Helen Black Books In Order

Lilly Valentine Books In Publication Order

  1. Damaged Goods (2008)
  2. A Place of Safety (2008)
  3. Dishonour (2009)
  4. Blood Rush (2011)
  5. Dark Spaces (2013)
  6. Friendless Lane (2015)

Liberty Chapman Books In Publication Order

  1. Taking Liberties (2017)
  2. Bang to Rights (2019)
  3. Playing Dirty (2019)
  4. Hard as Nails (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Twenty Twelve (2012)

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Helen Black Books Overview

Damaged Goods

Terrified. Abused. Who do you trust when the world is against you? Hope is in short supply for Kelsey Brand! Abandoned by her mother and placed in care, 14 year old Kelsey along with her younger sisters is just another forgotten child of the state. Unable to cope with the care home’s harsh regimes, Kelsey attempts to take her own life, leaving her horrifically scarred and mute. Days later, the body of Kelsey’s mother Grace a known prostitute and hero*in addict is found butchered on a notorious Luton council estate. And Kelsey becomes a suspect! Enter Lilly Valentine. A tough talking Yorkshire lawyer with a heart of gold and a will of iron, Lilly has forsaken a glittering career to move south and help vulnerable kids escape the system. Determined to prove Kelsey’s innocence, Lilly ventures into the heart of a dark city with as many secrets as problems. Prostitution, paedophilia, drugs and blackmail: Lily must put her own life at risk to save a silent, terrified child and find the real killer!

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