James Patrick Hunt Books In Order

Dan Bridger Books In Publication Order

  1. Bridger (2010)
  2. Police and Thieves (2011)

Evan Maitland Books In Publication Order

  1. Maitland (2005)
  2. Maitland Under Siege (2006)
  3. Maitland’s Reply (2009)
  4. Get Maitland (2011)

Lieutenant George Hastings Books In Publication Order

  1. The Betrayers (2007)
  2. Goodbye Sister Disco (2008)
  3. The Assailant (2009)
  4. The Silent Places (2010)
  5. Bullet Beth (2011)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Before They Make You Run (2005)
  2. Reinhardt’s Mark (2012)
  3. The Detective (2014)
  4. The Reckoning (2015)
  5. Once Upon a Time in Camelot (2016)
  6. The German (2017)

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James Patrick Hunt Books Overview


Evan Maitland, antiques salesman and part time bounty hunter, figures it will be an easy job. Barry McDermott has skipped on bond, and Maitland‘s been hired to bring him back. McDermott is no hardened criminal he’s a frightened lawyer charged with statutory rape. What Maitland doesn’t know is that McDermott financed his escape with money stolen from the Raetown Jamaican Posse…
and they want him dead. Available only in Core 7.

The Betrayers

On a busy suburban street at almost nine o clock on a misty November evening, two beat cops are machine gunned down in one of the most brutal crimes St. Louis has ever seen. Did Deputy Chris Hummel and Deputy Wade Childers simply pull over the wrong reckless driver, or did someone target these two for a more sinister reason?
Lieutenant George Hastings is the primary investigator on the case, along with his detective Bobby Cain, an inexperienced but connected detective who is ambitious and impolitic. Hastings and Cain dissect the lives the two murdered officers, focusing in on Hummel after they learn that he did a year long stint with narcotics undercover and helped put away one of the biggest meth dealers in the area. But what they uncover is much bigger than one bitter dealer’s revenge, and much more personal.
With The Betrayers, James Patrick Hunt decisively marks his territory as a crime novelist to rival the best writers on the shelf today.

Goodbye Sister Disco

Lieutenant George Hastings, a cool headed, quick thinking police detective, leapt to the forefront of the St. Louis Police Department when two beat cops were gunned down, and he led the joint FBI/police taskforce that caught the killer.

Now he is back at work with the FBI on a new case: Cordelia Penmark, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, has been kidnapped and her boyfriend callously executed outside of a posh holiday party for his law firm.

The murder was clearly a message the kidnappers are willing to take this as far as they have to and the target and the ransom demand indicate that the crime is politically motivated. But the investigators are stumped. Wary because of bruised egos on his team and bad blood among members of the young woman’s family, and suspicious of the kidnappers intentions, Hastings knows that there s more than simple politics in play as the kidnappers pull him and the girl s father into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Slick, sharp, and authentic, Goodbye Sister Disco, the sequel to the acclaimed novel The Betrayers, establishes James Patrick Hunt as one of crime fiction s rising stars.

The Assailant

CO ED SLAIN. That’s the call that brings St. Louis Police Lieutenant George Hastings to the downtown banks of the Mississippi River, where Reesa Woods has been strangled and dumped. The hard charging Hastings is no stranger to murder, but he s stuck without any leads until a second body also strangled turns up across town and he knows he s chasing a monster.

A talented doctor with an otherwise ordinary and enviable life, Raymond Sheffield has some very dark needs. His first victims are targets of opportunity, but his ambitions go far beyond that. He s formed a taste for killing, and his only interest is in getting better at it.

As the violence mounts, the line between upstanding citizens and their secret desires gets thinner and thinner in this thrilling game of catch me if you can from acclaimed crime novelist James Patrick Hunt.

The Silent Places

St. Louis Police Lt. George Hastings is loyal to the people under his command. When they’re right, he backs them all the way. Sometimes it gets him in trouble. So after a round of butting heads with the top brass, Hastings and his team catch a lousy detail-keeping an eye on Senator Alan Preston, a political star looking to storm the national stage in the upcoming presidential elections.

There’s only one problem with Preston’s plans. It seems that John Reese, a veteran and former CIA agent whom Preston prosecuted while a U.S. Attorney, has escaped from prison and may be looking to settle the score. Preston won’t reveal any details. All he’ll say is that Reese is a traitor who should’ve been executed a long time ago. But as Hastings guards the senator, he uncovers a much different story about Reese, one that isn’t as cut-and-dried as Preston would like everyone to believe, one that would give a man like Reese plenty of reason to want revenge at any cost.

As Hastings races to stop Reese, he quickly finds that he’s not the only one hunting this most dangerous prey and that Reese isn’t the only one caught in the crosshairs of politicians and professional killers in The Silent Places, another pulse-pounding read from James Patrick Hunt.

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