Jack Dann Books In Order


  1. Starhiker (1977)
  2. Junction (1981)
  3. The Man Who Melted (1984)
  4. High Steel (1993)
  5. The Memory Cathedral (1995)
  6. Bad Medicine (1996)
  7. The Silent (1998)
  8. The Rebel (2004)
  9. The Economy of Light (2008)
  10. The Rebel: Second Chance (2015)
  11. Shadows in the Stone (2019)


  1. Run for the Stars / Echoes of Thunder (1991)
  2. Da Vinci Rising / The Diamond Pit (2010)
  3. The Economy of Light / Jubilee (2011)
  4. Aurealis Duo: Terrorism (2013)


  1. Timetipping (1980)
  2. Jubilee (2003)
  3. Visitations (2003)
  4. Dream of Venus (2012)
  5. Decimated (2013)
  6. Concentration (2016)
  7. Shadows on the Wall (2018)



  1. Promised Land (2007)

Anthologies edited

  1. Wandering Stars (1974)
  2. Faster than Light (1976)
  3. Future Power (1976)
  4. Aliens! (1980)
  5. Three in Space (1981)
  6. More Wandering Stars (1981)
  7. Unicorns! (1982)
  8. Magicats! (1984)
  9. Bestiary! (1985)
  10. Clones (1986)
  11. Sorcerers! (1986)
  12. Mermaids! (1986)
  13. In the Field of Fire (1987)
  14. Demons (1987)
  15. Dogtales (1988)
  16. Seaserpents! (1989)
  17. Dinosaurs! (1990)
  18. Little People (1991)
  19. Magicats II (1991)
  20. Dragons! (1993)
  21. Invaders! (1993)
  22. Horses! (1994)
  23. Angels! (1995)
  24. Dinosaurs II (1995)
  25. Space Soldiers (1996)
  26. Hackers (1996)
  27. Three in Time (1997)
  28. Timegates (1997)
  29. Immortals (1998)
  30. Nanotech (1998)
  31. Future War (1999)
  32. Armageddons (1999)
  33. Dreaming Down-Under (1999)
  34. Aliens Among Us (2000)
  35. Genometry (2002)
  36. Future Sports (2002)
  37. Beyond Flesh (2002)
  38. Gathering the Bones (2003)
  39. Future Crimes (2003)
  40. A.I.S (2004)
  41. Robots (2005)
  42. The Fiction Factory (2005)
  43. Beyond Singularity (2005)
  44. Futures Past (2006)
  45. Escape from Earth (2006)
  46. Dangerous Games (2007)
  47. Dark Alchemy (2007)
  48. Wizards (2007)
  49. Dreaming Again (2008)
  50. The Dragon Book (2009)
  51. Ghosts by Gaslight (2011)
  52. Unicorns I (2014)
  53. Unicorns II (2014)
  54. Dreaming in the Dark (2016)

Non fiction

  1. Insinuations (2010)
  2. Reading the Entrails (2015)

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Jack Dann Books Overview

The Man Who Melted

Introduction by Robert Silverberg The Man Who Melted is a warning for the future. It is the Brave New World and 1984 for our time, for it gives us a glimpse into our own future a future ruled by corporations that control deadly and powerful forms of mass manipulation. It is a prediction of what could happen…
tomorrow. The Man Who Melted examines how technology affects us and changes our morality, and it questions how we might remain human in an inhuman world. Will the future disenfranchise or empower the individual? Here you ll find new forms of sexuality, new perversions, new epiphanies, and an entirely new form of consciousness. Would you pay to ‘go down’ with the Titanic? In this dystopia the Titanic is brought back from the bottom of the sea and refurbished, only to be sunk again for those who want the ultimate decadent experience. Some passengers pay to commit suicide by ‘going under’ with the ship. The Man Who Melted has been called ‘one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time’ by Science Fiction Age and is considered a genre classic. It is the stunning odyssey of a man searching through the glittering, apocalyptic landscape of the next century for a woman lost to him in a worldwide outbreak of telepathic fear. Here is a terrifying future where people can gamble away their hearts and other organs and telepathically taste the last flickering thoughts

High Steel

Native American John Stranger leaves his reservation to work on a space construction project, still trying to preserve his people’s traditions and, while becoming a hero to workers and a threat to the corporation, confronts thunder beings who invade dreams.

The Memory Cathedral

This unforgettable, magical novel takes for its premise an inspired bit of speculation based firmly in history: Leonardo da Vinci’s conception of a marvelous flying machine. Set against the colorful backdrop of Italy and Persia in the 1400s, The Memory Cathedral masterfully calls forth a dazzling era when magic and science were one and the same.

Bad Medicine

Charlie Sarris is a ‘fix it’ man in Binghamton, New York, with a younger wife and a child and no prospects. John Stone is an alcoholic Indian medicine man on the road. In some unlikely manner they have discovered a bond between themselves. And they are on the biggest binge ever recorded a joyous, wild, tender, heart stopping quest to find the very meaning of life. They steal cars, rob stores, drink whiskey, smoke dope, seduce girls; and discover the frightening magic and old powers that are still alive and working in the modern world of highways and electric heating.

The Silent

Fourteen year old Mundy McDowell’s story is compelling and enlightening and constitutes one of the great indictments of the brutalities of war. A novel of unforgettable power and craftsmanship, ‘The Silent‘ will win over readers of literary fiction and fascinate history buffs as well.

The Rebel

A movie star on a meteoric rise, young James Dean was already being hailed as one of America’s finest actors when he died in a high speed car accident in 1955. In one terrible instant a luminous future glowing with extraordinary promise was snuffed out forever. But what if it wasn’t?

With The Rebel, acclaimed award winning author Jack Dann pulls James Dean from the twisted wreckage and offers him a second chance to make an indelible mark on his art, his culture, and his time in an era of profound change and devastating social upheaval.

Surviving the horrific crash that leaves him permanently scarred, both physically and emotionally, The Rebellious young star approaches his rebirth with trepidation, charged with an inescapable new responsibility to do ‘something wonderful and important.’ Cast back into a world of Hollywood glitz and glamour, a haunted, brooding, and complex artist climbs higher than even his most fervent admirers imagined he could, ascending to a pinnacle of success and power no actor of his or any generation has ever achieved. Yet for Jimmy Dean, the glory road will be winding and broken, littered with the detritus of exploded dreams and destroyed love, as it pas*ses through the holiest cultural sites of postwar twentieth century America the genius and drug pumped world of the Beats, the protected inner sanctum of Graceland, the darkest shadows of Camelot. The lives and futures of Kerouac, Sinatra, Elvis and the Colonel, and the Kennedys will all be touched by him yet perhaps none so deeply as the fragile sex goddess who will always be his greatest burden and true soul mate, a dazzling and tragically lost phenomenon named Marilyn as he moves relentlessly toward an astonishing destiny that will reconfigure the world.

Ingeniously blending historical fact with brilliant invention, The Rebel is a hip, fast, mesmerizing ride through the fifties and sixties an unforgettable road trip across a nation torn by bitter racial strife and violently divided by war, with an American legend at the wheel.

Da Vinci Rising / The Diamond Pit

In the tradition of the old ‘Ace Doubles’ flip one book over to read the second title–here is the ninth Wildside Double: DA VINCI RISING, by Jack Dann Imagine what would happen if Leonardo da Vinci–the Albert Einstein of the Renaissance–was actually able to build and fly his fabulous flying machine. In this marvelous story of high political intrigue, danger, adventure, and ethical dilemma, Leonardo faces the difficult and dangerous consequences of what happens when you try to turn dreams into reality. Winner of the 1996 Nebula Award! THE DIAMOND PIT, by Jack Dann The magazine Ideomancer called this tale an action story, a moral meditation, and a critique of pulp heroes that takes place ‘against the backdrop of early airplanes, kidnappings, ragtime piano, spectacular chateaux, Faulknerian histories, elaborate gardens, romantic interludes, catacombs, battles, infidelity, and cold-blooded murder.’ Winner of the Ditmar Award!


Now in softcover: A major collection of short SF by one of the field’s best writers rom magic realism to fantasy, SF, and horror, this collection showcases Dann’s originality, range, and narrative power, and demonstrates why critics have compared his work to that of Jorge Luis Borges, Roald Dahl, J. G. Ballard, and Philip K. Dick. Includes the Nebula Award winning ‘Da Vinci Rising,’ and the Nebula Award finalists ‘Going Under,’ ‘The Diamond Pit,’ ‘Bad Medicine,’ ‘Camps,’ ‘A Quiet Revolution for Death,’ and ‘Blind Shemmy.’

Wandering Stars

Jewish science fiction and fantasy? Yes! The distinguished list of contributors includes: Bernard Malamud, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Harlan Ellison, Pamela Sargent, Avram Davidson, Geo. Alec Effinger, Horace L. Gold, Robert Sheckley, William Tenn, and Carol Carr. William Tenn’s futuristic story ‘On Venus, Have We Got A Rabbi’ takes on the volatile issue of ‘Who is a Jew?’ a question certainly as timely in 1998 as he imagines it will be in 2533. Asimov’s ‘Unto the Fourth Generation’ takes on the issue of Jews as endangered species in America, a theme that is even more apparent today than it was in 1974. Davidson’s ‘The Golem’ humorously plants the Frankenstein monster of Jewish folklore right in the middle class bungalow culture of contemporary Hollywood, California. Wandering Stars reminds us that we are still studying, still suffering, still making jokes and myth, and still trying to figure out what it means to be Jewish. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this clever book. We laughed out loud reading it.

Future Power

Edited by Jack Dann and Gardner R. Dozois, this book includes stories by Felix C. Gotschalk, R.A. Lafferty, George Alec Effinger, Ursula K. Le Guin, A.K. Jorgensson, Vonda N. McIntyre, Damon Knight, James Triptree Jr., and Gene Wolfe.

More Wandering Stars

This stellar collection of Jewish science fiction and fantasy carries on in the tradition of its companion volume the enduring classic Wandering Stars breaking new ground with every story.

Trouble with mothers; invading aliens and demons; the arrival of the long awaited Messiah…
all these phenomena and more are tackled in these tales from a creative group of extraordinary writers. We go to the edges of the universe, finding humor, pain and humanity in the unlikeliest of places and situations. Filled with wit, vigor, and sharp insight, this is a fantastic feast for the imagination that will intrigue and delight everyone who picks it up, Jew and non Jew alike.

In the Field of Fire

First trade paperback printing is brand shiny new with light shelfwear, namely a hint of foxing to the outer page edges.

Space Soldiers

In this explosive anthology, ten of science fiction’s best new and classic writers imagine the soldiers who will one day fight and die on distant worlds. Featuring stories by: Fritz Leiber Joe Haldeman Paul J. McAuley Alastair Reynolds Stephen Baxter William Barton Tom Purdom Robert Reed Fred Saberhagen


A collection of short stories from the virtual frontier follows the exploits of the world’s most notorious Hackers and includes contributions from Greg Bear, William Gibson, Robert Silverberg, and Bruce Sterling.

Three in Time

Three science fiction novels with time travel as the theme are included in the Rediscovery Trio: The Winds of Time, The Year of the Quiet Sun, and There Will Be Time.


Imagine a technology that can change the structure and function of your own body…
or that can devour an entire country. This is Nanotechnology the creation of self replicating machines with the capability to build or alter almost any structure, including the human form, by manipulating atoms or molecules and it has captured the imaginations of science fiction writers and readers everywhere. Now these eleven short tales will capture you…

Dreaming Down-Under

The Very Best of Australian Speculative Fiction!Russell BlackfordPaul BrandonDamien BroderickSimon BrownIsobelle CarmodyPaul CollinsStephen DedmanSara DouglassTerry DowlingAndrew EnsticeKerry GreenwoodRobert HoodDavid J. LakeChris LawsonRowena Cory LindquistRosaleen LoveSean McMullenIan NicholsSteven PaulsenJane RoutleyCecily ScuttAaron SternsDirk StrasserLucy SussexNorman TalbotGeorge TurnerWynne WhitefordCherry WilderSean WilliamsTess Williams

Aliens Among Us

In this thought provoking collection of short stories, some of the most ingenious talents in science fiction explore the secret lives of the aliens who walk among us…
. Includes stories by:Philip K. Dick Gene Wolfe Paul J. McAuley Pat Cadigan Theodore Sturgeon Kim Newman and others!

Future Sports

Enter a world of weird sportsmanship in this unique sci fi anthology of stories by such great visionaries as: Arthur C. Clarke, Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Swanwick, Howard Waldrop, Jonathan Lethem, Alastair Reynolds, Ian McDonald, Robert Reed

Beyond Flesh

These cutting edge techno tales by Poul Anderson, Greg Egan, Michael Swanwick, and other masters explore the infinite ways that new technology will free humankind from the boundaries of the flesh.

Gathering the Bones

A Chilling new anthology of all original tales of horrorIncludes New Stories by:Ray BradburyGraham JoycePeter CrowtherKim NewmanSara DouglassThomas TessierM. John HarrisonGahan WilsonThe anthology market these days is awash with small, themed works focused on very specific markets, like vampire erotica and tales of werewolves, or it features best of the year reprints. It has been years since anyone has dared to bring out a broad reaching anthology that seeks to define the current state of the genre with all original tales from both masters and hot new writers.

Future Crimes

These cutting edge techno tales by Poul Anderson, Greg Egan, Michael Swanwick, and other masters explore the infinite ways that new technology will free humankind from the boundaries of the flesh.


Ten masters of speculative fiction explore the future of computerized intellect, and how humanity will interact with machines that can outthink them and are learning to outsmart them.

The Fiction Factory

First dates with Jesus, dinosaurs falling out of the sky, and a famous painting that eats art critics are among the quirky stories found in this collaborative collection. Each piece was written by Jack Dunn and one or more coauthors, and the joint creations are 18 highly entertaining and cutting edge genre stories, many of them award winning or award nominated. Employees are drafted by corporations in the Nebula Award nominated story ‘High Steel,’ and the first manned landing on Mars is imagined in ‘The God of Mars,’ just two examples of the futuristic flavor of the collection. Short, clever essays by the coauthors, among them Susan Casper, Gardner Dozois, and Gregory Frost, introduce each story and provide insight into the friendships, conflicts, and story conferences involved in collaborative writing.

Futures Past

Change the past and the future may come undone. An outstanding collection of time traveling alternate history stories from 16 major science fiction writers, both old and new. Every day, a thousand possible futures die unborn around us corners not turned, paths not taken. But if one could go back into the past and change it, the outcome could be unimaginable.

Escape from Earth

Imagine a world where interplanetary travel isn t just possible it’s commonplace. Human beings have terraformed Mars. You can reach into another dimension through a wormhole. The virtual world can be the only place where you exist, because you don t have a body. The possibilities are endless. Escape from Earth, inspired by Robert Heinlein s juveniles, featuring stories by Orson Scott Card Ender s Game, Elizabeth Moon the Vatta books, and Joe Haldeman The Forever War, among others, will take you places beyond your imagination.


Never before published stories by Neil Gaiman, Eoin Colfer, Garth Nix, and a magical lineup of writers. Throughout the ages, the wizard has claimed a spot in human culture from the shadowy spiritual leaders of early man to precocious characters in blockbuster films. Gone are the cartoon images of wizened gray haired men in pointy caps creating magic with a wave of their wands. Today’s Wizards are more subtle in their powers, more discerning in their ways, and in the hands of modern fantasists more likely than ever to capture readers’ imaginations. In Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Witch’s Headstone,’ a piece taken from his much anticipated novel in progress, an eight year old boy learns the power of kindness from a long dead sorceress. Only one woman possesses two kinds of magic enough to unite two kingdoms in Garth Nix’s ‘Holly and Iron.’ Patricia A. McKillip’s ‘Naming Day’ gives a sorcery student a lesson in breaking the rules. And a famished dove spins a tale worthy of a meal, but perhaps not the truth, in ‘A Fowl Tale’ by Eoin Colfer.

Dreaming Again

Following the World Fantasy Award winning Dreaming Down Under, acclaimed editor Jack Dann gathers thirty five of the best and brightest in a golden age of Australian fiction to pen fantastic new tales to shock, astound, and delight. The outstanding bestselling authors include Garth Nix, Terry Dowling, Sean McMullen, Kim Wilkins, Sara Douglass, A. Bertram Chandler, Cecilia Dart Thornton, Stephen Dedman, Trudi Canavan, John Birmingham, Margo Lanagan, Janeen Webb, Isobelle Carmody, and many others.

The Dragon Book

Never before published stories by New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Stroud, Gregory Maguire, Garth Nix, Diana Gabaldon, and others. Whether portrayed as fire breathing reptilian beasts at war with humanity or as noble creatures capable of speech and mystically bonded to the warriors who ride them, dragons have been found in nearly every culture’s mythology. In modern times, they can be found far from their medieval settings in locales as mundane as suburbia or as barren as post apocalyptic landscapes and in The Dragon Book, today’s greatest fantasists reignite the fire with legendary tales that will consume readers’ imaginations. With original stories by New York Times bestselling authors Jonathan Stroud, Gregory Maguire, Garth Nix, Diana Gabaldon, Tamora Pierce, Harry Turtledove, Sean Williams, and Tad Williams as well as tales by Naomi Novik, Peter Beagle, Jane Yolen, Adam Stemple, Cecelia Holland, Kage Baker, Samuel Sykes, Diana Wynne Jones, Mary Rosenblum, Tanith Lee, Andy Duncan, and Bruce Coville.

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