Glynnis Campbell Books In Order

Knights of de Ware Books In Order

  1. My Champion (2000)
  2. My Warrior (2001)
  3. My Hero (2002)
  4. The Handfasting (2015)

Warrior Maids of Rivenloch Books In Order

  1. Lady Danger (2006)
  2. Captive Heart (2012)
  3. Knight’s Prize (2012)
  4. A Yuletide Kiss (2017)

Medieval Outlaws Books In Order

  1. The Reiver (2017)
  2. Danger’s Kiss (2012)
  3. Passion’s Exile (2012)
  4. Desire’s Ransom (2017)

California Legends Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Native Gold (2013)
  2. Native Wolf (2015)
  3. Native Hawk (2016)

Scottish Las*ses Books In Order

  1. MacFarland’s Lass (2014)
  2. MacAdam’s Lass (2014)
  3. MacKenzie’s Lass (2016)
  4. The Outcast (2015)

Warrior Daughters of Rivenloch Books In Order

  1. Bride of Fire (2019)
  2. Bride of Ice (2020)
  3. Bride of Mist (2021)
  4. A Rivenloch Christmas (2019)


  1. A Knight’s Vow (2001)
  2. Highland Wishes (2015)
  3. The Winter Stone (2015)
  4. The Summer Star (2017)
  5. Scottish Brides (2018)
  6. The Yuletide Brides (2020)
  7. Love’s First Kiss (2021)


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Glynnis Campbell Books Overview

My Champion

Wealthy and powerful, the de Ware clan is one of the most respected noble families in England. The heirs to the de Ware lordship Duncan, Holden, and Garth are true warriors…
and relentless predators. This is the story of Duncan and the woman he swears to protect…

My Warrior

‘Will have readers clamoring for more.’ Romantic Times ‘Sparkles with humor…
A delightful book!’ Katherine Sutcliffe In My Champion, Glynnis Campbell introduced readers to the noble de Ware brothers Duncan, Holden, and Garth men as reckless, forceful, and unstoppable on the battlefield as they are in the bedroom. Now Holden returns in the newest romantic saga. ‘A sexy, light hearted romp.’ Rexanne Becnel

My Hero

Unlike his two elder brothers, Garth de Ware has chosen a monastic life over war. Pious Garth is appointed as chaplain of the le Wyte castle, where temptation tortures him in the form of the beautiful and gracious Lady Cynthia le Wyte. Now is the true test of his vocation, he fears. But Lady Cynthia is determined to open his eyes to a whole new world.

Lady Danger

Raised to fear no man, Deirdre of Rivenloch never backs down from a clash of steel or a threat to her lands and family. But when she tricks Sir Pagan Cameliard into marrying her in order to save her younger sister, she’s faced with a new kind of enemy: a husband who would turn her resistance into a fire that heats her blood…
and who would use all his cunning to make her cry his name in ultimate abandon. For Pagan has made his own wedding vow. He will best his sword wielding bride in the field by day and make her surrender in his arms by night. Her heart will be his…
even if it means being conquered by hers.

A Knight’s Vow

Knights to remember…
Fantasies are made of knights in shining armor. Men whose ferocity in battle was tempered by a code of chivalry…
whose passions brought them to their knees before the women they desired…
whose loyalty and honor never wavered and whose vows were never broken. These are the men of our dreams and now you can find them in four breathtaking Medieval tales by today’s most acclaimed writers of historical romance…
A Knight’s Vow Featuring: ‘The Traveller’ by Lynn Kurland ‘The Minstrel’ by Patricial Potter ‘The Bachelor Knight’ by Deborah Simmons ‘The Siege’ by Glynnis Campbell

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