Helen Brooks Books In Order

Husbands and Wives Books In Order

  1. Husband by Contract (1997)
  2. Second Marriage (1997)

Proposals Books In Order

  1. A Convenient Proposal (2000)
  2. A Suspicious Proposal (2000)


  1. Treasure Hunt Vacation (1988)
  2. The Devil You Know (1992)
  3. Stone Angel (1992)
  4. Cruel Conspiracy (1992)
  5. Gentle Savage (1993)
  6. Cold Fire (1993)
  7. Sweet Betrayal (1993)
  8. And the Bride Wore Black (1993)
  9. A Heartless Marriage (1993)
  10. Knight in Black Velvet (1994)
  11. The Sultan’s Favourite (1994)
  12. Web of Darkness (1994)
  13. Lovers Not Friends (1994)
  14. Dark Oasis (1994)
  15. Lace and Satin (1995)
  16. The Twisted Cord (1995)
  17. The Marriage Solution (1995)
  18. For a Mother’s Love (1996)
  19. Reckless Flirtation (1996)
  20. Satisfaction Guaranteed (1997)
  21. The Bride’s Secret (1998)
  22. A Man Worth Waiting for (1998)
  23. A Very Private Revenge (1998)
  24. Mistletoe Mistress (1998)
  25. Mistress to a Millionaire (1999)
  26. A Whirlwind Marriage (2000)
  27. Sleeping Partners (2001)
  28. Christmas at His Command (2002)
  29. The Passionate Husband (2004)
  30. A Ruthless Agreement (2005)
  31. The Beautiful Widow (2011)
  32. In the Italian’s Sights (2012)


  1. The Parent Trap (1997)
  2. Forgive and Forget (1998)
  3. After Hours (1999)
  4. Christmas Gift Pack (2000)
  5. Desert Destinies (2001)
  6. A Christmas Seduction (2001)
  7. Sealed with a Kiss (2002)
  8. Blind-date Brides (2002)
  9. Business Affairs (2003)
  10. Contract Husbands (2003)
  11. Marrying the Boss (2003)
  12. The Devil You Know / Cruel Conspiracy (2004)
  13. Deceitful Lover / Gentle Savage (2004)
  14. Her Greek Millionaire (2005)
  15. Suspicious Proposal / Convenient Proposal (2005)
  16. Falling for the Boss (2005)
  17. Man Worth Waiting for / Marriage Quest (2006)
  18. After Office Hours… (2006)
  19. Christmas Treasures (2006)
  20. City Heat (2007)
  21. It Happened At Christmas (2007)
  22. The Joy of Christmas (2007)
  23. Winter Waifs (2007)
  24. Mistress by Consent (2007)
  25. A Presents Christmas Bundle (2007)
  26. A Very Private Revenge / A Boss in a Million (2007)
  27. One-Click Buy: July 2008 Harlequin Presents (2008)
  28. A Passionate Affair (2009)
  29. Her Mediterranean Boss (2009)
  30. Snow, Satin and Seduction Bundle (2009)
  31. Millionaire’s Woman (2009)
  32. Italian Attraction (2011)
  33. Brides for the Billionaires (2011)
  34. At His Service: His 9-5 Secretary (2012)
  35. The Snow Bride (2013)
  36. Out of hours…Cinderella Secretary (2014)
  37. Orphans from the Storm (2014)
  38. Irresistible Bachelors (2014)
  39. By Request Collection (2015)
  40. One Kiss in… London (2015)
  41. Just One Night… (2016)
  42. By Request Collection April-June 2016 (2016)
  43. The Holiday Escapes Collection (2017)
  44. The Wedding Party / Holiday Escapes Ultimate Collection (2017)
  45. Italian Escape (2017)
  46. The Dreaming Of… Collection (2018)
  47. Dreaming Of… France (2018)
  48. Latin Lovers: Spanish Sunsets (2021)
  49. The Latin Lovers And Dangerous Liaisons Collection (2021)

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Helen Brooks Books Overview

A Convenient Proposal

Candy was instantly wary when Quinn Ellington suggested marriage. She knew her uncle has asked Quinn to look after her while she recovered from an accident but wasn’t marriage taking it a bit too far? Many women had tried to get Quinn to the altar. What really lay behind his proposal?

A Suspicious Proposal

Essie met Xavier Grey at a wedding, and although he clearly disapproved of Essie, she was determined not to care. Xavier was intent on pursuing her. Rich and handsome, he was used to getting what he wanted. But was it an affair or marriage he had in mind?

For a Mother’s Love

Kate’s pregnancy by someone other than her boyfriend forces her into a relationship with Hank, who promises her the world if she gets rid of the baby. Kate’s sister adopts the baby secretly, but no one knows that Hank has a dark secret of his own, a secret that will one day be revealed.

Mistletoe Mistress

When Hawk Mallen took over the company Joanne worked for, it seemed he’d taken over her life as well. Now he was in charge, Hawk seemed to expect his new assistant’s duties to extend out of office hours.

Sleeping Partners

Powerful tycoon Clay Lincoln was the only man who could save Robyn’s PR company. The deal was simple: he’d finance her, but remain a silent partner. Robyn wouldn’t actually need to work with him…
. Robyn was still embarrassed over a passionate kiss they’d once shared after which Clay had just walked away. Now he was clearly impressed by the striking, professional woman she’d become…
and wanted to be her sleeping partner in more than just a business sense!

Christmas at His Command

Marigold couldn’t wait to spend the festive season in her friend’s cottage without a man in sight! But after injuring her ankle, she was thrown on the mercy of her arrogant neighbor instead handsome surgeon Flynn Moreau. Flynn took charge and insisted Marigold stay with him. They were alone together in his palatial home, and the blizzard raging outside was soon matched by the storm of passion within. Marigold’s New Year’s resolution had been to stay happily single, but first she must survive the temptation of her blatantly sensual captor…

The Passionate Husband

Marsha is shocked to see her soon to be ex husband again. She hasn’t seen Taylor since she left him when she suspected him of having an affair. Now she’s trying desperately not to fall for him all over again. After all, he cheated on her…
Didn’t he? Taylor is determined to prove to Marsha he wants her back and he always gets what he wants…
Doesn’t he? He’s going to be her passionate husband: prepare the perfect seduction scene, turn on the charm and, finally, reclaim Marsha as his wife.

Sealed with a Kiss

Hearts, flowers…
kids?! Who needs Cupid when you’ve got kids? In Debbie Macomber’s ever popular My Funny Valentine, a mom runs from the matchmaking efforts of her children right into the arms of a handsome stranger. A very persistent young man dreams of making his hero his dad in Mom and Mr. Valentine by Judith Brown. And a special little girl is behind a roomful of flowers…
And lasting love in Her Secret Valentine by Helen Brooks. There’s a little Cupid in every kid! And a lot of romance in…
Sealed with a Kiss

It Happened At Christmas

Experience the love, warmth and magic Christmas brings, with this heartwarming collection from three favorite Harlequin authors

So much stands between Lancashire mill owner Haywood Denshaw and his new housekeeper Marianne Brown. But even disparate social standing and rumors of disreputable pasts can’t get in the way of their love. Only Marianne’s refusal to compromise her principles can, in a captivating story by PENNY JORDAN.

Wealthy farmer Luke Hudson gets more than he bargained for when he plucks a destitute young woman from the workhouse. He may have rescued Connie Summers from a life of penury and hard labor, but her spirit and warmth give him a new outlook and a second chance at love, in an enthralling story by HELEN BROOKS.

Modern-thinking doctor Harry Fleet and compassionate but old-school nurse Tilly Dainty clash at the Tap House surgery in 1920s East London. But working together to care for the sick and needy turns out to be a healing balm on both their hearts, in an emotional story by CAROL WOOD.

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