Gwyneth Jones Books In Order

Divine Endurance Books In Order

  1. Divine Endurance (1984)
  2. Flowerdust (1993)

Aleutian Books In Order

  1. White Queen (1991)
  2. North Wind (1994)
  3. Phoenix Cafe (1997)

Bold as Love Books In Order

  1. Bold as Love (2001)
  2. Castles Made of Sand (2002)
  3. Midnight Lamp (2003)
  4. Band of Gypsies (2005)
  5. Rainbow Bridge (2006)
  6. The Grasshopper’s Child (2015)


  1. Water in the Air (1977)
  2. The Exchange (1979)
  3. The Influence of Ironwood (1979)
  4. Escape Plans (1986)
  5. Kairos (1988)
  6. The Hidden Ones (1988)
  7. Life (2004)
  8. Spirit (2008)
  9. Grazing the Long Acre (2009)
  10. Proof of Concept (2017)


  1. Identifying the Object (1993)
  2. Seven Tales and a Fable (1995)
  3. The Buonarotti Quartet (2009)
  4. The Universe of Things (2011)
  5. Future Dreams (2018)
  6. Big Cat: And Other Stories (2019)

Non fiction

  1. Deconstructing the Starships (1998)
  2. Imagination / Space (2009)

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Gwyneth Jones Books Overview

Divine Endurance

The Cat intelligent, elegant and heartless and her loving companion Cho together go in search of the race who had left them alone. Cho believes she would be able to put an end to the world’s problems. Divine Endurance had promised her that. And it is true: Cho has the power to grant every wish of the human heart. In the Peninsula, Cho and Divine Endurance discover a land of intricate beauty, but it is also a land riddled with corruption, where a desperate struggle is in progress between the people and the indifferent power of their Rulers. Everywhere death creeps in like the tide. And sometimes every wish of the human heart doesn’t always work out…

White Queen

Johnny Guglioli used to be a journalist, but his QV virus has rendered him an outcast. In exile from his native America, he encounters an enigmatic young woman. He is convinced she is an alien, and that she is part of a small force sent to reconnoitre Earth.

North Wind

In ‘White Queen’, Jones introduced readers to the Aleutians, mysterious aliens whose reproductive process appears to be a method of assuring immortality for the individual. Now, ‘North Wind‘ picks up the story of Bella, who may or may not be an alien, and the human Sidney Carton as they search the war ravaged remains of Europe for the last vestige of human technology that may save civilization.

Phoenix Cafe

The concluding and most powerful volume in the SF masterpiece, The White Queen trilogy, ‘Phoenix Cafe‘ is ‘a flamboyant, wildly imaginative, and deeply moving novel about of all things the aliens among us’ ‘Washington Post Book World’

Bold as Love

Imagine John Lennon met Mick Jagger around 1968, really hit it off, went through the collapse of modern civilisation together, and changed from rockstars into genuine heroes. And came out on the other side ruling England. And imagine they were both in love with the same girl, and this gorgeous babe they both adored turned out to be…
But this story isn’t actually set in 1968, it’s an alternate Now, and Fiorinda is no hapless sixties rock chick, but a formidable power in her own right: a child of our times and a timeless heroine. Bold as Love is an evocative Arthurian fantasy in which cultural icons rock and roll stars are cast as man of destiny, peerless warrior companion at his side, with a band of faithful companions, a princess in jeopardy, battle scenes, fancy dress, Celtic mythology, true romance, a wicked magician, the Holy Grail…
More magical than the classic Divine Endurance, more exciting and moving than the award winning White Queen: Bold as Love is a shamelessly romantic fantasy about England that asks what would happen to the rock nobility if all those protest songs and idealist opinions were put to the test…

Castles Made of Sand

The BOLD AS LOVE series is a world of daring, dread and enchantment, a world that could almost be ours: a brilliant combination of myth, magic and pop culture. Ax Preston, Sage Pender and Fiorinda, charismatic leaders of the Rock n Roll Reich, have beaten the cascade of disasters that followed the collapse of the former United Kingdom. Now they have to find some resolution to the impossible dynamics of their own relationship, while the world keeps falling apart. There are fearsome things going on in England’s rural hinterland, and in Continental Europe the green nazis are planning a final solution to desperate environmental damage. But there’s nothing the Triumvirate can’t handle until Fiorinda’s father, a monster of the kind the world has never before known, reaches out to reclaim his magical child, the flower bride. And that’s when darkness falls over Ax’s England…
enchanting a dark fairy tale with an epic sweep, set in a world very like our own.

Band of Gypsies

The riveting new instalment in Gwyneth Jones’s award winning ‘Bold As Love’ saga. Ax Preston, former dictator, returns to England; he’s agreed to take up the job of Green President. At close quarters he finds some outrageous details in the contract, so the Triumvirate decamps for Paris, to sit out the first hard winter after the A team destroyed crude oil in ostentatious poverty. He’s quite certain he can negotiate a better deal. But while Ax and Sage and Fiorinda are embarassing the English government over conditions in the new slavery labour camps, bad things are happening for the President of the USA. Fred Eiffrich’s enemies in Washington are about to drop a bombshell, one that will shatter any hope of a return to former realities, former certainties. What happened at Lavoisier is not over. It’s coming back, it’s never going to end. At least not while Fiorinda lives…
or her child.

Rainbow Bridge

It’s the final curtain call for flame haired rock princess Fiorinda and her comrades Ax Preston and Sage Pender a 21st century Guinevere, King Arthur, and Sir Lancelot. Together, the Triumvirate have fought to save their Britain, and America indeed, the whole world from the depredations of a collapsed economy and environmental meltdown. Together they have fought the evil magic of Fiorinda’s wizard father; they have explored the depths and heights of ultimate consciousness, the fusion between mind and the world. And they have discovered a love that goes back centuries, and lives. But is all this enough to save a world that has fallen apart at the seams, a world that has given itself over to the dark side?


‘Life’ is a richly textured fictional biography of the brilliant Anna Senoz, a scientist who makes a momentous discovery about the X and Y chromosomes. Anna’s discovery provokes widespread sexual rage and impacts cruelly on her career, her marriage, and her child. Ultimately, Anna faces a challenge that the practice of science alone cannot meet.

The Buonarotti Quartet

The man who’d given his handle as Drummer raised heavy eyes and spoke, sonorous as a prophet, from out of a full black beard. ”We will be ordered to the transit chamber as we were ordered to this room; or drugged and carried by robots in our sleep. We will lie down in the Buonarotti capsules, and a code self, the complex pattern of each human body and soul, will be split into two like a cell dividing. The copies will be sent flying around the torus, at half light speed. You will collide with yourself and cease utterly to exist at these co ordinates of space time. The body and soul in the capsule will be annihilated, and know GOD no longer.” from ”The Voyage Out”

In Gwyneth Jones’s White Queen Trilogy, the reclusive female genius called Peenemunde Buonarotti invented the instantaneous transit device of the same name. In the four stories of The Buonaraotti Quartet, Gwyneth Jones shows us humans traveling via the device to alien worlds and situations. Some are diplomats, some are extreme travelers, some are prisoners. All are in for a rough, wild ride.

Deconstructing the Starships

The subject matter of this collection is varied, but displays Jones stance as a practicing SF writer and a feminist; the writing is characterized by both an incisive engagement with the texts and a refusal to dress that engagement in jargon. This very readable book provides insight into the work of one of the UK’s most interesting writers and presents strong sometimes even subversive views of a range of modern SF and fantasy. ‘Gwyneth Jones is one of the two or three most important writers of the current sf boom in the UK…
from the evidence in this book it is clear she is also one of the most reflective and readable sf critics working today.’ Science Fiction Studies

Imagination / Space

Imagination/Space is a collection of talks and essays on fiction, feminism, technology, and politics by Gwyneth Jones, the 2008 recipient of the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pilgrim Award, conferred annually on science fiction’s premiere critics for lifetime achievement. Among the twenty two pieces in Imagination/Space you will find Jones s acceptance speech for the Pilgrim Award; her detailed notes on shadowing a scientist in a lab in preparation for writing her Philip K. Dick Award winning novel, Life; ”String of Pearls,” a fascinating talk she presented at the 2004 World Fantasy Con that muses on the relationship between sex and horror as it focuses on Jacquelyn Carey s Kushiel Trilogy and what happens when a woman is the Chosen One of a fantasy epic; re evaluations of classic feminist sf novels; a look at the entry of women writers into the traditionally male subgenre of militarist sf; a consideration of girl power on television; and her report on the W.I.S.E.R. conference in Maastricht. Her sharp analyses and witty observations make this a must read for anyone who cares about feminism, science fiction, or both.

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