Hammond Innes Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. All Roads Lead to Friday (1939)
  2. The Trojan Horse (1940)
  3. Wreckers Must Breathe / Trapped (1940)
  4. Attack Alarm (1941)
  5. Dead and Alive (1946)
  6. The Killer Mine (1947)
  7. The Lonely Skier / Fire in the Snow (1947)
  8. The Blue Ice (1948)
  9. Maddon’s Rock / Gale Warning (1948)
  10. The White South / The Survivors (1949)
  11. The Angry Mountain (1950)
  12. Cocos Gold (As: Ralph Hammond) (1950)
  13. Air Bridge (1951)
  14. Campbell’s Kingdom (1952)
  15. Black Gold on the Double Diamond (As: Ralph Hammond) (1953)
  16. The Strange Land / The Naked Land (1954)
  17. The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1956)
  18. The Land God Gave to Cain (1958)
  19. The Doomed Oasis (1960)
  20. The Strode Venturer (1965)
  21. Levkas Man (1971)
  22. Golden Soak (1973)
  23. North Star (1974)
  24. The Big Footprints (1977)
  25. The Last Voyage (1978)
  26. Solomons Seal (1980)
  27. Black Tide (1982)
  28. High Stand (1985)
  29. Medusa (1988)
  30. Isvik (1991)
  31. Target Antarctica (1993)
  32. The Delta Connection (1996)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Selected Works (1978)

LIFE World Library Books In Publication Order

  1. Scandinavia (1963)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Harvest of Journeys (1960)
  2. Sea and Islands (1967)
  3. The Conquistadors (1969)
  4. Hammond Innes Introduces Australia (1971)
  5. Hammond Innes’ East Anglia (1986)
  6. Far Horizons (1988)
  7. Vincent Van Gogh (As:Ralph Hammond) (1990)
  8. Personal Encounters (As:Ralph Hammond) (2002)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Tales of Old Inns (2020)

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Hammond Innes Books Overview

The Trojan Horse

Andrew Kilmartin was a quietly respectable lawyer until the day a wanted killer forced his way into his office. Against all the odds, Kilmartin believed Franz Schmidt was innocent, but it was a belief which would endanger not only Kilmartin but also Schmidt’s daughter Freya.

Wreckers Must Breathe / Trapped

A story set in Cornwall where, below the cliffs, a fleet of German U boats lie hidden. Their target is the merchantmen and their ships, the lifeline of wartime Britain. Journalist Walter Craig, who is holidaying in the area, becomes entangled in the events going on around him.

Attack Alarm

Begins in August 1940 at the start of the Blitz. The mass formation attacks have started, and the call to action stations ‘Attack Alarms’ is a daily occurence. This novel offers an account of that long summer when only a handful of fighter planes could prevent a British defeat.

The Killer Mine

Smuggled illegally into his native land after many years’ absence, army deserter Jim Pryce finds himself deposited on a Cornish beach. Little does he suspect, setting out along the road to Penzance, that he is about to walk straight into a mine disaster, and into a story involving his own history.

The Lonely Skier / Fire in the Snow

Neil Blair is relishing an expenses paid holiday in the Italian Dolomites, where he plans to finish his film script. All goes wrong, however, when he stumbles on the location of a ho*ard of buried Na*zi gold. From then on, he faces a terrifying race for his life from a group of murderous criminals.

Maddon’s Rock / Gale Warning

A sailor fights to clear his name after his ship sinks in the last days of World War II, taking its cargo of bullion to the bottom of the sea.

Air Bridge

The story of an enterprise begun in a hangar on a deserted airfield in Wiltshire. The three men behind it are ex RAF flyers. Against the background of a post war blockade of Berlin, it tells of their attempts to get their machine on to the Airlift in time.

The Strange Land / The Naked Land

A thriller from the author of THE LONELY SKIER. A man escapes to Morocco, hopeful of starting a new life. However, he soon discovers that three people are waiting for him: a smuggler turned missionary; a grubby, corrupt entrpreneur; and a young woman from the past he believed he had fled.

The Wreck of the Mary Deare

They dismissed the Mary Deare as ‘a piece of leaking ironmongery taken off the junk heap’. For forty years, this 6,000 ton freighter had tramped the seas, suffered shipwreck twice, and been torpedoed three times in two world wars. Then one March night, battered, bruised, and empty, she emerged from severe Biscay gales into the English Channel and into the newspaper headlines. Here was a ship of mystery and tragedy…
in one of the greatest sea stories of all time.

The Doomed Oasis

Charles Whitaker is a Welshman who forsakes his native country for the deserts of Araby. Adapting quickly to this hostile terrain, he soon becomes more Bedouin than British. Whitaker’s illegtimate son, David, sets out to find his father. He in turn is followed by a Welsh solicitor who hopes to reunite the two men. The story moves at two levels: One involves a desperate struggle for desert oil; the second, hardly less intense, for father and son to find each other. Both struggles are resolved at Saraifa, The Doomed Oasis of the title.

The Strode Venturer

The Strode Venturer, ploughing distant seas, bridges two very different worlds the island paradise of Addu Atoll and the commercial world of London. Everything is very much business as usual, but at Strode House a coterie of directors plots against the family. Nowhere is disaster closer than in the Maldives, where the Adduans, an isolated seafaring people, have literally bet their future on the company. Peter Strode, wanderer, the odd man out in a family interested only in power and money, makes the cause of the Adduans his own. Volatile, impulsive, full of driving enthusiasm, he sets out to save these people and restore his father’s company. Only death can deflect him from his purpose.

Levkas Man

The strange love hate relationship between a young man and the anthropologist who adopted him starts in Amsterdam and moves swiftly to Malta and the isles of Greece.

Golden Soak

Alec Falls attempts desperately to regain his fortune by tackling the region’s fabled McIlroy’s Monster: a mine with enough promise of trapped ore to destroy as many men as it seduces into attempting its secrets. The mine becomes Alec’s obsession. As he plunges blindly into the morass, his character gradually erodes along with his hopes of hitting ‘the big strike.’

North Star

A thriller in which a North Sea oil rig guard is pushed to the limits when a savage storm hits the platform, and one mans decision marks the turning point, starting a desperate battle for life. From the author of TARGET ANTARCTICA.

The Last Voyage

In The Last Voyage, Hammond Innes imagines the private journal that Captain James Cook might have kept on the voyage that ended in his death in 1779. While trying to find a Northwest passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Cook’s ship, the Resolution, was blocked by a massive ice wall along the Bering Strait. Cook successfully freed his ship, and planned another attempt for the following summer. Cook then returned to Hawaii, where he was killed by the islanders in a skirmish over a stolen boat. ‘An account to be prized by the armchair salt who likes to hear the winds moan and the timbers creak but only as the logs in the fireplace split.’ The Saturday Review

Solomons Seal

When Perenna Holland is forced to sell her home on the English coast, estate agent Roy Slingsby is employed to as*sess the property. When the inventory turns up an album of old stamps, he is fascinated as to their provenance. Through his investigations, he learns more about the Holland family.

High Stand

Why should mine owner Halliday have changed his will? And why should he disappear? Redfern, his solicitor, realizes he must find the answers. His investigations lead him to a gold mine in Yukon and to the ‘High Stand‘ of red cedars in the forests of British Columbia where deadly secrets lie.


Rough notes, discovered on the body of a glaciologist whose plane had gone down in the waters of the South Atlantic, launch an expedition bent on recovering an ancient ship whose ghostly image the glaciologist had seen.

Target Antarctica

How would you like to buy a Hercules for a paltry 10K? This one is rather awkwardly placed on an iceberg. So it may cost you your life. EX RAF pilot Edwin Cruse takes the chance, and in doing so meets La Belle Phuket. By the author of ‘The Lonely Skier’ and ‘The White South’.

The Delta Connection

The first killing occurs in Constantza, the Romanian seaport on the Black Sea, but the next death happens a world away. At the heart of this thriller is the search for a missing woman Vikki, the beautiful, adopted daughter of a dissident journalist.

Personal Encounters (As:Ralph Hammond)

Ralph Hammond served as an Army War Correspondent during World War II, then as the press secretary for an Alabama governor for two terms. In these positions, he interviewed Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, T.S. Eliot, Carl Sandburg and the silversmith William Spratling. In this book, Mr. Hammond has turned his interviews into poetic homages to all these authors.

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