Harry Whittington Books In Order

Blackoaks Books In Order

  1. Master of Blackoaks (1977)
  2. Secret of Blackoaks (1980)
  3. Heritage of Blackoaks (1981)
  4. A Farewell to Blackoaks (1984)


  1. Slay Ride for a Lady (1950)
  2. The Brass Monkey (1951)
  3. Call Me Killer (1951)
  4. Fires That Destroy (1951)
  5. Married to Murder (1951)
  6. Drawn to Evil (1952)
  7. Mourn the Hangman (1952)
  8. You’ll Die Next! (1954)
  9. The Naked Jungle (1955)
  10. Saddle the Storm (1955)
  11. Forgive Me Killer (1956)
  12. A Woman on the Place (1956)
  13. One Deadly Dawn (1957)
  14. Temptations of Valerie (1957)
  15. Trouble Rides Tall (1958)
  16. Web of Murder (1958)
  17. A Moment to Prey (1959)
  18. A Ticket to Hell (1959)
  19. The Devil Wears Wings (1960)
  20. Desert Stake-Out (1961)
  21. A Trap for Sam Dodge (1961)
  22. A Haven for the Damned (1962)
  23. Don’t Speak to Strange Girls (1963)
  24. Valley of Savage Men (1965)
  25. Wild Lonesome (1965)
  26. Charro (1969)
  27. High Fury (1970)
  28. The Sword of the Golden Stud (1977)
  29. Panama (1978)
  30. Rampage (1978)
  31. Against All Gods (1982)
  32. The Outlanders (1983)
  33. Embrace the Wind (1984)
  34. A Darkling Moon (1985)
  35. Heat of Night (2012)


  1. Night for Screaming / Any Woman He Wanted (2006)
  2. To Find Cora / Like Mink Like Murder / Body and Passion (2009)
  3. Rapture Alley / Winter Girl / Strictly for the Boys (2012)


  1. The Dimes of Harry Whittington: Volume One (2000)

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Harry Whittington Books Overview

You’ll Die Next!

An ordinary fellow wakes up to a stranger knocking at his door and is beaten to a pulp, fired from his job, and plunged into an insomniac nightmare from which he cannot escape. ‘Of all the writers who specialized in soft cover originals during the paperback boom of the 1950s, Harry Whittington was certainly the ‘king”. Bill Pronzini.

Night for Screaming / Any Woman He Wanted

A NIGHT FOR SCREAMING: Mitch Walker is on the run. Just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but his pursuer, Fred Palmer, has some very effective ways of getting a confession. So Walker hops a train and ends up in a small town in Kansas, where he hires on at a huge farm owned by Barton M. Cassel. It looks like a good place to hide out from Palmer and the local cops, but Walker soon finds himself torn between the scheming arrogance of his new employer, and the unsubtle advances of Cassel’s willing wife, Eve. Caught between their jealous battle, Walker quickly discovers that he was better off when he was on the run because one way or the other, nobody leaves the farm. ANY WOMAN HE WANTED: Mike Ballard works homicide, busted down from lieutenant four years ago for accepting bribes. He had ripped things wide open then, turning on the fat cats whom he had been protecting. But nothing had really changed. Guys were still working the rackets, and shop owners were still getting killed if they didn’t pay. DA Tom Flynn tries to enlist Ballard in his own fight against corruption and dies mysteriously in a car accident the next day. And then there’s Lupe, pregnant by the son of one of the most influential men in town, who wants Ballard’s help and isn’t shy about how she goes about asking. And Naomi, who knows just what she wants. There’s only so much a man can take. When they push him too far, Ballard only has one recourse cop or not, he comes out swinging.

To Find Cora / Like Mink Like Murder / Body and Passion

TO FIND CORA Cora has run off with another man, and Joe Byars is sick with the loss. It makes him so crazy, he starts searching everywhere for Cora. The memory of her long, flowing black hair and alabaster skin haunts him. Eventually Joe gets a lead in Frigate, Oklahoma. A couple, the woman matching Cora’s description, has been seen occasionally coming into town. Joe drives out to a barren, desolate farmhouse, and is convinced at first that the woman coming to the door is his Cora. But Joe has found Viola instead, and a wreck of a man named Hall. They inhabit their own particular hell, and have no intention of letting Joe leave them. But Joe doesn’t care all he wants is his Cora. LIKE MINK, LIKE MURDER Sam Baynard has been out of prison for over a year, clean of his former crime partners. He’s a milkman now, working for the Gorten Milk Company, in love with a sweet girl named Lois, but still dogged by the cynical Lt. Lantis. Then Elva shows up. Sam had been obsessed with Elva, but she’d been Collie’s girl, and Collie was the boss. Oh sure, she’d tempted him, but she’d never delivered. And now she is back, back with new promises. But so is Collie, back with a new plan. Sam thought he could go straight, but between Elva’s charms, Collie’s threats and the heat from Lantis, Lois and her safe world just haven’t got a chance. BODY AND PASSION Jeff Taylor is being framed for murder by ambitious Assistant D.A. Ben Young, when all he really wants to do is get out of the rackets. One night he takes Young up to his cabin for a showdown. But in the ensuing fight, fire breaks out. Only one man gets out alive, and he is so badly burned as to be unrecognizable. Worse, when he finally regains consciousness, he no longer has any memory of who he is. Ben Young’s powerful parents and cold hearted wife are convinced he is Ben. Taylor’s conniving wife and shifty partner are convinced he’s Jeff. Both sides want more from him than he can give. And the answer to his identity may just end in murder.

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