Gregory Mcdonald Books In Order

Fletch Books In Publication Order

  1. Fletch (1974)
  2. Confess, Fletch (1976)
  3. Fletch’s Fortune (1978)
  4. Fletch and the Widow Bradley (1980)
  5. Fletch’s Moxie (1981)
  6. Fletch and the Man Who (1983)
  7. Carioca Fletch (1984)
  8. Fletch Won (1985)
  9. Fletch, Too (1986)

Fletch Books In Chronological Order

  1. Fletch Won (1985)
  2. Fletch, Too (1986)
  3. Fletch and the Widow Bradley (1980)
  4. Fletch (1974)
  5. Carioca Fletch (1984)
  6. Confess, Fletch (1976)
  7. Fletch’s Fortune (1978)
  8. Fletch’s Moxie (1981)
  9. Fletch and the Man Who (1983)

Flynn Books In Publication Order

  1. Flynn (1977)
  2. The Buck Pas*ses Flynn (1981)
  3. Flynn’s In (1984)
  4. Flynn’s World (2003)

Son of Fletch Books In Publication Order

  1. Son of Fletch (1993)
  2. Fletch Reflected (1994)

Skylar Books In Publication Order

  1. Skylar (1995)
  2. Skylar In Yankeeland (1999)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Running Scared (1964)
  2. Love Among the Mashed Potatoes (1978)
  3. Who Took Toby Rinaldi? / Snatched / Snatch (1980)
  4. Safekeeping (1985)
  5. A World Too Wide (1987)
  6. Exits and Entrances (1988)
  7. Merely Players (1988)
  8. The Brave (1991)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Education of Gregory McDonald: Writings About America, 1966-1973 (1985)
  2. Souvenirs of a Blown World: Sketches for the Sixties, Writings about America, 1966-1973 (2008)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Last Laughs: The 1986 Mystery Writers of America Anthology (1986)
  2. The Crown Crime Companion (1995)

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Gregory Mcdonald Books Overview


FletchHe’s an investigative reporter whose methods are a little unorthodox. Currently he s living on the beach with the strung out trying to find to the source of the drugs they live for. FletchHe s taking more than a little flack from his editor. She doesn t appreciate his style. Or the expense account items he s racking up. Or his definition of the word deadline. Or the divorce lawyers who keep showing up at the office. FletchSo when multimillionaire Alan Stanwyk offers Fletch the job of a lifetime, which could be worth a fortune, he s intrigued and decides to do a little investigation. What he discovers is that the proposition is anything but what it seems.

Confess, Fletch

Confess, FletchThe flight from Rome had been pleasant enough, even if the business he was on wasn t exactly. His Italian fianc?e’s father had been kidnapped and presumably murdered, and Fletch is on the trail of a stolen art collection that is her only patrimony. But when he arrives in his apartment to find a dead body, things start to get complicated. Confess, FletchInspector Flynn found him a little glib for someone who seemed to be the only likely suspect in a pretty clear case of homicide. He wasn t exactly uncooperative, but it wasn t like he was entirely forthcoming either. And Flynn wasn t entirely convinced that the nineteenth century Western artist Edgar Arthur Tharp really occupied most of Fletch s thoughts. Confess, FletchWith the police on his tail and a few other things to do beside prove his own innocence, Fletch makes himself at home in Boston, renting a van, painting it black, and breaking into a private art gallery. That is when he s not entertaining his future mother in law and visiting with the good Inspector Flynn and his family.

Fletch’s Fortune

Fletch’s FortuneHe hadn t been a practicing journalist for years, although people remembered him and he still has a few contacts. And he s pretty sure he hasn t paid his dues to the American Journalism Alliance anytime recently. But somebody has. Fletch s FortuneEnjoying himself on the French Riviera, developing a killer tan, and sleeping with the neighbor s wife, Fletch is feeling pretty flush. But when agents Eggers and Fabens show up with a little more information about Fletch than is comfortable and an invitation to the A.J.A. convention, how could he refuse? Fletch s FortuneSo he finds himself enlisted as a spy among his peers. But before he can even set up his surveillance, there s a murder. And almost everybody s a suspect. Because a lot of people were employed by Walter March, and most of them had a reason to hate him.

Fletch and the Widow Bradley

Fletch and the Widow Bradley

When Fletch finds a wallet with $10,000 in cash inside, he doesn t realize it’s the last piece of good luck he s going to see for a while. Because when he calls in to the News Tribune, he discovers a story he s written is causing quite a sensation, and not the good kind. He might just be out of a job permanently.

Fletch and the Widow Bradley

If Tom Bradley, the chairman of Wagnall Phipps and one of Fletch s principal sources, and not incidentally, the source of his paper s embarrassment, is dead, who s been signing his name to company documents, and why doesn t the company treasurer seem to know? If he s alive, how come his widow, Enid, has Tom s ashes on the mantel?

Fletch and the Widow Bradley

Fletch may have more questions than answers on his hands, but he knows he s a pretty good reporter, and if he s going to get his reputation back, not to mention his job, he s going to have to get to the bottom of more than one mystery.

Fletch’s Moxie

In Fletch’s Moxie, the prolific Gregory Mcdonald tests his incomparable investigative journalist once again with a caper that is as perfectly plotted as Fletch is brilliant. It seems just about everyone in Hollywood had a reason to want Steve Peterman dead. But how someone managed to put a knife in his back on a live broadcast without being seen is anyone s guess. Unfortunately for Fletch, his girlfriend, Moxie Mooney, a huge star at the box office, is also the number one suspect. With the police asking way too many questions, Fletch whisks Moxie and her drunken father, O.L., off to Key West for a little privacy. But before he can even check out the beach, the rest of the suspects decide to check in. Now, in a house full of Hollywood s elite, Fletch is increasingly amazed at how ruthless the movie business can be.

Fletch and the Man Who

A girl jumped off the motel’s roof. Five minutes ago.

‘Give it to me straight. Does the girl have anything to do with us? I mean, with the campaign? The presidential candidate?’

‘It’s your job, Fletch, to make damned sure she didn’t.’

Fletch and the Man Who
When Fletch arrives as the new press representative for Governor Caxton Wheeler s presidential campaign, he isn t sure which mystery to solve first: what his new job actually is or why the campaign has been leaving dead women in its tracks.

Fletch and the Man Who
He finds himself on the other side of the press, a human shield deflecting the questions he is asking himself. Are the murders just coincidence, or is a cold hearted killer looking for a job in the White House?

Fletch and the Man Who
When the campaign shifts into high gear, Fletch s skills are working overtime in a desperate bid of his own to find the killer and to make sure the governor doesn t lose any more votes.

Carioca Fletch

Carioca FletchFletch’s trip to Brazil wasn t exactly planned. But it s Carnival time in Rio and he has plenty of money, thanks to a little arrangement made stateside. And it took him no time to hook up with the luscious Laura Soares. Fletch is beginning to relax, just a little. Carioca FletchBut between the American widow who seems to be following Fletch and the Brazilian widow who s fingered Fletch as her long dead husband, he suddenly doesn t have much time to enjoy the present or even get a wink of sleep. Carioca FletchA thirty year old unsolved murder, a more recent suicide, an inconvenient heart attack somehow Fletch is connected to all of them and one of those connections might just shorten his own life. From Rio to Bahia and back again, at the height of Carnival, Fletch has to keep moving or get stopped cold.

Fletch Won

Fletch Won

As a fledgling reporter, Fletch is doing more flailing than anything else. That and floating around from department to department trying to figure where he fits in. His managing editor’s got him pegged for the society pages, but the kind of society Fletch gets involved with is anything but polite.

Fletch Won

His first big interview, a millionaire lawyer with a crooked streak and an itch to give away some of his ill gotten gains, ends up dead in the News Tribune s parking lot before Fletch can ask question number one. So Fletch ends up going after the murderer instead, and ends up learning a thing or two about crime and punishment.

Fletch Won

At the same time, he s supposed to be covering or maybe uncovering a health spa that caters to all its clients needs, and gets hired as a very personal trainer. Never mind that he s supposed to be getting married at the end of the week; Fletch has a few other engagements to take care of first.

Fletch, Too

Fletch, TooAfter a few delays and without the benefit of a rehearsal, it looks like Fletch is finally getting hitched. It’s a small affair, just a few friends, the bride s parents, the groom s mother, and, just maybe, his father. Except Fletch s father is supposed to be dead. Fletch, TooBut somebody delivered the letter, signed Fletch senior and containing an invitation and a pair of plane tickets to visit the old man in Nairobi for the honeymoon. Never mind Fletch and his bride were planning a ski trip to Colorado. Fletch, TooNo sooner does the couple land in Africa togged out for skiing!, then the search for Fletch s father begins. There s a murder at the airport, reports of the old man s incarceration, and the hospitality and evasiveness offered by pop s best friend, who flies them across the continent, just a step or two behind or maybe ahead of the old rascal.


Ever since F.X. Flynn made his first appearance in Confess, Fletch, matching wits with the inimitable Irwin Fletcher, he has befuddled, infuriated, and amazed his colleagues on the Boston Police force while in pursuit of blackmailers, murderers, embezzlers, politicians, and, occasionally, his fellow policemen. It might have been an accident that brought down the Boeing 707 over Boston Harbor, virtually in Flynn‘s own backyard. But it seems unlikely, with so many potential targets on board: The heavily insured, elderly Federal judge; the has been British actor; the middleweight champ; the Middle Eastern finance minister. The motive could have been greed, murder, revenge, or even terrorism and it s up to the good inspector to get to the bottom of it.

The Buck Pas*ses Flynn

On medical leave from the Boston Police Department, the eccentric Police Inspector and offbeat operative, Francis Xavier Flynn might have his most perplexing assignment yet. Someone is giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, and Flynn has to find out who in a hurry. As he races from Texas to Las Vegas, from Massachusetts to Russia, Flynn quickly discovers that this is not the pastime of an eccentric billionaire, nor is it a nefarious counterfeiting scheme. Someone is looking to wreck the nation’s economy and bizarrely enough, spending a lot of money to do it. With every lead going nowhere, Flynn s most dizzying logic is put to the test, but the clue he needs could be somewhere in his own murky past.

Flynn’s In

When it comes to crime, Boston Police Inspector and part time intelligence agent, Francis Xavier Flynn is no stranger to the bizarre, the perverse, or the ridiculous. But when he is suddenly summoned by Police Commissioner D Esopo to a secret wilderness compound far outside of their jurisdiction, he is a little surprised to find himself the hostage of a secret club of the nation’s most powerful and peculiar. Famous for his irreverent methods and razor sharp intellect, Flynn is forced to conduct a clandestine murder investigation. But before one murder is even solved, membership at the Rod and Gun Club continues to drop.

Flynn’s World

When Boston Police Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn’s barely adolescent daughter asks him to rescue her friend Billy from the cemetery, where he s been fastened to a tree by a nail through his earlobe, the good inspector is pretty sure there s something more behind what at first seems like a bully s prank. And he s convinced there is more than mischief involved in the hateful threats against distinguished Harvard professor Louis Loveson. If that weren t enough to keep Flynn busy, there s Lieutenant John Kurt, whose very impressive arrest record follows some very disturbing patterns. In Flynn s World, two time Edgar Award winner Gregory Mcdonald s dogged detective confronts intolerance in all its guises, and sheds light on more than one dark secret. F.X. Flynn made his first appearance in Confess, Fletch, where he matched wits with the inimitable Irwin Fletcher. Since then he has befuddled, bemused, amazed, and infuriated his colleagues on the Boston Police force as he has pursued international terrorists, blackmailers, murderers, embezzlers, politicians, and, occasionally, his fellow policemen all while doing his regular job.

Son of Fletch

When Fletch learns there are four ex cons on the loose in his part of the county, little does he suspect that one of the scruffy and very dangerous men will claim to be the son he never knew in fact, was never even told about. But when a muddy and bedraggled young man acosts him in his study, it doesn t take our wily reporter and investigator long to surmise this kid might well be his son. And when Fletch meets the kid’s compatriots he wonders how either of them is going to get out of this situation unscathed.

Fletch Reflected

Fletch Reflected

Fletch’s newfound son Jack has just heard from an old flame who s about to marry a billionaire s son that is until her future father in law suffers several near fatal accidents.

Fletch Reflected

The potential victim the inventor of the perfect mirror, which allows people to see themselves exactly as others do lives in his own secluded compound, so Jack gets a job as pool hand on the estate to get closer to the action.

Fletch Reflected

Now Jack’s life may be in danger, and he will need his inimitable father’s help to discover before it’s too late whose reflection hides a killer’s heart.


Everyone loves Skylar Whitfield, Greendown County’s winsome charmer. He has innate sexiness that makes women smile. But he doesn’t make his cousin Jonathan smile. Jonathan’s a Harvard preppy gracing the South for the first time and he has a hard time with Skylar‘s penchant for hot summer nights, long legged women and southern masculinity. Skylar has an equal distaste for Jonathan’s presumptions, snobbery and northern propriety. When the county beauty queen, Mary Lou Simes, is found beaten to death with Skylar‘s pocket knife nearby, Skylar must put his sex filled mind and incorrigible love of the good life on hold. To find the murderer, he’ll have to outwit the dimwitted police and drag Jonathan along with him. Gregory Mcdonald heaps this rollicking series debut with enough enchantment and eros to make a naughty girl blush. Uproariously funny, Skylar is fresh, quirky, and so delicately crafted that it is at once painfully suspenseful and sweetly moving.

Souvenirs of a Blown World: Sketches for the Sixties, Writings about America, 1966-1973

‘He is one of the best writers we have to the point and always original.’ The New York Times Book Review

The best selling author of the Fletch series, Gregory Mcdonald presents both first hand accounts of major events during the sixties and interviews with Joan Baez, Abbie Hoffman, Krishnamurti, Phil Ochs, Andy Warhol, and others. The year was 1966 and fresh off the heels of his controversial debut novel Running Scared, Mcdonald was hired to write for The Boston Globe with the instruction to ‘Go and have fun and write about it, and if you end up cut and bleeding on the sidewalk, call the office.’ Souvenirs of a Blown World is an exuberant account of the people, encounters, and emotions that raced through the nation during those indelible years.

You will follow a war battered young soldier through the steamy quagmire of Vietnam, attend a barbeque bash in Dallas for the opening of John Wayne’s two hundred first picture, watch Jack Kerouac booze himself into hallucinatory eloquence, and run through the streets of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Captured in kaleidoscopic prose, this is the vanished world of America’s revolt, the explosive second adolescence that shook old institutions to their foundations…
the time we must relive and understand if we are to understand and live through our own.

Twice the winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award and described by critics as the inventor of the sunlight mystery and ‘The Master of the Pointed Story,’ Gregory Mcdonald has published twenty six books, including the Fletch series. From 1966 to 1973, he worked for The Boston Globe, where he was the first member of the major media to write against the Vietnam War.

The Crown Crime Companion

The Crown Crime CompanionThe Top 100 Mystery Novels Of All TimeSelected by theMystery Writers Of AmericaAnnotated by 0tto Penzler and Compiled by Mickey FriedmanFor The Crown Crime Companion, the Mystery Writers of America have compiled a list of the best 100 mystery novels of all time, as well as a list of favorites in ten categories. Fully annotated and reviewed by Otto Penzler, this list of the top 100 mysteries will be a valuable resource to fans, introducing them to new novels and reminding them about books by favorite writers they may have missed. Each of the ten category lists is introduced by a master of that category:Classics:Suspense:Hardboiled/Private Eye:Police Procedural:Espionage/Thriller:Criminal:Cozy/Traditional:Historical:Humorous:Legal/Courtroom:H.R.F. KeatingMary Higgins ClarkSue GraftonJoseph WambaughJohn GardnerRichard CondonMargaret MaronPeter LoveseyGregory McdonaldScott Turow

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