J R Roberts Books In Order

Gunsmith Books In Order

  1. Macklin’s Women (1982)
  2. The Chinese Gunmen (1982)
  3. The Woman Hunt (1982)
  4. The Guns of Abilene (1982)
  5. Three Guns for Glory (1983)
  6. Leadtown (1982)
  7. The Longhorn War (1982)
  8. Quanah’s Revenge (1983)
  9. Heavyweight Gun (1982)
  10. New Orleans Fire (1983)
  11. One Handed Gun (1982)
  12. The Canadian Payroll (1984)
  13. Draw to an Inside Death (1983)
  14. Dead Man’s Hand (1984)
  15. Bandit Gold (1983)
  16. Buckskins and Six-Guns (1983)
  17. Silver War (1983)
  18. High Noon At Lancaster (1983)
  19. Bandido Blood (1983)
  20. The Dodge City Gang (1984)
  21. Sasquatch Hunt (1983)
  22. Bullets and Ballots (1983)
  23. Riverboat Gang (1983)
  24. Killer Grizzly (1984)
  25. North of the Border (1984)
  26. The Eagle’s Gap (1984)
  27. Chinatown Hell (1984)
  28. The Panhandle Search (1984)
  29. Wildcat Roundup (1984)
  30. The Ponderosa War (1984)
  31. Trouble Rides a Fast Horse (1984)
  32. Dynamite Justice (1984)
  33. The Posse (1984)
  34. Night of the Gila (1984)
  35. The Bounty Women (1984)
  36. Black Pearl Saloon (1985)
  37. Gundown in Paradise (1985)
  38. King of the Border (1985)
  39. The El Paso Salt War (1985)
  40. The Ten Pines Killer (1985)
  41. Hell with a Pistol (1985)
  42. Wyoming Cattle Kill (1985)
  43. The Golden Horseman (1985)
  44. The Scarlet Gun (1985)
  45. Navaho Devil (1985)
  46. Wild Bill’s Ghost (1985)
  47. The Miner’s Showdown (1985)
  48. Archer’s Revenge (1986)
  49. Showdown in Raton (1986)
  50. When Legends Meet (1986)
  51. Desert Hell (1986)
  52. The Diamond Gun (1986)
  53. Denver Duo (1986)
  54. Hell On Wheels (1986)
  55. The Legend Maker (1986)
  56. Walking Dead Man (1986)
  57. Crossfire Mountain (1986)
  58. The Deadly Healer (1986)
  59. The Trail Drive War (1986)
  60. Geronimo’s Trail (1986)
  61. The Comstock Gold Fraud (1987)
  62. Boom Town Killer (1987)
  63. Texas Trackdown (1987)
  64. The Fast Draw League (1987)
  65. Showdown in Rio Malo (1987)
  66. Outlaw Trail (1987)
  67. Homesteader Guns (1987)
  68. Five Card Death (1987)
  69. Trail Drive to Montana (1987)
  70. Trial By Fire (1987)
  71. The Old Whistler Gang (1987)
  72. Daughter of Gold (1987)
  73. Apache Gold (1988)
  74. Plains Murder (1988)
  75. Deadly Memories (1988)
  76. The Nevada Timber War (1988)
  77. New Mexico Showdown (1988)
  78. Barbed Wire and Bullets (1988)
  79. Death Express (1988)
  80. When Legends Die (1988)
  81. Six Gun Justice (1988)
  82. The Mustang Hunters (1988)
  83. Texas Ransom (1988)
  84. Vengeance Town (1988)
  85. Winner Take All (1989)
  86. Message from a Dead Man (1989)
  87. Ride for Vengeance (1989)
  88. The Takersville Shoot (1989)
  89. Blood On the Land (1989)
  90. Six-Gun Sideshow (1989)
  91. Mississippi Massacre (1989)
  92. The Arizona Triangle (1989)
  93. Brothers of the Gun (1989)
  94. The Stagecoach Thieves (1989)
  95. Judgement At Firecreek (1989)
  96. Dead Man’s Jury (1989)
  97. Hands of the Strangler (1989)
  98. Nevada Death Trap (1990)
  99. Wagon Train to Hell (1990)
  100. Ride for Revenge (1990)
  101. Dead Ringer (1990)
  102. Trail of the Assassin (1990)
  103. Shoot-Out at Crossfork (1990)
  104. Buckskin’s Trail (1990)
  105. Helldorado (1990)
  106. The Hanging Judge (1990)
  107. The Bounty Hunter (1990)
  108. Tombstone At Little Horn (1990)
  109. Killer’s Race (1991)
  110. Wyoming Range War (1991)
  111. Grand Canyon Gold (1991)
  112. Guns Don’t Argue (1991)
  113. St. Louis Showdown (1991)
  114. Frontier Justice (1991)
  115. Game of Death (1991)
  116. The Oregon Strangler (1991)
  117. Blood Brothers (1991)
  118. Scarlet Fury (1991)
  119. Arizona Ambush (1991)
  120. The Vengeance Trail (1991)
  121. The Deadly Derringer (1992)
  122. The Stagecoach Killers (1992)
  123. Five Against Death (1992)
  124. Mustang Man (1992)
  125. The Godfather (1992)
  126. Killer’s Gold (1992)
  127. Ghost Town (1992)
  128. The Caliente Gold Robbery (1992)
  129. Golden Gate Killers (1992)
  130. The Road to Testimony (1992)
  131. The Witness (1992)
  132. The Great Riverboat Race (1992)
  133. Two Guns for Justice (1993)
  134. Outlaw Women (1993)
  135. The Last Bounty (1993)
  136. Valley Massacre (1993)
  137. Nevada Guns (1993)
  138. Deadly Gold (1993)
  139. Vigilante Hunt (1993)
  140. Samurai Hunt (1993)
  141. Gambler’s Blood (1993)
  142. Wyoming Justice (1993)
  143. Gila River Crossings (1993)
  144. West Texas Showdown (1993)
  145. Gillett’s Rangers (1994)
  146. Return to Deadwood (1994)
  147. Blind Justice (1994)
  148. Ambush Moon (1994)
  149. Spanish Gold (1994)
  150. Night of the Wolf (1994)
  151. The Champion with a Gun (1994)
  152. Lethal Ladies (1994)
  153. Tolliver’s Deputies (1994)
  154. Orphan Train (1994)
  155. The Magician (1994)
  156. Dakota Guns (1994)
  157. Seminole Vengeance (1995)
  158. The Ransom (1995)
  159. The Huntsville Trip (1995)
  160. The Ten Year Hunt (1995)
  161. The Empty Gun (1995)
  162. The Last Great Scout (1995)
  163. The Wild Women of Glitter Gulch (1995)
  164. The Omaha Heat (1995)
  165. The Denver Ripper (1995)
  166. The Wolf Teacher (1995)
  167. Chinaville (1995)
  168. The French Models (1995)
  169. Crime of Passion (1996)
  170. The Elliott Bay Murders (1996)
  171. Funeral for a Friend (1996)
  172. The Hanging Woman (1996)
  173. Jersey Lily (1996)
  174. Gunquick (1996)
  175. Grave Hunt (1996)
  176. Triple Cross (1996)
  177. Buried Pleasures (1996)
  178. Wild Bull (1996)
  179. The Queensville Temptress (1997)
  180. Chinatown Assassin (1996)
  181. The Challenge (1997)
  182. Winning Streak (1997)
  183. The Flying Machine (1997)
  184. Homestead Law (1997)
  185. The Biloxi Queen (1997)
  186. Six for the Money (1997)
  187. Legbreakers and Heartbreakers (1997)
  188. The Orient Express (1997)
  189. The Posse from Elsinore (1997)
  190. Lady On the Run (1997)
  191. Outbreak (1997)
  192. Money Town (1997)
  193. Texas Wind (1998)
  194. Massacre At Rock Springs (1998)
  195. Criminal Kin (1998)
  196. The Counterfeit Clergyman (1998)
  197. Apache Raid (1998)
  198. The Lady Killers (1998)
  199. Denver Desperadoes (1998)
  200. The James’ Boys (1998)
  201. The Gambler (1998)
  202. Vigilante Justice (1998)
  203. Dead Man’s Bluff (1998)
  204. Women On the Run (1999)
  205. The Gambler’s Girl (1999)
  206. Legend of the Piasa Bird (1999)
  207. Kansas City Killing (1999)
  208. Death Times Five (1999)
  209. Maximilian’s Treasure (1999)
  210. Son of a Gunsmith (1999)
  211. Family Feud (1999)
  212. Strangler’s Vendetta (1999)
  213. The Borton Family Gang (1999)
  214. Showdown At Daylight (1999)
  215. The Man from Peculiar (1999)
  216. Ambush At Black Rock (2000)
  217. The Cleveland Connection (2000)
  218. The Brothel Inspector (2000)
  219. End of the Trail (2000)
  220. Dangerous Breed (2000)
  221. The Lynched Man (2000)
  222. Baron of Crime (2000)
  223. Dead Horse Canyon (2000)
  224. Justice in Rimfire (2000)
  225. Wanted, Clint Adams (2000)
  226. The Safetown (2000)
  227. The Sioux City War (2000)
  228. High Card Dies (2002)
  229. Pay Dirt (2001)
  230. The Posse Men (2001)
  231. Bullets for a Boy (2001)
  232. Train Full of Trouble (2001)
  233. Deadly Business (2001)
  234. Bayou Ghosts (2001)
  235. The Cherokee Strip (2001)
  236. The Killer Con (2001)
  237. The Spirit Box (2001)
  238. The High Road (2001)
  239. Stacked Deck (2001)
  240. Playing for Blood (2001)
  241. Dead and Buried (2002)
  242. Outlaw Luck (2002)
  243. The Shadow of the Gunsmith (2002)
  244. Ghost Squadron (2002)
  245. Dead Man’s Eyes (2002)
  246. Random Gunfire (2002)
  247. A Man of the Gun (2002)
  248. Deadly Game (2002)
  249. The Doomsday Riders (2002)
  250. Next to Die (2002)
  251. The Making of a Bad Man (2002)
  252. Tangled Web (2003)
  253. A Day in the Sun (2003)
  254. The Treasure Hunt (2003)
  255. Just Reward (2003)
  256. Widow’s Watch (2003)
  257. The Rat’s Nest (2003)
  258. A Killer’s Hands (2003)
  259. Faces of the Dead (2003)
  260. The Only Law (2003)
  261. The Devil’s Spark (2003)
  262. Empty Hand (2003)
  263. The Love of Money (2003)
  264. The Long Way Down (2003)
  265. The Red Queen (2004)
  266. No Turning Back (2004)
  267. Big-Sky Bandits (2004)
  268. The Hanging Tree (2004)
  269. The Big Fork Game (2004)
  270. In for a Pound (2004)
  271. Dead End Pass (2004)
  272. Tricks of the Trade (2004)
  273. Guilty As Charged (2004)
  274. The Lucky Lady (2004)
  275. The Canadian Job (2004)
  276. Rolling Thunder (2004)
  277. The Hanging Judge (278) (2005)
  278. Death in Denver (2005)
  279. The Reckoning (2005)
  280. Ring of Fire (2005)
  281. The Last Ride (2005)
  282. Riding the Whirlwind (2005)
  283. Scorpion’s Tail (2005)
  284. Innocent Blood (2005)
  285. The Ghost of Goliad (2005)
  286. The Reapers (2005)
  287. The Deadly and the Divine (2005)
  288. Amazon Gold (2005)
  289. The Grand Prize (2006)
  290. Gunman’s Crossing (2006)
  291. Alive Or Nothing (2006)
  292. The Road to Hell (2006)
  293. Farewell Mountain (2006)
  294. Kira’s Bounty (2006)
  295. The Imposter (2006)
  296. Dangerous Cargo (2006)
  297. Loose Ends (2006)
  298. Snakebite Creek (2006)
  299. The Long Arm of the Law (2006)
  300. The Killing Blow (2006)
  301. The Friends of Wild Bill Hickok (2007)
  302. Two for Trouble (2007)
  303. Shadow Walker (2007)
  304. The Sapphire Gun (2007)
  305. One Man’s Law (2007)
  306. Red River Showdown (2007)
  307. Clint Adams, Detective (2007)
  308. Outlaw’s Reckoning (2007)
  309. Way with a Gun (2007)
  310. To Reap and to Sow (2007)
  311. Under a Turquoise Sky (2007)
  312. Wildfire (2007)
  313. Dying Wish (2008)
  314. The Madame of Silver Junction (2008)
  315. Ace in the Hole (2008)
  316. The Valley of the Wendigo (2008)
  317. Five Points (2008)
  318. Out of the Past (2008)
  319. Straw Men (2008)
  320. The Greater Evil (2008)
  321. Louisiana Shoot-out (2008)
  322. A Daughter’s Revenge (2008)
  323. Ball and Chain (2008)
  324. Red Water (2008)
  325. The Two-Gun Kid (2009)
  326. The Golden Princess (2009)
  327. East of the River (2009)
  328. The Dublin Detective (2009)
  329. The Dead Town (2009)
  330. The Man with the Iron Badge (2009)
  331. The Town Council Meeting (2009)
  332. Virgil Earp, Private Detective (2009)
  333. Message on the Wind (2009)
  334. Crossing the Line (2009)
  335. Bad Business (2009)
  336. Pariah (2009)
  337. Pleasant Valley Shoot-Out (2010)
  338. The Lady Doctor’s Alibi (2010)
  339. The Bisbee Massacre (2010)
  340. The Bandit Princess (2010)
  341. The Last Trail Drive (2010)
  342. The Hunt for Clint Adams (2010)
  343. Anatomy of a Lawman (2010)
  344. Someone Else’s Trouble (2010)
  345. Lady Eight Ball (2010)
  346. Chicago Confidential (2010)
  347. Showdown in Cheyenne (2010)
  348. Riverboat Blaze (2010)
  349. With Deadly Intent (2011)
  350. The Trial of Bat Masterson (2011)
  351. Unbound by Law (2011)
  352. The Deadly Chest (2011)
  353. Cross Draw (2011)
  354. Bitterroot Valley (2011)
  355. Hunt for the White Wolf (2011)
  356. The Dead Ringer 357 (2011)
  357. Fort Revenge (2011)
  358. Two Guns for Vengeance (2011)
  359. The Mad Scientist of the West (2011)
  360. The Letter of the Law (2011)
  361. Buffalo Soldiers (2012)
  362. The Death List (2012)
  363. The Vicar of St. James (2012)
  364. The Last Buffalo Hunt (2012)
  365. The Governor’s Gun (2012)
  366. The Omaha Palace (2012)
  367. The University Showdown (2012)
  368. Forty Mile River (2012)
  369. Fraternity of the Gun (2012)
  370. The Town of Two Women (2012)
  371. The Missing Patriarch (2012)
  372. Ticket to Yuma (2012)
  373. Deadly Election (2013)
  374. The Thousand Mile Case (2013)
  375. Trail to Shasta (2013)
  376. The Legend of El Duque (2013)
  377. The Pinkerton Job (2013)
  378. The Devil’s Collector (2013)
  379. Kentucky Showdown (2013)
  380. Blood Trail (2013)
  381. Standoff in Santa Fe (2013)
  382. Death in the Desert (2013)
  383. Louisiana Stalker (2013)
  384. The Silent Deputy (2013)
  385. Vengeance Ride (2014)
  386. Mexico Mayhem (2014)
  387. Magic Man (2014)
  388. The Salt City Scrape (2014)
  389. Copper Canyon Killers (2014)
  390. Showdown in Desperation (2014)
  391. The Clint Adams Special (2014)
  392. The Counterfeit Gunsmith (2014)
  393. The South Fork Showdown (2014)
  394. The Three Mercenaries (2014)
  395. A Different Trade (2014)
  396. Let It Bleed (2014)
  397. Deadly Fortune (2015)
  398. Death in the Family (2015)
  399. The Lincoln Ransom (2015)
  400. New Mexico Powder Keg (2015)
  401. Kidnap a Gunsmith (2015)
  402. Lawman’s Sunset (2015)
  403. Three Rings of Trouble (2016)
  404. Blood Coast (2016)
  405. The Put Up Job (2016)
  406. The Dodge City Inheritance (2016)
  407. The Gold of Point Pinos (2016)
  408. Shot in the Back (2016)
  409. Silent Assassin (2016)
  410. Grizzly Hunt (2017)
  411. Dakota Kill (2017)
  412. Demon’s Curse (2017)
  413. Death of a Gandy Dancer (2017)
  414. The Funeral of Doc Holliday (2017)
  415. The Tomb of Joaquin (2017)
  416. Ace High (2017)
  417. The Art of the Gun (2017)
  418. The Devil’s Payload (2017)
  419. The Show Girl (2017)
  420. The Science of Death (2017)
  421. The Bank Job (2018)
  422. Little Amsterdam (2018)
  423. The Butcher of the Bayou (2018)
  424. The Ghost of Butler’s Gulch (2018)
  425. Deadly Feud (2018)
  426. The Reluctant Executioner (2018)
  427. The Treasure of Little Bighorn (2018)
  428. Blackbeard’s Gun (2018)
  429. Lost Man (2018)
  430. Aces & Queens (2018)
  431. The Last Wagon Train (2018)
  432. Beauty and the Gun (2019)
  433. Deadly Trouble (2019)
  434. The Curse of the Gold City (2019)
  435. Deadville (2019)
  436. Boots and Saddles (2019)
  437. The Fantastic Mr. Verne (2019)
  438. The Girl Nobody Knew (2019)
  439. The Ambush of Belle Starr (2019)
  440. The Last Way West (2019)
  441. Portrait of a Gunsmith (2019)
  442. Deadly Heirloom (2019)
  443. Into the Fire (2019)
  444. Brotherly Love (2020)
  445. The Daughter of Jean Lafitte (2020)
  446. The Guns of St. Augustine (2020)
  447. The Gunsmith Saloon (2020)
  448. The Imperial Crown (2020)
  449. The Traveling Undertaker (2020)
  450. Standoff in Labyrinth (2020)
  451. The Gypsy King (2020)
  452. The Gunsmiths Women’s Club (2020)
  453. The Ticket Clerk (2020)
  454. The Children of Willow Springs (2020)
  455. Young Butch Cassidy (2021)
  456. The Lady Sheriff (2021)
  457. Murder in the Family (2021)
  458. The Tall Texan (2021)
  459. Gunsmith for Sale (2021)
  460. A Price on a Gunsmith’s Head (2021)
  461. The Tracker (2021)
  462. Freakville (2021)
  463. Outlaw’s Gun (2021)

Gunsmith Giant Books In Order

  1. Trouble in Tombstone (1998)
  2. The Life and Times of Clint Adams (1995)
  3. Showdown at Little Misery (1998)
  4. Death in Dodge City (1999)
  5. Barnum and Bullets (2000)
  6. Tales from the White Elephant Saloon (2001)
  7. The Marshal of Kingdom (2002)
  8. The Ghost of Billy the Kid (2003)
  9. Little Sureshot and the Wild West Show (2004)
  10. Dead Weight (2005)
  11. Red Mountain (2006)
  12. The Knights of Misery (2007)
  13. The Marshal from Paris (2008)
  14. Lincoln’s Revenge (2009)
  15. Andersonville Vengeance (2010)
  16. The Further Adventures of James Butler Hickok (2013)
  17. The Jingle Bell Trail (2020)

Lady Gunsmith Books In Order

  1. The Legend of Roxy Doyle (2017)
  2. The Three Graves of Roxy Doyle (2017)
  3. Roxy Doyle and the Shanghai Saloon (2017)
  4. Roxy Doyle and the Traveling Circus Show (2017)
  5. The Portrait of Gavin Doyle (2018)
  6. Roxy Doyle and the Desperate Housewife (2018)
  7. Roxy Doyle and the James Boys (2019)
  8. Roxy Doyle and the Silver Queen (2019)
  9. Roxy Doyle and the Lady Executioner (2020)


  1. Unlikely Heroes (2017)

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J R Roberts Books Overview

The Woman Hunt

Passion and greed are deadly weapons as the Gunsmith discovers.

Trial By Fire

Fairmentals, made of Earth, Water, and Air have tried to help Emily, Kara, and Adriane find Avalon. In the thrilling conclusion to the sic book arc, the Fire Fairmental finally appears but is unpredictable and potentially destructive. Will it light the way to Avalon or turn all hope to ashes?

Hands of the Strangler

Clint Adams can’t reist getting tangled in other folks’ troubles especially when those folds are pretty females. When the Gunsmith heads for London, he’s looking for peace and quiet. Instead he finds he’s up to his neck in murder. Told by Randall James Stanton & Isabel Liss. Unabridged.

Ambush Moon

Tired after a hard time on the trail, Clint Adams decides to settle down for a rest in Butte City, Colorado, but his plans for a passionate sojourn with a lovely lady are upset by serial killer who strikes during the full moon.

The Ten Year Hunt

Clint Adams, alias The Gunsmith, lends a hand in the search for the outlaw Apache raiders who burned Scott Randolf’s ranch ten years ago and kidnapped his wife.

The Last Great Scout

Traveling to Chicago to deliver a message, Clint Adams thwarts two murder attempts as soon as he arrives and becomes the target of a determined killer who will stop anyone who gets in the way.

The Omaha Heat

Clint is forced to confront a deadly enemy in rich businessman Michael Percy, who has ordered the death of his mistress, pinned the murder on one of Clint’s lady friends, and hired a killer to do away with the Gunsmith as well.

Triple Cross

Taken in by the colorful sales pitches of traveling medicine man known as ”The Professor,” Clint Adams becomes alarmed when he learns that his new friend has been fixing poker games and has been targeted by vengeful assassins.

Women On the Run

When Clint Adams rescues six women from a bunch of bottom feeders, he suddenly finds himself their bodyguard in resistence as they trek westward. Sounds good at first, but the Gunsmith knows he can count all the blessings he wants. They’ll still add up to trouble.

The Gambler’s Girl

Clint Adams tries to locate a beautiful young runaway and finds himself in a heap of danger along the way.

The Lynched Man

Somebody strung up Clint Adams’s friend and the more he investigates, the more the Gunsmith knows something rotten is at work. As he gets closer to the culprits who lynched his pal, the rope around his own neck gets tighter and tighter. 222 in the series

The Safetown

Some dangerous folks are trying their darnedest to escape from a town that’s under quarantine and it’s up to the Gunsmith to stop them…
227 in the action packed series

The High Road

A boxer who’s landed in a whole heap of trouble asks Clint Adams to escort him to his hideout in the Colorado Rockies. The Gunsmith is ready and willing but it’s going to be one helluva ride…

Stacked Deck

Saloon owner Matt Barstow is a gamblin’ man and a cheatin’ one at that. But even though he and his men have the Gunsmith outnumbered, all bets are on the lawman.

The Shadow of the Gunsmith

A madman has stolen Clint Adams’s identity and his wagon. Now he’s off to become a living legend. And this is one time the Gunsmith might have reason to be afraid of his own shadow.

Ghost Squadron

The U.S. Secret Service has sent the Gunsmith to a border town to help stop a skirmish. Should he fail in his mission, the delicate peace between Mexico and the U.S. could erupt in an all out war.

A Man of the Gun

Clint and his friend Sean Albright discover that a local sheriff is planning a stagecoach slaughter and decide it’s time for revenge Gunsmith style.

Deadly Game

A band of owlhoots is passing through town in the hopes that their old pal will rejoin them. But when they threaten to hurt his children, the reformed thief will need the help of the Gunsmith.

The Doomsday Riders

A posse calling itself The Doomsday Riders is leaving a trail of burning towns in its wake. But Clint Adams isn’t about to let them level another town without one helluva showdown.

Next to Die

Caught in a Pennsylvania blizzard, Clint Adams is also caught in a hail of lead between a deranged killer and an obsessed posse…

Tangled Web

Clint Adams gets caught between a luscious lady and the cattle baron who’s trying to steal her family’s ranch. The way Clint sees it, the range robber will have to learn to live with ‘no’ for an answer…
or die with it.

The Treasure Hunt

Clint joins the gold prospecting Skinners to find out why his friend disappeared. The answer may lie with a gang of bandits who survived the Gunsmith’s guns once before and are on his trail again.

Just Reward

When an attempted bank robbery ends in a bloodbath, Clint Adams’s old friend Sheriff Grayson trades in his tin star for a gold harp. Now anyone who had anything to do with Charlie’s death will have to deal with the avenging angel known as the Gunsmith.

The Rat’s Nest

Gunsmith’s next stop: boomtown or ghost town? A town full of innocent people is being held captive in corridors underground practically buried alive. Now Clint has to get to the bottom of this. And to do that, he’ll have to start digging…

A Killer’s Hands

Ellis Darrow had his bloodthirsty heart set on becoming the town’s most infamous executioner. If anyone stands a chance of putting a halt to Darrow’s killing spree, it’s the Gunsmith…

Faces of the Dead

Clint Adams thought he’d seen it all. Then, he found a man who’d been tortured to death and tied ramrod straight to a runaway horse. Now, the dead man’s enemies plan a similar send off for the Gunsmith.

The Only Law

THE GUNSMITH has to second guess…
himself. First Clint rescues a man who says he’s being chased by bandits. Then the man’s pursuers claim to be a posse of lawmen. They don’t have badges to prove it, but if they’re telling the truth, then Clint has just helped a lowdown polecat get away…

Big-Sky Bandits

The last time Clint Adams rode into Cielo Grande ‘Big Sky’, he rid the town of Dutch Dreyman and his rascals. Three years later, something brings the Gunsmith back and it ain’t the scenery.

The Hanging Tree

No one hates a cattle rustler more than Clint Adams. But when The Gunsmith finds one swinging from a tree, he vows to flush out the vigilantes responsible. He’ll teach them firsthand that someone gets hanged only when the law is on the other end of the rope.

Guilty As Charged

A simple case of self defense turns Clint Adams into a wanted man. Peace loving Waylon City would rather hang a man than waste time on a trial. That means the Gunsmith is on the run until he clears his name or takes a long drop from a short rope.

Kira’s Bounty

Clint Adams’ partner is shot when a woman misses her cheating fianc and plugs him instead. Now, it’s up to the Gunsmith to track down this fiery filly before the price on her head reaches the ears of the most unscrupulous bounty hunters in the West.

Dangerous Cargo

Coerced into helping a courier transport a package through some rough terrain, Clint discovers that the man’s been lying about the contents of his cargo and now they’ve both got men on their tail.

The Long Arm of the Law

The Gunsmith, Longarm, and Slocum finally meet! Each has his own brand of Western justice. So is Denver big enough for all three hombres?

The Killing Blow

Clint starts watching his back after he realizes that his new trapper friend Mark Ordell has not only killed his own nephew in a shootout but has been laying some very special traps designed for two legged prey.

The Friends of Wild Bill Hickok

Clint Adams and Colorado Charlie Utter were probably the only men Wild Bill Hickok actually called friends. But they don’t have the legendary gunfighter to back them up against a gang of outlaws looking to put the Gunsmith in the ground.

Two for Trouble


When his old friend Ted Singleton summons him to Sacramento, Clint Adams can’t begin to figure out what the tough ex lawman could want him for. After he rides into town, Singleton’s nowhere to be found and he’s approached by two different beguiling women who both claim to secretly work for the U.S. government. But though they both know Singleton, they’re working against each other and they’re after the same thing.

Caught between two beautiful undercover angels, the Gunsmith has to dig deep and fire fast if he’s going to find his friend and get out alive…


Shadow Walker

Women are disappearing from brothels everywhere and the Gunsmith’s sure that a man called the Shadow Walker is behind it. ‘Cause everything the owlhoot touches disappears and he moves without a trace.

The Sapphire Gun

Clint Adams’s old friend Johnny Blevins has hit the big time and the big money. But he also has to deliver half of his new windfall to the bank which means the Gunsmith is riding shotgun.

One Man’s Law

Clint Adams isn’t altogether fond of anyone wearing a tin star. But when a local Texas marshal is shot while chasing the vicious rustler Chuck Brewer, Adams takes over for him with deadly results.

Red River Showdown

Clint Adams receives a mysterious ticket to board a floating gambling casino. But when he uncovers a con man out to bust the whole boat, he draws everything he has to win.

Clint Adams, Detective

The Gunsmith and author Mark Twain are both in Hannibal, Missouri, where a black man’s accused of killing a white woman. Mark Twain believes the man’s innocent and, courtesy of the Gunsmith, he’ll learn that the pen is not mightier than red hot lead.

Outlaw’s Reckoning

A wily outlaw is looking for redemption by paying back everyone he’s ever robbed. Too bad his old gang doesn’t think it’s his money to give. Too bad Clint Adams and his Colt are on the case.

Way with a Gun

Some men seek the Gunsmith for help and others to gain notoriety. This time three gunfighters have grown mighty bored with all the killing, money, and women. They want the jackpot: Clint Adams. Winner takes all.

To Reap and to Sow

The GUNSMITH hits the jackpot.

The Gunsmith has rescued the very grateful and insatiable Lynn McKay from her no good suitor. But the man’s not ready to relinquish his claim on Lynn or on the stash of gold that the Gunsmith discovers.

Under a Turquoise Sky

When George Markstein arrives in Arizona flashing money and barking orders he hires the Gunsmith to protect his interests. Clint knows how business is done out West. Unfortunately, so do the two men hired to kill Markstein.


After a posse mistakes Clint Adams for a murdering pyromaniac who’s scorched a path from Texas to New Mexico, he joins them on their hunt for the match happy madman.

Dying Wish

The GUNSMITH has to play his cards right.

After Olivia McKay receives a message, her courier is shot dead. Now, Clint Adams wonders if the man’s death was the real message and is willing to risk his life to protect the beautiful gambler.

The Madame of Silver Junction

Clint Adams’s friend Juliet has been murdered leaving behind a profitable brothel, which has been taken over by Lincoln Town. And if Town had anything to do with Juliet’s death, there will be hell to pay

Ace in the Hole

Clint Adams is playing poker on behalf of a banker for a $600,000 pot only to discover that his biggest competitors aren’t playing by the rules.

The Valley of the Wendigo

The good folk of Rosesu, Minnesota, are being preyed upon by a creature that tears men apart and eats their flesh. Clint Adams aims to stop it and to do that, he ll join forces with an ancient Indian and a beautiful blonde hunter named Dakota.

Five Points

THE GUNSMITH hits the Big Apple.

Clint Adams is on the trail of a couple of con artists who bilked a Denver widow out of her wealth and left her dead. The search takes him into the notorious Five Points neighborhood of New York City, where thievery and murder are a way of life.

Out of the Past

Clint Adams never saw this coming. A young girl breaks the news to him that her mother was killed and he’s her father. And the suspected murderer is about to learn that no one messes with the Gunsmith or his offspring.

Straw Men

Peace pipe in one hand, Colt in the other. When peace talks with the Navajo explode into a bloodbath, the Gunsmith aims to hold onto his scalp long enough to figure out who’s double crossing whom.

The Greater Evil

Clint Adams has lead in his shooting arm, and a hulking maniac who escaped from a sanitarium on the run.

Louisiana Shoot-out

Clint Adams is asked to judge a high stakes shooting competition in New Orleans, but when a gang of killers decides to shoot at living targets, the Gunsmith goes from judge to jury to executioner.

A Daughter’s Revenge

Someone’s been shooting at the GUNSMITH for a month and missing. Turns out, the culprit is just a slip of a girl. Laura Kellogg thinks Clint killed her father, and she s out for payback. But when her sister falls into evil hands, Clint knows he must step in. And whether the Gunsmith aims to help or hurt, he never misses.

Ball and Chain

Clint discovers that delivering a package as a small favor for his friend Ned means big trouble. The parcel is a piece of art by Ned, who has quite a following of gunmen. But those pursuing the Gunsmith will soon learn that lead doesn t paint a pretty picture.

Red Water

Why is the marshal of Red Water, Wyoming, dead set on killing some greenhorn thieves without trial or evidence? Clint aims to find out when he joins the posse. Something’s fishy and all the drink in Red Water can t wash out the foul taste in Clint s mouth.

The Two-Gun Kid

The GUNSMITH’s got a greenhorn at his side. In Evolution, Kansas, a cocky young gunslinger leeches onto the Gunsmith before he can even down his first drink. And it s up to Clint to teach the kid his most important lesson: gunslingers make fast enemies, no matter how green they are.

The Golden Princess

The Gunsmith has been dispatched to broker a peace with the Apaches bringing him face to face with the half white, half Indian female leader known as The Golden Princess.

East of the River

Clint Adams has crossed the Mississippi for a poker game in Indiana. But everyone backs out, leaving him with nothing to do but help the locals nab four brothers model citizens by day, assassins by night.

The Dublin Detective

Clint has a new Irish detective friend whose hunt for a killer is personal. But chasing their man ain’t easy what with a green deputy to babysit, the bumbling local law, and Mexico being out of his jurisdiction.

The Dead Town

The Gunsmith stumbles upon a ghost town. Population: 1 A dust storm drives Clint Adams into the deserted town of Jasper, Kansas, where its only resident, a spitfire of a woman, tells him the story of Jasper’s violent past…
a story he’ll write his own ending to in a hail of bullets.

The Man with the Iron Badge

Young Sheriff Dan Starkweather sure hates his outlaw father but he sure can shoot. Clint Adams is impressed and agrees to help track the senior Starkweather’s ruthless gang.

The Town Council Meeting

The GUNSMITH has friends in high and low places. In Cannon City, Wyoming, Clint Adams is playing poker with a lawyer, the judge, and the mayor when he’s accused of murdering a ranch owner. And with twenty angry ranch hands waiting for a verdict, it just might be the Gunsmith’s last hand.

Virgil Earp, Private Detective

When Wyatt Earp’s brother Virgil needs help with his private detective agency, he turns to Clint Adams. Soon the Gunsmith is convince Earp’s latest lady client is anything but a straight shooter.

Message on the Wind

Clint Adams tries to answer a call for help written on a scrap of newspaper. Only a convicted murderer with a cell full of secrets knows the real story.

Crossing the Line

Clint Adams thinks he’s hit just another small town gambling hall, until lady luck, in the form of a beautiful Faro dealer, shows him a few tricks at the table and in bed. But when a sore loser guns her down, the Gunsmith finds the stakes raised to life and death.

Bad Business

Widow Lillian Kingsforth desperately needs Clint Adams’s help. She’s being pressure to sell her hotel by several gambling entrepreneurs who believe the property could be put to better use and whose business practices include attempting to murder her.


Woman’s best friend: the GUNSMITH. Clint Adams is protecting a young lady from an outlaw running a nasty business bartering abducted women leaving the Gunsmith no choice but to stop the thieving killer from distressing damsels permanently.

Pleasant Valley Shoot-Out

It’s sheep versus cattle with the GUNSMITH in the middle…
By day, Clint Adams is helping the Pleasant Valley sheriff keep the peace between sheep herders and cattle barons. At night, he’s trying his luck loving a high stakes lady gambler.

The Lady Doctor’s Alibi

The GUNSMITH gets some sugar…
When Veracruz’s male doctor is killed, fingers point at the town’s female sawbones, Doctor Sugarman, who stands to inherit his clientele. But the killer could have been the dead doctor’s cheating wife. Either way, the Gunsmith will have justice served.

The Bisbee Massacre

The Gunsmith might be sent to his grave in Tombstone. After the OK Corral shoot out in ’81 and the Massacre of ’83, Tombstone’s pretty quiet on Clint Adams’ first visit back. But then a local rancher is sent to his Maker, and it’s up to Clint to find the killer.

The Bandit Princess

THE GUNSMITH is plagued with a royal pain. Clint Adams and a spunky female deputy must show a self proclaimed ‘bandit princess’ how to behave like a proper young lady.

The Last Trail Drive

The Gunsmith is riding shotgun on a herd of cattle. Clint Adams is on a trail drive with an old friend when one of the drivers is killed. Turns out a rival cattleman and his gang plan to stop the drive even if it brings them into the Gunsmith’s line of fire…

The Hunt for Clint Adams

The GUNSMITH goes gun to gun…
Five years ago, Clint Adams helped put lightning quick gunfighter Jed Tarver behind bars without having to draw on the man. But now, the Gunsmith doesn’t have a choice, because Tarver is out of jail and coming for him ready or not.

Anatomy of a Lawman

The GUNSMITH takes on a gang of back shooters face to face…
When the Graves gang back shoots the town sheriff of Guardian, Missouri, the lawman’s old friend, Clint Adams, pins on the badge to take up the flight.

Someone Else’s Trouble

THE GUNSMITH faces off against seven deadly sinners. A band of outlaws has murdered Donald Connelly’s wife and kidnapped his daughter. Unfortunately for the killers, Connelly is good friends with Clint Adams and the Gunsmith won’t rest until he has seven more notches on his gun belt.

Lady Eight Ball

The GUNSMITH learns that it’s in the way that you use it…
Clint Adams is already known for his talent with a gun, but Arizona rancher Jerry Sacks thinks that Clint’s dead eye skills make him the perfect man to play for him in a high stakes pool game in Tucson. Now the Gunsmith is going to have to make some serious trick shots if he wants to avoid getting racked.

Chicago Confidential

THE GUNSMITH’s visit to the Windy City just might blow him away. Clint Adams is in Chicago for a holiday. But when the mysterious local crime boss known as ‘the Man’ tries to recruit Adams into his organization, the Gunsmith finds himself going gun to gun with a criminal mastermind who’s trying to take over the town…

Showdown in Cheyenne

Killing’s cheaper than divorce. At least that’s how Cheyenne rancher Gerald Lawrence sees it. The Hunt gang is coming to rob his place. Sure would be a shame if Mrs. Lawrence got caught in the cross fire. But Lawrence has made two tactical errors: He’s hired the Gunsmith to protect his ranch and he’s left him alone with his wife.

Riverboat Blaze

The Gunsmith is up the river without a paddle but who needs a paddle to shoot some bad guys? When the Dolly Madison has her maiden voyage, The Gunsmith goes along for the ride but when she goes down in a firey blaze, the vacation stops, and the bullets start flying.

With Deadly Intent

When an old friend ropes Clint Adams into providing security for the Colorado River Festival, he’s challenged to a shooting contest by ‘Wild Bill’ Flanagan. And the Gunsmith Clint realizes he’s been dupe into the role of the festival’s star attraction.

The Trial of Bat Masterson

Legendary gunslinger Bat Masterson is facing a hangman’s noose unless his old friend Clint Adams can clear his name.

Unbound by Law

Clint Adams’s investigation into the deaths of over a dozen people brings him to the attention of those responsible for the massacre people who have no qualms about putting the Gunsmith at the top of their hit list.

The Deadly Chest

When a beautiful Loretta Burns offers Clint Adams ten thousand dollars to find her lost luggage, the Gunsmith has to ask himself one question: Does this woman have a chest worth dying for?

Cross Draw

When Clint Adams lends a gaggle of stranded ladies a hand, it ends up crushed under their wagon, leaving him to rely on his Cross Draw. And when word gets out, every lowlife gunhand comes around to take on the Gunsmith.

Bitterroot Valley

A wealthy rancher is being robbed blind by Stringer Jack and his gang, and is set to unleash a bloodbath of his own that places Clint Adams in the cross fire.

Hunt for the White Wolf

Clint Adams’s friend Jesse Trapp is on his way to Montana to find the great white wolf. But Jesse isn’t the only one headed north and his pursuer is keen on revenge. Luckily, the Gunsmith doesn’t let bad things happen to his friends…

The Dead Ringer 357

A killer’s been impersonating the Gunsmith. Whoever this pistol packing pretender is, he’s about to find out the hard way the West ain’t big enough for two Gunsmiths.

Fort Revenge

While on the way to help out his friend Deputy Heck Thomas, Clint Adams makes enemies when a poker game at a local saloon goes sour. Now there are three men trailing Clint to Fort Smith: the two cheaters who’re aiming to get revenge and the man he saved who’s determined to return the favor…

Two Guns for Vengeance

When a wealthy man wants to hire Clint Adams to get rid of Ben Randolph and his crew, Clint isn’t about to get involved if the cause isn’t just. But when he finds out Randolph killed an old friend, Clint needs to find out what’s really going on.

The Mad Scientist of the West

When president Grover Cleveland asks Clint Adams to take on the job of protecting famed scientist Nikola Tesla, the Gunsmith readily agrees to serve his country. But when Clint heads to Colorado to meet up with Tesla, it soon becomes clear that keeping the eccentric scientist out of trouble will be harder than harnessing a bolt of lightning…

The Letter of the Law

Clint’s old friend Billy Dixon the hero of the Battle of Adobe Walls is now the postmaster of Adobe Walls. But when he’s wounded trying to stop a bank robbery, it’s the Gunsmith’s turn to go postal…

Buffalo Soldiers

Former slave Bass Reeves is now a deputy marshal. With the help of Clint Adams, he’s tracking a gang of masked bank robbers, who once rode as Buffalo Soldiers. What made the heroes of the cavalry go bad?

Trouble in Tombstone

The heir to a dangerous Texas border town, ex gunfighter Dallas Stoudenmire relies on Clint Adams, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holliday to protect his interest from the Wild West’s most notorious killers.

Little Sureshot and the Wild West Show

Annie Oakley has a stalker and her husband asks the Gunsmith up to New York City for help. But bigger problems arise when Buffalo Bill Cody gets it in his noggin to have Annie and the Gunsmith in his show and he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

The Knights of Misery

GIANT Gunsmith action! GIANT sales!

A fiery redhead and a hired gun turned friend help Clint Adams free Utopia, Virginia, from the stranglehold the Knights of Masonry have on it. Because the fraternal organization is acting anything but brotherly and the Gunsmith is about to bust down their closed doors.

The Marshal from Paris

GIANT Gunsmith action! GIANT sales! Clint Adams pays a call on his old friend Bass Reeves, the finest lawman in Paris, Texas, and the only black Federal Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi. But when they team up to nab a gang of black desperados, they will prove the hard way that justice is color blind.

Lincoln’s Revenge

Years ago Boston Corbett shot Lincoln’s assassin, John wilkes Booth. But some legends can’t be lived up to, and Corbett ended up in Topeka insane asylum until he escaped. Now Clint Adams must find the living legend before a killer’s bullet makes him history.

Andersonville Vengeance

GIANT Gunsmith action!

Commandant Henry Wirz put Clint through hell as a prisoner of war, and when the Union won, he paid for his crimes with a public hanging. Or did he? Word is, the lowdown scum is living in Frisco as a U.S. Senator. Clint needs to discover the truth-a truth that will have The Gunsmith risking his life for an innocent man, or seeing justice done once and for all.

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