Greg Walker Books In Order

Springblade Books In Order

  1. Springblade (1989)
  2. Machette (1989)
  3. Stiletto (1990)
  4. Bowie (1990)
  5. Border Massacre (1990)
  6. Battle Zone (1990)
  7. Sentinel (1991)
  8. Betrayal (1991)
  9. Storming Iraq (1992)

Rogue Warrior Books In Order

  1. Violence of Action (2002)

Non fiction

  1. Battle Blades (1993)
  2. Modern Knife Combat (1995)
  3. Seal! (1996)
  4. Teammates (1996)
  5. Ka-bar (2001)

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Greg Walker Books Overview

Violence of Action

Bolder, brasher, and badder than ever before with an all new team, the Rogue Warrior faces his ultimate challenge. A suitcase nuke is on its way to a major American city, and there’s only one man who can stop it. Back from self imposed exile, during which he recommitted himself to the cause, and with a brand new team of operatives straining at the leash, the Rogue Warrior has entered a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war military insiders gone bad and what’s worse, they possess suitcase sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is under the ultimate threat, but what these dangerous terrorists will find, however, is a new and improved Rogue Warrior not only has age weathered him into the ultimate fighting machine, but he’s also got an entirely new team together, a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The ensuing chase to avoid nuclear annihilation is ripped from the headlines stuff, and takes the Rogue Warrior to a new pitch, in which the very survival of his country is at stake. Can Demo Dick and his new band of Seals save the day, or is America heading for destruction? He’s never had a harder task…
is he up to it, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?

Battle Blades

SF veteran Greg Walker takes the guesswork out of combat blades in this thorough evaluation of daggers, switchblades, utilities, bowies and hideouts. He examines legendary blades from Randall, Gerber and Al Mar, as well as the latest from up and coming makers. Includes selection, carry, use, care, legalities and more.

Modern Knife Combat

Greg Walker has studied serious knife fighting under many of the modern masters of the art, and here he relates to you the most effective lessons to maximize your knife self defense plan. Learn the four essentials of knife defense; the fine points of grip, mobility, range, and targets; the top knives; the best training books, videos and seminars; and more.


A MAN OF ACTION This is the extraordinary story of Lt. Cmdr. Michael J. Walsh, a veteran of twenty six years of combat with the Navy’s most elite special force the legendary SEALs. Outspoken renegade and consummate survivalist, Walsh began as a key player in the Vietnam War’s top secret PHOENIX Program. For a PHOENIX operative the goal was simple: invade the enemy’s home and take him captive; remove the target alive if possible, dead if necessary. The Viet Cong soon feared Walsh so much that they placed a bounty of thousands of dollars on his head. A MAN OF WAR After five tours in Vietnam, Walsh refused to take a desk job, and subsequently spent more than two decades in combat in such explosive arenas as Lebanon and drug infested Central America. From killing a VC general in hand to hand combat, to stalking anti war activist Jane Fonda, to combing the streets of Beirut in search of his friend and former PHOENIX advisor William Buckley, Walsh and his unforgettable exploits stand alone as the pinnacle of daring and sacrifice in the storied history of the SEALs.


A decorated veteran of SEAL Team ONE brings readers to the most volatile areas of Vietnam and recounts the camaraderie, evening ambushes, weaponry, and losses that shaped him and his Teammates.


The KA BAR Fighting/Utility Knife is the most widely recognized and popular combat knife ever to be produced in the United States. Since its introduction on 23 November 1942, the KA BAR has performed brilliantly on the battlefields of Europe, the South Pacific, Korea, Southeast Asia, Central America and the Middle East, earning its moniker as the ‘ultimate fighting knife.’ Early in 1995 the KA BAR company decided to update the venerable combat veteran to ensure its combat readiness for the next century and immediately began assembling a team of the top military combat men in the country. On this team was the author, Greg Walker. In this book Walker gives readers an inside view of the exacting design criteria, cutting edge materials, extensive factory tests and exhaustive real life field tests that went into the historic redesign of the blade, handguard, handle, pommel and sheath of the ultimate fighting knife of the future. The new fighting knife excelled at these rigorous tests, earning the right to be called a KA BAR.

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