Holly Webb Books In Order

Triplets Books In Order

  1. Becky’s Terrible Term (2003)
  2. Annabel’s Perfect Party (2004)
  3. Katie’s Big Match (2004)
  4. Becky’s Problem Pet (2004)
  5. Annabel’s Starring Role (2004)
  6. Katie’s Secret Admirer (2005)
  7. Becky’s Dress Disaster (2005)

Animal Stories Books In Order

  1. Lost in the Snow (2006)
  2. Alfie All Alone (2007)
  3. Ellie the Homesick Puppy (2010)
  4. Misty the Abandoned Kitten (2010)
  5. The Kitten Nobody Wanted (2011)
  6. Jess the Lonely Puppy (2010)
  7. Harry the Homeless Puppy (2009)
  8. Lucy The Poorly Puppy (2011)
  9. Lucky the Rescued Puppy (2011)
  10. Lost in the Storm (2006)
  11. Oscar’s Lonely Christmas (2010)
  12. Sam the Stolen Puppy (2008)
  13. Timmy in Trouble (2008)
  14. Ginger the Stray Kitten (2009)
  15. Max the Missing Puppy (2008)
  16. Alone in the Night (2009)
  17. Sky the Unwanted Kitten (2008)
  18. Buttons the Runaway Puppy (2009)
  19. Smudge the Stolen Kitten (2011)
  20. The Lost Puppy (2012)
  21. The Frightened Kitten (2012)
  22. The Secret Puppy (2012)
  23. The Abandoned Puppy (2013)
  24. The Missing Kitten (2013)
  25. Puppy Who Was Left Behind (2013)
  26. The Kidnapped Kitten (2014)
  27. The Scruffy Puppy (2014)
  28. The Brave Kitten (2014)
  29. The Forgotten Puppy (2015)
  30. The Secret Kitten (2015)
  31. A Home for Molly (2015)
  32. Sammy the Shy Kitten (2016)
  33. The Seaside Puppy (2016)
  34. The Curious Kitten (2016)
  35. Monty the Sad Puppy (2017)
  36. The Homeless Kitten (2017)
  37. A Kitten Called Tiger (2017)
  38. The Unwanted Puppy (2018)
  39. The Rescued Kitten (2018)
  40. The Shelter Puppy (2018)
  41. The Homesick Puppy (2018)
  42. The Puppy Who Couldn’t Sleep (2019)
  43. The Loneliest Kitten (2019)
  44. The Mystery Kitten (2020)
  45. The Story Puppy (2020)
  46. The Saddest Kitten (2020)
  47. The Kitten Next Door (2021)
  48. The Puppy Who Ran Away (2021)
  49. Nadia and the Forever Kitten (2021)
  50. A Puppy’s First Christmas (2021)
  51. The Homesick Kitten (2022)
  52. The Frightened Puppy (2022)
  53. The Smallest Kitten (2022)
  54. A Cat Called Penguin (2011)
  55. The Chocolate Dog (2012)
  56. Looking for Bear (2013)
  57. Kitten Friends 3 in 1 (2016)
  58. The Pocket Dog (2016)
  59. The Rescued Puppy (2017)

Animalmagic Books In Order

  1. Catmagic (2008)
  2. Dogmagic (2008)
  3. Rabbitmagic (2009)
  4. Hamstermagic (2009)
  5. Birdmagic (2010)
  6. Ponymagic (2010)
  7. Mousemagic (2011)

Magic Molly Books In Order

  1. The Witch’s Kitten (2009)
  2. The Wish Puppy (2009)
  3. The Invisible Bunny (2009)
  4. The Secret Pony (2009)
  5. The Shy Piglet (2011)
  6. The Good Luck Duck (2012)
  7. The Clever Little Kitten (2012)
  8. The Purple Butterfly (2014)
  9. The Silver Pony (2020)

Rose Books In Order

  1. Rose (2009)
  2. Rose and the Lost Princess (2010)
  3. Rose and the Magician’s Mask (2010)
  4. Rose and the Silver Ghost (2011)

My Naughty Little Puppy Books In Order

  1. New Tricks for Rascal! (2010)
  2. A Home for Rascal (2010)
  3. Playtime for Rascal (2010)
  4. Rascal’s Sleepover Fun (2011)
  5. Rascal’s Seaside Adventure (2011)
  6. Rascal’s First Christmas (2011)
  7. Rascal the Star (2012)
  8. Rascal and the Wedding (2012)
  9. Playtime for Rascal / Rascal’s Sleepover Fun (2017)

Lily Books In Order

  1. Lily (2011)
  2. Lily and the Shining Dragons (2012)
  3. Lily and the Prisoner of Magic (2012)
  4. Lily and the Traitors’ Spell (2013)

Winter Animal Stories Books In Order

  1. The Snow Bear (2012)
  2. The Reindeer Girl (2013)
  3. The Winter Wolf (2014)
  4. The Storm Leopards (2015)
  5. The Snow Cat (2016)
  6. The Storm Dog (2017)
  7. Frost (2018)
  8. Star (2019)
  9. Luna (2020)

Emily Feather Books In Order

  1. The Enchanted Door (2013)
  2. The Secret Mirror (2013)
  3. The Chest of Charms (2014)
  4. The Starlit Staircase (2014)

Maisie Hitchins Books In Order

  1. The Case of the Stolen Sixpence (2013)
  2. The Case of the Vanishing Emerald (2013)
  3. The Case of the Phantom Cat (2013)
  4. The Case of the Feathered Mask (2014)
  5. The Case of the Secret Tunnel (2014)
  6. The Case of the Spilled Ink (2014)
  7. The Case of the Blind Beetle (2015)
  8. The Case of the Weeping Mermaid (2015)

Earth Friends Books In Order

  1. Maya’s Secret (2014)
  2. Izzy’s River (2014)
  3. Poppy’s Garden (2014)
  4. Emily’s Dream (2015)
  5. Fair Fashion (2021)
  6. Green Garden (2021)
  7. Pet Protection (2021)

My Secret Diary Books In Order

  1. Perfect Puppy (2014)
  2. Perfect Kitten (2015)
  3. I Love Puppies (2016)
  4. I Love Kittens (2017)
  5. Puppy Fun (2019)

Pet Rescue Adventures Books In Order

  1. Jessie the Lonely Puppy (2015)
  2. Leo All Alone (2016)
  3. The Tiniest Puppy (2017)
  4. A Home for Sandy (2017)
  5. The Kitten Nobody Wanted and other Tales (2017)
  6. The Missing Puppy and Other Tales (2017)
  7. Teddy in Trouble (2017)
  8. The Missing Kitten And Other Tales (2018)
  9. The Secret Puppy and Other Tales (2018)
  10. The Stolen Kitten (2018)
  11. The Secret Kitten and other Tales (2020)

Magical Venice Books In Order

  1. The Water Horse (2015)
  2. The Mermaid’s Sister (2016)
  3. The Maskmaker’s Daughter (2016)
  4. The Girl of Glass (2017)

Furry Friends Books In Order

  1. Sophie’s Squeaky Surprise (2016)
  2. Marshmallow Magic (2017)
  3. Peril in Paris (2017)

Hounds of Penhallow Hall Books In Order

  1. The Moonlight Statue (2017)
  2. The Lost Treasure (2017)
  3. The Hidden Staircase (2018)
  4. The Secrets Tree (2018)

Shine! Books In Order

  1. Chloe Centre Stage (2018)
  2. Sara’s Dream Role (2019)
  3. Lily’s Secret Audition (2019)
  4. Bethany Sings Out (2019)

Museum Kittens Books In Order

  1. The Midnight Visitor (2020)
  2. The Pharaoh’s Curse (2020)
  3. The Sleepover Mystery (2021)
  4. The Mummy’s Curse (2021)
  5. The Treasure Map (2021)


  1. My Secret Kitten (2013)
  2. A Tiger Tale (2014)
  3. The Truffle Mouse (2015)
  4. Return to the Secret Garden (2015)
  5. The Midnight Panda (2016)
  6. Princess & the Suffragette (2017)
  7. Evie’s War (2018)
  8. A Little Princess Finds Her Voice (2018)
  9. The Hideaway Deer (2019)
  10. The Runaways (2019)
  11. The Wildmeadow Hare (2021)
  12. Sky (2021)
  13. The Dawn Seal (2022)
  14. The Song of Greenriver (2022)


  1. My Little Treasuries (2011)
  2. A Treasury of Animal Stories (2014)
  3. One Snowy Night (2018)

Picture Books

  1. Little Puppy Lost (2014)
  2. The Snow Princess (2015)
  3. The Snow Princess and the Winter Rescue (2016)

Chapter Books

  1. The Beach Puppy (2019)

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Holly Webb Books Overview

Ellie the Homesick Puppy

Megan is really excited about moving. She can’t wait to take her Golden Labrador Ellie for walks in the countryside near their new house. But Mum and Dad say that Ellie will be upset by the move, and she has to go and stay with Gran. Megan really misses her and Ellie will do anything to get home to Megan ‘Lost in the Snow’ 978 1 84715 010 3 was one of the best selling animal stories of Christmas 06/07, and has now sold over 115,000 copies. New Holly Webb titles continue to be a huge success. ‘Harry the Homeless Puppy’ and ‘Buttons the Runaway Puppy’ are consistently featured in Bookscan Charts in 2009.

Jess the Lonely Puppy

When Chloe’s big brother Will breaks his leg, he’s stuck in hospital for weeks. Mum and Dad are frantic, and there’s no one to look after Will’s Border Collie puppy, Jess. Jess is miserable and lonely, and so is Chloe. But Chloe doesn’t really like dogs, and Jess only wants Will. Can the two of them ever be friends?

Harry the Homeless Puppy

Grace can’t have a puppy of her own, but she loves walking the dogs at the local animal shelter; her favourite is Harry, a lively Jack Russell puppy. Harry loves going for walks with Grace, and soon the two are best friends. But then Harry is rehomed and Grace is heartbroken. Grace knows she should be pleased that Harry has a home of his own, but she misses him terribly…
and poor Harry doesn’t understand at all where has his beloved Grace gone?

Lost in the Storm

Ella loves her kitten, Fluff, and worries about her going missing again. But Fluff is enchanted by being outside, especially when it starts snowing and she has the pretty snowflakes to play with. But suddenly a blizzard sets in and Fluff loses her way. Will Ella ever be reunited with her kitten?

Timmy in Trouble

Timmy the spaniel puppy has a wonderful new home. Not only does he have a family who adore him, but there is Moggy, a large ginger cat, for him to play with. Sadly, Moggy doesn’t warm to Timmy, and, jealous of the new arrival, she decides to run away. How can Timmy persuade her to return?

Ginger the Stray Kitten

Rosie loves going home with Gran after school; Gran lives near a farm and Rosie can visit the feral cats that lives there. Her favourite is a tiny kitten who she calls Ginger, because of his lovely orange fur. At first Ginger is very shy, but gradually he starts to trust Rosie. But when the farm is sold to developers and the builders start work, the little kitten is terrified all the other cats have disappeared and he’s all alone. Suddenly the world is a scary place…

Alone in the Night

Jasmine is thrilled when she gets to catsit for her neighbours while they’re away on holiday for Christmas. She adores looking after the beautiful Star and only wishes she could keep her forever! Star loves playing with Jasmine, and soon the pair are inseparable. But what Jasmine doesn’t know is that Star has a secret. Although it is cold and dark outside, the time has come for Star to leave Jasmine and her warm, safe home, and find a place to hide.

Buttons the Runaway Puppy

Sophie often sees old Mr Jenkins walking his Labrador puppy, Buttons, and wishes she could have a dog of her own just like her. Buttons loves the outdoors and is always running off even though she knows she shouldn’t. Then one day, Sophie sees Buttons climb out of the window. She thinks she’s running away again, but Buttons isn’t playing around this time something at home is very wrong, but how can she let Sophie know…


Lottie thinks that anything would be better than spending the summer with her boring uncle and a cousin she hardly knows. At least they run a pet shop. Surely this vacation can’t be all bad if there are kittens involved? Lottie is happy to spend her time talking to the animals in the shop. Then one day, to her surprise, the animals start to talk back! Suddenly Lottie’s summer is better than she could have dreamed it’s purr fectly magical!


Eleven year old Lottie is enjoying life at her uncle’s magical pet shop. Ariadne the witch is giving magic lessons to Lottie and her familar, Sofie the dachshund. Even school is becoming fun now that she has a new best friend, Ruby. But can Lottie trust Ruby? What would her new friend say if she knew Lottie had magical powers?


Lottie has discovered an unhappy rabbit at Netherbridge’s other pet shop the non magical one. He seems to have budding magical abilities, but can’t possibly express them in his tiny, dingy cage. Lottie is determined to rescue him! Jealous of Lottie’s new interest in rabbits, her dachshund, Sophie, sulks and runs away from home. If that wasn’t enough, a startling dream means big changes. Lottie’s long lost father is still alive and he’s headed for Netherbridge!


Eleven year old Lottie’s magical adventures continue! She’s still enchanted with her uncle’s magical pet shop and loves chatting with all of the animals that live there. Her own magical abilities are growing as well. A new neighbor is in town, with magic stronger than Lottie’s and a mind to make trouble. Fortunately, the pet shop’s newest resident, Giles the hamster, is ready to help. Lucky for Lottie, he’s bold, bossy, and incredibly brave!

The Witch’s Kitten

Sparkle, the black kitten, is lost and he needs Molly’s help to get back home. But that means going into the spooky wood…
and to the witch’s cottage! Other titles include: ‘The Wish Puppy’, ‘The Invisible Bunny’ and ‘The Secret Pony’.

The Wish Puppy

No one knows why Star, the King Charles Spaniel, is so unhappy. That is until Molly realises she’s been separated from her twin sister. Can Molly find Star’s twin before their magic disappears forever? Other titles include: ‘The Witch’s Kitten’, ‘The Invisible Bunny’ & ‘The Secret Pony’.

The Invisible Bunny

Snowdrop, the rabbit, is behaving very oddly. Not only does he have the hiccups he keeps disappearing. Will Molly be able to find him before his owner returns? Other titles include: ‘The Witch’s Kitten’, ‘The Wish Puppy’ & ‘The Secret Pony’.


Rose is an orphan, who has lived at St Bridget’s Home for Abandoned Girls for as long as she can remember. One afternoon, a thin woman in a smart black coat comes to the orphanage looking for a maid of all work, and chooses Rose. Rose is delighted. Miss Bridges looks stern, but she is surprisingly pleasant as they walk to Rose’s new home a tall, thin town house in a smart square. When she’s inside and being shown her small attic bedroom, Rose realises that the house is drenched in magic! Rose knows this because she has a certain amount of magic herself. She can tell thrilling stories that transform themselves into pictures on shiny surfaces as she speaks, and she rescues her alchemist master’s apprentice from a mist creature he has mistakenly conjured up. It is this magic that she will call upon in times of dire need, for children are going missing across the town, and none of them show any signs of returning…
If you love Araminta Spook, Harry Potter and Lemony Snickett, you’ll love the ROSE books!

New Tricks for Rascal!

Rascal’s naughtiness is annoying everyone, and Ellie’s big sister thinks they ought to send him back! Ellie’s parents decide that what Rascal needs is dog training clas*ses. Ellie thinks this is a brilliant plan. But wherever Rascal goes, trouble is never far behind…

A Home for Rascal

Ellie’s family have just adopted a beautiful Jack Russell puppy, who Ellie names Rascal. But she doesn’t realise how right she is! Rascal is so naughty, and he’s soon getting himself and Ellie into all sorts of trouble. Will she ever be able to keep up with him?

Playtime for Rascal

When Ellie names her puppy Rascal she doesn’t realise how right she is! The naughty little puppy is soon getting himself and Ellie into all sorts of mischief, from eating socks to causing a riot at dog training clas*ses! It’s School Sports Day and Ellie is worried she’ll come last at everything. But then she comes up with an excellent idea she can practise racing with Rascal! Will Rascal save the day?

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