Gregg Olsen Books In Order

Port Gamble Chronicles / Empty Coffin Books In Publication Order

  1. Beneath Her Skin / Envy (2011)
  2. Dying to Be Her / Betrayal (2012)

Waterman and Stark Books In Publication Order

  1. The Bone Box (2012)
  2. The Girl in the Woods (2014)
  3. Now That She’s Gone (2015)
  4. Just Try To Stop Me (2016)

Vengeance Books In Publication Order

  1. The Girl on the Run (2014)
  2. Girls on Film (2014)
  3. The Boy She Left Behind (2017)

Nicole Foster Thriller Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sound of Rain (2016)
  2. The Weight of Silence (2018)

Detective Megan Carpenter Books In Publication Order

  1. Snow Creek (2019)
  2. Water’s Edge (2020)
  3. Silent Ridge / Dark Falls (2020)
  4. Vanishing Point (2021)

Emily Kenyon Books In Publication Order

  1. A Cold Dark Place (2007)
  2. Heart of Ice (2009)

Notorious USA Series Books In Publication Order

  1. The Boy Who Fired The First Shot (2013)
  2. The Stranger and the World’s Bravest Little Girl (2013)
  3. The Girl and the Horrors of Howard Avenue (2013)
  4. Death of a Cheerleader (2014)
  5. Darkest Waters (With: ) (2014)
  6. Her Lover’s Wife (2014)
  7. Fundamental Love (2014)
  8. Overkill (2014)
  9. Dangerous Dozen (2017)

Sheriff Detective Kendall Stark Books In Publication Order

  1. Victim Six (2010)
  2. Closer than Blood (2011)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Wicked Snow (1995)
  2. Fear Collector (2011)
  3. Shocking True Story (2013)
  4. The Last Thing She Ever Did (2018)
  5. Lying Next to Me (2019)
  6. The Hive (2021)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Abandoned Prayers (1990)
  2. Bitter Almonds (1993)
  3. Cruel Deception / Mockingbird (1995)
  4. Starvation Heights (1997)
  5. The Confessions of an American Black Widow / Bit*ch on Wheels (1998)
  6. If Loving You Is Wrong (1999)
  7. The Deep Dark (2005)
  8. A Twisted Faith (2010)
  9. Bloody Sequins (2014)
  10. If I Can’t Have You: Obsession, Murder and a Mother’s Strange Disappearance (2014)
  11. Unnatural Causes (2014)
  12. The Amish Schoolhouse Murders (2014)
  13. The Unforgettable Fire (2014)
  14. A Killing in Amish Country (2016)
  15. If You Tell (2019)

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Gregg Olsen Books Overview

A Cold Dark Place

The Seeds Of Evil…
In a secluded farm house in the Pacific Northwest, a family has been slaughtered and a teenage son has disappeared. Single mother and cop, Emily Kenyon spearheads a dark hunt for a killer. But Emily’s teenage daughter Jenna is one step ahead of her…
Are Planted In…
Jenna knows the boy suspected of murdering his family and wants to help him perhaps too much. Then within days of the first murder, another family is butchered, this time in Iowa. And on the heels of this brutal slaying, another follows in Salt Lake City. Eerie similarities link the crime scenes. But an even darker connection threatens to claim even more victims…
A Cold Dark Place As Emily fits the puzzle pieces together, she realizes the danger surrounding her daughter is worse than she’d imagined. Now in a desperate race to save Jenna, Emily must match wits with the most cunning, diabolical killer she’s faced yet in her career a killer who’s just placed her and her daughter at the top of his list…

Heart of Ice

‘Gregg Olsen is one of the best.’ Allison Brennan ‘Olsen brings his vast knowledge of the criminal mind to the fictional stage.’ Anne Frasier Three bodies, three different towns. Each victim was a sorority girl pretty, privileged, and brutally murdered. There are no fingerprints, no clues. He is scrupulously careful, craving those exquisite seconds when the light fades from his victim’s eyes. But the rush never lasts, and the killing won’t stop not until one special woman has been made to suffer…
Praise for Gregg Olsen’s Novels…
‘Grabs you by the throat.’ Kay Hooper ‘Wickedly clever! Genuinely twisted.’ Lisa Gardner ‘As good as it gets.’ Lee Child ‘An irresistible page turner.’ Kevin O’Brien

Victim Six

The bodies are found in towns and cities around Puget Sound. The young women who are the victims had nothing in common…
except the agony of their final moments. But somebody carefully chose them to stalk, capture, and torturea depraved killer whose cunning is matched only by the depth of his bloodlust. But the dying has only just begun. And the next victim will be the most shocking of all.

Closer than Blood

The first time was easy. No one ever suspected the victim had been murdered. The crime long buried, the dark passions guiding the killer’s hand are still alive. But the need for revenge cannot be denied. Only one person can stop the killing. Only one person can identify the killer. Only one person knows the face of death – is as close as the face in the mirror…

A Wicked Snow

Hannah Griffin was a girl when tragedy struck on her family’s farm. She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police dug up one of them her mother’s. It was the nation’s worst murder scene in decades and the killer was never found! Twenty years later Hannah is a talented CSI investigating a case of child abuse when the past comes hurtling back. Years of buried questions are brought to life. A killer with unfinished business is on the hunt. And an anonymous message turns Hannah’s blood cold: Your Mom called…

Abandoned Prayers

On Christmas Eve in 1985, a hunter found a young boy’s body along an icy corn field in Nebraska. The residents of Chester, Nebraska buried him as ‘Little Boy Blue,’ unclaimed and unidentified until a phone call from Ohio two years later led authorities to Eli Stutzman, the boy’s father. Eli Stutzman, the son of an Amish bishop, was by all appearances a dedicated farmer and family man in the country’s strictest religious sect. But behind his quiet fa ade was a man involved with po*rnography, sadomasochism, and drugs. After the suspicious death of his pregnant wife, Stutzman took his preschool age son, Danny, and hit the road on a sexual odyssey ending with his conviction for murder. But the mystery of Eli Stutzman and the fate of his son didn’t end on the barren Nebraska plains. It was just beginning…

Bitter Almonds

Stella Nickell’s small time world was one of big time dreams. In 1986, her biggest one came true when her husband died during a seizure, making her the beneficiary of a $175,000 plus insurance payoff until authorities discovered Bruce Nickell’s headache capsules had been laced with cyanide. In an attempt to cover her tracks, Stella did the unconscionable. She saw to it that a stranger would also become a ‘random casualty’ of cyanide tainted painkillers. but Stella’s cunning plan came undone when her daughter Cynthia notified federal agents. And troubling questions lingered like the secret of Bitter Almonds
What would turn a gregarious barfly like Stella into a cold hearted killer overnight? Why would Cynthia, a mirror image of her mother, turn on her own flesh and blood? Did Cynthia reveal everything she knew about the crimes? The stunning answers would unfold in a case that sparked a national uproar, dug deep into a troubled family history, and exposed an American mother for the pretty poison she was.

Cruel Deception / Mockingbird

In and out of hospitals since birth, angelic nine month old Morgan Reid finally succumbed to what appeared to be Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Morgan’s Texas born mother Tanya, a nurse and devoted wife, pulled up stakes with her grieving husband Jim, and moved on. It was the best way to put the past behind them. Until their son Michael, a boy who by all accounts was terrified of his mother, began showing signs of the same affliction that stole the life of his baby sister…
First, the suspicion: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Then, Tanya was charged and convicted with felony child abuse of her son. She was later tried and ultimately convicted for first degree murder of Morgan. It would become a landmark trial that unfolded in a series of reversals and bizarre twists of fate as it gradually revealed another side of Tanya Reid of her own troubling childhood and the dark secrets that drove a woman to the cruelest deception of all…

Starvation Heights

In 1911 two wealthy British heiresses, Claire and Dora Williamson, came to a sanitorium in the forests of the Pacific Northwest to undergo the revolutionary fasting treatment of Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard. It was supposed to be a holiday for the two sisters. But within a month of arriving at what the locals called Starvation Heights, the women were emaciated shadows of their former selves, waiting for death. They were not the first victims of Linda Hazzard, a quack doctor of extraordinary evil and greed who would stop at nothing short of murder to achieve her ambitions. As their jewelry disappeared and forged bank drafts began transferring their wealth to Hazzard’s accounts, Dora Williamson sent a last desperate plea to a friend in Australia, begging her to save them from the brutal treatments and lonely isolation of Starvation Heights.

In this true story a haunting saga of medical murder set in an era of steamships and gaslights Gregg Olsen reveals one of the most unusual and disturbing criminal cases in American history.

The Confessions of an American Black Widow / Bit*ch on Wheels

When the body of 45 year old Glen Harrelson was found in his Denver home, police tried to contact his wife, but soon they made a startling realization. She had played the part of grieving widow once before: her previous husband also had died a mysterious accidental death…
In a true story as shocking as any fiction, The Confessions of an American Black Widow is the amazing account of Sharon Lynn Nelson, a wild, beautiful preacher’s wife who couldn’t get enough enough sex, enough money, or enough of her rugged ‘Mountain Man’ lover, Gary Adams. Nelson was so consumed by greed that she convinced Adams to killed two of her three husbands in order to cash in on their insurance policies. Here is a compelling portrait of a woman driven by the darkest forces to mate, then kill an American black widow who ultimately got snared in her own twisted web…

If Loving You Is Wrong

Teacher’s Pet
Within hours of giving birth to her sixth child, Mary Kay Letourneau had her baby daughter whisked from her arms. She was then shackled and returned to her jail cell. Just years ago, the pretty, personable Seattle schoolteacher was living a life many would envy she had a handsome husband, four beautiful children, and a beloved following of students. Then she was accused of child rape, and her whole world turned upside down.

Rapist Or Victim?
How did a 34 year old married teacher fall in love with one of her sixth grade students? Was it a complete lapse of judgment, or as she contends the meeting of two soulmates? Were the two planning to run away together before police caught them in a parked car? Did the couple have illicit sex in every room of the Letourneau house, as the teenager told the tabloids? Read about the case that shocked the world and rocked the headlines about the lonely life of Mary Kay Letourneau and the young object of her obsession, the boy who fathered two of her children. You may think you know the story of Mary Kay Letourneau but you don’t know the whole story until you’ve read…
If Loving You Is Wrong.

Includes interviews with Mary Kay Letourneau.

The Deep Dark

For nearly a century, Kellogg, Idaho, was home to America’s richest silver mine, Sunshine Mine. Mining there, as everywhere, was not an easy life, but regardless of the risk, there was something about being underground, the lure of hitting a deep vein of silver. The promise of good money and the intense bonds of friendship brought men back year after year. Mining is about being a man and a fighter in a job where tomorrow always brings the hope of a big score.

On May 2, 1972, 174 miners entered Sunshine Mine on their daily quest for silver. Aboveground, safety engineer Bob Launhardt sat in his office, filing his usual mountain of federal and state paperwork. From his office window he could see the air shafts that fed fresh air into the mine, more than a mile below the surface. The air shafts usually emitted only tiny coughs of exhaust; unlike dangerously combustible coal mines, Sunshine was a fireproof hardrock mine, nothing but cold, dripping wet stone. There were many safety concerns at Sunshine, but fire wasn t one of them. The men and the company swore the mine was unburnable, so when thick black smoke began pouring from one of the air shafts, Launhardt was as amazed as he was alarmed.

When the alarm sounded, less than half of the dayshift was able to return to the surface. The others were trapped underground, too deep in the mine to escape. Scores of miners died almost immediately, frozen in place as they drilled, ate lunch, napped, or chatted. No one knew what was burning or where the smoke had come from. But in one of the deepest corners of the mine, Ron Flory and Tom Wilkinson were left alone and in total darkness, surviving off a trickle of fresh air from a borehole.

The miners families waited and prayed, while Launhardt, reeling from the shock of losing so many men on his watch, refused to close up the mine or give up the search until he could be sure that no one was left underground.

In The Deep Dark, Gregg Olsen looks beyond the intensely suspenseful story of the fire and rescue to the wounded heart of Kellogg, a quintessential company town that has never recovered from its loss. A vivid and haunting chapter in the history of working class America, this is one of the great rescue stories of the twentieth century.

From the Hardcover edition.

A Twisted Faith

The New York Times bestselling author investigates the sensational story of a minister who seduced four of his female congregants, and hatched a cold blooded plot to murder his wife On December 26, 1997, near the affluent community of Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle, a house went up in flames. In it was the shy, beloved minister’s wife Dawn Hacheney. When the fire was extinguished, investigators found only her charred remains. Her husband Nick was visibly devastated by the loss. What investigators failed to note, however, was that Dawn s lungs didn t contain smoke. Was she dead before the fire began? So begins this true crime story that s unlike any other. It investigates Nick Hacheney, a philandering minister who had been carrying on with several women in the months before and just after his wife s death. He would be convicted for the murder five years to the day after the crime. From one of the foremost names in true crime, this is a gripping and truly unforgettable story of a man whose charisma and desire rocked an entire community.

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