Gretta Mulrooney Books In Order

Tyrone Swift Books In Order

  1. The Lady Vanished (2015)
  2. Blood Secrets (2016)
  3. Two Lovers, Six Deaths (2016)
  4. Watching You (2017)
  5. Low Lake (2018)
  6. Your Last Lie (2019)
  7. Her Lost Sister (2020)
  8. Murder in Pembrokeshire (2021)
  9. Death By the Thames (2021)

Detective Inspector Siv Drummond Books In Order

  1. These Little Lies (2019)
  2. Never Came Home (2020)
  3. Murder in Mallow Cottage (2021)


  1. A Can of Worms (1993)
  2. Nest of Vipers (1994)
  3. A Den of Thieves (1995)
  4. Crossing the Line (1997)
  5. Araby (1998)
  6. Marble Heart (2000)
  7. Fire and Ice (2006)
  8. Out of the Blue (2007)
  9. The Apple of Her Eye (2010)
  10. My Own Sweet Way (2015)
  11. Walking on Water (2015)
  12. Lost Child (2016)
  13. Coming of age (2016)


  1. Grace’s Flag (2014)
  2. Joffe Books Murder Mystery & Suspense (2021)

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Gretta Mulrooney Books Overview


A funny and intensely moving portrait of childhood, death and a man’s relationship with his larger than life mother. This poignant, witty, warm hearted yet unsentimental novel charts the turbulent relationship of a mother and son. As a young boy, Rory Keenan finds his mother bewilderingly and embarrassingly eccentric as his childhood is punctuated by hilarious, cringe making episodes caused entirely by her unpredictable behaviour and bizarre habits and exploits. Kitty has a huge appetite for food, for mysterious imaginary illnesses and for strange hobbies. Her irrepressible, opinionated nature ensures that she and against his will, Rory too is the centre of any attention to be had. At the end of Kitty’s life, Rory, now a grown man, begins to come to terms with his confused feelings for Kitty he loves her devotedly, but nevertheless her cussedness still infuriates him. As memories and secrets from his family’s stormy past in Ireland and London echo through the tragedy of her final, very real illness we are given an outstandingly vivid and compassionate vision of life, love and death.

Marble Heart

A stunning piece of psychological suspense, focusing on two very different women brought together by a secret from the past. Joan has a tentative grip on the world she’s too trusting, soft centred, cheery and straightforward. By nature and by profession, Joan is a carer, employed to look after Nina Rawle, a crisp and sophisticated woman, stricken by a long term illness. There is a very good reason why Joan has been taken on by Nina,having to do with Nina’s tangled past in Northern Ireland. How and why Nina will reveal herself to Joan, and whose part in Nina’s past is truly significant, makes for a tense and twisting tale.

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