Gladys Mitchell Books In Order

Mrs. Bradley Books In Publication Order

  1. A Speedy Death (1929)
  2. The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop (1929)
  3. The Longer Bodies (1930)
  4. The Saltmarsh Murders (1932)
  5. Death at the Opera / Death in the Wet (1934)
  6. The Devil at Saxon Wall (1935)
  7. Dead Men’s Morris (1936)
  8. Come Away, Death (1937)
  9. St Peter’s Finger (1938)
  10. Printer’s Error (1939)
  11. Brazen Tongue (1940)
  12. Hangman’s Curfew (1941)
  13. When Last I Died (1941)
  14. Laurels Are Poison (1942)
  15. The Worsted Viper (1943)
  16. Sunset Over Soho (1943)
  17. My Father Sleeps (1944)
  18. The Rising of the Moon (1945)
  19. Here Comes a Chopper (1946)
  20. Death and the Maiden (1947)
  21. The Dancing Druids (1948)
  22. Tom Brown’s Body (1949)
  23. Groaning Spinney / Murder in the Snow (1950)
  24. The Devil’s Elbow (1951)
  25. The Echoing Strangers (1952)
  26. Merlin’s Furlong (1953)
  27. Faintley Speaking (1954)
  28. Watson’s Choice (1955)
  29. Twelve Horses and the Hangman’s Noose (1956)
  30. The Twenty-Third Man (1957)
  31. Spotted Hemlock (1958)
  32. The Man Who Grew Tomatoes (1959)
  33. Say It with Flowers (1960)
  34. Nodding Canaries (1961)
  35. My Bones Will Keep (1962)
  36. Adders on the Heath (1963)
  37. Death of a Delft Blue (1964)
  38. Pageant of Murder (1965)
  39. The Croaking Raven (1966)
  40. Skeleton Island (1967)
  41. Three Quick and Five Dead (1968)
  42. Dance to Your Daddy (1969)
  43. Gory Dew (1970)
  44. Lament for Leto (1971)
  45. A Hearse on May-Day (1972)
  46. The Murder of Busy Lizzie (1973)
  47. A Javelin for Jonah (1974)
  48. Winking at the Brim (1974)
  49. Convent on Styx (1975)
  50. Late, Late in the Evening (1976)
  51. Noonday and Night (1977)
  52. Fault in the Structure (1977)
  53. Wraiths and Changelings (1978)
  54. Mingled with Venom (1978)
  55. Nest of Vipers (1979)
  56. The Mudflats of the Dead (1979)
  57. Uncoffin’d Clay (1980)
  58. The Whispering Knights (1980)
  59. The Death Cap Dancers (1981)
  60. Lovers, Make Moan (1981)
  61. Here Lies Gloria Mundy (1982)
  62. Death of a Burrowing Mole (1982)
  63. The Greenstone Griffins (1983)
  64. Cold, Lone, and Still (1983)
  65. No Winding-Sheet (1984)
  66. The Crozier Pharaohs (1984)

Pamela Stewart Books In Publication Order

  1. Holiday River (1948)
  2. The Seven Stones Mystery (1949)
  3. The Malory Secret (1950)
  4. Pam at Storne Castle (1951)

Timothy Herring Books In Publication Order

  1. Heavy as Lead (1966)
  2. Late and Cold (1967)
  3. Your Secret Friend (1968)
  4. Shades of Darkness (1970)
  5. Bismarck Herrings (1971)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Three Fingerprints (1940)
  2. On Your Marks (1954)
  3. Caravan Creek (1954)
  4. The Light Blue Hills (1959)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Sleuth’s Alchemy (2005)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Ask a Policeman (1933)

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Gladys Mitchell Books Overview

The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop

When Rupert Sethleigh’s body is found one morning, minus its head, laid out in the village butcher shop, the inhabitants of Wandles Parva aren’t particularly upset. Sethleigh was a blackmailing money lender and when the unconventional detective Mrs Bradley begins her investigation she finds no shortage of suspects. It soon transpires that most of the village seem to have been wandering about Manor Woods, home of the mysterious druidic stone on which Sethleigh’s blood is found splashed, on the night he was murdered but can she eliminate the red herrings and catch the real killer?

The Saltmarsh Murders

When the vicar’s wife discovers that her unmarried housemaid is pregnant, sometime detective and full time Freudian, Mrs. Bradley, undertakes an unnervingly unorthodox investigation into the mysterious pregnancy.

Death at the Opera / Death in the Wet

Hillmaston School has chosen The Mikado for their next school performance and, in recognition of her generous offer to finance the production, their meek and self effacing arithmetic mistress is offered a key role. But when she disappears mid way through the opening night performance and is later found dead, unconventional psychoanalyst Mrs Bradley is called in to investigate. To her surprise she soon discovers that the hapless teacher had quite a number of enemies all with a motive for murder…

Come Away, Death

Sir Rudri Hopkinson, an eccentric amateur archaeologist, is determined to recreate ancient rituals at the temple of Eleusis in Greece in the hope of summoning the goddess Demeter. He gathers together a motley collection of people to assist in the experiment, including a rival scholar, a handsome but cruel photographer and a trio of mischievous children. But when one of the group disappears, and a severed head turns up in a box of snakes, Mrs Bradley is called upon to investigate

When Last I Died

This is a crime writing gem featuring vanished children, haunted mansions and family secrets from one of the masters of the crime writing genre.

The Rising of the Moon

Every full moon, a Ripper runs amok on the streets of Brentford. Masters Simon and Keith Innes set out to catch the killer under the disturbing guidance of the repellently delightful sleuth, Mrs. Bradley. Full of the very British eccentric goings on that mark the popular tales of Gladys Mitchell, this shows her at her mordant and morbid best. Philip Larkin called The Rising of the Moon Mitchell’s tour de force.

Death and the Maiden

When former banana grower Edris Tidson hears of a possible sighting of a water naid, he insists that his wife, her aunt Prissie, and Prissie’s young ward Connie, travel with him to Winchester in search of the nymph. As tensions rise between Connie and Edris, Prissie invites part time Freudian Mrs Bradley to join them and unofficially observe Edris and his growing obsession. Then two young boys are found drowned and speculation mounts that the naid is luring them to her deaths. Can Mrs Bradley unravel the mysteries hidden within the river?

Tom Brown’s Body

George Conway was a junior master at Spey College. The Head considered him a reliable history specialist and a useful games coach, but his fellow masters thought him rude and insufferably presumptuous and the boys called him a mean and treacherous beast. But, as Inspector Gavin said, ‘Public schoolboys don’t murder the staff’. Mrs Bradley isn’t so certain; at least she feels sure they know more than they will say. The erudite Micklethwaite, for example, an expert in judo, refuses to speak of the abominable Conway, who accused him of cheating in the exam for the Divinity Prize. Mrs Bradley has to use tact and guile not to mention a bit of black magic to make boys and masters tell the whole story.

Faintley Speaking

Not long after the telephone call, Miss Faintley was murdered. It seemed at first unlikely that she, a prim, quiet schoolmistress, could have anything to do with crime. Yet Mrs Bradley’s investigations led to some exciting discoveries.

Watson’s Choice

In this glorious Golden Age crime caper, Mrs Bradley investigates the murder of a young woman following a Sherlock Holmes themed party. One of Sir Bohun Chantrey’s great passions in life are the stories of Sherlock Holmes. To celebrate the great man’s anniversary, he throws a party at which the guests are instructed to come as characters from the detective stories. But several of the guests are more interested in Sir Bohun’s money, and when he announces that he is to marry a poor governess, things take a turn for the worse, not least when the Hound of the Baskervilles turns up. Fortunately Mrs Bradley, and her secretary Laura, are amongst the guests and ready to investigate the deepening mystery.

Late, Late in the Evening

In the small Oxfordshire village where Ken and Meg Clifton spend their school holidays, the Fair is the most exciting thing that ever happens that is, until a double murder is suddenly committed.

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