Harold L Goodwin Books In Order

Rick Brant Science Adventures Books In Order

  1. The Rocket’s Shadow (1947)
  2. The Lost City (1947)
  3. Smugglers’ Reef (1950)
  4. The Caves of Fear (1951)
  5. The Golden Skull (1954)
  6. The Wailing Octopus (1956)
  7. The Electronic Mind Reader (1957)
  8. The Scarlet Lake Mystery (1958)
  9. The Pirates of Shan (1958)
  10. The Blue Ghost Mystery (1960)
  11. The Egyptian Cat Mystery (1961)
  12. The Flaming Mountain (1962)
  13. The Flying Stingaree (1963)
  14. The Veiled Raiders (1965)
  15. The Magic Talisman (1990)

Rip Foster Books In Order

  1. Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet (1952)

Non fiction

  1. Space: Frontier Unlimited (1962)

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Harold L Goodwin Books Overview

The Wailing Octopus

On a skin-diving vacation in the Virgin Islands, Rick and Scotty stumble across deadly spies. A thrilling science-adventure! Volume 11 in the Rick Brant series.

The Scarlet Lake Mystery

The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge.

The Pirates of Shan

Rick Brant and his pal, Scotty, are plunged into danger and excitement when they encounter the cutthroat pirates of Shan in the heart of the Pacific tropics. During an expedition to locate two missing scientists, Rick, the son of a famous scientist and youngest member of the Spindrift Scientific Foundation, finds that piracy exists in a new and modem form. How he and his friends rescue the lost scientists and help to eradicate organized piracy in the Sulu Sea through the use of modern electronics makes one of the most thrilling adventures in the Rick Brant series.

The Egyptian Cat Mystery

Contents:CHAPTER I The Winston PlanCHAPTER II The Egyptian CatCHAPTER III CairoCHAPTER IV El MouskiCHAPTER V Sahara WellsCHAPTER VI The Cat Has KittensCHAPTER VII The Egyptian MuseumCHAPTER VIII The Midnight CallCHAPTER IX The Uninvited VisitorCHAPTER X The Great PyramidCHAPTER XI Third Brother SmilesCHAPTER XII Third Brother Stops SmilingCHAPTER XIII The Space MysteryCHAPTER XIV The Broad SaharaCHAPTER XV The Cat Comes BackCHAPTER XVI The Howling JackalsCHAPTER XVII Ismail ben AdhemCHAPTER XVIII The Fight at Sahara WellsCHAPTER XIX The Cat’s SecretCHAPTER XX The Signal Vanishes

The Magic Talisman

Rick Brant and his friends solve a baffling mystery involving a disappearing magician.

Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet

TABLE OF CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: SpaceboundCHAPTER TWO: Rake That Radiation!CHAPTER THREE: Capture and Drive!CHAPTER FOUR: Find the Needle!CHAPTER FIVE: The Gray WorldCHAPTER SIX: Rip’s PlanetCHAPTER SEVEN: Earthbound!CHAPTER EIGHT: Duck or Die!CHAPTER NINE: Repel Invaders!CHAPTER TEN: Get the Scorpion!CHAPTER ELEVEN: Hard WordsCHAPTER TWELVE: Mercury TransitCHAPTER THIRTEEN: Peril!CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Between Two FiresCHAPTER FIFTEEN: The RocketeersCHAPTER SIXTEEN: Ride the Planet!CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Visitors!CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Courtesy With ClawsCHAPTER NINETEEN: SpacefallCHAPTER TWENTY: On the Platform excerpt from CHAPTER ONE: Spacebound A thousand miles above Earth’s surface the great space platform sped from daylight into darkness. Once every two hours it circled the earth completely, spinning along through space like a mighty wheel of steel and plastic. Through a telescope on Earth the platform looked to be a lifeless, lonely disk, but within it, hundreds of spacemen and Planeteers went about their work. In a ready room at the outer edge of the platform, a Planeteer officer faced a dozen slim, black clad young men who wore the single golden orbits of lieutenants. This was a graduating class, already commissioned, having a final informal get together. The officer, who wore the three orbit insignia of a major, was lean and trim. His short cropped hair covered his head like a gray fur skull cap. One cheek was marked with the crisp whiteness of an old radiation burn. ‘Stand easy,’ he ordered briskly. ‘The general instructions of the Special Order Squadrons say that it’s my duty as senior officer to make a farewell speech. I intend to make a speech if it kills me and you, too.’ The dozen new officers facing him broke into grins. Maj. Joe Barris had been their friend, teacher, and senior officer during six long years of training on the space platform. He could no more make a formal speech than he could breathe high vacuum, and they all knew it. Lt. Richard Ingalls Peter Foster, whose initials had given him the nickname ‘Rip,’ asked, ‘Why don’t you sing for us instead, Joe?’ Major Barris fixed Rip with a cold eye. ‘Foster, three orbital turns, then front and center.’ Rip obediently spun around three times, then walked forward and stood at attention, trying to conceal his grin. ‘Foster, what does SOS mean?’ ‘Special Order Squadrons, sir.’ ‘Right. And what else does it mean?’ ‘It means ‘Help!’ sir.’ ‘Right. And what else does it mean?’ ‘Superman or simp, sir.’ This was a ceremony in which questions and answers never changed. It was supposed to make Planeteer cadets and junior officers feel properly humble, but it didn’t work. By tradition, the Planeteers were the cockiest gang that ever blasted through high vacuum. Major Barris shook his head sadly. ‘You admit you’re a simp, Foster. The rest of you are simps, too, but you don’t believe it. You’ve finished six years on the platform. You’ve made a few little trips out into space. You’ve landed on the moon a couple of times. So now you think you’re seasoned space spooks. Well, you’re not. You’re simps!’ Rip stopped grinning. He had heard this before. It was part of the routine. But he sensed that this time Joe Barris wasn’t kidding.

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