Jade Lee Books In Order

Regency Rags to Riches Books In Order

  1. No Place for a Lady (2003)
  2. Almost an Angel (2003)
  3. Devil’s Bargain (2004)
  4. The Dragon Earl (2008)

Tigress Books In Order

  1. White Tigress (2005)
  2. Hungry Tigress (2005)
  3. Desperate Tigress (2005)
  4. Burning Tigress (2006)
  5. Cornered Tigress (2007)
  6. Tempted Tigress (2007)

Dragon Books In Order

  1. Dragonborn (2008)
  2. Dragonbound (2009)

Wicked Books In Order

  1. Wicked Surrender (2010)
  2. Wicked Seduction (2011)

Regency Books In Order

  1. Rules for a Lady (2017)
  2. Major Wyclyff’s Campaign (2011)
  3. Miss Woodley’s Experiment (2011)
  4. Miss Woodley’s Kissing Experiment (2012)

Bridal Favors Books In Order

  1. Wedded in Scandal (2012)
  2. Wedded in Sin (2012)
  3. What the Bride Wore (2013)
  4. What the Groom Wants (2014)
  5. Engaged in Wickedness / Engaged in Passion (2012)

Love in Time Books In Order

  1. A Magic King (2012)

Rakes and Rogues Books In Order

  1. 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake (2015)
  2. One Rogue at a Time (2015)
  3. As Rich as a Rogue (2016)

Regency Hearts Redeemed Books In Order

  1. Her Wicked Surrender (2015)
  2. His Wicked Seduction (2015)

Lords of the Masquerade Books In Order

  1. Lord Lucifer (2020)
  2. Lord Satyr (2021)
  3. Lord Ares (2021)
  4. Lord Scot (2021)


  1. The Concubine (2009)
  2. Getting Physical (2009)


  1. These Boots Were Made for Stomping (2008)
  2. Winter Heat (2009)

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Jade Lee Books Overview

Devil’s Bargain

A minister’s daughter, orphaned and poverty stricken, finds herself in the hands of a dark and dissipated viscount who promises to solve all her problems by preparing for her marriage with a little hands on training.

The Dragon Earl

When a young countess to be finds a man garbed as a Chinese monk striding up the aisle at her wedding, she is equally surprised to learn that he is white, the long lost heir to the Earldom of Warhaven and her fianc??and the true master of her heart.

White Tigress

Captured and sold into slavery in Shanghai, an Englishwoman finds power, freedom, and most of all love through ancient Taoist sex practices.

Cornered Tigress

The dragon, raging and hungry, The Tiger, sleek and cunning. Man and woman, yin & yang, partners meant for Heaven. The white man arrived before sundown, and the storm clouds thickening the sky made him appear an ugly baboon growling at the rain. But Little Pearl’s missing master owed him money, and Little Pearl owed the Tans. They had saved her from abject poverty and disgrace, set her feet on the Taoist path. And so, barbarian or not, Captain Jonas Storm was welcome here. His eyes were a strange kaleidoscope of blue and green and brown, and in their alien depths, Little Pearl saw the impossible promise of paradise. Could it be true? Even with the shadows growing in the Empire, heaven was within reach and this barbarian could take her there.


Three kingdoms vie to understand and control the power of dragons, but only a clever beauty and a dethroned king are truly possessed of it and by it.

Wicked Seduction

Pirate Kit Frazier returns to England to find that being on land is even more dangerous than at sea-especially when he’s beguiled by a beauty who will do anything to escape the dire circumstances of her life.

The Concubine

Requirements for being a royal consort:1 Exemplify purity.2 Pass all demanding tests.3 Gracefully withstand petty backstabbing.4 Be chaste. Very chaste. Check to all! Chen Ji Yue is on her way to empress superstardom in nineteenth century China. She only has to vanquish 300 rivals to bring her family great honor. Oh, and she may not find the deliciously sexy Sun Bo Tao the emperor’s best friend at all delicious. Or sexy. Damn. Ji Yue is in big trouble. Because Bo Tao is definitely very sexy…
. And Ji Yue is about to discover that chastity is overrated…

Getting Physical

When savvy business student Zoe crosses paths with sexy international businessman Stephen a Tantric master she’s about to get a transcendent learning experience!

The sex is incredible, mind blowing, life changing! Unfortunately, it also comes with a time limit. Because Stephen’s home is on the other side of the world.

Still, Zoe’s going to enjoy every moment with her skillful, exotic lover. But it isn’t long before she realizes she’ll have to choose. Does she want to hold on to the life she has or have a lifetime of feeling his body move against hers?

Like there’s a choice

These Boots Were Made for Stomping

When three separate hero*ines place orders at the same online shoe store www. hiheelia. com they receive shoes that not only look fabulous, but also give them superpowers that help them find true love and take charge of their lives.

Winter Heat

UnforgettableFor two cynical best friends who believe beginning an affair would be too much of a clich…
until they decide to share a vacation and a bed!UnbelievableFor a schoolteacher eager to exchange her schoolmarm nature for that of an insatiable tigress and the undercover agent who knows how to bring out her wild side!And completely mind blowing!For a corporate gal looking to shed her office shackles with the one man who can’t afford to get carried away…

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