H I Larry Books In Order

Zac Power Books In Order

  1. Poison Island (2006)
  2. Deep Waters (2006)
  3. Mind Games (2006)
  4. Frozen Fear (2006)
  5. Tomb of Doom (2006)
  6. Night Raid (2006)
  7. Lunar Strike (2007)
  8. Sudden Drop (2007)
  9. Blockbuster (2007)
  10. Snock Wave (2007)
  11. High Risk (2007)
  12. Undercover (2012)
  13. Sky High (2012)
  14. Volcanic Panic (2012)
  15. Boot Camp (2012)
  16. Swamp Race (2008)
  17. Thrill Ride (2009)
  18. Horror House (2009)
  19. Close Shave (2009)
  20. Shipwreck (2009)
  21. Overdrive (2009)
  22. River Rampage (2009)
  23. Foul Play (2009)
  24. Fossil Fury (2010)
  25. Shock Music (2010)
  26. Ultimate Mission (2010)

Zac Power Mega Mission Books In Order

  1. Base Camp (2008)
  2. Code Red (2008)
  3. Moon Rider (2008)
  4. High Stakes (2008)

Zac Power Test Drive Books In Order

  1. Zac’s Moon Trip (2009)
  2. Zac’s Wild Rescue (2009)
  3. Zac’s Icy Pole (2009)
  4. Zac’s Sticky Fix (2009)
  5. Zac’s Freaky Frogs (2009)
  6. Zac’s Ski Mission (2009)
  7. Zac’s Bank Bust (2009)
  8. Zac’s Shark Attack (2009)
  9. Zac’s Power On (2009)
  10. Zac’s Water World (2009)
  11. Zac’s Rocket Launch (2009)
  12. Zac’s Skate Break (2009)
  13. Zac’s Double Dare (2010)
  14. Zac’s Quicksand (2010)
  15. Zac’s High Dive (2010)
  16. Zac’s Space Race (2010)

Zac Power Extreme Mission Books In Order

  1. Sand Storm (2009)
  2. Dark Tower (2009)
  3. Ice Patrol (2009)
  4. Water Blaster (2012)

Zac Power Spy Camp / Zac Power Spy Recruit Books In Order

  1. Zac Blasts Off (2010)
  2. Zac Strikes Out (2010)
  3. Zac Cracks Down (2010)
  4. Zac Climbs High (2010)
  5. Zac Runs Wild (2010)
  6. Zac Wipes Out (2010)
  7. Zac Jets On (2010)
  8. Zac Heats Up (2010)

Zac Power Special Files Books In Order

  1. The Fear Files (2011)
  2. The Rockstar Files (2011)
  3. The Underwater Files (2011)
  4. The Sky Files (2011)
  5. The Undercover Files (2011)
  6. The City Files (2011)
  7. The Volcano Files (2011)
  8. The Desert Files (2011)


  1. Zac’s Even Bigger Hits! Volume Two (2018)
  2. Zac Power’s Biggest EVER Hits (2019)

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H I Larry Books Overview

Poison Island

Mission: Find Formula for Solution XEnemy: Dr. DrasticFeatured Gadget: SpyPad Turbo DeluxeDanger Rating: 6.7 Zac Power is on a mission to the world’s most dangerous island. He has to track down Dr. Drastic, an evil mad scientist, in a jungle is full of quicksand, piranhas, and poison frogs. No sweat! When you come from a family of spies, you do this sort of thing millions of times before the age of twelve. But this time is different. Something goes terribly wrong and Zac’s geeky older brother gets kidnapped. Now, Zac only has 24 hours to find the formula for solution X and stop Dr. Drastic before his brother gets fed to a volcano!

Deep Waters

Mission: Locate Secret Enemy SubmarineEnemy: Captain StewartFeatured Gadget: Amphibious SubmersibleDanger Rating: 3.7 Zac Power is about to embark on his first solo mission finally! And it’s almost as cool as playing a guitar solo for millions of screaming fans. For years, top secret government info has been stored at the bottom of the deepest ocean in the world. And it s been totally safe until now. The enemy is testing a new submarine that can dive deeper than ever before. Can Zac find the enemy, protect the top secret info, and still make it home in time to walk the dog?

Mind Games

Emerging chapter book readers will love this easy to read spy series with action, adventure, and edge of your seat danger.

Frozen Fear

Zac is sent to the Great Icy Pole to investigate suspicious activity in the area. It’s a freezing, scary place where your eyeballs can freeze in their sockets and your fingers can snap off! And if Zac misses his helicopter ride back, he’ll be stuck there all winter…

Sudden Drop

Zac is headed to the dangerous Australian outback to rescue the water supply from BIG When BIG, the evil nemesis of the Government Investigation Bureau, hijacks a secret water supply, Zac Power faces yet another dangerous mission. But to rescue the water, Zac has to find it in the middle of the harsh Australian outback and protected by some of BIG’s deadliest defense systems yet.

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