Jake Maddox Books In Order

Jake Maddox Sports Story Books In Order

  1. BMX Bully (2006)
  2. Face Off (2006)
  3. Free Throw (2006)
  4. Mr. Strike Out (2006)
  5. On the Line (2006)
  6. Skate Park Challenge (2006)
  7. Board Rebel (2007)
  8. Go Kart Rush (2007)
  9. Paintball Blast (2007)
  10. Speedway Switch (2007)
  11. Motocross Double Cross (2007)
  12. Slam Dunk Shoes (2007)
  13. Snowboard Duel (2007)
  14. Soccer Shootout (2007)
  15. Backup Goalie (2008)
  16. Batter Up! (2008)
  17. Cheer Challenge (2008)
  18. Full Court Dreams (2008)
  19. Jump Serve (2008)
  20. Paintball Invasion (2008)
  21. Quarterback Sneak (2008)
  22. Storm Surfer (2008)
  23. Free Climb (2008)
  24. The Hunter’s Code (2008)
  25. Kart Crash (2008)
  26. Lacrosse Attack (2008)
  27. Legend of the Lure (2008)
  28. Running Rivals (2008)
  29. Skateboard Save (2008)
  30. Soccer Spirit (2008)
  31. Stolen Bases (2008)
  32. Takedown (2008)
  33. Tennis Trouble (2008)
  34. Wild Hike (2008)
  35. Back On the Beam (2009)
  36. Blizzard! (2009)
  37. Diving Off the Edge (2009)
  38. Gridiron Bully (2009)
  39. Hoop Hotshot (2009)
  40. Horseback Hopes (2009)
  41. Karate Countdown (2009)
  42. Over the Net (2009)
  43. Shark Attack! (2009)
  44. Shipwreck! (2009)
  45. Skater’s Secret (2009)
  46. Volcano! (2009)
  47. Ballet Bullies (2009)
  48. Disc Golf Drive (2009)
  49. Field Hockey Firsts (2009)
  50. Half-pipe Prize (2009)
  51. Hoop Doctor (2009)
  52. Pit Crew Crunch (2009)
  53. Pitcher Pressure (2009)
  54. Race Car Rival (2009)
  55. Record Run (2009)
  56. Speed Camp (2009)
  57. Stock Car Sabotage (2009)
  58. Tennis Liar (2009)
  59. On the Speedway (2009)
  60. Off the Bench (2010)
  61. On Guard (2010)
  62. Playing Forward (2010)
  63. Win or Lose (2010)
  64. Linebacker Block (2010)
  65. Quarterback Comeback (2010)
  66. Running Back Dreams (2010)
  67. Speed Receiver (2010)
  68. Wildcats Blitz (2010)
  69. Wildcats Slam Dunk (2010)
  70. Cheer Captain (2011)
  71. Drive to the Hoop (2011)
  72. Geocache Surprise (2011)
  73. Mountain Bike Hero (2011)
  74. Victory Vault (2011)
  75. Whitewater Courage (2011)
  76. Windsurfing Winner (2011)
  77. Bmx Challenge (2011)
  78. Cowboy Up (2011)
  79. Hockey Meltdown (2011)
  80. Skateboard Struggle (2011)
  81. Double-Axel Doubt (2011)
  82. Cycling Champion (2012)
  83. Gold Medal Swim (2012)
  84. Relay Race Breakdown (2012)
  85. Track and Field Takedown (2012)
  86. Behind the Plate (2012)
  87. Home-Field Football (2012)
  88. Point Guard Prank (2012)
  89. Striker Assist (2012)
  90. Beach Bully (2013)
  91. Board Battle (2013)
  92. Kart Competition (2013)
  93. Paintball Problems (2013)
  94. Bad-Luck Basketball (2014)
  95. Gridiron Showdown (2014)
  96. Outfield Outcast (2014)
  97. Second-Chance Soccer (2014)
  98. Caught Stealing (2015)
  99. Hoop Hustle (2015)
  100. Soccer Shake-Up (2015)
  101. Touchdown Triumph (2015)
  102. Lacrosse Laser (2016)
  103. Second Shot (2016)
  104. Comeback Catcher (2017)
  105. Daydream Receiver (2017)
  106. Double Scribble (2017)
  107. Soccer Switch (2017)
  108. Doubles Trouble (2017)
  109. Punter’s Pride (2017)
  110. Rodeo Challenge (2018)
  111. Secondhand Slice (2018)
  112. Diamond Double Play (2019)
  113. Undercover BMX (2019)
  114. Hockey Rink Heroes (2020)
  115. Lacrosse Legend (2020)
  116. Soccer Sensation (2020)
  117. Football Phenomenon (2021)
  118. Backfield Blow (2021)
  119. Fast-Break Friends (2021)

Jake Maddox: Girl Sports Stories Books In Order

  1. Gymnastics Jitters (2012)
  2. Volleyball Dreams (2012)
  3. Horseback Hurdles (2012)
  4. Soccer Surprise (2012)
  5. Dance Team Dilemma (2013)
  6. Rebound Time (2013)
  7. Running Scared (2013)
  8. Skating Showdown (2013)
  9. Cheer Choice (2014)
  10. Dancing Solo (2014)
  11. Soccer Showoff (2014)
  12. Softball Surprise (2014)
  13. Pool Panic (2016)
  14. Volleyball Victory (2016)
  15. Basketball Breakdown (2016)
  16. Dance Team Drama (2016)
  17. Power Play (2016)
  18. Soccer Step-Up (2016)
  19. Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories (2017)
  20. Longboard Let Down (2017)
  21. Squad Struggles (2017)
  22. Cowgirl Grit (2018)
  23. Ice Rink Rookie (2018)
  24. Blueline Breakaway (2018)
  25. Digging Deep (2018)
  26. Pick and Roll (2018)
  27. Striker’s Sister (2018)
  28. Balance Beam Boss (2019)
  29. Softball Switch-Up (2019)
  30. Karate Rebels (2020)
  31. Nothing But Net (2020)
  32. Ice Clash (2021)
  33. Snowboarding Surprise (2021)

Jake Maddox JV Books In Order

  1. Heavyweight Takedown (2015)
  2. Swimming the Distance (2015)
  3. Slap-Shot Slump (2015)
  4. Snowboard Hero (2015)
  5. BMX Bravery (2016)
  6. Skateboard Idol (2016)
  7. Paintball Boss (2016)
  8. Snowboard Struggle (2016)
  9. Soccer Stand-off (2016)
  10. Taekwondo Clash (2016)
  11. Block and Rock (2017)
  12. Free Throw Fail (2017)
  13. Home Safe Home (2018)
  14. Soccer Sabotage (2018)
  15. Rookie Runner (2018)
  16. Touchdown Turmoil (2018)
  17. Kart Rival (2019)
  18. Soccer Struggle (2019)
  19. Snowboard Sham (2019)
  20. Swim or Sink (2019)
  21. Hockey Camp Hustle (2020)
  22. Home Court (2020)
  23. Volleyball Ace (2020)
  24. Football Fraud (2020)
  25. Lucky Soccer Save (2020)
  26. Cross-Country Conspiracy (2021)
  27. Football Foul Play (2021)
  28. Full-Court Mess (2021)
  29. Gymnastics Payback (2021)
  30. Quarterback Dreams (2021)
  31. Taking It to the Mat (2021)

Jake Maddox Jv Girls Books In Order

  1. Back Row Dynamo (2017)
  2. Spinning Away (2017)
  3. Aerials and Envy (2018)
  4. Catching Confidence (2018)
  5. Beyond Basketball (2018)
  6. Cheer Team Trouble (2018)
  7. Courage on Ice (2019)
  8. Out of Step (2019)
  9. Gymnastics Comeback (2020)
  10. Point Guard Pride (2020)
  11. Tennis Triumph (2020)
  12. Drill Team Determination (2021)
  13. Hoops and Hopes (2021)

Teen Sport Stories Books In Order

  1. Back on Track (2019)
  2. Climbing Strong (2019)
  3. Football Struggle (2019)
  4. Go-Kart Rival (2019)

Jake Maddox Adventure Books In Order

  1. Danger on the Reef (2020)
  2. Extreme Ice Adventure (2020)
  3. Obstacle Challenge (2020)
  4. Trail Trouble (2020)
  5. River Race (2021)
  6. Rocky Mountain Disaster (2021)
  7. Storm on the Sea (2021)
  8. Terror in the Caverns (2021)
  9. Ice Hockey Camp Hustle (2021)

Jake Maddox Jv Mysteries Books In Order

  1. Cheer Fears (2022)
  2. Off Base (2022)
  3. Soccer Suspicions (2022)
  4. Track and Field Trick (2022)

Sport Mysteries Books In Order

  1. American Football Foul Play (2022)

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Jake Maddox Books Overview

BMX Bully

Matt wants to make the Evergreen racing team, but his chances are seriously threatened when a new boy moves to town and resorts to cheating in order to win.

Face Off

Kyle wants to be a great hockey player just like his older brother, but to do that, he must focus all of his energy on the game and not be distracted by a teammate’s injury.

Free Throw

Since Derek is the tallest kid on his basketball team, his coach decides to have him play center instead of Jason. Derek thinks this is a lucky break, until Jason stops passing the ball to him.

Mr. Strike Out

David Gray is notorious in his baseball league, notorious for strike outs, both as a pitcher and a batter. After learning about the great Babe Ruth, David becomes determined to become a good all around player, which means he’ll have to learn how to bat.

On the Line

After breaking his arm during the first try out of last season, Robby is determined to make the football team this year. Even if he does make the team, he’s not sure he’ll have the skills necessary to lead the team to victory.

Skate Park Challenge

Nick is injured skateboarding, but he quickly jumps back on the road to recovery in hopes of being ready for the big competition. With practice, Nick hopes he’ll be able to skate the killer half pipes and thin rails just like the pros.

Board Rebel

Tanner Ryan hates everything about his new town. All of his friends are back in his old city, and the only thing he likes in Woodville is his family’s pool. That is until he discovers the Curves, the most amazing place ever to skateboard. Unfortunately, on the same day he finds the Curves, he meets Bennett Parsons III, the resident bully. And the locals aren’t happy that Tanner’s been skateboarding all over town. Can Tanner make friends and still have fun doing what he likes to do? Or has he been doomed to a life without skateboarding?

Go Kart Rush

Tony is used to being the best. With his old kart, he won every single race. But now he’s twelve, and he’s moved up to the next class of racing, TAG karts. Sure, he gets to drive a cool new kart that goes faster than anything he’s ever driven. But he has to race against kids three years older than him, who aren’t nice to him, and who have been driving TAG karts for years. How is Tony supposed to get used to losing? And when Jon, one of the older kids, invites him to practice, is Jon just setting Tony up for more embarrassment?

Paintball Blast

Max and Tyler have been paintball partners for a long time when they realize that something’s strange at the paintball field. A new player in town, Ryan, has just started playing and winning. At first, Max chalks it up to beginner’s luck. But then he starts to notice weird things about Ryan and his team: They always use the same yellow paintballs, for example, even though each team is supposed to get a new color each match. And the marks the paintballs leave behind don’t match up to the number of times the players shoot. Can Max and Tyler figure out what’s going on before the biggest tournament of the year?

Speedway Switch

Michael Haynes has won more races in the midget car circuit than any other driver in his age division. And he couldn’t have done it without his brother, Mark, who’s a great mechanic. Then Buzz Ripshaw comes along. Buzz doesn’t drive fair, and Michael gets hurt during the biggest race of the year. How will Team Haynes win without their driver? Realistic Fiction.

Motocross Double Cross

Best friends Carlos and Ricky race all the time, but when their bikes are sabotaged before a major race, they cant trust each other. Theyll have to band together to figure out whos pulling a double cross.

Slam Dunk Shoes

Jamals been asked to try out for the super elite youth basketball team. His dad makes him a deal: If Jamal makes the team, he gets new shoes. But will the fancy new shoes really improve Jamals game?

Snowboard Duel

Hannah and Brian have the run of Snowstream, a cool winter resort. But a new kid, Zach, starts a boys only snowboard cross team. What will Brian do when hes forced to choose between Hannah and snowboarding?

Soccer Shootout

Berk always plays goalie for his soccer team. But when a new kid, Ryan, moves to town, Berk has to play an unfamiliar position. Ryan may have incredible talent, but hes also wildly unpredictable. Can the team survive the season?

Backup Goalie

Jamie thought everything was perfect on his hockey team. But when the goalie is injured, Jamie has to step in to play the unfamiliar position. With the state championship at stake, can Jamie help his team skate to victory or are they all on thin ice?

Batter Up!

Caleb has always batted with the same wood bat until the other team accuses Caleb of cheating by tampering with the bat! Now Caleb is forced to use the aluminum bat. How is he supposed to help his team win when he keeps striking out?

Cheer Challenge

Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is! But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought. Not only does she have to lead the squad, she has to inspire them, and thats hard work.

Full Court Dreams

Last year, Annie didnt make the basketball team. But this year theres a new coach, and Annies been practicing her heart out. Annie is determined to make the team this year, and she isnt going to let anything stand in her way!

Jump Serve

Ella and Laura can’t believe it when two of the meanest girls from a rival volleyball team switch to their team. Before long, it’s clear that the new girls don’t plan to be good teammates. Is there any hope for a championship, or was the season ruined before it began?

Paintball Invasion

Josh and Chad have been using the same place as a paintball field forever. But now, someones attacking them and it isnt someone they know. Who is out to stop their paintballing fun? Its going to take all their skills and teamwork to stop the sinister invasion.

Quarterback Sneak

Anton loves playing football until Malik, the talented quarterback, starts acting strange. Instead of working with the team, Malik is just showing off. Anton has to fix the problem fast, before the quarterback ruins everything!

Storm Surfer

Jill never expected her week at surf camp to be interrupted by a hurricane, but one is heading for the North Carolina coast. Abby and Sara think surfing in a hurricane will be amazing. Then the waves get out of control. Time is running out, and the storm is coming.

Free Climb

The only fun thing to do in Amir’s neighborhood is climb buildings. Of course, no one will let him do that. When a police officer offers to bring Amir to a climbing wall outside of the city, Amir is thrilled. He meets William, who also loves climbing. But William doesn’t want to learn the right way to climb, and before long, he is in serious danger.

The Hunter’s Code

For as long as he can remember, Ethan has envied his dad’s hunting trips. His dad has always promised to bring Ethan along when he’s old enough, and finally, this year is the year! But on their hunt, Ethan discovers some dead deer left in the woods. A poacher is killing the animals for fun. Ethan knows that’s against The Hunter’s Code
after all, he broke that rule himself.

Kart Crash

Austin may be new to town, but he’s not new to go kart racing. Unfortunately, he had to leave his kart behind when he moved. When he races against Ryan Stone, Austin quickly learns that Ryan’s the guy to beat. But how can Austin’s rental kart compete with Ryan’s shiny red kart? Austin will have to learn that the driver, not the kart, wins the race.

Lacrosse Attack

Peter made the varsity lacrosse team, just like his best friends said he would. In fact, the coach thinks he’s one of the best on the team. But Hurley Johnson, the team’s captain, doesn’t want Peter to take his spot. He’ll stop at nothing to make Peter quit. Will Peter give up?

Legend of the Lure

Daniel’s favorite thing to do is fish with his grandpa. But when his grandfather pas*ses away, all that Daniel has left are stories of Big Larry, the monster fish Grandpa spent his life chasing. Daniel decides to try to catch Big Larry in honor of his grandpa. But can he land the biggest catch of his life, or will he let Big Larry get away?

Running Rivals

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Skateboard Save

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Soccer Spirit

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Stolen Bases

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.


Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Tennis Trouble

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Wild Hike

Contemporary stories about teamwork and sportsmanship.

Back On the Beam

Back On the Beam is a Capstone Press publication.


Blizzard! is a Capstone Press publication.

Diving Off the Edge

Diving Off the Edge is a Capstone Press publication.

Gridiron Bully

Gridiron Bully is a Capstone Press publication.

Hoop Hotshot

Hoop Hotshot is a Capstone Press publication.

Horseback Hopes

Horseback Hopes is a Capstone Press publication.

Karate Countdown

Karate Countdown is a Capstone Press publication.

Over the Net

Over the Net is a Capstone Press publication.

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack! is a Capstone Press publication.


Shipwreck! is a Capstone Press publication.

Skater’s Secret

Skater’s Secret is a Capstone Press publication.


Volcano! is a Capstone Press publication.

Ballet Bullies

Marissa has always loved dancing. But lately, she feels clumsy and awkward when she dances, and she feels bigger and taller than the other girls. She doesn’t even bother trying out for the Rose Fairy ballet. But someone else thinks Marissa has what it takes to play the Rose Fairy!

Disc Golf Drive

When Ed learns how to play disc golf at summer camp, he can’t wait to play with his best friend, Harry. Soon, star quarterback Gordy wants to play too. With Gordy’s help, can the boys convince the football coach that Dribble Creek needs its own disc golf team?

Field Hockey Firsts

Fiona’s new school doesn’t have an ice hockey team, just field hockey! She decides to try out for field hockey anyway, but the sports have different rules. Will Fiona be able to stay on the team if she doesn’t learn the rules?

Half-pipe Prize

When Tess moved away from Winterfall, she left her two best friends, Ana and Sofie, behind. She’s traveling back to surprise them and to take part in the yearly snowboarding competition. Ana is glad to see her, but Sofie acts strange as soon as Tess returns.

Hoop Doctor

Kelcey wants to quit the basketball team. A mysterious person named Dr. C is running a basketball clinic at her school. Dr. C claims to be able to fix basketball problems, but Kelcey is sure it’ll take more than a doctor to make her love the game again.

Pit Crew Crunch

It’s a dream come true. Peter entered a contest to be on a stock car pit crew, and he won! Just when it looks like he’ll finally get his chance to work a real race, things go wrong in an unexpected and terrifying way.

Pitcher Pressure

Allen’s grandpa has never missed a baseball game until tonight. While Allen plays his most important game ever, Grandpa fights for his life at the hospital. Allen wants to win the game for his grandpa, but he’s facing his biggest challenge, Hank ‘The Tank’ Steele.

Race Car Rival

Shawn gets to be a junior team member on Johnny Pride’s stock car team. But when he arrives at the racetrack, it turns out he’ll be helping Johnny’s biggest competition, ‘Mean’ Gene Pederson. Shawn realizes that appearances aren’t everything. Maybe there’s more to Mean Gene than a bad reputation.

Record Run

After getting soaked by Harry’s water balloon, Paul chases Harry down. He didn’t expect Harry to be so fast. He gives Harry a choice: join the track team or else. Harry doesn’t think it’s fun to run if he’s not being chased. With Paul’s help, can Harry find a good reason to run?

Speed Camp

At Top Speed Race Camp, Dylan meets his new partner, Joe. He’s shocked. Joe is not at all what he expected. How can Dylan build the best race car and beat Robby when his partner is a girl?

Stock Car Sabotage

Danny Mason’s brother, ‘Clean’ Cole Mason, is famous on the stock car for being a good guy. So Danny can’t believe it when he starts to see signs that someone on his brother’s team is sabotaging his opponents. Danny has to figure out what’s going on before someone gets seriously hurt.

Tennis Liar

When his friend Max asks him to join a tennis league, Henry can’t say no. It’s expensive, so Max’s dad pays Henry’s way. Henry can’t tell his dad, or he’ll have to give up tennis for good. Is being able to play the game he loves worth hiding the truth?

Linebacker Block

Logan moved to Westfield a year ago. This season, hell be playing against some of his old friends. Will they see him as a traitor? Will he be able to be loyal to his new team without making his old friends mad?

Quarterback Comeback

The Huskies are the biggest and best team in the conference. The Wildcats lose to them every year. Coach thinks they have a chance this year. Can Carlos make it happen?

Speed Receiver

Andrew u2019s been working overtime on improving his speed with his older brother. Can he pull it out and help his team win?

Geocache Surprise

Tim is disappointed when his best friend wants to spend their last day of summer geocaching. But a competition might make things interesting. Before the day is over, Tim will have discovered more than just a hidden treasure.

Whitewater Courage

Christopher has never rafted on a river like the Australian Franklin River. Will he be brave enough to tackle the whitewater?

Double-Axel Doubt

When Gabby’s figure skating coach retires, she has to learn to skate with a new coach. But when her new coach pushes her to do a Double Axel, Gabby is afraid her old injury will flare up. Gabby has to decide if winning is worth risking injury.

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