Jack Conner Books In Order

From the World of the Atomic Sea Books In Order

  1. Atomic Underworld (2016)
  2. City of Shadows (2012)
  3. Nightmare City (2014)

Atomic Sea Books In Order

  1. The Atomic Sea: Part One (2014)
  2. The Atomic Sea: Part Two (2014)
  3. The Atomic Sea: Part Three (2015)
  4. The Atomic Sea: Part Four (2015)
  5. The Atomic Sea: Part Five (2015)
  6. The Quest for the Codex (2015)
  7. The Tomb of the Sleeper (2015)
  8. The Doomed Voyage (2018)
  9. War of the Abyss (2019)

Shadow of Black Land Books In Order

  1. War of the Black Tower (2014)
  2. Flames of the Black Tower (2014)
  3. Lord of the Black Tower (2014)
  4. Assassin of the Black Land (2014)
  5. Wrath of the Black Land (2014)

The Living night Books In Order

  1. War of Shadows (2014)
  2. Master of the Black Throne (2014)
  3. In the Halls of Madness (2014)
  4. Castle of Blood (2014)

Sword and Sorcery Books In Order

  1. Empire of the Worm: Part One (2014)
  2. Empire of the Worm: Volume Two (2014)
  3. Empire of the Worm: BOX SET (2014)

Jade Queen Books In Order

  1. The Jade Queen: Part One (2014)
  2. The Jade Queen: Part Two (2014)

Swords of the Sun Books In Order

  1. The Black Altar (2020)


  1. The Log of the Bab ‘L (2001)

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Jack Conner Books Overview

The Log of the Bab ‘L

I can’t just say: ‘Throw away your history books and other texts, folks. It’s all a sham. You’ve been systematically lied to since before the so called dawn of time. You haven’t been the masters of your own destiny. Most of what you think of as human progress has only been the reintroduction of age old ideas spoon fed to your people when the Martians among them felt that the time was right. In fact most of the innovations that you think of as relatively recent, even some that haven’t been ‘discovered’ yet, could have been available to your cave man ancestors if the Martian Council had decided to let that happen.’ Saying things like that could be very dangerous. It would be a good way to get a one way ticket to the funny farm or, if anyone believed it, to get the current council, including me, lynched. In all prudence I should try to avoid that kind of statement; but it’s the truth.

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