Hugh Pentecost Books In Order

Luke Bradley Books In Order

  1. Cancelled in Red (1939)
  2. The Twenty-Fourth Horse (1940)
  3. I’ll Sing at Your Funeral (1942)
  4. The Brass Chills (1943)

Dr. John Smith Books In Order

Lt. Pascal Books In Order

Uncle George Books In Order

  1. The Copycat Killers (1983)
  2. The Price of Silence (1984)
  3. Murder Sweet and Sour (1985)
  4. Death By Fire (1986)
  5. Pattern for Terror (1990)

Pierre Chambrun Books In Order

  1. The Cannibal Who Overate (1962)
  2. The Shape of Fear (1964)
  3. The Evil That Men Do (1966)
  4. The Golden Trap (1967)
  5. The Gilded Nightmare (1969)
  6. Girl Watcher’s Funeral (1969)
  7. The Deadly Joke (1971)
  8. Birthday, Deathday (1973)
  9. Walking Dead Man (1973)
  10. Bargain with Death (1974)
  11. Time of Terror (1975)
  12. The 14 Dilemma (1976)
  13. Death After Breakfast (1978)
  14. Random Killer (1980)
  15. Beware Young Lovers (1980)
  16. Murder in Luxury (1981)
  17. With Intent to Kill (1982)
  18. Murder in High Places (1983)
  19. Remember to Kill Me (1984)
  20. Murder Round the Clock (1985)
  21. Nightmare Time (1986)
  22. Murder Goes Round and Round (1988)

John Jericho Books In Order

  1. Sniper (1966)
  2. Hide Her from Every Eye (1966)
  3. Dead Woman of the Year (1968)
  4. Girl with Six Fingers (1970)
  5. A Plague of Violence (1972)

Julian Quist Books In Order

  1. Don’t Drop Dead Tomorrow (1971)
  2. Champagne Killer (1972)
  3. Beautiful Dead (1973)
  4. The Judas Freak (1974)
  5. Honeymoon with Death (1975)
  6. Die After Dark (1976)
  7. The Steel Palace (1977)
  8. Deadly Trap (1978)
  9. Homicidal Horse (1979)
  10. Death Mask (1980)
  11. Sow Death, Reap Death (1981)
  12. Past, Present, and Murder (1982)
  13. Murder Out of Wedlock (1983)
  14. Substitute Victim (1984)
  15. The Party Killer (1986)
  16. Kill and Kill Again (1987)


  1. The Tarnished Angel (1963)
  2. The Day the Children Vanished (1976)
  3. Murder as Usual (1977)
  4. The Battles of Jericho (2008)


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Hugh Pentecost Books Overview

The Cannibal Who Overate

The first appearance of Hugh Pentecost’s most important and original detective, Pierre Chambrun, manager of New York’s premier hotel. A fine puzzle and the inner workings of a major hotel combine with witty and somewhat satiric portraits of his characters to produce a lively, amusing novel.

The Battles of Jericho

JERICHO FIGHTS THE BATTLES!! Hugh Pentecost, the pseudonym of Judson Philips 1903 1989, created one of the most memorable of fictional sleuths in the red bearded artist, John Jericho. The stories combine interesting settings, skillful puzzles, social concerns, and earnest melodrama. Jericho’s paintings reflect his anger against social injustice and violence, and his search for Truth; and when the downtrodden, the unfairly accused, and frequently a damsel in distress seek his help, he is willing to enter the fray. Jericho’s skills as a detective are his skills as an artist. His painter’s eye picks up details that others miss. And the energy he puts on his canvas*ses is reflected in the physical energy with which he fights for Truth. The 15 stories in The Battles of Jericho, written between 1964 and 1976, are filled with the social unrest of that turbulent era, tempered with Jericho’s and Pentecost’s belief in individual responsibility. The Battles of Jericho is the 26th in Crippen & Landru’s Lost Classics series new collections by great writers of traditional mysteries. Introduction by S.T. Karnick. Afterword by the author’s son, Daniel Philips. Cover by Gail Cross

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