Herbert Lieberman Books In Order


  1. Crawlspace (1972)
  2. The Eighth Square (1973)
  3. Brilliant Kids (1975)
  4. City of the Dead (1976)
  5. The Climate of Hell (1978)
  6. Night Call from a Distant Time Zone (1982)
  7. Nightbloom (1984)
  8. The Green Train (1986)
  9. Shadow Dancers (1989)
  10. Sandman, Sleep (1993)
  11. The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes (1996)

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Herbert Lieberman Books Overview

City of the Dead

5 1/2’x8 3/4′ 416 page hardcover book published by Simon and Schuster in 1976. ‘The grim and fascinating world of the big city pathologist is the backdrop for this terrifying journey into the depths of the human soul.’

Shadow Dancers

Terror rises from the dank gutters and alleyways of New York City as an abhorrent series of savage murders goes unsolved. Police lieutenant Frank Mooney suspects there are two killers of shadow like similarity, and soon he is trapped in a gruesome triangle of spiraling terror and consummate evil. Previously published by Little, Brown.

The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes

In New York City, Mark Manship, curator at the Met, is staging the most exhaustive Botticelli exhibit in history, and hoping to convince Isobel Cattaneo, the only direct descendant of Botticelli’s chief model, to help promote the show. In Italy, crazed nationalist Ludovico Borghini is terrorizing the art world, slashing priceless canvases and staging his own grotesque ‘exhibits’ using the human body parts of innocent victims as props. Now, as Borghini has Isobel in his clutches, Manship must summon every fiber of his being to stop a madman bent on destroying everything he holds dear.

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