J N Williamson Books In Order

Martin Ruben Books In Order

  1. The Ritual (1979)
  2. Premonition (1981)
  3. Brotherkind (1982)

Lamia Zacharias Books In Order

  1. Death-Coach (1981)
  2. Death-Angel (1982)
  3. Death-School (1982)
  4. Death-Doctor (1982)


  1. They Never Even See Me (1970)
  2. The Offspring (1980)
  3. The Houngan (1980)
  4. The Tulpa (1980)
  5. Horror House (1981)
  6. Queen of Hell (1981)
  7. Ghost Mansion (1981)
  8. The Banished (1981)
  9. Playmates (1982)
  10. Extraterrestrial (1982)
  11. Horror Mansion (1982)
  12. The Evil One (1982)
  13. The Dentist (1983)
  14. Nevermore (1983)
  15. Ghost (1984)
  16. Babel’s Children (1984)
  17. The Longest Night (1985)
  18. Wards of Armageddon (1986)
  19. Evil Offspring (1987)
  20. Noonspell (1987)
  21. Dead to the World (1988)
  22. The Black School (1989)
  23. Shadows of Death (1989)
  24. Hell Storm (1990)
  25. The Night Seasons (1991)
  26. The Monastery (1992)
  27. Don’t Take Away the Light (1993)
  28. The Book of Webster’s (1993)
  29. Bloodlines (1995)
  30. Spree (1998)
  31. The Haunt (1999)
  32. Affinity (2001)


  1. The New Devil’s Dictionary (1985)
  2. Frights of Fancy (2000)

Anthologies edited

  1. Masques (1984)
  2. Masques 2 (1987)
  3. The Best of Masques (1988)
  4. Masques 3 (1989)
  5. Flesh Creepers (1990)
  6. Masques 4 (1991)
  7. Dark Masques (2001)
  8. Darker Masques (2002)
  9. Masques V (2006)
  10. Illustrated Masques (2012)

Non fiction

  1. How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction (1987)

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J N Williamson Books Overview

Frights of Fancy

JOURNEYS INTO DARKNESS There are worlds in the darkness. Worlds where your deepest fears live, where terror is waiting to welcome you. Worlds that can only be glimpsed in the shadows. These are the worlds created by the brilliant imagination of J. N. Williamson and revealed in the sixteen horrifying stories collected here for the first time, including three that have never previously been published. ‘Williamson is a master stylist.’ BOOKLOVERS A steamship heading up the Nile with a decidedly unusual passenger list…
a high school where one teacher plans the ultimate exam for his students…
an archaeological expedition that unearths something better left buried…
a post nuclear suburb where the true horror is yet to come…
. Let J. N. Williamson be your guide to these and other points of interest along your midnight tour. But remember, it’s a one way trip.

Darker Masques

Terror hides its true form in the blackest of shadows, patiently waiting to unleash a neverending nightmare upon those foolish or daring enough to uncover its evil visage. From the farthest reaches of twisted imaginations to the deepest, most intimate recesses of tortured minds, this collection of heart stopping, bone chilling tales reveals a world of unseen, unspoken horrors that will tear at your very soul, even as they grab you by the throat. Join Ray Bradbury, Graham Masterton, Dan Simmons, F. Paul Wilson, and other masters of the macabre as they take readers to the most hideous of realms to discover the evil that lurks behind the depths of darkness.

Masques V

This is the last book in the acclaimed Masques series, edited by Jerry Williamson. Before Williamson fell ill he assembled 90 of the contents. Gary Braunbeck is co editing Masques V. A number of authors have provided stories as a tribute to Jerry, including Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Ray Garton, Poppy Z. Brite, Jack Ketchum, Richard Christian Matheson, William Nolan, Tom Monteleone, Gary Braunbeck and Barry Hoffman. Clive Barker is providing the cover art and signing all editions, along with a fronticepiece for the Lettered edition only which must be ordered through Gauntlet Press directly. The Lettered edition has a second, alternate version of Ray Bradbury’s story, along with a hand written note telling the origin of the story. Richard Christian Matheson also provides three early drafts of his story with handwritten corrections. Matheson and Bradbury are signing only the Lettered edition, and Jerry Williamson signed both the Numbered and the Lettered before he passed away. Masques V was a labor of love for Jerry Williamson, who died on December 8th, 2005. As his health began to fail him, he was overwhelmed by well known authors who without hesitation submitted stories as a tribute to Jerry. In a note to those whose work will appear in Masques V co editor Gary Braunbeck stated, ‘I think this will serve as a fine testament to Jerry’s memory.’

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