Helen Cresswell Books In Order

Jumbo Books In Order

  1. Jumbo Back to Nature (1963)
  2. Jumbo Spencer (1963)
  3. Jumbo Afloat (1966)
  4. Jumbo and the Big Dig (1968)

Winklesea Books In Order

  1. A Gift from Winklesea (1969)
  2. Whatever Happened in Winklesea? (1989)
  3. Mystery at Winklesea (1995)

Lizzie Dripping Books In Order

  1. Lizzie Dripping (1973)
  2. Lizzie Dripping by the Sea (1974)
  3. Lizzie Dripping and the Little Angel (1974)
  4. Lizzie Dripping and the Witch (1991)
  5. Lizzie Dripping Again (1974)

Two Hoots Books In Order

  1. Two Hoots (1975)
  2. Two Hoots Go to the Sea (1975)
  3. Two Hoots in the Snow (1975)
  4. Two Hoots and the Big Bad Bird (1975)
  5. Two Hoots Play Hide and Seek (1977)
  6. Two Hoots and the King (1977)

Bagthorpe Books In Order

  1. Ordinary Jack (1977)
  2. Absolute Zero (1978)
  3. Bagthorpes Unlimited (1978)
  4. Bagthorpes Versus the World (1979)
  5. Bagthorpes Abroad (1984)
  6. Bagthorpes Haunted (1985)
  7. Bagthorpes Liberated (1989)
  8. The Bagthorpe Triangle (1992)
  9. Bagthorpes Besieged (1996)
  10. Bagthorpes Battered (2001)

Posy Bates Books In Order

  1. Posy Bates and the Bag Lady (1993)
  2. Posy Bates, Again! (1991)


  1. The White Sea Horse (1964)
  2. Where the Wind Blows (1966)
  3. A day on Big O (1967)
  4. The Piemakers (1967)
  5. A Tide for the Captain (1967)
  6. Barge Children (1968)
  7. Rug is a Bear (1968)
  8. Rug Plays Tricks (1968)
  9. The Sea Piper (1968)
  10. The Signposters (1968)
  11. House for Jones (1969)
  12. The Night Watchmen (1969)
  13. Rug and a Picnic (1969)
  14. Rug Plays Ball (1969)
  15. The Outlanders (1970)
  16. Rainbow Pavement (1970)
  17. The Wilkses (1970)
  18. Bird Fancier (1971)
  19. At the Stroke of Midnight (1971)
  20. Up the Pier (1971)
  21. Arc-en-ciel (1972)
  22. Jane’s Policeman (1972)
  23. Blue Birds Over Pit Row (1972)
  24. Roof Fall (1972)
  25. The Beachcombers (1972)
  26. Long Day (1972)
  27. Short Back and Sides (1972)
  28. The Bower Birds (1973)
  29. The Beetle Hunt (1973)
  30. The Bongleweed (1973)
  31. The Key (1973)
  32. The Trap (1973)
  33. Cheap Day Return (1974)
  34. Shady Deal (1974)
  35. A Game of Catch (1975)
  36. Butterfly Chase (1975)
  37. The Winter of the Birds (1975)
  38. Donkey Days (1977)
  39. Awful Jack (1977)
  40. The Flyaway Kite (1979)
  41. My Aunt Polly (1979)
  42. Nearly Goodbye (1980)
  43. Penny for the Guy (1980)
  44. My Aunt Polly by the Sea (1980)
  45. Kingdom of Riches (1981)
  46. Dear Shrink (1982)
  47. Ellie and the Hagwitch (1984)
  48. Greedy Alice (1986)
  49. Whodunnit? (1986)
  50. Time Out (1987)
  51. Dragon Ride (1987)
  52. Moondial (1987)
  53. Trouble (1987)
  54. The Story of Grace Darling (1988)
  55. Rosie and the Boredom Eater (1989)
  56. Hokey Pokey Did It! (1989)
  57. Almost Goodbye, Guzzler (1990)
  58. Meet Posy Bates (1990)
  59. The Secret World of Polly Flint (1991)
  60. The Return of the Psammead (1992)
  61. The Watchers (1993)
  62. Polly Thumb (1994)
  63. Birdspell (1995)
  64. Little Sea Horse (1995)
  65. Stonestruck (1995)
  66. Mister Maggs (1996)
  67. Bag of Bones (1997)
  68. The Little Sea Pony (1997)
  69. Sophie and the Sea Wolf (1997)
  70. The Phoenix and the Carpet (1997)
  71. Garlunk (1998)
  72. The Little Grey Donkey (1998)
  73. Snatchers (1998)
  74. Rumpelstiltskin (2004)


  1. The White Sea Horse and Other Sea Magic (1972)
  2. Silver Jackanory (1991)
  3. Stories for 6-Year-Olds (1997)
  4. Out of This World (2000)
  5. We’re Having a Party! (2013)

Picture Books

  1. John’s First Fish (1970)
  2. Weather Cat (1971)

Anthologies edited

  1. The Puffin Book of Funny Stories (1992)
  2. Classic Fairy Tales (1993)
  3. Best Stories for Six Year Olds (1995)
  4. Mystery Stories (1996)
  5. Collins Treasury of Fairy Tales (1999)
  6. A Treasury of Fairy Tales (2013)

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Helen Cresswell Books Overview

Lizzie Dripping

Everyone in the village where Lizzie lives thinks that she’s a dreamer – so it’s no wonder that they don’t believe her when she says she’s seen a witch. But Lizzie doesn’t care because she knows it’s true and having a witch for a friend makes life much more exciting. BLHelen Cresswell is a well-known writer and has written more than forty books. She has adapted stories such as The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Demon Head master for television.

Two Hoots

You probably know all about owls. They sit in trees, fly around at night and are very wise. But not Big Hoot and Little Hoot they were as daft as coots!

Two Hoots Go to the Sea

Two owls discover they prefer living in the woods rather than by the sea.

Two Hoots in the Snow

Two silly owls discover that things are not always what they appear to be.

Two Hoots and the Big Bad Bird

Big Hoot and Little Hoot are convinced that there is a big bad bird in the woods waiting to eat them up.

Two Hoots Play Hide and Seek

Little Hoot tries to interest his owl friends in a game of hide and seek.

Two Hoots and the King

The two Hoots request the gift of wisdom from a small yellow bird they are convinced is the king of the sun.

Ordinary Jack

Everybody in Jack’s family seems to be brilliant apart from Jack and his downtrodden dog Zero. Even his little sister can beat him at swimming. But Jack’s uncle Parker has come up with a plan to make him and Zero shine: they’ll pretend that Jack can tell the future! If only they could foresee what chaos the plan will cause…
BLHelen Cresswell is the much loved writer of over 40 children’s books. She’s the author of classics such as Lizzie Dripping as well as having adapted The Demon Headmaster for television. She has been runner up for the Carnegie Medal four times.

Absolute Zero

When Uncle Parker wins a luxury holiday in a slogan competition, the rest of the Bagthorpes are determined that they can do better. Suddenly there isn’t an unfilled entry form to be found as they jauntily compose jingles, scribble slogans and fire out forms to the right, left and centre. Only Jack and his hapless hound Zero refuse to be swept up in the hysteria. After all, everybody knows that they could never win anything. So how exactly does Zero find himself the most famous dog in England…
? BLHelen Cresswell has written over 40 much loved books for children, as well as adapting stars such as The Demon Headmaster for television.

Bagthorpes Unlimited

Something foul has befallen the Bagthorpes! Their holy, healthy cousins are coming to stay. The Bagthorpe children can imagine nothing worse and vow to get rid of their unwanted guests no matter what it takes. And what they think it will take are spiders in their salads and creepy crawlies in their hair, not to mention maggots in their meals and mould on their mattresses. But the Bagthorpe cousins are made of unexpectedly strong stuff. They’re not going to be put of quite as easily as that…

Bagthorpes Versus the World

The members of the eccentric Bagthorpe family contend with Mr. Bagthorpe’s attempts to be self sufficient and with Great aunt Lucy’s visit.

Bagthorpes Abroad

Chronicles the further adventures of the eccentric Bagthorpe family as they go on vacation to a reputedly haunted house in Wales.

Bagthorpes Haunted

The Bagthorpes are still on holiday in Wales and waiting for the ghosts to appear. The local community is anxious about Daisy and her pet goat. But there is still time to go to the country auctions and buy furniture for the rented house, visit Daisy’s parents, rustle sheep and wait for the ghosts.

Bagthorpes Liberated

Upon returning from a vacation, the members of the eccentric Bagthorpe family find chaos as a tramp takes over their house, their maid disappears, and the demonic Cousin Daisy arrives with her pet goat.

The Bagthorpe Triangle

The eighth story featuring the eccentric Bagthorpe family, who were the subject of a television serialization in the 1980s. Confusion reigns at Unicorn House when the resident tramp disappears. A police search is undermined as various Bagthorpes pursue their own lines of enquiry and disappear.

Bagthorpes Besieged

The ninth story featuring the eccentric Bagthorpe family, who were the subject of a television serialization in the 1980s. Mr Bagthorpe is suspected of being a terrorist and of murdering his wife, who has disappeared. The police and the press descend en masse, and the family is under siege.

Bagthorpes Battered

In this brand new instalment, the Bagthorpes’ housekeeper, Mrs Fosdyke Fozzie is living the high life in London. All because she found a terrorist bomber in her living room. Dragged up to the ‘Smoke;’ by sleazy tabloid, The Sludge, who plan to turn her into a National Hero and Celebrity, Fozzie’ is getting a bit tired with cocktail parties and canapes and the Bagthorpes are missing her cooking if nothing else! Will Fozzie ever return to save the Bagthorpes from their mum’s horrendous cooking…

Posy Bates and the Bag Lady

Audio Cassette, Chivers Children’s Audio Books

Posy Bates, Again!

Posy Bates returns in new collection of zany mishaps and misadventures as she plays hairdresser for her friend Sam, tries her hand at housework, goes on a camping trip with her fellow Brownies, and stages the kidnapping of her little brother.

The Piemakers

The Rollers are the finest pie makers in Danby Dale. So when they’re asked to make a special pie for the king, the Rollers are thrown into a frenzy of excited activity. This will be their best pie ever! But wicked Uncle Crispin has different plans for the pie plans that involve a large helping of pepper…
BL This is Helen Cresswell’s first book and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal BL Helen Cresswell has been twice BAFTA nominated for her tv adaptations of such books as The Demon Headmaster and The Phoenix and the Carpet.

The Night Watchmen

Josh and Caleb are no ordinary tramps. An air of mystery surrounds them. Henry is fascinated and tries to piece together what they do and what their strange allusions to ‘ticking’ and ‘greeneyes’ mean. Henry gradually wins their confidence and is allowed into their secret world.

The Bongleweed

A hilarious story about The Bongleweed, a weird and wonderful plant that’s threatening to take over the village. It’s up to Becky and Jason to try and stop the wickedly wild weed before it’s too late…
BL Helen Cresswell has been twice BAFTA nominated for her tv adaptations of such books as The Demon Headmaster and The Phoenix and the Carpet.

A Game of Catch

A contemporary girl plays a ‘game of catch’ with two children from an eighteenth century painting.

Ellie and the Hagwitch

A powerful and imaginative fantasy set in the past, about a girl who can see into the future and her battle with her community’s old enemy, the Hagwitch.

Meet Posy Bates

An imaginative eight year old dynamo uses her creativity, her love of animals, and her big heart to find a way to feed and befriend a bag lady and still buy a birthday present for her mother.

The Secret World of Polly Flint

Polly Flint, a girl who sees things other people can’t, finds herself involved with the ‘time gypsies’ of Grimstone, inhabitants of a lost village who have become trapped in a time not their own.

Bag of Bones

Griselda Dogberry wishes something exciting would happen to her. Then she finds a Bag of Bones hidden in the park. In a melting blur these bones develop flesh and fur, whiskers and a tail, and a magical cat steps into her life. Little does she realize that a powerful danger has been unleashed.


A retelling of the traditional spine chilling tales of Rumplstiltskin. A young girl is locked in a room, and on the strength of her father’s boast, she is requested by the king to spin gold. In a panic, she pledges her first born child to the creature that can help her.

Stories for 6-Year-Olds

A collection of six stories for six year olds, read by Josie Lawrence and Joe McGann.

The Puffin Book of Funny Stories

From old favourites like ‘Three Men in a Boat’ and ‘William’, to modern masterpieces like ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole’, the reader is introduced to the classics of the genre. In addition, there are stories by Jan Mark and George Layton and extracts from ‘Crummy Mummy and Me’ by Anne Fine.

Mystery Stories

Including tales from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Ray Bradbury, and Joan Aiken, this collection of eighteen stories offers a marvelous sampling of the mystery genre from classic detective to humorous contemporary.

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