Hans Hellmut Kirst Books In Order

Gunner Asch Books In Order

  1. The Revolt of Gunnar Asch (1955)
  2. Forward Gunner Asch (1956)
  3. The Return of Gunner Asch (1957)
  4. What Became of Gunner Asch (1964)

Konstantin Keller Books In Order

  1. Damned to Success (1973)
  2. Time for Truth (1974)
  3. A Time for Payment (1976)


  1. The Lieutenant Must be Mad (1951)
  2. The Seventh Day (1957)
  3. Brothers in Arms (1961)
  4. The Officer Factory (1962)
  5. The Night of the Generals (1963)
  6. The 20th of July (1966)
  7. The Fox of Maulen (1968)
  8. Camp Seven Last Stop (1969)
  9. No Fatherland (1970)
  10. The Adventures of Private Faust (1971)
  11. Who’s in Charge Here? (1971)
  12. Hero in the Tower (1972)
  13. The Nights of the Long Knives (1976)
  14. Everything Has Its Price (1976)
  15. Party Games (1978)
  16. Twilight of the Generals (1979)
  17. Heroes for Sale (1982)

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Hans Hellmut Kirst Books Overview

The Officer Factory

Officers aren’t born they’re carefully molded. In Na*zi Germany this training took place in a horrific ‘factory,’ where the men received both military and ideological indoctrination, preparing them to fight successfully for the fatherland. When a murder occurs in the school, however, underlying tensions begin to surface. Another unforgettable novel by the world renowned author of Night of the Generals made into a film with an all star cast and an incomparable journey into the heart of wartime Germany.

The Night of the Generals

The famous novel about three Na*zi generals and a brutal wartime sex crime and the inspiration for the 1967 film. When a Polish prostitute is murdered in 1942, the suspects come down to three German generals. But nothing happens. Then, in 1944, when the trio gathers again, another killing occurs. However, a coup against Hitler halts the investigations. Then, in 1956, a third slaying takes place and it’s clear that this time, the murderer must be caught…

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