Hans Fallada Books In Order


  1. Little Man, What Now? (1933)
  2. Nightmare in Berlin (1947)
  3. The Drinker (1989)
  4. Every Man Dies Alone (2009)
  5. Wolf Among Wolves (2010)


  1. Why Do You Wear a Cheap Watch? (2018)
  2. Lilly and her Slave (2022)

Non fiction

  1. An Old Heart Goes A-Journeying (2007)
  2. A Stranger in My Own Country (2014)

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Hans Fallada Books Overview

Little Man, What Now?

This is the book that led to Hans Fallada’s downfall with the Na*zis. The story of a young couple struggling to survive the German economic collapse was a worldwide sensation and was made into an acclaimed Hollywood movie produced by Jews, leading Hitler to ban Fallada s work from being translated. Nonetheless, it remains, as The Times Literary Supplement notes, the novel of a time in which public and private merged even for those whowanted to stay at home and mind their own business.’

The Drinker

‘This is an heroic book, brave, fearless and honest. It is necessary reading.’ The Sunday Times London’Genuinely tragic and beautiful…
Fallada’s perfectly horrifying, horrifyingly perfect novel is the story of himself rejected by society and returning the insult.’ New StatesmanWritten in an encrypted notebook while he was incarcerated in a Na*zi insane asylum and discovered after his death, The Drinker may be Hans Fallada’s most breath taking piece of craftsmanship. It is an intense yet absorbing study of the descent into drunkenness by an intelligent man who fears he’s lost it all. Moving, often funny, and told in a galvanizing bravura style.

Every Man Dies Alone

‘The greatest book ever written about German resistance to the Na*zis.’ Primo LeviThis never before translated masterpiece by a heroic best selling writer who saw his life crumble when he wouldn’t join the Na*zi Party is based on a true story. It presents a richly detailed portrait of life in Berlin under the Na*zis and tells the sweeping saga of one working class couple who decides to take a stand when their only son is killed at the front. With nothing but their grief and each other against the awesome power of the Reich, they launch a simple, clandestine resistance campaign that soon has an enraged Gestapo on their trail, and a world of terrified neighbors and cynical snitches ready to turn them in. In the end, it’s more than an edge of your seat thriller, more than a moving romance, even more than literature of the highest order it’s a deeply stirring story of two people standing up for what’s right, and each other. Hans Fallada was one of Germany’s best selling authors ranking with Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse prior to the rise of the Na*zis. But while those writers fled Germany, Fallada stayed. Refusing to join the Na*zi Party, he suffered numerous difficulties, including incarceration in an insane asylum. After the war, he wrote Every Man Dies Alone based on an actual Gestapo file. He died just before its publication in 1947.

Wolf Among Wolves

This sweeping saga of love in dangerous times the 1923 collapse of the German economy, when food and money shortages led to rioting in the streets and unemployed soldiers marauding through the countryside is deemed by many to be Hans Fallada’s greatest work. Yet its 1938 publication made his publisher so fearful of Na*zi retribution that he told Fallada, If this book destroys us, then at least we ll be destroyed for something that s worth it. It appears here in its first unabridged translation into English, based on a contemporaneous translation by Philip Owens that has been revised and restored in full by Thorsten Carstensen and Nicholas Jacobs. Carstensen also provides an afterword discussing why the original version of the book was so heavily edited and why Fallada s publisher thought a love story might get them killed.

An Old Heart Goes A-Journeying

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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