Graham Diamond Books In Order

Empire Princess Books In Order

  1. Lady of the Haven (1978)
  2. Dungeons of Kuba (1979)
  3. The Falcon of Eden (1980)
  4. The Beasts of Hades (1981)

Samarkand Books In Order

  1. Samarkand (1980)
  2. Samarkand Dawn (1981)

Marrakesh Books In Order

  1. Marrakesh (1981)
  2. Marrakesh Nights (1983)


  1. The Thief of Kalimar (1979)
  2. The Haven (1979)
  3. Captain Sinbad (1980)
  4. Cinnabar (1985)
  5. Black Midnight (1988)
  6. Maybe You Will Survive (1991)
  7. Forest Wars (1995)
  8. Tears of Passion Tears of Shame (2008)
  9. Chocolate Lenin (2012)
  10. Cry For Freedom (2017)

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Graham Diamond Books Overview

Lady of the Haven

From the author of FOREST WARS, THE THIEF OF KALIMAR, and THE HAVEN. A new epic adventure of the EMPIRE PRINCESS by Graham Diamond.

Forest Wars

Midwest Book Review said: Don’t expect pure fantasy with this fable; more a blend of war/romance despite its fantasy setting. Enjoy fine intrigue and in depth action.

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