Jack Campbell Books In Order

Empress of the Endless Sea Books In Publication Order

  1. Pirate of the Prophecy (2020)
  2. Explorer of the Endless Sea (2020)
  3. Fate of the Free Lands (2020)

Ethan Stark Books In Publication Order

  1. Stark’s War (2000)
  2. Stark’s Command (2001)
  3. Stark’s Crusade (2002)

The Genesis Fleet Books In Publication Order

  1. Vanguard (2017)
  2. Ascendant (2018)
  3. Triumphant (2019)

The Legacy of Dragons Books In Publication Order

  1. Daughter of Dragons (2017)
  2. Blood of Dragons (2017)
  3. Destiny of Dragons (2018)

Lost Fleet Books In Publication Order

  1. Dauntless (2006)
  2. Fearless (2007)
  3. Courageous (2007)
  4. Valiant (2008)
  5. Relentless (2009)
  6. Victorious (2010)

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier Books In Publication Order

  1. Dreadnaught (2011)
  2. Invincible (2012)
  3. Guardian (2013)
  4. Steadfast (2014)
  5. Leviathan (2015)

The Lost Fleet: Outlands Books In Publication Order

  1. Boundless (2021)

The Lost Stars Books In Publication Order

  1. Tarnished Knight (2012)
  2. Perilous Shield (2013)
  3. Imperfect Sword (2014)
  4. Shattered Spear (2016)

The Pillars of Reality Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dragons of Dorcastle (2014)
  2. The Hidden Masters of Marandur (2015)
  3. The Assassins of Altis (2015)
  4. The Pirates of Pacta Servanda (2016)
  5. The Servants of the Storm (2016)
  6. The Wrath of the Great Guilds (2016)

UFO Anthology Books In Publication Order

  1. Unidentified Funny Objects (2012)
  2. Unidentified Funny Objects 2 (2013)
  3. Unidentified Funny Objects 3 (2014)
  4. Funny Science Fiction (2015)
  5. Unidentified Funny Objects 4 (2015)
  6. Funny Fantasy (2016)
  7. Unidentified Funny Objects 5 (2016)
  8. Funny Horror (2017)
  9. Unidentified Funny Objects 6 (2017)
  10. Unidentified Funny Objects 7 (2018)
  11. Unidentified Funny Objects 8 (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Sister Paradox (2016)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Last Full Measure (2013)
  2. The Sluagh (2018)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Ad Astra (2013)
  2. Swords and Saddles (2013)
  3. Borrowed Time (2013)

John G. Hemry Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Ad Astra (2013)
  2. Swords and Saddles (2013)
  3. Borrowed Time (2013)

Paul Sinclair Books In Publication Order

  1. A Just Determination (2003)
  2. Burden of Proof (2003)
  3. Rule of Evidence (2005)
  4. Against All Enemies (2005)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. By Other Means (2011)

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Jack Campbell Books Overview

Stark’s War

To seize the moon from foreign powers and keep his men alive Sergeant Ethan Stark must choose which orders to obey and which to ignore. ‘When it comes to combat, Hemry delivers.’ William C. Dietz’A rip roaring race through tomorrow’s battlefield.’ Mike Moscoe, Author of The Price of Peace ‘Stark is an unforgettable character.’ Jack McDevitt

Stark’s Command

A mutiny on the moon places Sgt. Ethan Stark in command of the U.S. military forces there and turns a dream for independence into a reality. 2nd in a new military science fiction series

Stark’s Crusade

He was sent into space to protect the U.S. Lunar Colony. Instead, when faced with orders that would do nothing but get his soldiers killed, Sergeant Stark lead a rebellion. Now he and his soldiers must fend off deadly aggression from their own country without igniting a full scale civil war.


The Alliance has been fighting the Syndics for a century, and losing badly. Now its fleet is crippled and stranded in enemy territory. Their only hope is a man who has emerged from a century long hibernation to find he has been heroically idealized beyond belief.

Captain John ‘Black Jack’ Geary’s legendary exploits are known to every schoolchild. Revered for his heroic ‘last stand’ in the early days of the war, he was presumed dead. But a century later, Geary miraculously returns from survival hibernation and reluctantly takes command of the Alliance fleet as it faces annihilation by the Syndics.

Appalled by the hero worship around him, Geary is nevertheless a man who will do his duty. And he knows that bringing the stolen Syndic hypernet key safely home is the Alliance’s one chance to win the war. But to do that, Geary will have to live up to the impossibly heroic ‘Black Jack’ legend.


Outnumbered by the superior forces and firepower of the Syndicate Worlds, the Alliance fleet continues its dangerous retreat across the enemy star system. Led by the legendary Captain John ‘Black Jack’ Geary, who returned to the fleet after a hundred year suspended animation, the Alliance is desperately trying to return home with its captured prize: the key to the Syndic hypernet, and the key to victory. Geary is convinced that the Syndics are planning to ambush the fleet and finish it off once and for all. Realizing the fleet’s best and only chance is to do the unexpected, Geary takes the offensive and orders the fleet to the Sancere system. There, a multitude of possible routes home give the Alliance fleet a better chance of avoiding their pursuers and an attack on the Sancere shipbuilding facilities could decimate the Syndic war effort. Weary from endless combat, the officers and crew of the Alliance fleet can’t see the sense in charging deeper into enemy territory prompting a mutiny that divides them and leaves Geary with higher odds against him than ever before.


The Lost Fleet continues its perilous journey home. Badly damaged and low on supplies, the Alliance Fleet is raiding Syndic mines for raw materials and Captain ‘Black Jack’ Geary hopes they can continue to remain one step ahead of their enemies. But the Syndics are the least of Geary’s worries when he learns of the existence of aliens with the power to annihilate the human race.


Black Jack Geary has ordered his fleet back to the Lakota Star System where the Syndics nearly destroyed them, a desperate gamble that may give them a fighting chance of survival or tear them apart.


Thawed out after a century of cryogenic sleep, Captain John Black Jack Geary has led the Alliance fleet through Syndicate World space, thwarting the enemy at every turn including those within his own ranks during their long journey home.

Alliance prisoners of war are being held at a labor camp in the Heradao star system, which also happens to be the location of the majority of the surviving Syndic warships. Determined not to leave any of his people behind, Black Jack Geary orders the fleet to strike hard and fast to rescue the POWs with minimal Alliance losses.

The raid is successful, but victory is short lived. Geary discovers that the Syndics plan to ambush the fleet with their powerful reserve flotilla in an attempt to annihilate it once and for all but he doesn t know where the enemy is located. And as Geary has the fleet jump from one star system to the next, hoping to avoid the inevitable confrontation, saboteurs contribute to the chaos

Jack Campbell has written the most believable space battles I ve ever seen anywhere David Sherman, coauthor of the ‘Starfist’ series


As war continues to rage between the Alliance and Syndicate Worlds, Captain ‘Black Jack’ Geary is promoted to admiral-even though the ruling council fears he may stage a military coup. His new rank gives him the authority to negotiate with the Syndics, who have suffered tremendous losses and may finally be willing to end the war. But an even greater alien threat lurks on the far side of Syndic occupied space.


The New York Times bestselling series that delivers ‘edge of your seat combat’ Elizabeth Moon, author of the Vatta’s War series. The Alliance woke Captain John ‘Black Jack’ Geary from cryogenic sleep to take command of the fleet in the century long conflict against the Syndicate Worlds. Now Fleet Admiral Geary’s victory has earned him the adoration of the people and the enmity of politicians convinced that a living hero can be a very inconvenient thing. Geary knows that members of the military high command and the government question his loyalty to the Alliance and fear his staging a coup so he can’t help but wonder if the newly christened First Fleet is being deliberately sent to the far side of space on a suicide mission.

A Just Determination

Ensign Paul Sinclair has been assigned to the orbiting, military spacecraft, USS Michaelson, as its sole legal advisor. But when the ship’s captain faces court martial following the destruction of a civilian research vessel, Sinclair finds himself defending a doomed officer.

Burden of Proof

After a suspicious explosion on board the galactic space cruiser USS Michaelson costs an officer his life, the ship’s legal counsel, Lieutenant Sinclair, risks everything to expose a cover up and prosecute the son of a powerful vice admiral.

Rule of Evidence

On maneuvers, the USS Michaelson’s sister ship, the USS Maury, is wracked by devastating explosions that destroy its engineering section. Lieutenant Paul Sinclair is overjoyed when his girlfriend, Lieutenant Jen Shen, is found alive until she faces court martial for the disaster on the Maury. Paul must find out what really caused the explosions. But the more he learns, the more he faces the terrible possibility that the woman he loves may be guilty of sabotage and murder.

Against All Enemies

Someone onboard the USS Michaelson is selling secrets, and to uncover the traitor, legal officer Lieutenant Paul Sinclair must walk the dangerous line between duty and honor.

By Other Means

Suit up! The war is far from over in fifteen new Defending the Future stories. Fight alongside old comrades with tales of the Roosevelt, Cybermarines, DemonTech, Alliance Archives, Radiation Angels, and the 142nd Starbourne. Or explore new visions of Military Science Fiction from the leaders in the genre. Featuring the works of James Chambers, Bud Sparhawk, Jeff Young, Mike McPhail, Andy Remic, Charles E. Gannon, Peter Prellwitz, Jeffrey Lyman, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Robert E. Waters,James Daniel Ross, Patrick Thomas, C.J. Henderson, John G. Hemry Jack Campbell.

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