Greg F Gifune Books In Order


  1. Drago Descending (2001)
  2. Night Work (2003)
  3. Saying Uncle (2003)
  4. The Bleeding Season (2003)
  5. A View from the Lake (2006)
  6. Deep Night (2006)
  7. Dominion (2008)
  8. Blood in Electric Blue (2008)
  9. Children of Chaos (2009)
  10. Long After Dark (2010)
  11. Gardens of the Night (2010)
  12. Into the Shadows (2013)
  13. Rogue (2014)
  14. Orphans of Wonderland (2015)
  15. Devil’s Breath (2015)
  16. Babylon Terminal (2016)
  17. Savages (2016)
  18. Dangerous Boys (2017)
  19. The Living and the Dead (2017)
  20. A Winter Sleep (2018)
  21. God Machine (2020)
  22. Blue Hell (2021)
  23. Velvet Elvis (2021)
  24. The Gypsy Moths (2021)


  1. Oasis of the Damned / Heretics (2018)
  2. House of Rain / Lords of Twilight (2018)
  3. Kingdom of Shadows / Sorcerer (2018)


  1. Heretics (2001)
  2. Down to Sleep (2004)
  3. Kingdom Of Shadows (2009)
  4. Beneath The Night (2016)


  1. Catching Hell (2010)
  2. Dreams The Ragman (2011)
  3. Midnight Solitaire (2011)
  4. Apartment Seven (2011)
  5. House of Rain (2013)
  6. The Rain Dancers (2014)
  7. Judas Goat (2017)
  8. Midnight Gods (2018)

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Greg F Gifune Books Overview

Drago Descending

Private Investigator David Drago is a former policeman and Gulf War veteran struggling with his combat experiences, his time spent in the psych ward of a veterans’ hospital, and the darkness of his past. A mysterious client approaches Drago to locate his missing fiance, Jesse Greenlaw. He hesitates for Jesse is a former girlfriend and an integral part of his murky past. The case draws him into the world of po*rnography where Jesse worked at the time of her disappearance. He discovers a labyrinth of violence, sexual intrigue, black witchcraft, and Satanism. The deeper he digs, the deeper he descends into a netherworld haunted by terrifying visions of angels and demons alike, where nothing is as it seems. David Drago is trapped in a nightmare. Unfortunately, he is wide awake.

Night Work

In the secret worlds of organized crime and the independent professional wrestling circuit, no one is immune to the con, the violence, the lust and the darkness. How far would you go for money and power? Who would you betray? How much would you sacrifice? Frank Ponte is about to find out…

Night Work is a journey into a dark underworld, a world with its own set of secret rules and ethics. A world where brutal violence and depraved sex is the norm, and where in order to succeed, moral beliefs and literal identities must be forfeited. A story of betrayal of others and of oneself of friendship, marriage, family, love, sex, and violence, Night Work is the American Dream gone bad. A noir style thriller where nothing is what it seems and where no one gets out clean.

Saying Uncle

Author Greg F. Gifune has crafted a journey of one man’s voyage into the darkness of the past with the pace of a thriller but the poetic and thoughtful writing he has become known and praised for by critics and readers alike. A lyrical, complex and mysteriously enchanting novel that delves deeply into the dark side of family, friendship, love, grief, loyalty, revenge, and ultimately, redemption, Saying Uncle is a lean but thought provoking novel about crimes of the past and the scars they leave behind. A study of violence and spirituality, of a family torn apart by a senseless act of brutality and the equally brutal aftermath that haunts them still, Saying Uncle is at once elegant, horrific, emotionally shattering, and sadly beautiful. A remarkable novel from the author of Dominion, Blood In Electric Blue, and The Bleeding Season.

The Bleeding Season

Alan, Tommy, Rick, Donald and Bernard were best friends living in a small, coastal town. Their world was simple and happy until the day Tommy was killed. Years later, Bernard commits suicide. Within weeks of Bernard’s death, several mutilated bodies are found in town. The three remaining friends attempt to solve the riddle of Bernard’s suicide and come to realize that he may have been a savage ritual killer, a bleeder of young women. To find the truth about Bernard, they must delve into the darkness that cradles an unspeakable evil so terrifying it could forever trap them in the shadows of the damned and shatter the very concept of their existence.

Deep Night

For Seth Roman, his younger brother Raymond and their friends, it was supposed to be a few days of relaxation and fun, a getaway from their dull corporate jobs and troubled lives, a week of card playing and drinking at a cabin in the remote woods of northern Maine. But when a young woman staggers into their camp with her clothes covered in blood, their lives are changed forever. The woman brings with her something ancient and deadly, evil and inhuman, and something secretly familiar to Raymond, a man plagued by inexplicable night terrors as a child, the horrors of which still torment him as an adult. As an unexpected snowstorm moves in, the night will unfold and come alive, changing the very nature of their lives and beliefs, the very nature of time, and the very nature of good and evil.

A year later, with only sparse memories of that horrible night, Seth and the others struggle to hold their lives together while being haunted by vague but terrifying flashbacks. Something is pursuing them and their families, their friends, their coworkers, forcing them to question everything they see and hear and feel, everything they hold dear. As they begin to unravel the truth, the answers they find stretch the boundaries of their sanity and put the love of two brothers to the ultimate test of sacrifice and faith. Using fear, lies, deception and relentless paranoia as its weapons, it nests within them, stealing their bodies and minds. Now, it wants their souls. Held in the clutches of something they cannot even begin to fully comprehend, they must fight an all consuming evil from which there is no escape, an evil born of the darkest corners of human existence the darkest corners of Deep Night.


When Daniel Cicero’s wife Lindsay is killed by a hit and run driver, a large part of his own soul dies along with her. His happiness is shattered, his life destroyed. Unable to cope, he soon loses his job and eventually his sense of purpose, and as he descends into the throes of depression and sorrow, he spends his nights aimlessly wandering the streets of Boston and his days in a fog, living by rote, unable to move forward or to let go of the past. And then the anonymous phone calls begin. A man claiming Lindsay is still alive taunts and threatens him with facts he could not possibly know. When strange and frightening visions begin to appear on his computer, a firestorm of horrifying nightmares and painful memories are unleashed that haunt Daniel at every turn. With everything he knew of good and evil, life and death, and love and loss in question, he slowly descends into a terrifying world of malevolence and madness. A world where technology and age old evils have merged, and where the walls separating the living from the dead may no longer exist. In life. in death. and in the realms between the two. there is Dominion.

Blood in Electric Blue

Dignon Malloy lives with his cat Mr. Tibbs in a rundown apartment in the heart of a dreary, nameless, industrial coastal city. Haunted by dark visions, memories of horrific childhood abuse and the recent murder of a coworker, his is a lonely, sad and painful existence…
until he ventures into a used bookstore and comes across an old paperback titled Mythical Beings in a Mortal World. Inside, someone has written a name Bree Harper and a phone number. Is it an innocent note left by the previous owner, or something far more sinister? As Dignon delves deeper into the book, and who, or possibly what, the beautiful and enigmatic Bree Harper is, he begins to realize finding this book may not have been a random event after all. His life and history may be more complex than he realized, and his role in the universe much deadlier than he ever imagined. As Dignon moves closer to the truth, the lines between pain and beauty, the horrors of the past and the terrifying realities of the present, become strangely malleable, blurring what is real and what is myth, who and what he and those around him may be, what the ghosts haunting him from his past may truly mean, and how the evil mythological creature stalking him may not be a myth at all, but horrifyingly real.

Children of Chaos

In a torrential downpour, Phil, Jamie and Martin three teenage boys encounter a strange and enigmatic man covered in horrible scars who will change their lives, their destinies and the very fate of their souls forever. When their encounter mistakenly leads to murder, they realize this eerie stranger may not have been a man at all, but something much more…
Thirty years later the boys now men lead tormented lives filled with horrifying memories of the scarred man and what they did all those years ago in the rain. Phil is a struggling writer, divorced, with a daughter and a mounting drinking problem. Jamie is a defrocked priest with depraved secrets and horrible addictions, and Martin, a madman who thinks himself a god, has vanished into a desolate desert region of Mexico and established a feared and violent blood cult. When Martin’s dying mother hires Phil to find her son and bring him home, Phil embarks on a perilous journey that will take him from the seedy streets of Tijuana, to a dangerous and allegedly haunted stretch of Mexican desert road known as The Corridor of Demons. At the end of the road, in an old and previously abandoned church, Martin and his followers wait in the Hell on Earth they’ve created deep in the desert. There will be only one chance for redemption, one chance for salvation, and one chance to stop the rise of an antichrist’s bloody quest for demonic power. From the void, came chaos. These are its children.

Long After Dark

Harry Fremont hasn’t slept in days. He’s down with a terrible flu: runny nose, fever, a sore throat, the chills, and worst of all, a horrible cough that keeps him up all night. His wife Kelly is away on a business trip and their son Garret is at college, leaving Harry alone in the house. Though worn out, Harry has been unable to sleep…
and things are starting to change. He’s seeing unusual things outside, just beyond the windows and confines of his home…
hearing things…
experiencing unsettling things that make no sense. And they’re getting worse. Are they simply figments of a tortured and exhausted mind, or clues to an intricate mystery steeped in evil and deception Harry cannot yet comprehend? Haunted by remnants of earlier nightmares, disturbing questions about his life and marriage, strange shadowy figures, odd noises, cryptic writings on his doors and glimpses of a hideously disfigured being wrapped in bloody bandages, Harry free falls into a horrifying world of paranoia, agony and terror where nothing is what it seems. Forgive us our trespas*ses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…
Long After Dark. Sleep while you still can.

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