Guy N Smith Books In Order

Werewolf Books In Order

  1. Werewolf by Moonlight (1974)
  2. Return of the Werewolf (1976)
  3. The Son of the Werewolf (1978)

Sucking Pit Books In Order

  1. The Sucking Pit (1975)
  2. The Walking Dead (1984)

Slime Beast Books In Order

  1. The Slime Beast (1975)
  2. Spawn of the Slime Beast (2015)

Crabs Books In Order

  1. Night of the Crabs (1976)
  2. Killer Crabs (1978)
  3. Origin of the Crabs (1979)
  4. Crabs on the Rampage (1981)
  5. Crabs’ Moon (1984)
  6. The Human Sacrifice (1988)
  7. Killer Crabs: The Return (2012)
  8. The Charnel Caves (2019)

Truckers Books In Order

  1. Black Knights (1977)
  2. Hi-jack! (1977)

Deathbell Books In Order

  1. Deathbell (1980)
  2. Demons (1987)

Thirst Books In Order

  1. Thirst (1980)
  2. The Plague (1987)

Sabat Books In Order

  1. The Graveyard Vultures (1982)
  2. The Blood Merchants (1982)
  3. Cannibal Cult (1982)
  4. The Druid Connection (1983)
  5. Wistman’s Wood (2018)
  6. The Return (2019)

Sgt John Mayo Books In Order

  1. The Black Fedora (1991)
  2. The Knighton Vampires (1992)
  3. Satanic Armageddon (2021)

Jason Ford Books In Order

  1. The Eighth Day (2012)
  2. Psalm 151 (2013)


  1. The Ghoul (1976)
  2. Bamboo Guerillas (1977)
  3. Bats Out of Hell (1979)
  4. Locusts (1979)
  5. Satan’s Snowdrop (1980)
  6. Caracal (1980)
  7. Doomflight (1981)
  8. Warhead (1981)
  9. Manitou Doll (1981)
  10. Wolfcurse (1981)
  11. Entombed (1982)
  12. The Pluto Pact (1982)
  13. The Lurkers (1982)
  14. The Undead (1983)
  15. Accursed (1983)
  16. Blood Circuit (1983)
  17. Throwback (1985)
  18. Abomination (1986)
  19. Snakes (1986)
  20. Cannibals (1986)
  21. Alligators (1987)
  22. Bloodshow (1987)
  23. The Neophyte (1987)
  24. The Wood (1987)
  25. Fiend (1988)
  26. The Island (1988)
  27. Mania (1988)
  28. The Master (1988)
  29. The Camp (1989)
  30. The Festering (1989)
  31. Phobia (1990)
  32. The Unseen (1990)
  33. Carnivore (1990)
  34. The Resurrected (1991)
  35. Witch Spell (1993)
  36. The Plague Chronicles (1993)
  37. Rak (1994)
  38. The Hangman (1994)
  39. Badger Island (1994)
  40. The Dark One (1995)
  41. Dead End (1996)
  42. Water Rites (1997)
  43. The Pony Riders (1997)
  44. The Busker (1998)
  45. Deadbeat (2003)
  46. Blackout (2006)
  47. The Cadaver (2007)
  48. Maneater (2009)
  49. Night of the Werewolf (2011)
  50. Nightspawn (2013)
  51. Carnage (2016)
  52. The Reaper (2018)


  1. Hangman’s Hotel And Other Stories (2014)
  2. Shadows And Teeth (2017)
  3. Postcards From The Void (2018)
  4. It Came From The Garage! (2019)
  5. Next Door (2019)
  6. Tales From The Graveyard (2020)
  7. The Casebook of Raymond Odell (2020)

Anthologies edited

  1. Horror Shorts (1999)
  2. Mystery and Horror Shorts (1999)
  3. Fifty Tales from the Fifties (1999)
  4. Science Fiction and Horror Shorts (2000)
  5. Nightmares From The Black Hill (2017)

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Guy N Smith Books Overview

Night of the Crabs

Holidaymakers on the Welsh coast bask peacefully in the summer sunshine, blissfully unaware of the huge and evil army of giant crustaceans that lurk in the dark, off shore waters…
watching, waiting…
Then the drownings begin. But it is not until the underwater army, driven driven by its need to kill and gorge on human flesh, crawls up on the beach that the authorities understand the massive threat they face. And when the screaming stops, the crunching of bone and munching of flesh begins…
From Guy N. Smith, legendary author of more than 80 pulp fiction classics and 600,000 copies sold.

The Unseen

After a near death experience, the central figure of the plot, a young bank manager, recuperates, but while he is in the void something malevolent has entered him. His transformed and possessed personality frightens children and animals.

Witch Spell

Thirteen year old Brenda ‘Bobbie’ Wheeler is sent by her witch mother to an English boarding school, where she begins receiving some very special lessons from her distant father.

The Busker

There had been buskers in the cathedral city of Lichfield for centuries, but never one like Jonjo. Crowds are drawn irresistibly by his strange, haunting, hypnotic music, a weird melody that lingers with the listeners long afterwards, a nuisance by day but terrifying in the nocturnal hours, calling them, commanding them. The Kirby’s have forsaken a secure lifestyle for an idealistic organic farming project. They incur the contempt of the Deeps, an agronomist who seems hell bent on destroying the environment with his poisonous herbicides and pesticides. Then the terror begins…
Sharon, the Deeps rebellious, teenage daughter, disappears. The Kirby’s milking goat vanishes without a trace. And the harvest festival becomes a nightmarish inferno of death. Jonjo’s warning of impending doom is coming true as tiny corn people are glimpsed flitting through the autumnal mists. Then the crop circles appear as if to herald Armageddon. And throughout, Jonjo’s melody is a symphony of madness and death. What is happening? Why? Only The Busker knows the answers.

The Cadaver

A spine chilling tale from a master of horror In a small Welsh town, a group of children, dressed for Halloween, gather outside the shabby house of the most feared and despised resident, Edward Kroll. After one of the trick or treating children is killed in a freak accident, Kroll disappears. It seems that he may have died in his bed. But Krolls vengeful spirit haunts the town from beyond the grave…


From a master of the horror genre When a gamekeeper in the Welsh Borders takes a shot at a Big Cat prowling in his woods but only succeeds in wounding it, the creature, unable to catch rabbits and deer, turns its attention to humans…
Retired professional hunter Gordon Hall is called upon when all other methods have failed, while a rural community lives in terror, not knowing when this Big Cat will strike again…

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