Harry Kemelman Books In Order

The Rabbi Small Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late (1964)
  2. Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry (1966)
  3. Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home (1969)
  4. Monday the Rabbi Took Off (1972)
  5. Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red (1973)
  6. Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet (1976)
  7. Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out (1978)
  8. Conversations with Rabbi Small (1981)
  9. Someday the Rabbi Will Leave (1985)
  10. One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross (1987)
  11. The Day the Rabbi Resigned (1992)
  12. That Day the Rabbi Left Town (1996)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Nine Mile Walk (1967)

The Rabbi Small Mysteries Book Covers

Short Story Collections Book Covers

Harry Kemelman Books Overview

Friday the Rabbi Slept Late

5 cassettes, 6.5 hours. Young and unassuming Rabbi David Small sorts through puzzling pieces of mysteries with logic straight from the Talmud. In Friday the Rabbi Slept Late, a shocking discovery on the temple grounds threatens to ruin both the diligent rabbi and the entire Jewish community at Barnards Crossing. Unaware that his congregation is grumbling about his rumpled appearance and absent minded manner, Rabbi Small spends long hours poring over scholarly books. But he is forced to face his congregants discontent when the police discover a young womans body outside the templeand her handbag in his car. Suddenly Rabbi Small must study motives and uncover the killer, or lose more than his followers. Best selling author Harry Kemelman fills his shrewdly plotted mysteries with likeable and cunning characters who could be your next door neighbors. Personally approved for this unabridged recording by the authors estate, veteran narrator George Guidall expertly brings the harried rabbi and his mutinous congregation to life.

Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry

The answer to the prayers of mystery fans everywhere? A Rabbi Small mystery?full of the wit and wisdom, persistence and chuzpah that put the Rabbi on bestseller lists every day of the week! Ever since he made his debut in FRIDAY THE RABBI SLEPT LATE, the adventures of Rabbi Small have been hailed by critics and fans. And now new fans and old can enjoy the hair raising tales and unparalleled logic of one of the world?s most unusual sleuths. Saturday brings Yom Kippur to Barnard?s Crossing and Rabbi Small is preparing as usual. But his prayers and fasting are interrupted when a member of his congregation is found dead in his car. The police call it an accident. The insurance company calls it suicide. Only Rabbi Small?s pregnant wife, Miriam, thinks it?s murder. Now it?s up to him to prove her right.

Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home

David Small, America’s favorite rabbi and most unorthodox sleuth is back again in his best mystery yet. Somewhere between the Passover service and a plot to unseat part of his congregation, Rabbi David Small finds himself caught up with some very non kosher characters in a baffling case of murder, mari*juana, and militants. A superb blend of hair splitting logic and hair raising suspense, the Rabbi’s new adventure is indisputable entertainment.

Monday the Rabbi Took Off

Rabbi David Small is back. The man who can see the third side of any question. This time he& 39s on a private exodus to Israel to soothe his soul. He just wants to soak up the local scene, sit in the park, talk to the kids, go to the synagogue or heresy of heresies not, as the mood strikes him. But where Rabbi Small goes, so goes trouble. And Israel& 39s no exception. Before you can say & 34Oy gevalt!’ Rabbi Small finds himself in the thick of an international incident. Yes, Monday& 39s the day Rabbi Small goes up against the Wall.

Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red

Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red A Rabbi Small Mystery By Harry Kemelman Murder is not kosher! When David Small, our favorite rabbi and most unorthodox detective, becomes enmeshed in the murder of a fellow teacher at Windemere Christian College, he discovers things are not at all kosher around the school. From the moment the bomb goes off in the dean’s office, everyone is under suspicion. The fifth in a series of definitive editions of Rabbi David Small mysteries by award winning author Harry Kemelman! Over seven million copies of Rabbi Small mysteries in print! Kemelman’s work on the Rabbi Small series served as an inspiration for such mystery writers as Faye Kellerman.

Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet

The sixth in the ibooks series of definitive editions of Rabbi David Small mysteries by Edgar Award winning author Harry Kemelman. Things aren’t kosher in Barnard’s Crossing. An unpleasant member of the congregation dies mysteriously and the suspect is a troubled young man. Rabbi Small comes to the case with Talmudic reasoning and insight and finds a solution that no one else sees.

Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out

If the murder victim had not been a notorious anti Semite, Rabbi Small might never have become involved. When several members of his congregation became suspects, Rabbi Small was forced to match wits with the killer.

Conversations with Rabbi Small

The author of the bestselling Rabbi Small mystery series writes an extraordinary book about the mysteries, history, and drama of Judaism and what it means to be a Jew. In June, the Rabbi went on vacation…
only to find himself unraveling a mystery as old as time itself. The girl appeared, unannounced, at his cabin door. Would the Rabbi convert her to Judaism, she has asked. It was vital to her forthcoming marriage. And so began Rabbi Small’s investigation into the magic, the mysticism, the truths and the fables of the world’s oldest religion. Shot through with tension, conflict, humor, and wisdom, Conversations with Rabbi Small is a richly woven tapestry of past and present beliefs that Jews and non Jews will find meaningful, thought provoking, and more than a bit surprising. Told in the form of a novel, this insightful and sensitive book will be accessible to a large audience, from young people to adults.

Someday the Rabbi Will Leave

Rabbi Small faces political corruption, definitely non kosher, brewed with a dash of dirty campaign tricks, blackmail, and a possible murder. And if that’s not bad enough, the newly appointed president of the temple has decided to replace the rabbi before his daughter’s wedding…
From the Paperback edition.

One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross

On a pleasure trip to the Holy Land, Rabbi David Small looks in on the troubled son of friends. Young Jordan Goodman has embraced the extreme ideals of a controversial fundamentalist Jewish group. Now his newfound beliefs lead him to perform an act of dubious heroism that results in a murder charge. Can Rabbi Small show him the error of his ways…
and save him from the murder rap?

The Day the Rabbi Resigned

Rabbi Small, bored with his clerical duties, is enlisted by Police Chief Hugh Lanigan to set his scholar’s mind to a drunk driving accident that looks like murder. Victor Joyce, a local college professor infamous both for his ambition and extracurricular activities, had been drinking heavily the night of the crash. But a witness who passed by the wreck insists that the victim was not dead, just unconscious. Rabbi Small learns that quite a number of ‘innocent’ citizens drove down the seldom used road on that rainy night. Any one of them could have had it in for the not so revered professor…

That Day the Rabbi Left Town

The New York Times Book Review called Harry Kemelman’s last Rabbi Small novel, The Day the Rabbi Resigned, ‘a deft murder mystery…
very smooth and wonderfully sly.’ Now, in The Day the Rabbi Left Town, America’s most unorthodox detective deserts his old haunts for new challenges. But the more things change the more they stay the same, especially where murder is concerned…
. Having resigned as rabbi of Barnard’s Crossing Temple, Rabbi David Small is delighted to accept the newly created post of Professor of Judaic Studies at Windermere College in Boston. The position is just what he wanted, even though the English faculty, with whom he is temporarily domiciled, appears oddly unsettled by his presence. Nevertheless, when an elderly English professor disappears during a snowy Thanksgiving weekend, no one expects him to turn up dead. Professor Kent’s body is found in a snowdrift very near the home of an English Department colleague and the home of Barnard’s Crossing’s new rabbi as well. Heart attack? Rabbi Small thinks not, for a man as sublimely self interested as old Professor Kent must have racked up many a grudge, and worse. And as usual the rabbi is right…
. From the Hardcover edition.

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