Hope White Books In Order

Boulder Creek Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. Wilderness Hideout (2021)

Echo Mountain Books In Publication Order

  1. Mountain Rescue (2014)
  2. Covert Christmas (2014)
  3. Payback (2015)
  4. Christmas Undercover (2015)
  5. Witness Pursuit (2016)
  6. Mountain Ambush (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Hidden in Shadows (2010)
  2. Witness on the Run (2011)
  3. Christmas Haven (2011)
  4. Small Town Protector (2012)
  5. Safe Harbor (2013)
  6. Holiday Mountain Rescue (2020)

Baby Protectors Books In Publication Order

  1. The Baby Assignment (By:Christy Barritt) (2018)
  2. Baby on the Run (2018)
  3. Nanny Witness (2019)
  4. The Cradle Conspiracy (By:Christy Barritt) (2019)

K-9 Mountain Guardians Books In Publication Order

  1. Trained to Defend (By:Christy Barritt) (2020)
  2. Mountain Hostage (2020)
  3. Fugitive Trail (By:Elizabeth Goddard) (2020)

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Hope White Books Overview

Witness on the Run

A gun firing. A man killed. Running for her life. That’s all Robin Strand remembers of the shooting she saw. With fear-induced amnesia, she can’t identify the killer, no matter what the police say. The only one who believes her is private investigator Jake Walters. And he’s the one who steps in to rescue her when her safe house is discovered. As they struggle to stay one step ahead of danger, Robin needs Jake more than ever. With his faith and training as a guide, they work together to bring back her memory. Before the killer can ensure that she never remembers.

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