Graham Ison Books In Order

Gaffney and Tipper Books In Publication Order

  1. Confirm or Deny (1989)
  2. The Home Secretary Will See You Now (1989)
  3. A Damned Serious Business (1990)
  4. The Cold Light of Dawn (1990)

Gaffney and Tipper Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Cold Light of Dawn (1990)
  2. Confirm or Deny (1989)
  3. The Home Secretary Will See You Now (1989)
  4. A Damned Serious Business (1990)

Tommy Fox Books In Publication Order

  1. Lead Me to the Slaughter (1990)
  2. The Laundry Man (1991)
  3. Tomfoolery (1992)
  4. Snowdrop (1992)
  5. The Taming of Tango Harris (1993)
  6. Underneath the Arches (1994)
  7. Rough Diamonds (1995)

Brock and Poole Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Working Girl (2002)
  2. Light Fantastic (2003)
  3. Whiplash (2004)
  4. Kicking the Air (2005)
  5. Whispering Grass (2006)
  6. Drumfire (2006)
  7. Lost or Found (2008)
  8. Jack in the Box (2008)
  9. Breach of Privilege (2009)
  10. All Quiet on Arrival (2010)
  11. Gunrunner (2011)
  12. Make Them Pay (2013)
  13. Reckless Endangerment (2014)
  14. Exit Stage Left (2015)
  15. Suddenly at Home (2016)
  16. Deadlock (2018)
  17. Naked Flames (2019)

Hardcastle Books In Publication Order

  1. Hardcastle’s Spy (2004)
  2. Hardcastle’s Armistice (2005)
  3. Hardcastle’s Conspiracy (2005)
  4. Hardcastle’s Airmen (2006)
  5. Hardcastle’s Actress (2007)
  6. Hardcastle’s Burglar (2008)
  7. Hardcastle’s Mandarin (2009)
  8. Hardcastle’s Soldiers (2010)
  9. Hardcastle’s Obsession (2011)
  10. Hardcastle’s Frustration (2012)
  11. Hardcastle’s Traitors (2013)
  12. Hardcastle’s Quartet (2014)
  13. Hardcastle’s Collector (2016)
  14. Hardcastle’s Runaway (2017)
  15. Hardcastle’s Quandary (2019)
  16. Hardcastle’s Secret Agent (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Division (1996)
  2. Blue Murder (1996)
  3. The House at Oxford Square (2012)

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Graham Ison Books Overview


A 100,000 worth of jewelery – ‘Tomfoolery‘ to the villain – is stolen from a West End hotel in broad daylight. A missing businessman, a mysterious funeral, a dead body and a near-naked blonde prove to be more than they seem.

Light Fantastic

Meat and potatoes for the police procedural buff.’ Kirkus Reviews


Featuring the worldly wise DI Brock and his wry sidekick DS PooleWhen DI Brock is called to attend the scene of a traffic accident, he doesn’t see how it’s any of his business. But then it turns out the woman’s body discovered in the ditch alongside the crashed car was not involved in the accident. What’s more, the woman was naked and covered in vicious whip marks. Unpleasant as it might be, this is very definitely Brock’s business.


The new and unusual case for Detectives Brock and Poole – One Saturday night, a masked gunman walks into a jazz club and murders the drummer. Very soon, Detective Chief Inspector Brock and Detective Sergeant Poole find themselves taking an interest in the guests at a party in Surrey’s stockbroker belt, which leads them to look again at a five-year-old robbery and to interview a dozen or so armed robbers. The killer is eventually arrested, but not before numerous extra-marital affairs come to light and a bullion van is attacked…

Lost or Found

The new Brock and Poole mystery – When Eunice Bailey takes her wedding ring into a London jewellers to have it enlarged, she is very keen for it to be done quickly. So when she doesnt return or answer her telephone, the jeweller contacts the police. DCI Brock and DS Poole are on the case, and what begins as a fairly simple missing person enquiry develops into a mystery that has ramifications stretching as far as Bermuda…

Jack in the Box

A Brock and Poole Mystery DCI Harry Brock is called to a murder scene on Ham Common early on a Sunday morning. But it is far from being an ordinary sort of murder. The victim has been stabbed to death, locked in a wooden box and set alight. Brock and his assistant, DS Dave Poole, believe that there might be a connection to a gang, which leads them on a journey through Londons underworld…

Breach of Privilege

A Brock and Poole mystery When MP Hugh Blakemore is shot dead near a bus stop in the Fulham Road, DCI Harry Brock and DS Dave Poole are assigned to the case. But there is a complication that, at first, misleads the detectives: months previously, Blakemore killed an inmate when visiting a prison. Although Blakemore was exonerated, Brock is convinced that underworld characters have exacted revenge…

Hardcastle’s Airmen

In February 1915, the Great War is still raging on the Western Front, but in Westminster, at the centre of Hardcastle’s bailiwick, a policeman is shot dead. At first, Hardcastle believes the murderer to have been a disturbed burglar. But as enquiries continue, attention focuses on an antiquarian bookseller, a struggling artist, a reporter, officers of the Royal Flying Corps, both in England and in France, and the activities of Isabel Plowman, the wife of one of them and the lover of others.

Hardcastle’s Actress

The new Detective Inspector Hardcastle mystery – When the body of actress Victoria Hart is found in the early hours of Christmas Day, Hardcastle and Marriotts investigations lead them to the Beaux Belles revue, where a scantily clad Victoria persuaded young men to enlist with the promise of a kiss. It seems the alluring actress had many admirers, and when the recruiting sergeant is found dead, a link to the army can no longer be ignored…

Hardcastle’s Burglar

The new DI Hardcastle mystery June 1916. Hardcastle is sent to investigate the murder of Colonel Sir Adrian Rivers, Bt. It seems the baronet’s second wife, much younger than Rivers, is neither distressed by the murder, nor able to assist in the investigation. It is up to the dogged Hardcastle, aided by DS Charles Marriott, to question an array of characters and narrowly avoid being killed in a Zeppelin raid, before the killer is eventually unmasked.

Hardcastle’s Mandarin

A DI Hardcastle Investigation June 1917. Ernest Hardcastle, head of the Whitehall CID, is called to investigate the murder of Sir Nigel Strang, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Munitions, in his office. Given his work, Hardcastle wonders whether the Germans might be responsible. Then another murder leads Hardcastle to a worker at Woolwich Arsenal, who is suspected of passing information to the enemy. But is there a connection? Hardcastle must find out…

Hardcastle’s Soldiers

DI Hardcastle tracks a killer who’s left his hat behind…
July, 1917. DI Ernest Hardcastle and his assistant, DS Charles Marriott, investigate the murder of a cashier operating in London’s Victoria Station. An army officer claims to have seen the murderer running away, and an army cap left behind appears to identify the criminal. Hardcastle believes that it will be a simple matter to go to Aldershot and arrest him, but things are never as easy as they seem. Soon Hardcastle and Marriott find themselves investigating a frustrating and seemingly unsolvable case. Has Hardcastle finally met his match?

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