James P. Blaylock Books In Order

The Balumnia Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Elfin Ship (1982)
  2. The Disappearing Dwarf (1983)
  3. The Stone Giant (1989)

The Christian Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Last Coin (1988)
  2. The Paper Grail (1991)
  3. All the Bells on Earth (1995)

The Ghosts Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Night Relics (1994)
  2. Winter Tides (1997)
  3. The Rainy Season (1999)

Narbondo Books In Publication Order

  1. The Digging Leviathan (1984)
  2. Homunculus (1986)
  3. Lord Kelvin’s Machine (1992)
  4. The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives (2008)
  5. The Ebb Tide (2009)
  6. The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs (2011)
  7. Zeuglodon (2012)
  8. The Aylesford Skull (2013)
  9. The Adventure of the Ring of Stones (2014)
  10. Beneath London (2015)
  11. The Further Adventures of Langdon St. Ives (2016)
  12. River’s Edge (2017)
  13. The Gobblin’ Society (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Axolotl Double A-1 (1986)
  2. Land of Dreams (1987)
  3. The Magic Spectacles (1991)
  4. Home Before Dark (2000)
  5. The Man in the Moon (2003)
  6. The Knights of the Cornerstone (2008)
  7. The Shadow on the Doorstep (2009)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. 13 Phantasms (1996)
  2. In for a Penny (2003)
  3. Metamorphosis (2009)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Old Curiosity Shop (1999)
  2. 13 Phantasms and Other Stories (2000)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Steampunk: The Beginning (2012)

The Year’s Best Science Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection (1986)
  2. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Eleventh Annual Collection (1994)
  3. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection (1997)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection (1986)
  2. Cthulhu 2000 (1995)
  3. Modern Classics of Fantasy (1997)
  4. The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection (1997)
  5. Time Travel: Recent Trips (2014)

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James P. Blaylock Books Overview

The Last Coin

An evil man strives for immortality by collecting the thirty pieces of silver that once belonged to Judas but somehow ended up in California, and only a sing coin stands between the world and certain apocalypse. Reissue. PW.

The Rainy Season

The World Fantasy Award winning author of Winter Tides presents the haunting story of a grieving widower, a little girl with an unusual gift, and an old house permeated by the past.’Blaylock is a singular American fabulist.’ William Gibson’A chillingly realized tale of how the past haunts our lives.’ Dallas Morning News’Ambitious.’ Publishers Weekly starred review

The Digging Leviathan

Science Fiction. Southern California sunny days, blue skies, neighbors on flying bicycles…
ghostly submarines…
mermen off the Catalina coast…
and a vast underground sea stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Inland Empire where Chinese junks ply an illicit trade and enormous creatures from ages past still survive. It is a place of wonder…
and dark conspiracies. A place rife with adventure if one knows where to look for it. Two such seekers are the teenagers Jim Hastings and his friend, Giles Peach. Giles was born with a wonderful set of gills along his neck and insatiable appetite for reading. Drawing inspiration from the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Giles is determined to build a Digging Leviathan. Will he reach the center of the earth? or destroy it in the process?


Homonculus is a fascinating trip to a London that never existed…
but perhaps should have. Darkly atmospheric, Homonculus weaves together the stories of Narbondo a mad hunchback who works tirelessly to bring the dead back to life, of the members of the Trismegistus Club a surly group of scientists and philosophers who meet at Captain Powers’ Pipe Shop, and of the homonculus a tiny man whose powers can drive men to murder.

Lord Kelvin’s Machine

Determined to avert the doom of his beloved wife, scientist and detective Langdon St. Ives sees his only hope for doing so in Lord Kelvin’s time machine, but the diabolical Dr. Ignacio Narbondo has other plans for the invention. AB.

The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives

A good deal of controversy arose late in the last century over what has been referred to by the more livid newspapers as The Horror in St. James Park or The Ape box Affair…
. So begins the first chronicle in the long and often obscure life of Langdon St. Ives, Victorian scientist and adventurer, respected member of the Explorers Club and of societies far more obscure, consultant to scientific luminaries, and secret, unheralded savior of humankind. From the depths of the Borneo jungles to the starlit reaches of outer space, and ultimately through the dark corridors of past and future time, The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives invariably lead him back to the streets and alleys of the busiest, darkest, most secretive city in the world London in the age of steam and gaslamps, with the Thames fog settling in over the vast city of perpetual evening. St. Ives, in pursuit of the infamous Dr. Ignacio Narbondo, discovers the living horror of revivified corpses, the deep sea mystery of a machine with the power to drag ships to their doom, and the appalling threat of a skeleton piloted airship descending toward the city of London itself, carrying within its gondola a living homunculus with the power to drive men mad…
. This omnibus volume contains the collected Steampunk stories and novels of James P. Blaylock, one of the originators of the genre, which hearkens back to the worlds of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, a world where science was a work of the imagination, and the imagination was endlessly free to dream. The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives will contain the original illustrations J. K. Potter created for the novel Lord Kelvin’s Machine, plus many more for the novel, Homunculus, and the short stories.

The Ebb Tide

A flaming meteor over the Yorkshire Dales, a long lost map drawn by the lunatic Bill Cuttle Kraken, and the discovery of a secret subterranean shipyard beneath the River Thames lead Professor Langdon St. Ives and his intrepid friend Jack Owlesby into the treacherous environs of Morecambe Bay, with its dangerous tides and vast quicksand pits. They descend beneath the sands of the Bay itself, into a dark, unknown ocean littered with human bones and the remnants of human dreams. In this tale of murder, infamy, and Victorian intrigue, the tides of destiny shift relentlessly and rapidly as the stakes grow ever higher and the pursuit more deadly…

The Knights of the Cornerstone

An exquisite novel of fantasy from a true one of a kind original Neil Gaiman.

Calvin Bryson has hidden himself away from the world, losing himself in his work and his collection of rare and quirky books. He never meant to let so much time go by without visiting his aunt and uncle in the tiny town of New Cyprus, California. When he gets there, he ll discover the town’s strange secrets and a mysterious group dedicated to preserving and protecting holy relics a modernday incarnation of the legendary Knights Templar

13 Phantasms

The first short story collection from Philip K. Dick Award winning author James Blaylock features sixteen thought provoking forays into the fantastic from a tale of alien influence on an ordinary neighborhood to the story of one man’s self destructive obsession with a dragon.


Metamorphosis: three stories, each one involving a man who discovers that he has come to dwell, for an hour or for a lifetime, in a house and in a mind not quite his own. Each one opens doors onto rooms of illusion, radiance, regret, and dark enchantment. Welcome to the stories of three young writers, stories written in collaboration with James P. Blaylock. Welcome to the borderland of illusion and reality. Three tales, written in collaboration by James P. Blaylock with students in a class by Tim Powers, with an introduction and illustrations by Tim, an afterword by Blaylock, and some necessary meddling by William Ashbless.

13 Phantasms and Other Stories

The first short story collection from Philip K. Dick Award winning author James Blaylock features sixteen thought provoking forays into the fantastic from a tale of alien influence on an ordinary neighborhood to the story of one man’s self destructive obsession with a dragon.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Third Annual Collection

Third in series, winner of the 1987 Locus Poll Award, Best Anthology. Contents include Introduction: Summation: 1985, essay by Gardner Dozois; The Jaguar Hunter, by Lucius Shepard nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1985 World Fantasy Award; Dogfight, by Michael Swanwick and William Gibson nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award; Fermi and Frost, by Frederik Pohl winner, 1986 Hugo Award; Green Days in Brunei, by Bruce Sterling nominated, 1985 Nebula Award; Snow, by John Crowley nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award; The Fringe, by Orson Scott Card nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award; The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things, by Karen Joy Fowler; Sailing to Byzantium, by Robert Silverberg winner, 1985 Nebula Award; nominated, 1986 Hugo Award; Solstice, by James Patrick Kelly; Duke Pasquale’s Ring, novella by Avram Davidson; More Than the Sum of His Parts, by Joe Haldeman nominated, 1985 Nebula Award; Out of All Them Bright Stars, by Nancy Kress Winner, 1985 Nebula Award; Side Effects, by Walter Jon Williams; The Only Neat Thing to Do, by James Tiptree, Jr. nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award; winner, 1986 Locus Poll Award; Dinner in Audoghast, by Bruce Sterling nominated, 1986 Hugo Award; Under Siege, by George R. R. Martin 1986 Locus Poll Award, 6th Place; Flying Saucer Rock & Roll, by Howard Waldrop nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award; A Spanish Lesson, by Lucius Shepard Locus Poll Award, 11th Place; Roadside Rescue, by Pat Cadigan; Paper Dragons, by James P. Blaylock winner, 1986 World Fantasy Award; nominated, 1985 Nebula Award; Magazine Section, by R. A. Lafferty; The War at Home, by Lewis Shiner 1986 Locus Poll Award, 21st Place; Rockabye Baby, by S. C. Sykes nominated, 1985 Nebula Award; Green Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson nominated, 1985 Nebula Award, 1986 Hugo Award.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection

Join twenty eight of today’s finest writers for a host of imaginative tours through worlds as fabulous as the farthest galaxy and as strange as life on earth can be. Among the talented story tellers in this volume are: Stephen Baxter, James P. Blaylock, Tony Daniel, Gregory Feeley, Gwyneth Jones, Jonathan Lethem, Robert Reed, Michael Sanwick, Cherry Wilder, Walter Jon Williams, Gene Wolfe, Steven Utley, and many more of tomorrow’s leading imaginations. Gardener Dozois’s summary of the year in science fiction and a long list of honorable mentions round out this volume, making it the one book for anyone who’s interested in SF today.

Cthulhu 2000

In Cthulhu 2000, a host of horror and fantasy’s top authors captures the spirit of supreme supernatural storyteller H. P. Lovecraft with eighteen chilling contemporary tales that would have made the master proud.

The Barrens by F. Paul Wilson: In a tangled wilderness, unearthly lights lead the way to a world no human was meant to see.
His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood by Poppy Z. Brite: Two dabblers in black magic encounter a maestro of evil enchantment.
On the Slab by Harlan Ellison: The corpse of a one eyed giant brings untold fortune and unspeakable fear to whoever possesses it.
Pickman’s Modem by Lawrence Watt Evans: Horror is a keystroke away, when an ancient evil lurks in modern technology.


Modern Classics of Fantasy

This wonderful collection celebrates fantasy’s heydey with 33 masterpieces of short fiction, ranging from 1940s stories by L. Sprague de Camp, H. L. Gold, Fritz Leiber, and Manly Wade Wellman to more recent tales by such towering modern talents as Peter S. Beagle, Terry Bisson, James P. Blaylock, Suzy McKee Charnas, John Crowley, Tanith Lee, Ursula K. Le Guin, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick, JaneYolen, and Roger Zelazny. Just as Gardner Dozois’s anthology Modern Classics of Science Fiction SMP, 1992 has helped new generations of readers and old fans discover the genre’s finest short stories, so too shall this volume allow readers to find in one volume more than two dozen masterworks of fantasy.

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