Helen R Myers Books In Order

Sweet Springs Texas Books In Order

  1. The Dashing Doc Next Door (2013)
  2. Groomed for Love (2014)


  1. Partners for Life (1987)
  2. Donovan’s Mermaid (1988)
  3. Smooth Operator (1988)
  4. That Fontaine Woman! (1988)
  5. Someone to Watch over Me (1989)
  6. The Pirate O’Keefe (1989)
  7. Invitation to a Wedding (1990)
  8. After You (1990)
  9. A Fine Arrangement (1991)
  10. When Gabriel Called (1991)
  11. Three Little Chaperones (1992)
  12. Forbidden Passion (1992)
  13. Once Upon a Full Moon (1994)
  14. Watching for Willa (1995)
  15. The Rebel and the Hero (1995)
  16. The Merry Matchmakers (1995)
  17. Just a Memory Away (1996)
  18. After That Night… (1996)
  19. The Officer and the Renegade (1997)
  20. Beloved Mercenary (1998)
  21. Come Sundown (1998)
  22. More Than You Know (1999)
  23. Lost (2000)
  24. Dead End (2001)
  25. Final Stand (2002)
  26. No Sanctuary (2003)
  27. While Others Sleep (2004)
  28. What Should Have Been (2006)
  29. A Man to Count on (2007)
  30. The Last Man She’d Marry (2008)
  31. Daddy on Demand (2009)
  32. Hope’s Child (2010)
  33. It Started with a House… (2010)
  34. It’s News to Her (2011)
  35. Almost a Hometown Bride (2012)
  36. The Surprise of Her Life (2012)
  37. A Holiday to Remember (2012)


  1. Silhouette Shadows ’92 (1996)
  2. A Mum for Christmas (1999)
  3. Daddy On Demand / Deja You (2010)
  4. Pregnancy Plan / Hopes Child (2011)
  5. Cherish Collection January 2014 (2014)
  6. Harlequin Special Edition January 2014 – Bundle 2 of 2 (2014)
  7. Texas Puppy Love (2018)
  8. The Puppy Prescription (2019)
  9. Animal Magnetism: Falling For The Vet Next Door (2020)
  10. The Animal Magnetism Collection (2021)

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Helen R Myers Books Overview

After That Night…

Through her rearview mirror, Jordan Mills watched the man behind her. Sunglas*ses. Sexy five o’clock shadow. Suddenly their eyes met. He drew down his glas*ses just enough to see her…
and for her to see him. Stone Demarest. She remembered those eyes…
and his strong, comforting arms holding her through the night. What was he doing in Mount Liberty? Shocked, she fled.

Come Sundown

Returning to his rural Mississippi hometown as the new chief of police, Ben Rader is faced with the problems of jealousy, prejudice, blackmail, drugs, and murder. He’s going to need Eve Maitland’s help. As the head of Parish’s most prominent family, her sense of courage appeals to Ben. But she seems to have as many enemies as she does friends. And Ben is about to find out which one he is. Online promo http: //www. romance. net.

No Sanctuary

Where do you go when there’s no place to hide? Metal sculptor Bay Butler spent six years in a Texas prison for a crime she did not commit until the efforts of a powerful client get her conviction overturned. Suddenly Bay is free, but she is still plagued with questions. Why was she imprisoned based on circumstantial evidence? And what really happened the night her business partner was found brutally murdered in their studio? Her quest for the truth brings her face to face with Jack Burke, the cop who arrested her for the murder. Bay Butler’s case has haunted him for six years and so has the woman herself. While Bay feels she owes benefactress Madeleine Ridgeway her life, she is unsettled by the woman’s fierce attention. Since she is the powerful head of a large ministry, her patronage of Bay should be welcome. Instead, it puts Bay and Jack on a trail of deadly secrets that threaten the foundation of a small Texas town…
a town where power and money have exacted a price in blood.

A Man to Count on

She was looking for a man of justice. Dylan Justiss, that is. Because when high powered district attorney E. D. Martel found her whole world falling apart, she needed one man she could trust who was upright, protective and fair. Sexy as hell was just a bonus. All his adult life, Dylan had been in love with E.D. Eva Danielle Martel. And now, when he was poised to have all his professional dreams come true, was hardly the time to make his move. Because E.D. was in trouble, big time. And anyone who associated with her could kiss his reputation not to mention his impending judgeship goodbye. Too bad he found kissing E.D. more to his liking…

The Last Man She’d Marry

Jonas Hunter. Pursuer of criminals, far and wide. And pursuer of her…
So okay, it wasn’t so much that Jonas was the last man she’d marry. It was that divorce attorney Alyx Carmel wasn’t likley ro marry anyone. Because after all, relationships didn’t exactly end well in her line of work. Case in point: the traumatic attack that sent Alyx fleeing her old life and, quite by accident, into the arms of said Jonas Hunter.

But FBI Special Agent Jonas Hunter wasn’t willing to give up on Alyx. Because while life might have thrown him a few curves, there was one thing he knew for sure: Alyx was the only woman he would marry…

Daddy on Demand

Collin Masters was used to being in control of his company, his love life and especially his emotions. But the unexpected arrival of his three year old twin nieces threatened to make the fast moving ad exec come unglued. Sabrina Sinclair was the only person who could bail him out of this mess. Unfortunately, she’d quit working for him just weeks earlier, and he was pretty sure she hated him.

Luckily, Collin was masterful at getting his way. Before you could say ‘daddy,’ his former assistant was his nanny, living under his roof. Sabrina’s room was just steps from Collin’s bedroom suddenly a little too close for comfort. Playing house with Sabrina was about to get very out of hand .

Hope’s Child

‘Marry me.’

Hope Harrell didn’t know what to expect when she confronted the town’s rugged sheriff with a marriage proposal-but she knew he was her only hope. After the death of her ex-fiance, Hope knew she wouldn’t be able to hide the growing swell of her belly much longer. If she wanted to protect her child from money-hungry relatives, she needed to act fast. She needed a daddy for her baby, and who better than Lyon Teague?

Lyon had weathered many storms, but nothing had prepared him for Hope’s proposition. He wasn’t of the same pedigree as the Texas socialite, but he couldn’t turn away a damsel in distress…especially when that damsel was the woman he’d secretly loved for years-a woman he could only dream of making his own….

It Started with a House…

It’s the kind of house widowed real estate agent Genevieve Gale once dreamed about for herself. Instead she handpicked it for the Roarks, a married couple. But by the time handsome millionaire Marshall Roark moved in, he was a widower. And when he sought comfort in Genevieve’s arms, she offered him everything she had, expecting nothing in return. Even after discovering she was expecting his child. Marshall immediately proposed marriage out of obligation, she was sure. And though she didn’t want him to ‘have to’ marry her, she did long to say yes. To the man she now loved. And to turn the house she’d coveted into the home she longed for.

Silhouette Shadows ’92

A selection of three romantic stories features tales of the dark side of love, including the story of an enigmatic woman, thought to be a witch, on a quest for love.

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