Grania Davis Books In Order


  1. Proud Peacock and the Mallard (1976)
  2. Doctor Grass (1978)
  3. The Rainbow Annals (1980)
  4. The King and the Mangoes (1983)
  5. Moonbird (1986)
  6. Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty (1988)
  7. The Boss in the Wall (1998)


  1. The Avram Davidson Treasury (1990)

Picture Books

  1. The Monkey King (1998)


  1. Tree of Life, Book of Death (2013)

Anthologies edited

  1. Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven (1972)
  2. Speculative Japan (2007)

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Grania Davis Books Overview

The Rainbow Annals

He came from a jeweled mountain in the center of the universe…
The Monkey Prince was a god of awesome power and curiosity who somersaulted through the dimensions of time to reach the harsh, snow peaked Earthland of Dza. There he searched for the secret of Chos, key to perfect knowledge and compassion. And there he met the demoness Drolma, who took his heart in an instant and claimed it for all eternity. Their passionate union spawned generations of mortals destined to follow in their exalted quest: to search for Chos, and to forever wage battle with the Black Shen, master of monsters, black magic, and nightmares the evil destroyer of all love and wonder!


Journey to the exotic South Sea island of Bali, a magical land of dark jungles, of ancient Gods, and terrifying demons. Madai lives on Bali and dreams of life beyond his island paradise. Yet his wildest dream could not prepare him for the odyssey that lies ahead after he finds a moonstone amulet that introduces him to the spirit world.

The Avram Davidson Treasury

Avram Davidson was one of the great original American writers of this century. He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines. They are wonderful. Now his estate and his friends have brought together a definitive collection of his finest work, each story introduced by an SF luminary: writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, William Gibson, Poul Anderson, Gene Wolfe, Guy Davenport, Peter S. Beagle, Gregory Benford, Thomas M. Disch, and dozens of others. This is a volume every lover of fantasy will need to own.

The Monkey King

The Prince of Benares learns a valuable lesson from The Monkey King who gives his life to save his herd.

Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven

The complete collection of the Jewish tales of this master of science fiction, including two never before published stories. Provides an extensive biography of the author, who died in 1993, and symposium of the leading science fiction authors who discuss the author’s genius and talent.

Speculative Japan

The time is long overdue to present the work of Japanese science fiction and fantasy writers to the world in English. The first book in a planned series, Speculative Japan presents a selection of outstanding works of Japanese science fiction and fantasy in English translation…
and a glimpse into new worlds of the imagination. Drawing on the talents of some of the most famous and respected fiction writers of Japan, this anthology will guide you to new dimensions of wonder. First released at Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan, it is now available worldwide.

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