with her ailing mother and domineering stepfather when her lover fails to return from his journey.


Seventeen year old Charlotee Comyn rejects the marriage proposal of her childhood companion, John Thornton, in favor of an exciting venture to Italy, where she finds a wealth of experience and the promise of true love.


When teenage Caterina Gomez returns from England to Portugal, she comes back to a beloved homeland, a distant father, and a scandalous past. Traveling with Caterina are her cousin Jeremy Craddock, a young Englishman seeking a cure for his ill health, and her dear friend Harriet Brown, who is on the run from an arranged marriage. This unlikely trio arrives ian a Portugal rife with tension, for the country is at war with France, and Oporto, recently liberated, is a city in ruins and full of bitter memories. Caterina’s hopes for happiness are initially frustrated, for her father seems determined to see her married or in a convent. Then the note arrives, a voice from the past that changes everything and send Caterina into the center of political and romantic intrigue. Drawn into the tangled web that binds the Portuguese and English communities together in an uneasy alliance, she discovers that no one is quite what he seems. Characterized by Jane Aiken Hodge’s trademark blend of historical detail and adventure, Whispering tells the story of a young woman’s search for truth and independence in a society that wants to deny her both.


Having survived scandal and the disdain of many a society lady and gentleman in years past, Caterina is now the mistress of her household, and the talented artist behind a successful series of cartoons. But her hard won independence is far from secure. The political turmoil following Napoleon’s invasion of Portugal in 1807 has left a vacuum of power and a dangerous climate for liberal freethinkers like Caterina. When her son Lewis joins in the political fray, Caterina is drawn in as well and while painting the portrait of a powerful political figure, she embarks on a dangerous new career. She must summon all of her strong will and courage to survive the spinning tornado of political intrigue and lies this time and to face a past she thought she had left behind forever. As always, Jane Aiken Hodge blends fact with fiction seamlessly to tell a dramatic tale of love and war.

A Death in Two Parts

When wealthy Mrs. Ffeathers, takes a liking to her granddaughter Patience, she changes her will, leaving her fortune to the girl. Then Mrs. Ffeathers is found poisoned, and it seems that only one person has a financial motive. Fifty years later, the mystery is still unsolved.


When Helen Westley’s elderly mother dies, leaving her nothing more than a small allowance, she struggles to cope with the shock. Having nursed her mother to the very end, the last thing Helen expects is to be left homeless, but when her mother’s will reveals that the family home has been left to Helen’s half brother, she must accept that her life has changed forever. In desperation, Helen accepts the post of live in carer to the bedridden Beatrice Tresikker, and moves from suburban London to the village of Leyning near the south coast. Although the relationship between the two women is initially strained, they soon build a trusting and lasting friendship. With the help and support of some of the villagers including the gruff doctor Hugh and the young legal partner Frances Helen determines to make her patient’s final weeks as comfortable as possible. But then Beatrice’s young, incredibly handsome American relative appears on the scene, with stories of her estranged family in America. But can his motives be trusted? And what does the future now hold for Helen?

The Private World of Georgette Heyer

Georgette Heyer was obsessed with privacy, but Jane Aiken Hodge had access to her remaining papers and was the first biographer able to interview many of her family and friends. Published for the first time in the U.S., this biography tracks Heyer’s career from teenage writer to world wide household name. ‘One of the most beautiful books I know. Time and time again, on reading this book, I found myself breaking off to lift another dogeared Heyer from the shelf and lose myself in the increased pleasure of a re reading.’ Washington Post Book World

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