Jackie French Books In Order

Children Of The Valley Books In Order

  1. The House of a Hundred Animals (1993)

Phaery Named Phredde Books In Order

  1. A Phaery Named Phredde (1998)
  2. Phredde and a Frog Named Bruce (1999)
  3. Phredde and the Zombie Librarian (2000)
  4. Phredde and the Temple Of Gloom (2001)
  5. Phredde and the Leopard Skin Librarian (2002)
  6. Phredde and the Purple Pyramid (2003)
  7. Phredde and the Vampire Footy Team (2004)
  8. Phredde and the Ghostly Underpants (2010)
  9. The Phredde Collection (2011)

Outlands Trilogy Books In Order

  1. In the Blood (2001)
  2. Blood Moon (2003)
  3. Flesh and Blood (2004)

Wacky Families Books In Order

  1. My Mum the Pirate (2003)
  2. My Dog the Dinosaur (2003)
  3. My Dad the Dragon (2004)
  4. My Uncle Gus the Garden Gnome (2004)
  5. My Uncle Wal The Werewolf (2007)
  6. My Gran The Gorilla (2006)
  7. My Auntie Chook The Vampire Chicken (2006)
  8. My Pa The Polar Bear (2010)

Animal Stars Books In Order

  1. The Goat Who Sailed the World (2006)
  2. The Dog Who Loved A Queen (2007)
  3. The Camel Who Crossed Australia (2008)
  4. The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded (2009)

Callisto Books In Order

  1. The Cafe on Callisto (2006)
  2. Space Pirates on Callisto (2006)
  3. Vampire Slugs on Callisto (2006)

School for Heroes Books In Order

  1. Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior (2009)
  2. Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs (2010)

Matilda Saga Books In Order

  1. A Waltz for Matilda (2010)
  2. The Girl from Snowy River (2012)
  3. The Road to Gundagai (2013)
  4. To Love a Sunburnt Country (2014)
  5. The Ghost by the Billabong (2015)
  6. If Blood Should Stain the Wattle (2016)
  7. Facing the Flame (2017)
  8. The Last Dingo Summer (2018)
  9. Clancy of the Overflow (2019)

Secret History Books In Order

  1. Birrung the Secret Friend (2015)
  2. Barney and the Secret of the Whales (2016)
  3. The Secret of the Black Bushranger (2017)
  4. Barney and the Secret of the French Spies (2018)
  5. The Secret of the Youngest Rebel (2019)

Miss Lily Books In Order

  1. Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies (2017)
  2. The Lily and the Rose (2019)
  3. The Lily in the Snow (2019)
  4. Lilies, Lies and Love (2020)
  5. Legends of the Lost Lilies (2021)

Butter O’Bryan Books In Order

  1. The Ghost of Howlers Beach (2020)
  2. The Vanishing at the Very Small Castle (2021)

Girls Who Changed the World Books In Order

  1. Ming and Flo Fight for the Future (2022)


  1. Walking The Boundaries (1993)
  2. Somewhere Around the Corner (1994)
  3. The Secret Beach (1995)
  4. Minds Eye (1996)
  5. Summerland (1996)
  6. The Tribe That Sang to Trees (1996)
  7. Beyond the Boundaries (1996)
  8. Soldier On the Hill (1997)
  9. Daughter of the Regiment (1998)
  10. Tajor Arkle (1999)
  11. Hitler’s Daughter (1999)
  12. Missing You, Love Sara (2000)
  13. Lady Dance (2000)
  14. How the Finnegans Saved the Ship (2001)
  15. Dark Wind Blowing (2001)
  16. The Secret Life of Santa Claus (2001)
  17. Valley of Gold (2003)
  18. Tom Appleby, Convict Boy (2004)
  19. War for Gentlemen (2004)
  20. They Came On Viking Ships (2005)
  21. Macbeth And Son (2006)
  22. Slave Girl (2007)
  23. Rover (2007)
  24. Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile (2007)
  25. A Rose for the Anzac Boys (2008)
  26. The Night They Stormed Eureka (2010)
  27. Nanberry: Black Brother White (2011)
  28. Pennies for Hitler (2012)
  29. Refuge (2013)
  30. Goodbye, Mr Hitler (2017)
  31. Third Witch (2017)
  32. Just A Girl (2018)
  33. Pirate Boy of Sydney Town (2019)
  34. My Name is Not Peaseblossom (2019)
  35. The Diary of William Shakespeare, Gentleman (2020)
  36. I am Juliet (2020)
  37. Ophelia: Queen of Denmark (2020)
  38. The Schoolmaster’s Daughter (2020)
  39. The Angel of Waterloo (2020)
  40. Night Ride into Danger (2021)
  41. No Hearts of Gold (2021)


  1. Rain Stones (1992)
  2. Dancing with Ben Hall (1996)
  3. The Book of Unicorns (1996)
  4. Ride The Wild Wind (2002)
  5. The Book of Horses and Unicorns (2014)

Picture Books

Chapter Books

  1. A Wombat Named Bosco (1996)
  2. Annie’s Pouch (1998)
  3. One Perfect Day (2006)
  4. The Day I Was History (2007)
  5. The Warrior (2010)

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Jackie French Books Overview

Phredde and the Leopard Skin Librarian

A school excursion to the Big Koala goes horribly wrong when Phredde, Pru and Bruce and their vampire teacher Mrs Olsen, and Miss Richards, librarian and martial arts expert head back into the time of the dinosaurs, not to mention giant marsupial lions, a dinosaur with diarrhoea and an exploding volcano…
This book is suitable for ages 7 12.

In the Blood

She has been banished from the city to a remote area and a murdered girl lands on her doorstep…
An exciting, fast paced read from one of Australia’s premier storytellers for young adults.

My Mum the Pirate

Cecil’s mom wears long black boots and an even longer sword, and she makes her enemies walk the plank. All Cecil wants is a normal life. But with parent teacher night coming soon, Cecil is worried. Will his mom embarrass him in front of all of his friends? Will people realize that his family isn’t normal? When flood waters rise and Bandicoot Flats Central School is in danger, who will save the students and teachers from the perils of the deepening waters? And is Cecil’s mom really a pirate?

My Dog the Dinosaur

When Gunk sees Spot at the dog pound, he knows immediately that Spot is the dog for him. But Spot is not an ordinary dog. He has a long neck and a flat tail, and he eats lettuce. Lots of it. In fact, Spot is the strangest looking dog Gunk has ever seen. And then Spot starts to grow!

My Dad the Dragon

Horace’s dad is not like other dads. He has silver wings and a green and orange tail. But that’s not the worst of Horace’s problems. Nasty Sir Sneazle, the most evil teacher at Horace’s school, has given him the worst homework assignment of all time: Horace has to kill a dragon. Why couldn’t he be told to rescue a damsel? Even writing a hundred pages, like Horace’s friend Bernard has to, would be better. Horace knows there’s no way he can kill a dragon. Especially since his dad is one. How can he get out of this awful mess?

My Uncle Wal The Werewolf

Buster’s parents have vanished! One day they at breakfast, chewing their bones. And then, they left for a walk and never returned. Now, Uncle Wal is in charge of the werewolf pack and Buster is not happy. Uncle Wal is insisting on everyone being human and he’s started wearing aftershave. What sort of wolf wears aftershave? Horror of all horrors, Uncle Wal hands down the ultimate punishment, Buster is forced to take a BATH! To make matters even worse, Buster is being sent to school. He can’t believe it. Werewolves don’t go to school. They hunt in the forest and capture their prey and howl on the cliffs at full moon. They don’t sit at desks doing math! How will Buster’s misery end? And where in the world are his parents?

The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded

Most Australians know of Simpson and his donkey, who became heroes at Gallipoli, even among the Turkish forces. Few know where the donkey came from, or what happened to him after World War I. Or that another man carried on rescuing the wounded with the donkey after Simpson died. This is the story of a small unassuming donkey. It’s also the story of Gallipoli, of Jack Simpson, and New Zealander stretcher bearer Richard Henderson, who literally took up the reins after Simpson’s death. Exhaustively researched, it gives a new depth to our understanding of this story of Anzac heroism.

Daughter of the Regiment

Harry doesn’t really want to leave the farm to go to High School. And if he does go, will he want to come back to the farm? And then he finds a hole in time in the corner of the chook shed and discovers another world his world, 150 years ago!

Tajor Arkle

In Greycliffs, where Anya lives, the people work hard in the slab rock quarry for most of their life. A rockfall that Anya foresaw in her dreams is blamed on her and she is sent away to the Mountain; a place for those who are different the Pastseers. For the first time in her life, Anya is accepted, able to be herself.

Hitler’s Daughter

Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler’s Daughter. It began on a rainy morning in Australia, as part of a game played by Mark and his friends. It was a storytelling game, and the four friends took turns weaving tales about fairies and mermaids and horses. But Anna’s story was different this time: It was not a fairy tale or an adventure story. The story was about a young girl who lived during World War II. Her name was Heidi, and she was Hitler’s Daughter. As Anna’s story unfolds, Mark is haunted by the image of Hitler’s Daughter. He wonders what he would have done in her place if he had known his father was an evil man leading the world into a war that was destroying millions of lives. And if Mark had known, would he have had the power and determination to stop him?This intriguing novel poses powerful questions about a frightening period in history and will force readers to examine moral issues in a fresh, compelling light.


He was just a fat runt of a puppy. He didn’t look much like his namesake, Mighty Rover, but when the witch gave Riki Snarfari his True Name, it stuck.

She was just a poor farm girl. She lived alone with her mother in a quiet seaside village and spent her days running after the cows.

When Viking raiders attack, both are taken as prisoners. The Viking ways are strange: their huts grander, their food richer, their dreams bigger. Freydis, their leader, is a bold Viking woman who bows before no man. Like her people, she can be intelligent and shockingly brave one minute, then heartlessly brutal the next.

Behind Hekja there is pain, but ahead is an open sea, and a remarkable adventure for one girl and her dog. As they sail on to Iceland, Greenland, and beyond, a runner and a Rover must finally find their home.

Vividly real, masterfully conceived, and rich with larger than life characters, Jackie French’s Rover is a voyage to a world of intrigue, discovery, and surprise.

Pharaoh: The Boy Who Conquered the Nile

Prince Narmer, first in line of succession, meets an oracle who changes his life. Ousted from the line by a disfiguring struggle with a crocodile, Narmer travels, learning much about faraway lands and his place in the world. Most of all, he learns what it means to be a true king and leader. Ages 10 14

Dancing with Ben Hall

A collection of short stories, both historical and contemporary, based on real people and real events.

The Book of Unicorns

A collection of fantasy stories from the author of ‘Somewhere Around the Corner’.

Ride The Wild Wind

From the pen of one of other Australia’s most respected children’s writers comes a collection of stories about horses. It contains the story of the first horse to be tamed hundreds of years ago; a glorious tale of King Arthur’s horse in the days of Camelot; another story of horses and centaurs in Roman tines and the heartbreakingly simply but moving story of a young Aboriginal boy who is the only one who can ride an aggressive black stallion.

One Perfect Day

Billy’s having a really bad day: he has no family, no friends, no fun and now he has to save his four legged friend, Dusty, from certain death! Will the strangers by the side of the road be able to help him before it’s too late?

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