James Aldridge Books In Order


  1. The Diplomat (1949)
  2. The Hunter (1950)
  3. Heroes of the Empty View (1954)
  4. Signed with Their Honour (1954)
  5. I Wish He Would Not Die (1957)
  6. The Last Exile (1961)
  7. A Captive in the Land (1962)
  8. The Flying 19 (1966)
  9. My Brother Tom (1966)
  10. The Statesman’s Game (1966)
  11. Sea Eagle (1971)
  12. Sporting Proposition (1973)
  13. Of Many Men (1974)
  14. Mockery in Arms (1974)
  15. The Marvellous Mongolian (1974)
  16. The Untouchable Juli (1975)
  17. Ride a Wild Pony (1976)
  18. One Last Glimpse (1977)
  19. Goodbye Un-America (1979)
  20. The Broken Saddle (1982)
  21. The True Story of Lilli Stubeck (1984)
  22. The True Story of Spit Macphee (1986)
  23. The True Story of Lola Mackellar (1993)
  24. The Girl from the Sea (2002)


Non fiction

  1. Cairo (1970)

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James Aldridge Books Overview

Signed with Their Honour

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

The Marvellous Mongolian

Przewalski’s Horse, the earliest horse in existence has long been believed extinct in the wild. Smaller than horses of today, with an unusually large head, a combative spirit, and unusual intelligence, these horses have been known to the world only through their presence in selected breeding zoos and sanctuaries.

The Girl from the Sea

Beau, crippled and almost blinded by a terrible accident, is sent to recover in the South of France. Here, it is hoped, the clear blue sea and the influence of his indom itable Aunt Mimi will heal his damaged body and revive his spirit. When Lelee, the wild daughter of a Provencal smuggler, bursts from the sea, it becomes a summer of diving, glorious food, hidden treasure, smuggling, and Jacques Cousteau.

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