Greg Farshtey Books In Order

Bionicle Books In Publication Order

  1. The Official Guide to Bionicle (2003)
  2. Metru Nui, City Of Legends (2004)
  3. Bionicle Encyclopedia (2005)
  4. Rahi Beasts (2005)
  5. Dark Hunters (2006)
  6. Journey of Takanuva (2008)
  7. Challenge of Mata Nui (2009)
  8. Desert of Danger (2009)
  9. The Secret of Certavus (2009)
  10. The Legend Reborn (2009)

Bionicle Adventures Books In Publication Order

  1. Mystery of Metru Nui (2004)
  2. Trial by Fire (2004)
  3. The Darkness Below (2004)
  4. Legends of Metru Nui (2004)
  5. Voyage of Fear (2004)
  6. Maze of Shadows (2004)
  7. Web of Shadows (2005)
  8. Web of the Visorak (2005)
  9. Challenge of the Hordika (2005)
  10. Time Trap (2005)
  11. Raid on Vulcanus (2009)

Bionicle Chronicles Books In Publication Order

  1. Tales of the Masks (2003)

Bionicle Graphic Novels Books In Publication Order

  1. Rise of the Toa Nuva (2008)
  2. Challenge of the Rahkshi (2008)
  3. City of Legends (2008)
  4. Trial by Fire (2008)
  5. The Battle of Voya Nui (2009)
  6. The Underwater City (2009)
  7. Realm of Fear (2009)
  8. Legends of Bara Magna (2010)
  9. The Fall of Atero (2010)

Bionicle Legends Books In Publication Order

  1. Island of Doom (2006)
  2. Dark Destiny (2006)
  3. Power Play (2006)
  4. Legacy of Evil (2006)
  5. Inferno (2006)
  6. City of the Lost (2007)
  7. Downfall (2007)
  8. Prisoners of the Pit (2007)
  9. Shadows in the Sky (2008)
  10. Swamp of Secrets (2008)
  11. The Final Battle (2008)

Bloodshadows Books In Publication Order

  1. Hells Feast (1994)
  2. Demon’s dream (1996)

Exo-force Books In Publication Order

  1. Escape from Sentai Mountain (2006)
  2. Attack of the Robots (2006)
  3. Search for the Golden City (2007)
  4. Ghost of the Past (2007)
  5. The Golden Doom (2007)

LEGO Hero Factory: Secret Mission Books In Publication Order

  1. The Doom Box (2012)
  2. Legion of Darkness (2012)
  3. Collision Course (2013)
  4. Robot Rampage (2013)
  5. Secret Mission #5 (2013)

LEGO Legends of Chima: Chapter Books Books In Publication Order

  1. Attack Of The Crocodiles (2013)
  2. Beware of the Wolves (2013)
  3. Gorillas Gone Bananas (2013)
  4. The Warrior Within (2014)
  5. Danger in the Outlands (2014)
  6. Fire and Ice (2014)

LEGO Ninjago Chapter Books Books In Publication Order

  1. Lego Ninjago: Official Guide (1948)
  2. Kai, Ninja of Fire (2011)
  3. Zane, Ninja of Ice (2011)
  4. Jay: Ninja of Lightning (2012)
  5. Cole, Ninja of Earth (2012)

LEGO Ninjago Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. Tournament of Elements (2015)
  2. Ghost Ninja (2015)

LEGO Ninjago Graphic Novels Books In Publication Order

  1. The Challenge of Samukai (2011)
  2. Mask of the Sensei (2012)
  3. Rise of the Serpentine (2012)
  4. Tomb of the Fangpyre (2012)
  5. Kingdom of the Snakes (2012)
  6. Warriors of Stone (2013)
  7. Stone Cold (2013)
  8. Destiny of Doom (2013)
  9. Night of the Nindroids (2014)
  10. The Phantom Ninja (2014)
  11. Comet Crisis (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The River of God (1992)
  2. Shadows of Selastos (1995)

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Greg Farshtey Books Overview

The Official Guide to Bionicle

A comprehensive guide to the richly detailed Bionicle universe. Fans have received only glimpses into the characters and backstory of the Bionicle world through the website and popular comic books, and they’re hungry for more. This official guide is filled with information on every Bionicle character and spectacular full color CGI art. Fans will love extras that include a Bionicle glossary, the Bionicle alphabet, and exclusive teasers to upcoming storylines. A must have for any collector, this book is the perfect introduction to the BIONICLE toys and the story that lies beyond them.

Metru Nui, City Of Legends

New heroes. New villains. A new mission. Share in the legend with books based on LEGO’S BIONICLE action figures.

Bionicle Encyclopedia

The ultimate guide to BIONICLE and a must have for all fans. New and Updated!An encyclopedic look at the entire Bionicle story line, featuring new and updated entries. Want to know more about the Piraka? They’re all here. And what about Nidhiki or Makuta? The Toa? The Toa Inika? The city of Metru Nui? And the watery world of Mahri Nui? It’s all here: everything you ever wanted to know and some things you may never have asked. The answers to your questions are inside this book.A must have for fans of all ages whether they are new to the property or think they know it all.

Rahi Beasts

Discover the Rahi of the Bionicle world. Learn everything there is to know abut the Rahi. Some of them will be new to fans, some of them will be familiar and all of them are unique! Filled with photographs of actual models, this book will inspire kids to go out and create their own creatures.

Dark Hunters

The Dark Hunters stand in direct opposition to the Toa. But who are they? Where did they come from? And who or what motivates them? It’s an inside look at the villains of the Bionicle world.

Journey of Takanuva

LEGO’s most successful property arrives in books for younger fans!Enter the world of BIONICLE with books designed especially for younger readers. Join Takanuva, the Toa of Light, as he journeys to Karda Nui to find the other six Toa and deliver an important message.

Challenge of Mata Nui

LEGO’S most successful property arrives in books for younger fans!Ackar must teach Mata Nui how to fight. But when Ackar is attacked by a rock steed,Mata Nui faces a true test.

The Secret of Certavus

LEGO’S most successful property now in books for younger fans!The Glatorian Vastus has always been a fighter who believes that being a fighter is really about is having the best moves, being the fastest, being the most agile or knowing the best tricks. Then he goes on a search for a legendary scroll. Along the way he encounters moments where his tricks aren’t enough, and he begins to doubt himself. But when he finds the scroll, he discovers that it does contain a secret on it and it is that the best fighter is the one with the courage to keep going even when his skills desert him. Vastus heads back to his village, wiser for the adventure.

The Legend Reborn

Mata Nui is alone, Cast out from his own universe, he has been stranded on a remote planet. But all is not as it seems, and great warriors lurk even in the heart of the desert. Mata Nui meets the Glatorian, fighters with the hearts of Toa, who agree to help him with his quest to return home. Along the way, disaster strikes. Villages are being destroyed, flattened by ruthless warriors. Mata Nui must stay to help his new friends and, perhaps discover the key to his own destiny.

Mystery of Metru Nui

The city of Metru Nui is divided into six parts. Each part has a guardian a Toa who watches over the Matoran who live there. However, something strange is happening: Matoran are vanishing and it’s up to the Toa to find them and to discover what is causing the disappearances. Do the Toa have the skills to solve this mystery? Or will they finally meet their match?

Trial by Fire

The city of Metri Nui, long peaceful under the reign of Turaga Dume, was under attack. For the past month, a vicious plant called the Morbuzakh had been terrorizing the edges of town, destroying buildings and making Matoran vanish without a trace. The enforcers of order, the Vahki, could do little to stop the spread of the Morbuzakh, and the Toa who guarded the city had gone on missions from which they never returned. Only Toa Lhikan was left, and when he saw two Dark Hunters in the city a familiar being named Nidihiki and his partner Krekka he became extremely worried. Now, it’s up to Toa Lhikan to bring forth the next generation of Toa to save Metru Nui.

The Darkness Below

New heroes. New villains. A new mission. Share in the legend with books based on LEGO’s BIONICLE action figures. The Toa Metru are nearly powerless after their defeat of the Morbuzakh but they cannot rest. Instead they must venture underground to save the city of Metru Nui’s Archives. The Archives contain the history of the city, the Matoran and even the Toa. However, a flood has allowed all kinds of creatures that are normally kept in stasis there to escape and now the Toa must battle them to survive.

Legends of Metru Nui

After their defeat of the Morbuzakh and the shape shifting Krahka, the Toa Metru expect to be hailed as heroes. Instead, they are betrayed by someone they thought they could trust. Three of the Toa are arrested. In prison, they meet a mysterious stranger who helps them to escape and to learn more about their new powers. The remaining Toa are forced to flee through the city, avoiding security forces and the Dark Hunters who try to capture them. Can the Toa reunite and defeat their new enemy? Or has the their luck finally run out?

Voyage of Fear

Driven from Metru Nui by a shattering earthquake, the six Toa Metru take a dangerous journey by water in search of a new land. Their cargo: six Matoran locked in what may be eternal sleep. Ahead of them lies terrible danger, the dark secrets behind Metru Nui’s fall, and a discovery that will change their future forever!

Web of Shadows

The Toa Hordika must fight to resist the effects of the Visorak poison that’s slowly destroying and mutating them. But they cannot ignore external enemies who inlcude one of their own number who seek to destroy them and rule Metru Nui forever. Based on the 3rd Bionicle movie this is the ultimate showdown between the Toa Hordika and the Visorak hordes.

Web of the Visorak

A new quest begins and new dangers await. The start of an all new BIONICLE saga!The Toa Metru return to the dark and deserted city of Metru Nui. Their mission: save the Matoran still trapped beneath the Coliseum in a deathlike sleep. But is the city truly empty or does a terrible new danger wait in the shadows? The Toa Metru face their most monstrous enemy, the Visorak, and fall victim to its shocking power.

Challenge of the Hordika

Transformed into strange half Toa, half beast Toa Hordika, the heroes of Metru Nui must master new powers and skills while struggling against the power of their darker natures. Aided by the mysterious Rahaga, the Toa Hordika explore a ruined city of legends in their mission to save the Matoran.

Time Trap

The conclusion of the 2004/2005 story arc finds the Toa Hordika facing their greatest challenge yet.

Raid on Vulcanus

This will be a bridge story between the March Bionicle comic and the July comic, ending with Mata Nui’s arrival in the new world of Bara Magna.

The whole book is exclusive Scholastic content that fans can’t get anyplace else.

Tales of the Masks

Six heroes. New challenges. One destiny. The legend continues with books based on BIONICLE, the first ever, best selling LEGO action figure. The Toa have acquired new armor, new tools, new powers and a new name: Toa Nuva. But these new abilities do not mean that their mission is finished. They must still defeat Makuta. To do this, they will need to find six new masks. Known as the Kanohi Nuva, these are the most powerful of all the Masks of Power. The quest will not be easy. Makuta and his forces will try to stop them at every turn, but the Toa Nuva must succeed if they are to save the island of Mata Nui. These are the stories behind the legends. The stories of how the Toa Nuva found the Kanohi Nuva.

Rise of the Toa Nuva

Six mighty heroes the Toa arrive on a tropical island to find a land under siege. The Great Spirit Mata Nui has been cast into an unending sleep by the evil Makuta. Now Makuta is attacking the island’s Matoran villagers with vicious Rahi beasts. The Toa must combine their skills and elemental and mask powers to defeat Makuta and restore peace to the island. In the second story, The Toa return to the island named for Mata Nui to find it is being overrun by mechanical insects called Bohrok. These Bohrok have been unleashed by Makuta and are rapidly destroying trees, mountains, rivers, villages and anything else in their path. After a long, difficult battle, the Toa are able to defeat the queens of the swarms and end the Bohrok threat for now. During the fight, the heroes are transformed into Toa Nuva, with new armor, new weapons, and new Masks of Power.

Challenge of the Rahkshi

The Toa Nuva suffer a mysterious loss of their powers which threatens their very existence. It’s the work of the Bohrok Kal, a special squad of mutated Bohrok who seek to free the swarm queens and unleash the Bohrok again. With the help of the legendary Mask of Time, the Toa Nuva are able to defeat the Kal.

Meanwhile, a Matoran village named Takua has stumbled upon the long hidden Mask of Light. He and his best friend, Jaller, are sent by the village elders, the Turaga, to find the Toa to whom the mask is destined to belong. But Makuta unleashes twisted creatures called Rahkshi against the island in an effort to stop the Toa of Light from coming into being. After many defeats, the Toa Nuva unite to stop the Rahkshi with the help of Takua, who dons the Mask of Light to become Takanuva, Toa of Light. Takanuva challenges Makuta in battle, a fight which leads to the discovery of a huge underground island city Metru Nui.

City of Legends

It is a time for rejoicing. The Matoran have rediscovered their original homeland, Metru Nui, and are preparing to return there for the first time in 1000 years. It is also a time for secrets to be revealed, as the six Turaga who rule the island of Mata Nui reveal that they too were once Toa, and guardians of Metru Nui. There they uncovered the treachery of Makuta, but were too late to stop him from plunging both the Matoran and the Great Spirit into unending sleep.

Trial by Fire

The city of Metri Nui, long peaceful under the reign of Turaga Dume, was under attack. For the past month, a vicious plant called the Morbuzakh had been terrorizing the edges of town, destroying buildings and making Matoran vanish without a trace. The enforcers of order, the Vahki, could do little to stop the spread of the Morbuzakh, and the Toa who guarded the city had gone on missions from which they never returned. Only Toa Lhikan was left, and when he saw two Dark Hunters in the city a familiar being named Nidihiki and his partner Krekka he became extremely worried. Now, it’s up to Toa Lhikan to bring forth the next generation of Toa to save Metru Nui.

The Battle of Voya Nui

An entirely new chapter in the BIONICLE universe begins, with an exciting new look brought by artist Stuart Sayger. The Island of Voya Nui has existed in peace for thousands of years, yet it holds a dark treasure with unlimited power: the Mask of Life. When the ruthless Piraka arrive on the island and enslave its matoran inhabitants, all appears lost until six Toa wash ashore and are transformed into Toa Inika. Their mission: to stop the Piraka from obtaining the great power of the Mask of Life. Should they fail, the entire world will be thrown into chaos and destruction. The epic battle of Voya Nui that ensues will decide the fate of the entire BIONICLE universe.

The Underwater City

After the events of The Battle of Voya Nui, the powerful Mask of Light has sunk beneath the sea where it turns up in The Underwater City of Mahri Nui. The Matoran of this city must constantly plan their defense against a barrage of predators that continue to circle the city, striking again and again. After its discovery by an inventor named Defilak, the Mask of Light begins to reveal a deadly secret that becomes apparent to those who witness its effects on the user. For while its power gives the wearer great strength that could be used for good, the Mask of Light or Ignika as it comes to be called, brings paranoia, jealousy, and madness to anyone who wears it. The struggle for the Mask of Light continues.

Realm of Fear

Toa Mahri Matora has been forced to sacrifice himself in order to save the great spirit Mata Nui, and the remaining Toa are in discord as a result. Mata Nui remains asleep, the world in disarray, and the Toa are left stuck in a swamp, planning their next move against the Makuta and trying to discover a way to awaken the great spirit Mata Nui. The Mask of Light, meanwhile, has taken on a life of its own as its true power has not yet been discovered. The mask becomes an entity all its own, and instead of creating new guardians decides to guard itself, transforming into the powerful Toa Ignkika! Now, the Toa must team up with the Toa Ignika to awaken Mata Nui, and face dangers beyond anything they ve seen before.

Legends of Bara Magna

For the very first time, Papercutz presents all new BIONICLE stories never before seen anywhere else, with three stories from BIONICLE scribe Greg Farshtey!

Legends of Bara Magna tells the tale of the great war that lead to the creation of this harsh region, and the epic conflicts that have defined its existence. From shape shifting warriors to battles in the brutal deserts of this savage land, Legends of Bara Magna provides BIONICLE followers not only with new storylines, but also presents characters never before seen in any BIONICLE comics. This graphic novel is a must have for all BIONICLE fans!

The Fall of Atero

The BIONICLE Glatorian series begins in this graphic novel, exploring the world of Bara Magna, previously seen in BIONICLE Graphic Novel 8 Legends of Bara Magna . In this harsh world that contains both deserts and snowy, mountain like terrain, Glatorian matches much like the gladiator matches of ancient Rome are used to decide conflicts between rival tribes or enemies. The world is overrun by the dangerous Skrall, who decimate everything in their path. A world with rules and enemies unlike any of the planets seen in previous BIONICLE graphic novels, The Fall of Atero presents a new setting with an all new dynamic already a hit with fans.

Island of Doom

When six powerful figures appear on an island in peril, they are welcomed by the villagers as Toa come to save them. But these newcomers have far more dangerous plans for the island and the Matoran who live there, as their pursuit of an incredible treasure threatens to unleash an ancient evil. Only the Toa Nuva can stop them or can they?

This title begins a three year story arc featuring the return of the Toa Nuva from the Bionicle Chronicles books.

Dark Destiny

The Toa Nuva return for their greatest adventure yet!A desperate search…
a universe in peril!Monstrous beings called Piraka have seized control of a mysterious island and defeated the Toa Nuva. Now six Matoran must brave a menace from the time before time in their search for the missing heroes. At stake the lives of every being in the universe!

Power Play

Six new heroes, the Toa Inika, have arrived on the besieged island of Voya Nui in search of the missing Toa Nuva. What they find instead are the vicious Piraka and a desperate Matoran resistance fighting for freedom. But when four of the Piraka steal the power of the mighty Brutaka, Toa Jaller and his team must fight for their very lives against evil unbound.

Legacy of Evil

The Piraka are the embodiment of evil, but how did they meet, what caused them to join forces and how did they learn about the Mask of Life? And what of the mysterious seventh Piraka? The answers await in this tale of Bionicle.


The Toa Inika wage a desperate running battle in the heart of a volcano as the hunt for the Mask of Life reaches its shattering climax! The Toa must defeat the Piraka to reach the mask, but if they do, they will face a monster beyond all imagining born from an ancient curse.

City of the Lost

The Toa enter an underwater world in which six new villains hold sway. Can the Toa navigate their way past the rocky shoals of this environment and complete their mission? Or are they doomed to a watery grave?


A final battle is about to begin. Will the Toa survive? The legend continues…
Deep in the underwater world known as the pit, the Toa must battle the Barraki in a final showdown. At stake is the future of their world. If they fail, there is no world…
and even if they succeed, nothing is certain.

Prisoners of the Pit

A new world awaits complete with new dangers, new foes, and new allies. The legend continues…
Trapped in the ocean’s depths, mutated beyond recognition, the Toa must face their greatest challenges. Can they convince the Matoran who live in the watery city of Mahri Nui to trust them? Can they retreive the Mask of Life before the Barraki figure out how to control it? And will they be able to overcome the greatest challenge of all: the return of Makuta? What does this shadowy figure want from Matoro? And will Matoro end up betraying his friends before it’s all over? Enter the unknown where friends can become enemies and enemies might be the only ones you can trust.

Shadows in the Sky

The Toa’s mission takes them to new heights…

The Toa Nuva have returned and must continue their quest to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. With new armor that allows them to soar in the sky, the Toa begin a journey that will lead them to a mysterious city in the clouds. When they arrive a battle is already raging, will the Toa choose the right side?

Swamp of Secrets

Separated from their fellow Toa, Tahu Nuva, Gali Nuva, and Onua Nuva enter a swamp to search for the Mask of Life. They must find it if they are to begin the process of awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui. If they fail, death and destruction await them.

The Final Battle

When this final battle is over, everything in the BIONICLE universe will have changed forever.

The Toa Nuva face off against the Brotherhood of Makuta in a final battle to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. But when the battle is over, the Toa make a terrible discovery: Makuta has taken over Mata Nui’s body and Mata Nui has disappeared. Makuta promises the Toa that they will never find him or know a minute’s peace again.

Escape from Sentai Mountain

Exo Force is a valiant team of young heroes who pit their skill, their intelligence, and the power of their armor against their merciless robotic enemies.

ExoForce is about conflict, heroes, and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

Attack of the Robots

Meca One, leader of the robot rebellion has just unveiled a monstrous new battle machine the Striking Venom and plans to use it to crush the EXO FORCE and Sentai Fortress. How can the humans hope to destroy a machine that appears to be invincible?

Search for the Golden City

Exo Force is LEGO’s new A list property for boys 6 9The EXO FORCE team has met its match the Striking Venom. After the last fight between the robots and the humans, the Striking Venom left the EXO FORCE fortress in ruins. But Sensei Keiken has heard rumors of the Golden City a legendary place of power. Even if it does exist, can the EXO FORCE team find it in time to save the humans?

Ghost of the Past

Exo Force is LEGO’s new A list property for boys 6 9Exo Force is a valiant team of young heroes who pit their skill, their intelligence, and the power of their armor against their merciless robotic enemies. ExoForce is about conflict, heroes, and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. As Ha Ya To explores a mysterious underground labratory in the Golden City, he comes face to face with an enemy more terrifying than Meca One. Ha Ya To’s only chance for survival? He has to trust a robot!

Lego Ninjago: Official Guide

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!This handbook is a comprehensive and detailed guide to all the characters and statistics in the first Ninjago story arc: giving readers all the basic info they’ll need to follow the narrative and play the game! Includes exclusive information fans won’t be able to get anywhere else and a buildable LEGO minifigure!

Kai, Ninja of Fire

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!Will Kai be the greatest warrior ever known? Maybe, if he ever listens to Sensei Wu long enough to complete his training! He’s stubborn, he’s reckless, and he might just save the world.

Zane, Ninja of Ice

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!Sensei Wu wants Zane to become a Master of Ice but he’s already a master of snow. There’s no mountain anywhere that’s a match for his snowboard. But he’ll need more than his passion for sports to master Spinjitzu…

Jay: Ninja of Lightning

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!The next book in the Lego Ninjago Chapter Book series!Jay is much like the element he represents: fast and full of energy. Always good in a fight, always up for a laugh, and always, always inventing. Even if those inventions don’t always turn out the way he wants!

Cole, Ninja of Earth

Masters of Spinjitzu: a new force to save the world!The next chapter book in the Ninjago series!Cole is the leader of the team. As the Earth Ninja, he is perhaps unsurprisingly the most grounded of the four. And the strongest. There is no physical challenge Cole cannot overcome. Now is his chance to use his skills to save the world!

The Challenge of Samukai

The Masters of Spinjitsu come to Papercutz in their first graphic novel appearance written by Greg Farshtey, the hit force behind the LEGO BIONICLE series. Under the tutelage of their master Sensei Wu, the chosen four ninjas Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane must learn to use their elemental powers of fire, ice, lightning and earth. Their mission: defeat Sensei Wu’s evil brother Garmadon and his army of skeleton warriors before they can take over the world!

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