Jan Hudson Books In Order

Women on the Run Books In Order

  1. Step into My Parlor (1990)
  2. One Tough Texan (1994)
  3. Rogue Fever (1995)

Berringer Brothers Books In Order

  1. Big and Bright (1991)
  2. Call Me Sin (1992)
  3. Slightly Shady (1994)

Struck by Lightning Books In Order

  1. Sunny Says (1992)
  2. Hot Streak (1994)
  3. Sweet Land of Liberty (1991)

We Meet Again Books In Order

  1. Dream of Me (1995)
  2. Angel Hours (1996)

Texas Outlaws Books In Order

  1. The Sheriff (2004)
  2. The Judge (2004)
  3. The Cop (2004)
  4. The Rebel (2006)
  5. The Texas Ranger (2007)
  6. The Twin (2009)
  7. The Maverick (2010)


  1. Water Witch (1988)
  2. The Right Moves (1989)
  3. Deeper and Deeper (1990)
  4. Always Friday (1990)
  5. Dawn Rider (1990)
  6. In Roared Flint (1996)
  7. One Ticket to Texas (1997)
  8. Sugar Anne (1998)
  9. A Hitch in Heaven (1999)
  10. Plain Jane’s Texan (1999)
  11. Wild about a Texan (2002)
  12. Her Texan Tycoon (2002)


  1. Mr.Temptation / Plain Jane’s Texan (2003)
  2. The Marine and the Debutante / Wild About a Texan (2003)
  3. Royal Dad / Her Texan Tycoon (2003)
  4. His Pregnant Bride / Her Texan Tycoon (2003)

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Jan Hudson Books Overview

Step into My Parlor

Spider Webb was an irresistible blue eyed devil in a leather jacket. When Anne Foxworth Jennings, out of cash and nearly out of hope, stepped into his pawn parlour to trade her diamond watch, she came face to face with a seductive pirate whose sudden kisses left her spellbound.

One Tough Texan

Sexy cowboy Need Chisholm falls for gorgeous Kate Miller, a frightened stranger whose dark secrets threaten their lives and their love.

Slightly Shady

Mesmerizing outlaw Shade keeps his true identity a secret from Maggie Marino, who longs to trust the rogue who has captured her heart.

Dream of Me

Picking up a gold amulet at a street bazaar in Cairo, American career woman Meri Vaughn is unaware that she has obtained a precious treasure that makes her the target of unsavory villains and an unlikely hero.

Angel Hours

Facing a crossroads in her life, supermodel Welcome Venable decides that this trip to Greece will be her final photo shoot before retiring to her Texas ranch, until she encounters football star Wade Morgan, a man haunted by loneliness and desperation.

The Maverick

Cassidy Outlaw left her high-powered legal job–and the unscrupulous lawyer fiance who broke her heart–to return to Texas. Here, life is simpler and the people more authentic. Managing her family’s Chili Witches Cafe and protecting the charm of old Austin’s landmarks keeps her too busy to care about spending time with Griff Mitchell, the new hottie in town with the Paul Newman blue eyes.

When Cass literally stumbles over him on the jogging trail, Griff falls for her in turn–hard. Too bad she’s got a problem with big New York City lawyers…
because he’s here to convince her family to sell their historic property. No one told him Cass was the kind of woman who could stand up to any man–a maverick who could break his heart. Will she forgive him when she discovers his secret?

Dawn Rider

Kit Fox’s sixteenth year with her people, the Bloods, is filled with preparations for an important buffalo run, talk of her older sister’s coming marriage, and skirmishes with their traditional enemy the Snakes.

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