James Lowder Books In Order

Ebonacht Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Screaming Tower (2008)


  1. Brotherhood of the Lost (2006)


  1. Heart of the Beast (2011)

Graphic Novels

  1. The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons : Volume 2 (2008)

Game Books

  1. The Jungles of Chult (1993)
  2. GURPS Villains (2000)

Anthology series

  1. The Doom of Camelot (2000)
  2. Legends of the Pendragon (2002)
  3. The Book of All Flesh (2001)
  4. The Book of Final Flesh (2003)
  5. The Book of More Flesh (2004)
  6. Path of the Just (2003)
  7. Path of the Bold (2004)

Anthologies edited

  1. Astounding Hero Tales (2007)
  2. Worlds Of Their Own (2008)
  3. Best of All Flesh (2010)
  4. Curse of the Full Moon (2010)
  5. Triumph of the Walking Dead (2011)
  6. Beyond the Wall (2012)
  7. The Munchkin Book (2013)
  8. Madness on the Orient Express (2014)
  9. Tales of Good Dogs (2020)

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James Lowder Books Overview

The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons : Volume 2

The second volume in DDP’s Dungeons & Dragons Anthology book The Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons! In ‘Elminster at the Magefair,’ a mysterious and dangerous errand takes the Sage of Shadowdale and the lovely Storm Silverhand to a gathering of the Forgotten Realms’ mightiest wizards, while ‘The Rigor of the Game’ pits a gambler in the nightmare haunted domains of Ravenloft against the infamous death knight, Lord Soth!

GURPS Villains

A pirate said to Alexander the Great, ‘Because I have only one ship, I am called a pirate. Because you have a great navy, you are called an Emperor.’ Villains. Where would the heroes be without them? Probably unemployed. The hero may be the star of his story, but it takes a prize villain to bring out the best in him! GURPS Villains is a compilation of dastardly foes from all ages, genres, and backgrounds. Crackpot spy movie masterminds, backstabbing patricians, grim undead overlords, hard bitten crime bosses…
they’re all here! Each villain is described both biographically and in game terms, and is accompanied by ‘bits’ like fiendish plots, evil henchmen, devious deathtraps, and secret strongholds. GURPS Villains also includes a GM’s guide to dramatic villain design and use. After all, everybody loves a ‘good’ bad guy! GMs can use this book for instant opponents, or choose a villain they like and build a whole campaign around him! There are over 50 villains and villainous groups with complete stats and writeups, including details of their ‘evil plans,’ in this survey of fiends and foes from all times and climes.

The Book of All Flesh

The dead have risen. God help the living. It’s too late to run. The zombies are everywhere. They stalk through urban jungles and across the carefully manicured lawns of suburbia, shudder to unlife on the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War and in the deepest unnels of far flung interstellar mining colonies. They lurk on your street, in your company’s boardroom, in your own bedroom. And they hunger. The Book of All Flesh presents more than two dozen original tales of zombie horror, including works from such renowned chroniclers of fantastic terror as C. Dean Andersson, Ed Greenwood, Robert Vardeman, Scott Edelman, Robin D. Laws, and Matt Forbeck.

The Book of Final Flesh

From the battle torn skies over World War I France to the corridors of alien prisoner of war satellites, the opium dens of exotic Victorian Shanghai to the living rooms of suburban America, the zombies rise up. Some crave revenge. Others hunger for the brains of the living. All are driven by desires they can neither control nor understand…
Edited by James Lowder, The Book of Final Flesh presents more than twenty tales of the living dead, original works by such notable scribes of the weird and fantastic as: Sarah A Hoyt Roland Green Joseph Nassise Tim Waggoner Pete D. Manison Lucien Soulban and many more…
. Editor James Lowder previously helmed the successful anthologies Realms of Valor and Realms of Infamy, and is known to readers for his own best selling dark fantasy novels Knight of the Black Rose and Prince of Lies.

The Book of More Flesh

They won’t stay dead! The zombies cannot be stopped. From the pitch black holds of pirate ships and the tunnels beneath the war torn jungles of Vietnam, they rise up. And there’s no way to stop them, no corner of the world that’s safe from the invasion. Secret government labs, the trendy galleries of New York’s art scene, the drawing rooms of nineteenth century England all become the lair of the living dead in this inventive and chilling collection of horror and dark fantasy tales.

Path of the Just

Welcome to Empire City, metropolis of fantastic adventure and startling danger. It is a city that feels familiar, yet constantly surprises. Below the pristine towers of polished glass and steel, black hearted conquerors, megalomaniacal science villains, and predatory monsters lurk. And there are the heroes. Empire City is home to those masked champions brave enough to stand tall against the dark. Heroes like Sentinel, America’s supersoldier; Red Phoenix, wielder of the devastating Phoenix Blade; and Slipstream, alien speedster intent on saving Earth from the fate of his doomed world…
. Path of the Just presents fifteen tales of superpowered action and mystery set in the Silver Age Sentinels universe, with original stories from such masters of the fantastic as John Ostrander, Ed Greenwood, Steven Grant, Bradley J. Kayl, Steven Harper, and Robin. D. Laws. Edited by James Lowder, with an introduction by legendary comics author and editor, Denny O’Neil.

Astounding Hero Tales

The spirit of the pulps lives on in Hero Games’ premiere fiction release, Astounding Hero Tales! Lost jungle temples, mysterious crime busters, gallant air aces, and unspeakable cosmic horrors share the spotlight in this anthology of all new stories by such masters of the fantastic as Robert Weinberg, Will Murray, Darrell Schweitzer, and David Niall Wilson. Astounding Hero Tales also boasts a previously unpublished weird mystery by Lester Dent, creator of Doc Savage, and a foreword and original dark crime yarn by legendary pulp veteran Hugh B. Cave.

Worlds Of Their Own

Many of today’s best and best selling fantasists got their start writing shared world fiction supporting roleplaying games. This massive anthology collects more than a dozen thrilling tales from R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, and more to give an exciting overview of the original worlds and characters of authors who achieved their greatest fame writing stories they do not own. Edited by James Lowder The Book of All Flesh, Prince of Lies, Worlds Of Their Own presents an unprecedented sampler of fantasy and science fiction adventure tales from some of the best loved and best known authors in the genre.

Best of All Flesh

Bringing the living dead into stark reality, this anthology reveals the best of undead horror and monstrous zombie tales. Culled from the popular All Flesh Must Be Eaten zombie anthology series, this broad collection of stories proves that no place in the world is safe when the dead rise again. Their shambling hordes flood cities, scour the countryside, and leave no part of history untouched. Ideal for fans of supernatural terror and apocalyptic fiction, this horrific array includes narratives by Tobias Buckell, Scott Edelman, Charles Coleman Finlay, and Tom Piccirilli.

Triumph of the Walking Dead

All zombies are created equal. All zombie stories are not. From its humble beginnings as an indie comic book, The Walking Dead has become a pop culture juggernaut boasting New York Times bestselling trade paperbacks, a hit television series, and enough fans to successfully take on any zombie uprising. Triumph of the Walking Dead explores the intriguing characters, stunning plot twists, and spectacular violence that make Robert Kirkman’s epic the most famous work of the Zombie Renaissance. The Walking Dead novels co author Jay Bonansinga provides the inside story on translating the comics into prose; New York Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry takes on the notion of leadership especially Rick Grimes during the zombie apocalypse; Harvard professor Steven Schlozman dissects the disturbing role of science in the television series; and more. Triumph of the Walking Dead features a foreword by horror legend Joe R. Lansdale.

Beyond the Wall

The world created by George R.R. Martin in his high fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire now the basis for the hit HBO series Game of Thrones is not only richly drawn, but also immensely popular. By A Game of Thrones debut in May 2011, the series already had more than 6 million copies in print in the US and had sold more than 16 million worldwide. Since the television series debut, A Game of Thrones and subsequent titles in the series have appeared consistently on the New York Times bestseller list. The latest title in the series, A Dance with Dragons, sold nearly 300,000 copies on its first day in print. Beyond the Wall explores the book series influences, its place in the fantasy pantheon, its challenging narrative choices, and the pull of its stunningly epic scope.

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