Ian Slater Books In Order

WW III Books In Order

  1. World War Three (1990)
  2. Rage of Battle (1990)
  3. World in Flames (1991)
  4. Arctic Front (1992)
  5. Warshot (1992)
  6. Asian Front (1993)
  7. Force of Arms (1994)
  8. South China Sea (1995)
  9. Choke Point (2004)
  10. Payback (2005)
  11. Darpa Alpha (2007)

USA vs Militia Books In Order

  1. Showdown (1997)
  2. Battle Front (1998)
  3. Manhunt (1999)
  4. Force 10 (2000)
  5. Knockout (2001)


  1. Firespill (1977)
  2. Air Glow Red (1981)
  3. Storm (1988)
  4. Deep Chill (1989)
  5. Forbidden Zone (1990)
  6. MacArthur Must Die (1994)
  7. Pilgrimage (1996)
  8. Sea Gold (2013)

Non fiction

  1. Orwell: The Road to Airstrip One (1985)

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Ian Slater Books Overview

Rage of Battle

From beneath the North Atlantic to the coast of Cornwall off of England, from northern Germany to across the Korean peninsula, thousands upon thousands of troops are massing, protected by the greatest and most stunning armaments yet see on any field of battle. The time is now. The war that once seemed impossible is raging everywhere. Every nation, every individual, is both hunter and prey.

World in Flames

NATO armored dividions have broken out from near certain defeat in the Soviet ringed Dortmund/Bielefeld Pocket on the North German Plain. Despite being faster than the American planes, Russian MiG 25s and Sukhoi 15s are unable to maintain air superiority over the western Aleutians…
On every front, the war that once seemed impossible blazes its now inevitable path of worldwide destruction. There is no way to know how it will end…


General Cheng has studied the American strategy in the Iraqi war from top to bottom, back to front, and now he is massing his divisions on the Manchurian border. To the west, Siberia’s Marshal Yesov is readying his army. Their aim: To drive the American led U.N. force back to the sea. The counterstrike: Unleash the brilliantly unorthodox American General Douglas Freeman. If this eagle can’t whip the bear and the dragon, no one can…

Force of Arms

Three Chinese armies swarmed across the trace, with T 59s providing covering fire. The Chinese armor,T 60 tanks 85mm guns and 90,000 PLA regulars rush in. Through the downpour the American A 10 Thurnderbolts came in low, their RAU B Avenger 30mm seven barreled rotary cannon spitting out a deadly stream of depleted uranium, white hot fragments that set off the tank’s ammunition and fuel tanks into great blowouts of orange black flame. Four sleek, eighteen foot long Tomahawk cruise missiles are headed for Beijing. It is Armageddon in Asia…
. From the Paperback edition.

South China Sea

On the South China Sea an oil rig erupts in flames–as AK-47 tracer rounds stitch the night and men die in pools of blood. The SOSUS underwater network catapults news of the attack to Washington–while ChiCom troops mass on the Vietnamese border.
Ten divisions of Chinese shock troops blast their way south, overrunning the U.S.-U.N-led Emergency Response Force. But the West’s best warriors fight back. U.S. Special Forces, British SAS, and the legendary Gurkhas, their Kukri knives drawn, go toe-to-toe with the invaders. Tomcats and F-18s pulverize the jungle. And the Military Sealift Command hurls Aegis cruisers and Wasp-Iwo Jima, and Spruance-class attack ships–spearheaded by Sea Wolf subs–into the South China Sea.
From Japan to Malaysia, the Pacific Rim is ablaze–in a hell called…

‘Superior to the Tom Clancy genre, with characters that came alive…
and the military aspect far more realistic.’
–The Spectator

From the Paperback edition.

Choke Point

The fight against terrorism has reached the next level
and now America will really go to war.

A series of cataclysmic events is exploding around the world. Two divisions of Chinese ground troops move against a neighboring Muslim nation, while a provocation unleashes generations of pent up violence between the mainland and Taiwan. With U.S. troops still on the ground in the Middle East and Ganistan, and an American president forced by rapidly unfolding events to make decisions on the fly, the most dangerous threat is the one no one sees.

For off the fog shrouded coast of Washington State, a staggering attack will flood the Northwest with American refugees and force the bravest and the best of U.S. Special Forces under the toughest of the tough, General Douglas Freeman, into a pitched, desperate battle to find a shadow enemy before he strikes the next terrifying blow against the United States.


Old soldiers never die. They just come back for more.

Three terrorist missiles have struck three jetliners filled with innocent people. America knows this shock all too well. But unlike 9/11, the nation is already on a war footing. The White House and Pentagon are primed. All they need now is a target and someone bold and expendable enough to strike it.

That someone is retired Gen. Douglas Freeman, the infamous warrior who has proved his courage, made his enemies, and built his legend from body strewn battlegrounds to the snake pits of Washington. Using a team of retired Special Forces operatives and a top secret, still unproven stealth attack craft, Freeman sets off to obliterate the source of the missiles, a weapons stockpile in North Korea. Some desktop warriors expect Freeman to fail especially when an unexpected foe meets his team on the Sea of Japan. But Freeman won t turn back even as his plan explodes in his face and the Pacific Rim roils over because this old soldier can taste his ultimate reward…

Darpa Alpha

In a bold and devastating move against the United States, terrorists have hijacked Project Darpa Alpha, classified advanced technology that can transform rifle rounds into tank crushers. The White House is stunned at the magnitude of the assault. General Douglas Freeman has already tried and failed to stop the enemy from transporting Darpa Alpha off U.S. soil. Now he’s about to get his second and last chance.

U.S. intelligence has traced the theft to a terrifying military state within a state on the Sino Russian border. Moscow is willing to turn a blind eye to a retaliatory U.S. assault, and the president has the perfect hero or the perfect scapegoat in Freeman. With 1,400 marines on the edge of an eerie, forbidding landscape, Freeman has a career to redeem and an enemy to defeat. But the bad guys have the means and motivation to turn Freeman s lightning strike into an icy swamp of death with a terrible new world order waiting on the other side of war.

Force 10

In a new world order, old enemies are now allies, old weapons are obsolete, and the most powerful device in the world has just fallen into the wrong hands…
The White House and the NSA know Frank Hall can fix problems whether they are two miles beneath the sea or buried within our own borders. A former Navy SEAL who has made a career of taking chances, Hall has been sent to Washington State on a mission that will start the minute he hits the streets. Someone has hijacked one of America’s most important military secrets. For Hall, finding out what happened to RONE II and to the genius who disappeared with it means launching an all out chase from the snowy Olympic Mountains to the storm lashed Pacific Ocean. In an age when international battle lines are blurred and old rules no longer apply, Hall and his team are ripping apart a deadly international conspiracy linking the United States Militia Corps to China and beyond setting up the most terrifying endgame of all: the one America cannot win…

Orwell: The Road to Airstrip One

‘In Moulmein, in Lower Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people…
‘ So begins one of Orwell’s most famous essays. In ‘Orwell: The Road to Airstrip One‘, Ian Slater explains why Orwell was hated in Moulmein and takes us on a fascinating intellectual journey that traces the development of Orwell’s political and social criticism. Using a uniquely thematic approach, Slater also examines Orwell’s self criticism and, finally, the hidden and corrosive dangers of state and self imposed censorship in a security obsessed world. Slater’s tour de force, critically acclaimed by those on both the left and the right, moves from Orwell’s schooldays in England and his time as a policeman in Burma, through his years as a struggling poet, dishwasher, tramp in Paris, and tutor, schoolmaster, and bookshop assistant in London, to his critical experiences during the Spanish Civil War. Slater takes us beyond the events of Orwell’s life to the bitter satire of the Russian Revolution in Animal Farm and the horrifying terror of Room 101 in 1984, Orwell’s final novel, and shows that 1984 is as much a warning about the state of mind we call totalitarianism as it is a prophecy of an actual political state. As the war on terrorism continues and governments demand ever increasing power over the individual in order to combat terrorism, ‘Orwell: The Road to Airstrip One‘, reissued during Orwell’s centenary, warns us that ‘he who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.’

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