Jane Adams Books In Order

Naomi Blake Books In Publication Order

  1. Mourning The Little Dead (2002)
  2. Touching The Dark (2003)
  3. Heatwave (2005)
  4. Killing A Stranger (2006)
  5. Legacy Of Lies (2007)
  6. Blood Ties (2011)
  7. Night Vision (2011)
  8. Secrets (2013)
  9. Gregory’s Game (2014)
  10. Paying the Ferryman (2014)
  11. A Murderous Mind (2016)
  12. Fakes and Lies (2018)

Detective Rozlyn Priest Books In Publication Order

  1. Bury Me Deep (2021)

Henry Johnstone Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. The Murder Book (2017)
  2. Death Scene (2017)
  3. Kith and Kin (2018)
  4. The Clockmaker (2019)
  5. The Good Wife (2020)
  6. Old Sins (2021)
  7. Bright Young Things (2021)

Mike Croft Books In Publication Order

  1. The Greenway (1995)
  2. Cast The First Stone (1996)
  3. Fade To Grey (1999)
  4. Final Frame (1999)

Ray Flowers Books In Publication Order

  1. The Angel Gateway (2000)
  2. Like Angels Falling (2002)
  3. Angel Eyes (2002)

Rina Martin Books In Publication Order

  1. A Reason To Kill (2008)
  2. Fragile Lives (2008)
  3. The Power of One (2009)
  4. Resolutions (2010)
  5. The Dead of Winter (2011)
  6. Cause of Death (2012)
  7. Forgotten Voices (2015)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Bird (1997)
  2. Dangerous to Know (2004)
  3. Kiss Goodbye (2006)

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Jane Adams Books Overview

Mourning The Little Dead

Twenty three years ago Helen Jones disappeared on her way to school. She was twelve years old. No trace of her was ever found. But now a confession in a sealed envelope has turned up in a dead man’s possessions. Naomi Blake was Helen’s best friend and the last person to see her alive. They had quarrelled and Naomi has never forgiven herself. Now blinded and an ex-policewoman, she sets out with Helen’s brother to uncover the dusty truth behind Helen’s vanishing.

Touching The Dark

The new novel featuring blind ex policewoman Naomi Blake, first introduced in Mourning the Little Dead. Tally Palmer is a successful international photographer, and a celebrity in her own right. When she abruptly breaks off a relationship with Simon Emmet, no one except Simon himself is very surprised. But Simon is devastated and increasingly obsessed with Tally. He blames someone called ‘Jack’, a mysterious figure from Tally’s past. Simon’s parents are so concerned about their son that they ask for help from their old friends Alec and Naomi. As Simon’s precarious mental state deteriorates, they are drawn into a volatile situation more complex and dangerous than they could ever expect…


August. A long running Heatwave has been dominating the news for weeks, and a state of lethargy is affecting everyone not least blind ex policewoman Naomi Blake, who is experiencing a restless dissatisfaction with life in general. One ordinary Monday Naomi and her friends Harry and Patrick are in a high street bank when an armed gang storm the bank and take it hostage. Naomi particularly vulnerable because of her lack of sight is one of the hostages. During the next few days, tensions rise as the situation grows fraught with danger, and the extreme heat intensifies?

Legacy Of Lies

The new Naomi Blake mystery Naomi and boyfriend Alec Friedman travel to the Fenlands for the funeral of Alecs beloved Uncle Rupert, who ran an antiques business and wrote books on local history. At the funeral, it becomes clear that there were some suspicious circumstances, and that the ostensible cause of death a heart attack may not hold true. It soon becomes clear that Rupert may have had some secrets in his past…

Blood Ties

The new ‘Naomi Blake’ mystery – When Alec and Naomi take a much-needed Winter holiday in Somerset, they encounter local eccentric Eddy Thame, a historian and metal detectorist obsessed with the Monmouth rebellion of 1685 and the alleged Kirkwood treasure. A few days after their arrival, Eddy is found dead. Reluctantly, Alec and Naomi become involved, but they soon realise that Eddy seems very different to the rather dotty individual they encountered in the local pub…

Fade To Grey

For over six months DI Mike Croft has been chasing filmmaker and killer Jake Bowen in a nationwide hunt. Now his latest victim an art student has been found laid out recreating one of her own self portraits. But as Mike begins to focus on Jake’s background, Jake turns his attention to Mike.

Final Frame

For over six months DI Mike Croft has been chasing filmmaker and killer Jake Bowen in a nationwide hunt. Now his latest victim an art student has been found laid out recreating one of her own self portraits. But as Mike begins to focus on Jake’s background, Jake turns his attention to Mike.

Like Angels Falling

One of Ray Flowers’ first cases in his detection business is to help an acquaintance whose daughter has joined the cult known as ‘The Eyes of God’. The cult is disturbingly familiar to Ray, from a case of ritualized murder 11 years ago. Can the evil of the cult finally be laid to rest?

Fragile Lives

A Rina Martin Mystery When a body is washed up on a beach, it’s assumed it must be Edward Parker, who fell from a cliff a couple of weeks before. But it is discovered to be that of Pat Duggan, son of local nightclub owner, Jimmy. Pat had been abducted twice. And, to complicate matters, the missing Edward Parker worked for Jimmy Duggan and disappeared at the same time as Duggan s son. Coincidence? Mac and Rina don t think so…

The Power of One

The new Rina Martin mystery Two men are found shot dead aboard a luxury yacht, and the key seems to lie with a company that makes computer games. What secret were the men protecting that others were prepared to kill to get hold of? Rina Martin decides to find out, much to the consternation of her friend, DI McGregor. But her impulse to help those threatened puts the people she most cares for in grave danger…


The new ‘Rina Martin’ mysteryWhen DI ‘Mac’ McGregor came to Frantham he was a broken man, guilt ridden at the death of a child he had tried to save, and whose killer had escaped. But he found friendship there, in the shape of Rina Martin’s strange little household, and romance with CSI Miriam Hasting. But now his past is catching up with him. There are new leads in the child-killer case, and Mac rejoins the hunt – only to become the hunted…
Can Rina save him from his darkest trouble yet?


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Dangerous to Know

Colin Granger is one of life’s classic underachievers. His ex wife Moira left him not because she no longer loved him, but because she was fed up with living in poky bedsits and scraping a living on his meager income. Now a high flier in the police, she is happily involved with a fellow officer, DS John Moore, but still sees her hopeless ex from time to time and helps him out when money s tight. Colin calls on Moira s professional knowledge when he unwittingly stumbles across a major case of fraud over the internet. Charlie Radcliffe is the con man s name and Colin is convinced this unknown man is not harmless that he might even be a terrorist. Moira promises to make some low level enquiries, strictly off the record. Two days later she is dead. Dragged in for questioning by the police, Colin is devastated. He s convinced Radcliffe killed Moira. Then a second woman is murdered, and Colin recognizes her too, through her connection to Radcliffe. Rather than confessing to the police, Colin decides to go it alone. But when he realizes he s bitten off more than he can chew he calls on the help of DS John Moore, Moira s lover. The threats escalate and suddenly Colin is more alone than he s ever been.

Kiss Goodbye

To Robert Carr, Anna is a mystery. She has always been an enigma and that’s the way he d like her to stay. Over the past thirteen years, his imagination has fed on his last, parting image of Anna; kissing her goodbye before she turned to leave. And that image has been the inspiration for a number of his paintings. Now, through his work, Anna s likeness has become famous, everybody recognises her face, whilst the woman herself disappeared long ago. But a TV documentary hopes to rectify that and launches a nationwide search for the elusive muse. Robert s world, held together by the illusion of his lost lady, is threatened by the flesh and blood reality of Anna. What if she is nothing like he remembers, if she destroys the fantasies he s created about her? Will he ever be able to paint her again? And Anna herself is unwilling to dragged from the shadows into the media spotlight for reasons of her own. But it is soon too late; she has been found. Whilst her discovery has resulted in a creative block for Robert, it has far more deadly consequences for Anna.A darkly compelling novel that delves into the pits of obsession and the pain of coming to terms with the naked truth.

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