Gilbert Morris Books In Order

Barney Buck Books In Order

  1. Barney Buck and the Buck of Goober Holler (1985)
  2. Barney Buck and the Flying Solar-Cycle (1985)
  3. Barney Buck and the Rough Rider Special (1985)
  4. Barney Buck and the Kamikaze Charger (1985)
  5. Barney Buck and the World’s Wackiest Wedding (1986)

Jim Reno Books In Order

  1. Reno (1986)
  2. Rimrock (1986)
  3. Ride the Wild River (1987)
  4. Boomtown (1988)
  5. Valley Justice (1995)
  6. Lone Wolf (1995)

House of Winslow Books In Order

  1. The Honorable Imposter (1986)
  2. The Captive Bride (1987)
  3. The Indentured Heart (1988)
  4. The Gentle Rebel (1988)
  5. The Saintly Buccaneer (1989)
  6. The Holy Warrior (1989)
  7. The Reluctant Bridegroom (1990)
  8. The Last Confederate (1990)
  9. The Dixie Widow (1991)
  10. The Wounded Yankee (1991)
  11. The Union Belle (1992)
  12. The Final Adversary (1992)
  13. The Crossed Sabres (1993)
  14. The Valiant Gunman (1993)
  15. The Gallant Outlaw (1994)
  16. The Jewelled Spur (1994)
  17. The Yukon Queen (1995)
  18. The Rough Rider (1995)
  19. The Iron Lady (1996)
  20. The Silver Star (1997)
  21. The Shadow Portrait (1998)
  22. The White Hunter (1999)
  23. The Flying Cavalier (1999)
  24. The Glorious Prodigal (2000)
  25. The Amazon Quest (2001)
  26. The Golden Angel (2001)
  27. The Heavenly Fugitive (2002)
  28. The Fiery Ring (2002)
  29. The Pilgrim Song (2003)
  30. The Beloved Enemy (2003)
  31. The Shining Badge (2004)
  32. The Royal Handmaid (2004)
  33. The Silent Harp (2004)
  34. The Virtuous Woman (2005)
  35. The Gypsy Moon (2005)
  36. The Unlikely Allies (2005)
  37. The High Calling (2006)
  38. The Hesitant Hero (2006)
  39. The Widow’s Choice (2006)
  40. The White Knight (2007)

Danielle Ross Books In Order

  1. Guilt By Association (1991)
  2. The Final Curtain (1991)
  3. Deadly Deception (1992)
  4. Revenge At the Rodeo (1993)
  5. The Quality of Mercy (1993)
  6. Race with Death (1994)
  7. The End of Act Three (2001)
  8. Four of a Kind (2001)

Appomattox Saga Books In Order

  1. A Covenant of Love (1992)
  2. Gate of His Enemies (1992)
  3. Where Honor Dwells (1993)
  4. Land of the Shadow (1993)
  5. Out of the Whirlwind (1994)
  6. Shadow of His Wings (1994)
  7. Wall of Fire (1995)
  8. Stars in Their Courses (1995)
  9. Chariots in the Smoke (1997)
  10. Witness in Heaven (1998)

Far Fields Books In Order

  1. Beyond the River (1993)
  2. The Remnant (1997)

Price of Liberty Books In Order

  1. A Call to Honor (1993)
  2. The Color of the Star (1993)
  3. All the Shining Young Men (1993)
  4. The End of Glory (1993)
  5. A Silence in Heaven (1994)
  6. A Time to Heal (1994)

Seven Sleepers Books In Order

  1. Flight of the Eagles (1994)
  2. The Gates of Neptune (1994)
  3. The Sword of Camelot (1995)
  4. The Caves That Time Forgot (1995)
  5. Winged Raiders of the Desert (1995)
  6. Empress of the Underworld (1996)
  7. Voyage of the Dolphin (1996)
  8. Attack of the Amazons (1996)
  9. Escape With the Dream Maker (1997)
  10. The Final Kingdom (1997)

Ozark Adventures Books In Order

  1. The Bucks of Goober Holler (1994)
  2. The Rustlers of Panther Gap (1994)
  3. The Phantom of the Circus (1994)

Wakefield Dynasty Books In Order

  1. The Sword of Truth (1994)
  2. The Winds of God (1994)
  3. The Shield of Honor (1995)
  4. The Fields of Glory (1996)
  5. The Ramparts of Heaven (1997)
  6. The Song of Princes (1997)
  7. A Gathering of Eagles (1998)

Cheney Duvall M.D. Books In Order

  1. The Stars for a Light (1994)
  2. Shadow of the Mountains (1994)
  3. A City Not Forsaken (1995)
  4. Toward the Sunrising (1996)
  5. Secret Place of Thunder (1996)
  6. In the Twilight, in the Evening (1997)
  7. Island of the Innocent (1998)
  8. Driven with the Wind (2000)

Liberty Bell Books In Order

  1. Sound the Trumpet (1995)
  2. Song in a Strange Land (1996)
  3. Tread Upon the Lion (1996)
  4. Arrow of the Almighty (1997)
  5. Wind from the Wilderness (1998)
  6. The Right Hand of God (1999)
  7. Command the Sun (2000)

Time Navigators Books In Order

  1. The Dangerous Voyage (1995)
  2. Vanishing Clues (1996)
  3. Race Against Time (1997)

Bonnets And Bugles Books In Order

  1. Drummer Boy At Bull Run (1995)
  2. Yankee Belles in Dixie (1995)
  3. The Secret of Richmond Manor (1995)
  4. The Soldier Boy’s Discovery (1996)
  5. Blockade Runner (1996)
  6. The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg (1996)
  7. The Battle of Lookout Mountain (1996)
  8. Encounter At Cold Harbor (1997)
  9. Fire Over Atlanta (1997)
  10. Bring the Boys Home (1997)

American Century Books In Order

  1. A Time to Be Born (1995)
  2. A Time to Die (1995)
  3. A Time to Laugh (1995)
  4. A Time to Weep (1996)
  5. A Time for War (1997)
  6. A Time to Build (1998)
  7. Dawn of a New Day (2008)

Katy Steele Books In Order

  1. Tracks of Deceit (1996)
  2. Imperial Intrigue (1996)
  3. The Depths of Malice (1998)

Spirit of Appalachia Books In Order

  1. Over the Misty Mountains (1997)
  2. Beyond the Quiet Hills (1997)
  3. Among the King’s Soldiers (1998)
  4. Beneath the Mockingbird’s Wings (1999)
  5. Around the River’s Bend (2002)

Daystar Voyages Books In Order

  1. Secret of the Planet Makon (1998)
  2. Wizards of the Galaxy (1998)
  3. Escape from the Red Comet (1998)
  4. Dark Spell Over Morlandria (1998)
  5. Revenge of the Space Pirate (1998)
  6. Invasion of the Killer Locusts (1999)
  7. Dangers of the Rainbow Nebula (1999)
  8. The Frozen Space Pilot (1999)
  9. The White Dragon of Sharnu (2000)
  10. Attack of the Denebian Starship (2000)

Chronicles of the Golden Frontier Books In Order

  1. Riches Untold (1998)
  2. Unseen Riches (1999)
  3. Above the Clouds (1999)
  4. The Silver Thread (2000)

Dixie Morris Animal Adventure Books In Order

  1. Dixie and Jumbo (1998)
  2. Dixie and Stripes (1998)
  3. Dixie and Dolly (1998)
  4. Dixie and Sandy (1998)
  5. Dixie and Ivan (1998)
  6. Dixie and Bandit (1998)
  7. Dixie and Champ (1999)
  8. Dixie and Perry (1999)
  9. Dixie and Blizzard (1999)
  10. Dixie and Flash (1999)

Too Smart Jones Books In Order

  1. Too Smart Jones and the Pool Party Thief (1999)
  2. Too Smart Jones and the Buried Jewels (1999)
  3. Too Smart Jones and the Disappearing Dogs (2000)
  4. Too Smart Jones and the Dangerous Woman (2000)
  5. Too Smart Jones and the Cat’s Secret (2000)
  6. Too Smart Jones and the Mysterious Artist (2000)
  7. Too Smart Jones and the Spooky Mountain (2000)
  8. Too Smart Jones and the Stolen Bicycle (2000)
  9. Too Smart Jones and the Stranger in the Cave (2000)
  10. Too Smart Jones and the Wilderness Mystery (2000)

Omega Books In Order

  1. The Beginning of Sorrows (1999)
  2. Fallen Stars, Bitter Waters (2000)

Seven Sleepers: The Lost Chronicles Books In Order

  1. The Spell of the Crystal Chair (2000)
  2. The Savage Game of Lord Zarak (2000)
  3. The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo (2000)
  4. City of the Cyborgs (2000)
  5. The Temptation of Pleasure Island (2000)
  6. The Victims of Nimbo (2000)
  7. The Terrible Beast of Zor (2000)

Adventures of Kerrigan Kids Books In Order

  1. Buckingham Palace and the Crown Jewels (2001)
  2. Nine-Story Pagodas and Double Decker Buses (2001)
  3. Painted Warriors and Wild Lions (2001)
  4. Kangaroos and the Outback (2001)

Cheney and Shiloh : The Inheritance Books In Order

  1. Where Two Seas Met (2001)
  2. The Moon By Night (2004)
  3. There Is a Season (2005)

Lions of Judah Books In Order

  1. Heart of a Lion (2002)
  2. No Woman So Fair (2003)
  3. The Gate of Heaven (2004)
  4. Till Shiloh Comes (2005)
  5. By Way of the Wilderness (2005)
  6. Daughter of Deliverance (2006)

Lone Star Legacy Books In Order

  1. Deep in the Heart (2003)
  2. The Yellow Rose (2004)
  3. The Eyes of Texas (2005)

Creole Books In Order

  1. The Exiles (2006)
  2. The Immortelles (2004)
  3. The Alchemy (2004)
  4. The Tapestry (2005)

Singing River Books In Order

  1. The Homeplace (2005)
  2. The Dream (2006)
  3. The Miracle (2007)
  4. The Courtship (2007)

Wagon Wheel Books In Order

  1. Santa Fe Woman (2006)
  2. A Man for Temperance (2007)
  3. The Joelle’s Secret (2008)
  4. Angel Train (2009)

Jacques and Cleo Books In Order

  1. What the Cat Dragged in (2007)
  2. The Cat’s Pajamas (2007)
  3. When the Cat’s Away (2007)

Lady Trent Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Mermaid in the Baseme*nt (2007)
  2. A Conspiracy of Ravens (2008)
  3. Sonnet to a Dead Contessa (2009)

Winslow Breed Books In Order

  1. Honor in the Dust (2009)
  2. When the Heavens Fall (2010)
  3. As the Sparks Fly Upward (2011)

Last Cavaliers Books In Order

  1. The Crossing (2011)
  2. The Sword (2011)
  3. Surrender (2012)

Water Wheel Books In Order

  1. The River Queen (2011)
  2. The River Rose (2012)
  3. The River Palace (2013)

Western Justice Books In Order

  1. Rosa’s Land (2013)
  2. Sabrina’s Man (2013)
  3. Raina’s Choice (2014)


  1. Delaney (1984)
  2. Captain Chip and the March to Victory (1994)
  3. Corporal Chip and the Call to Battle (Captain Chip and His Rag Tag Band) (1994)
  4. Voyagers to Freedom (1997)
  5. All That Glitters (1999)
  6. Through a Glass Darkly (1999)
  7. Edge of Honor (2000)
  8. Journey to Freedom (2000)
  9. Jacob’s Way (2001)
  10. Jordan’s Star (2002)
  11. The Spider Catcher (2003)
  12. God’s Handmaiden (2004)
  13. Charade (2005)
  14. Heaven Sent Husband (2005)
  15. The Angel of Bastogne (2005)


  1. A Land to Call Home / The Silver Star / Brothers (1997)


Anthologies edited

  1. Christmas By the Hearth (1996)

Non fiction

  1. How to Write (And Sell) a Christian Novel (1994)

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Gilbert Morris Books Overview


The Carrs of Skull Ranch dominate the farmers and ranchers of the valley until Jim Reno makes a promise to a dying farmer.


As newly appointed deputy, Reno must face the death threats of a bloodthirsty saloon owner and a sinister gunslinger.

Ride the Wild River

A frightened teenage runaway fleeing a brutal stepfather hires Reno to ride west with a wagon train.


When a gang of cutthroats terrorizes the miners of Virginia City into giving up their claims, can Reno restore safety to the town?

The Honorable Imposter

They Had a Faith, a Vision, a Dream of Freedom That Both Enthralled and Frightened Him Could He Trust Them With His Entire Future?Forced by his family to become a minister in the Church of England, Gilbert Winslow is offered a dangerous and challenging task by one of the most powerful nobles in Britain. Taking the post offers fortune and escape from a life he despises, but Winslow discovers it also means becoming a spy. His mission is to infiltrate a group of religious separatists and to ferret out the whereabouts of their leader, who is accused of dissention against the King. In spite of his initial uneasiness, infiltration proves to be an easy matter. But will the ultimate betrayal be so simple? With the influences of good and evil, faith and doubt, compassion and selfishness pulling him apart, to whom could he turn?With the Sailing of the Mayflower, Forces Were Unleashed Which Would Set the Course for One Man, His Family, and Eventually a Whole Nation.

The Captive Bride

Her pilgrim family had nurtured her in an atmosphere of religious and political freedom now enemies of that freedom threatened her very life!The Captive Bride takes the Winslow family beyond the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth to assist in building the great new nation. For a time the Winslow dream seemed to have gone down with a sinking ship, but Rachel revives the spark of hope. As free thinking and spirited as her mother and her grandfather Gilbert, Rachel faces capture by those she wishes to help, pressures to conform and, ultimately, a test of forgiveness beyond human accomplishment. Is marriage the only possibility for her? Is her faith her own? Can she face unjust imprisonment even death without retreat?The religious freedom and fervor which had marked the young colony might be its undoing.

The Indentured Heart

The Sequel to the American Historical Novels, The Honorable Imposter and The Captive Bride. The Indentured Heart opens another chapter in the compelling saga of the Winslow family. Pre Revolutionary America was stirring the flames for freedom and the Great Awakening under Jonathan Edwards was renewing a nation’s spiritual values. Adam Winslow, a man of the soil, has different interests and skills than his father and grandfather. But their patriotism and spiritual fervor have left their imprint on his personality. And far off in England a young beggar girl is about to be given the chance of a lifetime. Molly Burns has lived under the constant terror of her drunken, abusive father, but rescue comes to her doorstep in the person of Adam Winslow. He promises to bring her safely to America on the condition that she become an indentured servant for ten years. Escape from her wretched circumstances and the distant glimmer of freedom in a new land help to make her decision. But this young servant girl had no way to knowing that she would be bound by more than indentureship to the Winslows. What was the true meaning of freedom to a young girl, to a family, to a nation?

The Gentle Rebel

The story of Nathan Winslow in The Gentle Rebel brings the saga of the Winslow family into the American Revolution. At first opposed to the idea of revolution, Nathan eventually becomes a Patriot. But his faith and courage are tested when he falls in love with beautiful Abigail Howland, a proud and spoiled Tory.

The Saintly Buccaneer

The Saintly Buccaneer spotlights Paul Winslow, a young man who is bitterly opposed to the American Revolution. His life is quickly changed when he is shanghaied and pressed into service aboard a navy frigate. And then he is struck with amnesia! House of Winslow book

The Holy Warrior

The Holy Warrior picks up the House of Winslow saga several years after the Revolutionary War. Two Winslow sons race west–one to embrace his dreams and the other to escape the future. Will either survive the dangers of the frontier?

The Reluctant Bridegroom

A Nation Expanding Westward Calls a Challenge to Another Son of Winslow. From the first Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth, the dynamic sage of the Winslow family has traced the forces that shaped early American history and its people. As the nation expands westward, so has the House of Winslow. The Reluctant Bridegroom begins with Sky Winslow, the son of Chris and Dove Winslow, agreeing to return East and bring a wagon train of brides to the men of Oregon City. As experienced as he is on the trail, the past hurts of an unfaithful wife and the care for a twelve year old son who truly needs a mother’s love make Sky an unlikely candidate for such an assignment. On the long trip from New York to Oregon, two of the women who join the wagon train will make their impact on Sky Winslow. Rebekah Jackson, in hope of finding a new start, is leaving a broken past. Rita Duvall is a dance hall girl who knows the way to break down a man’s defenses. Join Them on the Trail West As God Reshapes Lives Despite the Odds!

The Last Confederate

The Tragedy of Civil War Makes Its Dreaded Call Upon the Family of WinslowAt the conclusion of The Reluctant Bridegroom, the marriage of Sky and Rebekah Winslow prefaces a new chapter for another generation. What had seemed an impossibility is now coming to pass: God’s transformation of the Winslows into a warm and loving family. Making their way back from Oregon City, they now settle and prosper on a plantation in Virginia. Several years after their return from the West, a young Northerner named Thad Novak makes his way to the Winslow plantation and is taken on as a hired hand. What caused him to specifically seek out the Winslows? Should this Northerner be trusted? And with young ladies in the home, what are his motives?While the nation totters on the brink of war, both Thad Novak and the Winslows face conscription into fighting for a cause they do not support, and directly against Winslow relatives from the North!A World of Love and Joy Shattered by a World of War and Suffering

The Dixie Widow

She Had Lost Her Husband Would Hatred Destroy Her As Well?At the conclusion of The Last Confederate, almost twenty four thousand Union and Confederate soldiers had fallen on the field of battle at Sharpsburg, making it the bloodiest day of American history. Among the casualties for the South was Captain Vance Wickham, husband of Belle Wickham. She was a daughter of Sky and Rebekah Winslow, and now the tragedy of war makes its dreaded call upon the Winslow family. In The Dixie Widow, Belle Wickham’s sorrow turns to anger and bitterness, then finally to blind hatred for the North. She declares in steely voice, ‘I live for only one purpose: to see the Union destroyed,’ and vows to remain a widow until the Yankees are whipped. Belle is persuaded to travel to her Winslow relatives in the Washington, D.C. area and spy for the Confederacy at the risk of her own life. Taken into the home of her grandfather, Captain Whitfield Winslow, she is in a strategic position to secure secret information to pass to the South. But an even greater tragedy awaits the Winslow family.A War That Divides the Nation Splits the House of Winslow

The Wounded Yankee

Can the Wilderness Restore What the War Has Stolen from This Son of Winslow?Zack Winslow, The Wounded Yankee, had served the Union Army for exactly one year and been wounded twice, surviving the battles of Bull Run and Shiloh. But when he is sent home, Zack discovers some devastating news about his fianc e and his livelihood. Having seen the worst of war and tasted the disappointments of love and friendship gone sour, Zack decides he must get away from it all. Striking out for the wilds of Montana, Zack resolves to live as a hermit in Alder Gulch. On one hundred acres in the shadows of the Rockies, he can build a cabin and raise sheep the promise of a better life, free from the entanglements of other people. But Zack can’t seem to keep them away from his door. Yet how can he take on these unwelcome people? But if he doesn’t provide for them, who will?One Woman’s Courage and Honesty Challenges the Bitterness of His Heart.

The Union Belle

The House of Winslow Goes West with the Transcontinental RailroadAs the nation recovers from the Civil War, Sky and Rebekah Winslow’s wayward son Mark is slowly making his way north through Texas after his release from a Mexican prison. Headed for Omaha to work for the Union Pacific Railroad, he is forced to shoot a man, then thrown into jail to await his prison sentence. In a small Texas town where justice will not be served, Mark’s only hope is the young woman whom he defended. Lola Montez had attempted to escape the horrible saloon life she inherited from her mother, but she was held there by circumstances beyond her control. When Mark Winslow stopped her attacker, he also became her ticket out of town. If Lola can break him out of jail, surely he will take her with him to look for her father in Omaha. But a jailbreak is a small matter compared to what they will face. Mark becomes a trouble shooter for the Union Pacific, responsible for law and order in the towns that spring up as the transcontinental railroad heads west, and he must live by his gun. Lola must live by her iron heart and find her way in a West where only the strong survive. While treachery, betrayal, and sabotage lie before them, so does an unexpected confrontation with a kingdom not of this world. She Saved Him from a Prison Cell. Would a Faster Gun Bring Him Down?

The Final Adversary

He Was a Fallen Son of Winslow Could He Ever Reclaim His Heritage?Barney Winslow had walked away from his family with a bitterness and a rage that well fit a prizefighter. He had never measured up to his father’s expectations and long ago he’d lost hope of being the person his brother was. He only wished they’d stayed in their own nice little world and leave him alone. Barney had come to believe the promises of the prize ring. If he let the rage out with his hands, he’d have all the money and women he wanted. Just a couple more wins and he’s have his shot at the title. If he only could control his drinking, he’d be the hero of New York City in 1894. When the prodigal reaps what he has sown, who will hold out a hand to him? How can he undo the hurt he has inflicted on the innocent saloon girl, Katie Sullivan? How might a wasted life find hope?The Prizefighter’s Ultimate Challenge a Confrontation on Another Continent With an Adversary He Had Not Dreamed Even Existed.

The Crossed Sabres

He Was a Natural Born Soldier on a Campaign Marked by DestinyThomas Winslow fought bravely in the Civil War and was fortunate to survive the grim carnage. But the final defeat on the field of battle was far less painful than the personal defeat he encountered upon his return home. Betrayed by his wife and best friend, the only remnant of his marriage and love was a newborn daughter. Despite the difficulties, Tom remained adamant against giving Laura up. He eventually took a job with the Department of Indian Affairs. Over a period of several years, he and his young daughter move all over the Northern Plains, meeting with the leaders of the Indian tribes, then bringing recommendations with his findings. There was no other white man who knew the country or the Indians better than Thomas Winslow. When the opportunity comes to join the Seventh Cavalry under General George Custer, it affords a better home life for Laurie and a highly desired return to a military career for Winslow. But Tom soon discovers that Custer’s campaign against the Indians in the Northern Plains is ill fated and that his old bitter rival, Spencer Grayson, is a superior ranking officer! As they head toward the Little Big Horn and the final confrontation, who will be left standing?Can One Woman Find Her Way Into the Impregnable Fortress of His Heart? Can the Bitter Past Be Broken?

The Valiant Gunman

House of Winslow Book 14 Dan Winslow survived the Civil War with the dream of one day going West and becoming a cowboy with a ranch of his own. But it would be several disappointing years before this son of Sky and Rebekah Winslow found himself on the dusty cattle trail from Texas to Wyoming. For young widow Hope Rogers, the promise of a cattle ranch in Wyoming seemed like the only possible way to hold her impoverished family together. But the sacrifice she had to make to get there was a dreadful price for a woman to pay. When Dan Winslow arrives in Wyoming, he discovers that the powerful cattle baron of the Arrow Ranch is forcing the local small ranchers and homesteaders out of business, including Hope Rogers. Winslow had not come looking for another war, but his only choice is to fight. The desperate ranchers need Dan’s gun, and Dan needs their support.

The Gallant Outlaw

House of Winslow Book 15 Betsy Winslow had always thought that she never measured up to her beautiful older sister, Lanie. So Betsy was deeply flattered when a handsome stranger began showering her with attention for once she felt beautiful and desirable. Foolishly deciding to elope, Betsy and Vic leave for Indian Territory. Envisioning a life of grandeur as a rancher’s wife, she is sorely disappointed when all her dreams come crashing down. When Lanie hears the news about her sister, she is certain that something is wrong and immediately sets out to help. But Lanie discovers that the only hope of finding Betsy is a shiftless outlaw named Lobo.

The Jewelled Spur

Cody Rogers Was in Trouble, and She Determined to Never Give Up on Him. Laurie Winslow longed to make her dream of becoming a writer come true, and Wilson College in Omaha seemed to offer what her career required. But when funds run out and disillusionment sets in, Laurie joins up with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show as a trick rider to earn enough money to return to school. One day after a performance Laurie runs into a friend from the past and manages to land him a job. Buffalo Bill soon discovers Cody Rogers’ skills as a trick roper and adds him to the show as a new act. But as Cody reveals to Laurie his troubled past and what he is running from, will her feelings for him change?Laurie has reason to believe that Cody is innocent, but as their fame grows, so does the fear that someone may recognize him. What will happen to the man she loves if he is caught again?Will the Truth Ever Be Known?

The Yukon Queen

Book 17 of The House of Winslow series. When Cassidy Winslow promises a dying man he will take care of his daughter, he quickly learns that he is in for more than he anticipated!

The Iron Lady

House of Winslow Book 19 As America makes its ascent as a world power, three young daughters of Winslow come to bustling New York City seeking careers and direction for their lives. But each cousin finds her own unique path. Ruth Winslow feels called to be a missionary and trains as a nurse at Baxter Hospital. She finds fulfillment in her work among the poor and suffering immigrants as well as a growing interest in the Scottish doctor David Burns. Priscilla Winslow joins Ruth in the nursing program but has a passion for show business. Despite all the warnings, when her dreams come true, life on the stage takes on a dark side. Esther Winslow is engaged to a wealthy businessman but is restless to do something meaningful with her life. Her photographs of the immigrants in the tenement slums and her encounter with a young South African doctor open a new door to her one that may change her direction forever.

The Silver Star

New York City Had Left Its Scars. Would Los Angeles and Hollywood Prove to Be a Better World?All of her life Priscilla Winslow had yearned for what she now had the theater, New York City, fancy clothes. But despite all of the adoring audiences, thunderous applause, and offers of starring roles on Broadway, Priscilla is compelled to leave New York and the unpleasant memories that haunt her success. The promise of an offer to come to California and make movies opens a new door for Priscilla’s acting career. It also brings her close to Jason Ballard, the one man who truly loves her. But she soon discovers another side of Hollywood’s infant motion picture business, one that poses overwhelmingly difficult choices. Andrew Winslow has also come to Los Angeles, rising to prominence as the highly successful pastor of Faith Temple. He has everything, but when his wife’s horrible secret is uncovered, can he save his own family?

The Shadow Portrait

The Big City Offers the Winslows New Life, but Will They Be Overcome by Its Lures?When two young Winslow cousins arrive in New York, they both seek to make their way to success. Peter Winslow throws himself into the world of car racing. But he is soon torn between Jolie Devorak, the woman who loves him, and Avis Warwick, a beautiful, wealthy woman who pressures him to join the fast set of high society. When Avis convinces Peter to let her ride in the Jolie Blonde during the race, Jolie battles with anger and jealousy. Peter goes against his partner’s advice and assures everyone not to worry. Phil Winslow has come from Montana to pursue his dream at the art institute. He soon meets a young invalid woman who shares his gift of art but lives as a recluse. Phil determines to help free Cara Lanier from her father’s obsessive control and bring her into the real world, but he discovers firsthand what a formidable foe Oliver Lanier can be. When an unexpected turn of events confronts them all, each is faced with a difficult choice to make. Will wealth and power, jealousy and anger defeat them, or will they learn the secret of genuine love?

The White Hunter

House of Winslow Book 22 John Winslow, a restless young college dropout, tries many jobs and finally goes to Africa to visit a missionary relative. John falls in love with Africa and decides to stay, becoming a professional hunter. Annie Rogers, another of the Winslow family, tries to pursue her dream of becoming a missionary to Africa but is turned away by several mission organizations. An opportunity to work as the personal secretary of a wealthy young socialite seems to contradict Annie’s calling, yet she feels it is the right step. A whirlwind trip to England is followed by passage booked to America on the maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic! These very different lives, separated by continents, seem destined to collide, yet danger roams the dark ocean as surely as it does the Dark Continent.

The Flying Cavalier

When his wife is killed during German bombardment, RAF pilot Lance Winslow vows revenge. House of Winslow book 23.

The Glorious Prodigal

After marrying a man with a checkered past, Leah Freeman suffers as he reverts back to his old habits, and it will take a stint in prison to turn him around.

The Amazon Quest

The Perils of the Amazon Reveal the Depths of the Heart’s Entanglements…
Emily Winslow meets James Parker, the man who tried to save her brother’s life in the trenches of France in World War I, and she and her family feel deeply indebted to him. They offer to help him in any way they can to get a new start after recovering from his own wounds. By the time the family is confronted with the surprising truth of what actually happened on that distant battlefield, Emily has fallen in love with James. Overwhelmed by bitterness and the betrayal of her love, Emily throws herself into her writing career. When an opportunity comes to travel deep into the Amazon rain forest and record the life of an isolated tribe of headhunters, she readily accepts the challenge. But all of her inner turmoil returns with a vengeance when Ian Marlowe walks into her life. Is Emily’s faith strong enough to sustain her? Can she trust her heart this time around?

The Golden Angel

Erin Winslow is The Golden Angel, a stunt flyer who thrills audiences with daring aerial feats. Celebrity has a cost, however, and it soon jeopardizes her faith, love, and even her life. House of Winslow Book 26

The Heavenly Fugitive

The Roaring Twenties Come to Life! Amelia Winslow and her brother, Phillip, create new lives for themselves in New York during the exciting but dangerous Roaring Twenties. Against her familiy’s wishes, Amelia becomes a nightclub singer with hopes of starring on Broadway. Owing her success to a gangster, she refuses to listen to the pleas of those concerned with her safety. While Phil pursues his dream of college and a career in law, he makes his family proud as an assistant district attorney. But he finds himself in love with someone who could put his future in jeopardy. Amelia and Philip become more and more entangled in a precarious underworld. Unless they can find a way out, they may be destroyed by their own most cherished dreams.

The Fiery Ring

The Danger Within Could Be More Deadly Than Any Peril She Faces…
When a family tragedy leaves young Joy and Travis Winslow at the mercy of greedy relatives, they flee a life of certain servitude. Separated from her brother, Joy is rescued from dangerous vagrants by a handsome young circus perfomer. Chase takes her under his wing and helps her find work in a traveling circus. Though Chase discourages it, Joy thrills to the danger of performing with the big cats. But her growing feelings for Chase only add to her uncertainty over the future. She must find her brother and recover what is rightfully theirs. Unless she can arrive at some path to inner peace, the struggle between her love for Chase and her anger against those who wronged her may year her world apart.

The Pilgrim Song

Like wayfarers before them in a foreign land, they learn to sing…
Lewis Winslow has money, a large fancy house, and a bright future in business, but he’s lost his beloved wife and now fears he is losing his children as well. Josh seeks one thrill after another, while Jenny finds her excitement at society parties. Kat, an all out tomboy, is living in her own world, and Hannah has become a recluse. Their father isn’t sure what to do about any of them. When the stock market crash robs the Winslows of the material comforts they have enjoyed, will they unite as a family? Lliving in poverty is like living in a foreign land for this Winslow family. The strength of their faith will determine whether they thrive or merely survive in the face of unfamiliar and fearsome hardship.

The Beloved Enemy

She saved his life. Could he help restore her faith? Copy: Josh Winslow has just been released from prison. Determined to get his life on the right track, he sets out to find honest work. Kefira Reis has fled an abusive boss in New York’s garment district to start a new life in Florida. A chance meeting along the way brings Kefira to Josh’s aid when he needs it most. As Kefira encourages Josh to pursue his long held dream of becoming an archaeologist, she finds her own desires coming true. But complications from the past threaten their budding romance and put their most cherished beliefs to the test.

The Shining Badge

Book 31 of House of Winslow. Jennifer Winslow had known only the finest life had to offer until her family lost everything in the crash of ’29. Moving from New York to a small farm in Georgia, Jenny struggles to adapt to her tough new life. Then, through a startling series of events, she finds herself running for County Sheriff. Jenny soon discovers she has fierce enemies among the local moonshiners, gangsters, and even the citizens themselves, who scoff at the idea of a female sheriff. Only two men support her: an idealistic young lawyer and a reluctant deputy. She finds herself drawn to both men and struggles to ferret out God’s choice for her. In a blazing shoot out, Jennifer Winslow finds her way, but not without cost.

The Royal Handmaid

Book 32 in the bestselling House of Winslow series. Wealthy Rena Matthews feels called to take the gospel to the South Sea islanders. She gathers volunteers to go with her all from the upper strata of society. When rough looking Travis Winslow volunteers, Rena wants to refuse him, but her father insists she take him along. They set out in her father’s yacht, but a storm drives them hundreds of miles off course and into a reef on a deserted island. Will they ever make it to the mission field? Or will God bring the mission field to them?

The Silent Harp

Sharon Winslow is artistic, wealthy, socially prominent and determined to remain single. Having lost her first love in the Great War, she is certain that marriage is not for her. Then she meets Temple Smith, a rough man who appears as uncouth as he is poor. What could a woman of her stature and talent find in such a man? Her hopeless attraction to him vies with her fear that he is only after her money. But where differences abound, the adventure of love begins. He must convince her that she will never realize her full potential without him that without him her true beauty will remain as hidden as the song of a silent harp. A House of Winslow book.

The Virtuous Woman

When Phil and Cara Winslow learn that the daughter they thought had died in infancy is still alive, their life of status and ease is turned upside down. With the help of a private detective, they find the girl, now twenty years old, who turns out to be rough and vulgar. When they try to bring Grace into their family, their grown children are horrified, and only Kevin, a terribly scarred recluse, reaches out to her. When Grace bolts, Kevin leaves his self made prison to search for her only to find her in an actual prison. Together this reunited brother and sister find grace and acceptance. Will each find love as well? Book 34 in the bestselling The House of Winslow series.

The Gypsy Moon

House of Winslow Book 35 Dr. Gabrielle Winslow joins the Underground in Holland to help smuggle Jews out of the country, but she is stunned when the new commander of the Na*zi occupation forces turns out to be Col. Erik Raeder, a man she had nearly agreed to marry when she spent time with her uncle in Berlin. Gabrielle teams up with a handsome OSS agent to rescue her uncle. Will they succeed in bringing him out of Germany only to be trapped in Holland by the jilted Na*zi colonel?

The Unlikely Allies

House of Winslow Book 36 Mallory Anne Winslow, daughter of missionaries in Africa, follows God’s call to carry the Gospel to the Lapps in the Arctic. But her work is interrupted when Norway is invaded by the Germans. Mallory joins the Resistance Movement and is ordered by her superior to make Derek Raeder aide to the Na*zi colonel fall in love with her, so she can report the Na*zi s plans. When the colonel discovers she is a spy, he orders his aide to arrest her. Will Derek follow the colonel s orders…
or his heart?

The High Calling

House of Winslow Book 37 Katherine Winslow feels that God has a specific plan for her life and that it will be something very grand. She rejects the idea of marriage, believing it would only get in the way of The High Calling God has in mind for her. When Kat is sent to London for missionary training, she is reunited with Derek, a former beau now in the RAF. As the Battle of Britain heats up, Derek is missing in action, leaving Kat to wonder about the certainty of her calling. The High Calling will capture reader’s attention with page turning adventure and inspiring romance.

The Hesitant Hero

Disappointed in his dream of becoming an artist in France, Tyler Winslow plans to return to America, a bitter failure. But first he stops to visit a former acquaintance, a lovely woman named Jolie Vernay. Suddenly the Germans attack France, and Tyler has only one chance to leave. But Jolie begs him to help her take three Jewish orphans to England. Reluctantly, he agrees. With danger lurking everywhere and more children to save, Tyler learns to be a man of courage and a man of God. House of Winslow Book 38

The Widow’s Choice

Life during the Great Depression has been hard for Alona Winslow Jennings, but it is turned upside down when she loses her husband in a terrible accident. When she marries Oscar Moran, a wealthy older man, her motivation is far more about Oscar providing for her three young sons than any romantic inclinations. Oscar is indeed a good provider, but there is no spark of love between them. She realizes the error of her decision when she begins to feel drawn to Jason, a fighter pilot in the raging second world war. Alona and Jason’s friendship grows amid the tumult Amerida’s increasing involvement in the global crises. Will Alona remain true to her marriage vows and her faith in God in spite of her turbulent circumstances?

The White Knight

A fighter pilot in Spain, Luke Winslow loses the woman he loves and turns from his faith. When he accidentally kills an old friend while drunk, out of guilt, he tries to help his friend’s sister, Joelle, in her work with troubled girls. In the Army Air Corps, he fights his nemesis from the war in Spain, the Black Knight. Now dubbed The White Knight, Luke fights his foe and for the woman he loves, Joelle. In the heat of life’s battles, will Luke turn to his only true refuge? Book 40 in the bestselling House of Winslow.

Guilt By Association

One secret links twelve strangers. One secret that could cost them everything.

Danielle Ross’s life keeps slipping out of control. First she must abandon her education to take over her ill father’s floundering detective agency. Then, while pursuing a new case, Dani becomes a victim herself. She awakens in a strange place and finds herself surrounded by eleven other people. Among them are a doctor, a dancer, a German submarine commander, and a former Death Row inmate all clueless as to why they have been brought together. The culprit relentlessly insists they are united by one dark secret and that their lives depend on their confessing it. Can Dani find the link between these strangers before time runs out?

Deadly Deception

The first two Danielle Ross mysteries, Guilt by Association and The Final Curtain have enjoyed wide recognition. Deadly Deception finds the private investigator faced with one of the greatest tests of her career when she agrees to take on the case of a vengeful, terminally ill crime boss.

Revenge At the Rodeo

Haunted by nightmares after killing a criminal in self defense, Danielle is unsure of her abilities as an investigator. But her sleuthing skills are suddenly put to the test when her partner is brutally attacked while involved in a case of which Danielle had no knowledge. Can she discover the identity of the attacker before he strikes again?

The Quality of Mercy

The is 5 in Gilbert Morris’s Danielle Ross mystery series.

The End of Act Three

Bright lights. A live audience. The performance of a lifetime until the curtain comes down. The theater is Jonathan Ainsley’s life. Yet if this latest play isn’t a smash, it may be his final production a finale someone wants very much to see. But Jonathan won’t be deterred by threats; the show simply must go on! A fan of Jonathan’s since his award winning performance, Dani Ross is shocked when he enters her office and overwhelmed when she hears his request. But not until she arrives in New York does Dani realize how difficult this latest case will be to solve. Surrounded by performers, it’s nearly impossible to discern who’s telling the truth and who’s just playing another part. As the threats escalate, Dani gains a new role and a greater urgency. If she doesn’t find out who’s guilty, the curtain may never go up again.

Four of a Kind

The battle between good and evil is about to get extremely personal. Reverend Alvin Flatt has something that New Orleans’ most notorious mobster wants and he’s not about to give it up without the fight of his life. In the good pastor’s mind there is no room for compromise or negotiation: He knows what God has told him, and with private investigators Dani Ross and Ben Savage helping him, he’s sure God’s plan will prevail. The mob boss, though, is used to getting his way. And he’s used to doing whatever it takes to get it. Dani and Ben are prepared for his schemes, but it soon becomes dangerously clear to them that the battle against evil never ends and that only a miracle can save them from a tragic fate.

A Covenant of Love

Appomattox Series, Book 1. From the first rumblings of unrest and secession in the South, this dramatic saga follows the Rocklins as they experience the intense emotions and spiritual struggles of the Civil War. Even as the nation is ripped apart, only to grow stronger, so also is the Rocklin family. The family stands by helplessly as cousins Clay and Gideon Rocklin vie for the hand of beautiful Melanie Benton. And Melanie’s choice between the two men starts the rejected suitor on a spiraling descent into self-destruction that threatens to destroy his family as well. Read by Maynard Villers, 12 CD’s 12.3 Hrs.

Gate of His Enemies

Appomattox Series, Book 2. The war has come, leaving in its wake a chasm between North and South, turning friends and brothers into enemies. Now, as the nation begins to understand the true meaning of civil war, so the Rocklins begin to understand the fierce and terrible pull of loyalty to a way of life, to one’s country, and to God. Deborah Steele finds herself torn between her passionate belief in the Union, and her deep love for the dashing Confederate officer, Dash Rocklin. But, it isn’t until Deborah sets out on a daring mission to rescue a captured Union soldier that she and Dash discover how deep their true loyalties lie…
and how powerful real love can be. Read by Maynard Villers. 11 CD’s 11.7 Hrs.

Where Honor Dwells

Vince Franklin, intent on inheriting the family fortune, enlists the aid of Jake Hardin. When Jake falls in love with Vince’s sister, both men face the most important spiritual decision of their lives.

Land of the Shadow

Appomattox Series, 4. When Paul Bristol return home from Europe, he knows his involvement in the war is inevitable, though reluctant. As an artist and photographer, he is requested to go to the battlefront and capture Confederate bravery on film. But he needs an assistant trained in photography. Because of time constraints, he has no choice but to accept an independent young woman named Frankie Aimes. And so the two load up their equipment and head for the dangers of the battlefield. But there is another danger hanging over their heads, a danger Bristol knows nothing about, for Frankie is hiding a secret that could get them both killed if it is discovered. Read by Maynard Villers. 11 CD’s 11.5 Hrs.

Out of the Whirlwind

When amnesia patient Burke Rocklin falls in love with a Union nurse, neither is aware that he is a Confederate. Can she verify his story to prevent him from being court martialed?.

Shadow of His Wings

Lowell Rocklin accepts a challenge to help the South build a balloon for use in military strategy. His efforts are aided by Rooney Smith, a young woman whose ingenuity proves invaluable. Suddenly, double tragedy strikes: Seriously injured in battle, Lowell must also suffer with his discovery of the tragic truth about Rooney the woman he has come to love.

Wall of Fire

As Mark Rocklin lies dying, his one hope is to be reunited with his estranged daughter, Allyn.

Stars in Their Courses

Frank Rocklin avoids formal conscription into the Federal army only to serve the North as a spy in a theater troupe touring behind enemy lines. Family loyalties are torn as they accuse him of being a Southern sympathizer. But will his love for a Southern actress or his duty to his country prevail?

Chariots in the Smoke

David Rocklin enlists in the Confederate army to impress a young woman, but his aspirations crumble when he realizes he does not have the courage to be a soldier. Afraid for his life, David runs away from the army, only to face deteriorating health. When doctors are unable to diagnose his problem, he decides that it would be better to die quickly in battle than slowly of disease. He returns to battle and becomes a hero surviving the assaults he hoped would kill him. Soon after, David finds his illness was the result of the guilt he felt for deserting. Will he have the courage to continue as a hero, or will he shrink from battle again?

Witness in Heaven

Providing a twist on the Pygmalion tale, Morris encloses a tender romance within the epic battles fought in war ravaged Virginia.

Beyond the River

Futuristic novel in the mode of Brave New World and 1984 by one of America’s top inspirational fiction writers.

A Call to Honor

Ben Logan was filled with impossible dreams of success and far off adventure. Always one of the ‘have nots’ in the small town of Liberty, Georgia, he was alternately tolerated and rejected by those that called him ‘poor white trash’ and ridiculed his father, an often drunk pulpwood cutter. Part of Ben’s dream comes true when the daughter of the richest man in town invites him into her self centered world. Ben is haunted by the memory of her kiss, the soft wetness of her lips against his neck, her fragrance, and blue eyes. But when Ben is forced to leave Liberty and join the Navy, everything changes! After December 7, 1941, Ben finds himself in Pearl Harbor, leaning into a gun mount on the deck of the USS Arizona. His life will never be the same!

All the Shining Young Men

When America is swept into World War II, Chance Rinehart and Jesse Boone are followed into service by maria Vitrano a clever, dark haired newspaper journalist with suspicious motives.

A Time to Heal

In a powerful and compelling story of lost hope and second chances, A Time to Heal unfolds a drama of brutal violence and inner peace, of broken hearts and rebuilt lives. It continues the chronicles of Liberty, Georgia’s residents, so captivatingly told in All the Shining Young Men, The End of the Glory, and A Silence in Heaven, all part of The Price of Liberty series.

Flight of the Eagles

The choice of Josh and the members of the quest is a dangerous one. He must survive not only the peril of the Sanhedrin, but the doubt that threatens his faith and, ultimately, his commitment to Goe’l, his spiritual champion.

The Gates of Neptune

The evil Lord Necros is in control of most of the land: now he wants to conquer it all. Josh and his friends are asked to help save the lost city of Atlantis, but the seven of them are pitted against an army of traitors and an ocean of terrifying creatures.

The Sword of Camelot

In this adventure of the Seven Sleepers, Bob takes the fate of the kingdom upon his shoulders. The situation growns grim as physical dangers make way for spiritual dangers.

The Caves That Time Forgot

The Caves of Mondar is a world unlike anything the Seven Sleepers have ever encountered. In the face of dangerous enemies, the group learns to stand firm in what they believe. They must stick together and communicate the truth.

Winged Raiders of the Desert

Children 10 to 14 years old will love to read about the adventures of the Seven Sleepers. Their only hope is to wrest the Winged Ones away from the power of the Dark Lord a desperate, and seemingly futile, last resort.

Empress of the Underworld

‘I’m not going!’ Abbey declared, ‘And that’s final!’ Their spiritual leader, God, has issued another assignment, and the Seven Sleepers are off and running. Well, most of them are, but not Abbey not this time. How can Abbey know that she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life’ Even now the mysterious Empress of the Underworld is plotting to destroy both Abbey and her unsuspecting friends. How can she know that the wicked Empress makes slaves of all who enter her underground kingdom’ How can she know that even she will soon come under the Empress’s magic spell’ And how can she know that her disobedience will endanger not only her life, but the lives of the other Sleepers as well’ Through some difficult experiences, Abbey learns that God can be trusted and that His lessons are worth learning.

Voyage of the Dolphin

How lucky can they get’ It’s relaxation time, and the Seven Sleepers are vacationing on an ocean going ship. How much trouble can they get into on vacation’ Almost before they can sort out what’s happening, Josh, Sarah, and their friends find themselves entangled with a handsome sea captain who can’t find a crew, a maddening rich girl who wants to be queen, a band of friendly and unfriendly giants, and the biggest hurricane of the century. But where is their powerful friend God’ Does He know where they are’ Does He even care’ Sail along with Josh and the crew as they handle danger and fear, and see if you can figure out why God doesn’t just rush to their rescue.

Attack of the Amazons

The seven Sleepers enter an upside down world where women are savage warriors and men are little more than slaves. Together, the Sleepers try to bring peace to the jungle and lead these women warriors into the house of Goel.

Escape With the Dream Maker

Something strange and terrible has been happening in Nuworld. Some of God’s most trusted servants have disappeared simply vanished! With only a list of the missing persons and a secret password, God has sent the Seven Sleepers on another mission: ‘Find My servants and bring them back, but be very careful. You might be one of the next to disappear.’ That could never happen, of course. Josh, Sarah, Dave, and the others know God too well to be tricked by one of His enemies…
Or do they’ What starts out as a harmless game a stress reliever could be the end of the Sleepers, and the end of all of God’s servants. Come along as Josh Adams and his friends learn a few unexpected lessons about deception and addiction, and a lot about themselves. Join the Seven Sleepers on their most dangerous mission yet!

The Final Kingdom

Book 10 in the Seven Sleepers Series finds Josh, Sarah, and their friends preparing for their last mission before the great, final battle with the Dark Lord. Unbeknownst to them, however, an informer has been planted among Goel’s followers.

The Bucks of Goober Holler

Join The Bucks of Goober Holler as they go from one zany, exciting adventure to the next. In the process they discover a Master Plan that will change their lives forever. ba tries to save a mysterious creature from a bounty hunter in this novel for 10 14 years olds. en. tudy today.

The Sword of Truth

Two families the Wakefields of nobility and the lower class Morgans are the focus of this sweeping generational saga, joined by intriguing personalities such as Elizabeth I, William Tyndale, and John Bunyan. Linking the people and events through the ages is the struggle of men and women who sought God as the answer to their difficulties. 1: The Sword of Truth Myles Morgan’s discovery of his noble heritage introduces him to a fascinating new life in the English court and to the political conflict surrounding the translation of the Bible into English.

The Winds of God

Book 2 in this sweeping saga of the noble Wakefields and the lower class Morgans continues with the compelling account of the Spanish Armada during the reign of Elizabeth I.

The Ramparts of Heaven

Two families the Wakefields of nobility and the lower class Morgans are the focus of this sweeping generational saga, joined by intriguing personalities such as Elizabeth I, William Tyndale, and John Bunyan. Linking the people and events through the ages is the struggle of men and women who sought God as the answer to their difficulties. 5: The Ramparts of Heaven Follow the quest of Andrew Wakefield, a ministerial student at Oxford University, as he joins these shakers and movers in their attempts to advance the Methodist movement and bring the realities of the gospel of Christ to a needy world.

The Song of Princes

Two families the Wakefields of nobility and the lower class Morgans are the focus of this sweeping generational saga, joined by intriguing personalities such as Elizabeth I, William Tyndale, and John Bunyan. Linking the people and events through the ages is the struggle of men and women who sought God as the answer to their difficulties. 6: Song of Princes Rival twin brothers, Paul and David Wakefield, compete for the hand of Stella Fairfax, daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax, during the reign of George II.

The Stars for a Light

No Medical School Ever Could Have prepared Cheney for Her First Position

Graduating from the Woman’s Medical College of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania as a full fledged, documented, accredited physician, young and energetic Cheney Duvall assumed that she would immediately find a suitable position. But after two months of applying and interviewing for several different openings, then being summarily rejected because she was a woman, she had almost given up hope.

When Cheney hears that a man named Asa Mercer is looking for a doctor to care for the two hundred women he is transporting on an extended sea voyage from New York to Washington Territory, she grabs the position. Mercer is actually delighted that Cheney is a female doctor who can also help chaperone these potential brides to be for the frontiersmen in the West.

But even before the journey begins, a foreboding shadow darkens what Cheney had thought was a great opportunity to finally use her talents and education. Was she really prepared for what this responsibility requires?

Shadow of the Mountains

With Few Allies, Cheney Faces Two Enemies Superstition and GreedCheney Duvall proved to be an excellent doctor to ‘Mercer’s Belles’ on the sea voyage to Washington Territory, but doors of further opportunity remained shut. Despite having graduated with honors from a prestigious university as one of only a handful of female physicians in 1865, Cheney continues to find herself being summarily rejected because she is a woman. Returning to her parents’ home in Philadelphia with her nurse, Shiloh Irons, Cheney finds a letter from a dear friend pleading that she come to a remote spot in the Ozark Mountains. The friend is having a baby, and there are no doctors available in the primitive wilderness of Wolf County, Arkansas. Though she is warned about the mountain folks, Cheney feels compelled to go and provide medical care to her friend and the community. But the warnings prove true. The people are superstitious, illiterate, hopelessly resistant to medical science, and hate Yankee especially educated Yankee female doctors. She also finds her way blocked by a medicine woman of powerful influence among the mountain people. The big land companies further complicate Cheney’s efforts, and then she becomes the target for a bullet

A City Not Forsaken

General FictionLarge Print EditionUpon her return to New York from the Ozark Mountains where she had tried to help the mountain folks, Cheney Duvall is ready for lighter duty. Shell go into private practice with Devlin Buchanan, the handsome doctor who had proposed to her, and work with the citys wealthy and elite. But an outbreak of cholera is imminent. The steamship Virginia is on its way back from London where a cholera outbreak has been reported, and its just a matter of time before the deadly disease begins spreading in New York. Her past work with the underclas*ses has left a deep mark on Cheneys soul. Can she be content in a world of high society even as the citys poor are facing the horrors of a deadly pestilence?

Toward the Sunrising

Caught in the throes of Reconstruction, Cheney and Shiloh cannot ignore the plight of war torn Charleston. Cheney Duvall, M.D. book 4.

Secret Place of Thunder

Cheney and her nurse, Shiloh Irons, visit Cheney’s great aunts at their indigo plantation outside of New Orleans. They arrive to discover that a mysterious malady has been inflicting the servants and sharecroppers, and that the indigo crop is suffering as well. All evidence appears to point to a cult of spiritism that has claimed that the plantation is on sacred ground and that the aunts must leave. When Cheney and her family begin to investigate, they face physical danger as well as spiritual threats.

In the Twilight, in the Evening

Cheney fights with the hospital staff of St. Francis for the fair treatment of San Francisco’s undesirables. Cheney Duvall, M.D. book 6.

Island of the Innocent

What Seemed Like Paradise Suddenly Becomes a Fiery Nightmare. As the Petrel sails closer toward the House of the Sun, Cheney Duvall and Dr. Walker Baird, her colleague from St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco, arrive in Hawaii to try to convince Shiloh Irons to return with them. Though Shiloh believes the Winslows might be his long lost family, Cheney has discovered some disturbing facts about Bain Winslow and has traveled all this way to warn Shiloh. The Winslows have refused to acknowledge any kinship to him and believe he is nothing more than a con man bent on stealing the family fortunes. When Cheney pays a call on the Winslows with Dr. Baird to thank them for a generous donation to the hospital where she works, her curiosity and ire are raised by Denise Winslow’s haughty demeanor. She and Walker set out to help Shiloh unravel the mysteries that seemingly surround the Winslows’ determination to drive him from the island. With the fish compass and tapestry stolen the only tangible clues to Shiloh’s origins will he ever learn his true identity?Caught between the river of lava creeping toward the beach and the waters teeming with frenzied sharks and poisonous Portuguese man of war, Cheney must make the most difficult decision of her life. Will Shiloh return in time to rescue them from the fiery destruction spewing from Haleakala?

Driven with the Wind

Doctor Cheney Duvall is one of inspirational fiction’s most beloved characters, known for all of her adventures, struggles, successes, and romances. Now Gilbert and Lynn Morris bring the series to New York in Driven with the Wind. Here, wedding bells are poised to chime for their friends but will they? During the month long journey, Shiloh asks Cheney to be his bride. It is the day she both feared and anticipated. Her answer, however, can only be a refusal. Shiloh is not a believer, and he soon grows bitter over her rejection. Cheney, meanwhile, is devastated that she has allowed herself to fall so fully in love with him. When they arrive in New York, the couple discovers that their friends are having second thoughts about their own marriage. Like Cheney and Shiloh, they struggle by frail human means to solve their problems. A revengeful plan that could ruin Cheney s reputation and medical practice is the final trial that drives them into the arms of the Lord.

Sound the Trumpet

Pre Revolutionary America was stirring the flames for freedom!A past riddled by a cruel twist of fate, but the present held the distant glimmer of freedom in a new land. Daniel Bradford, a poor young Britisher, is separated in a cruel twist of fate from his sister, Lyna, and left to rot in the infamous Dartmoor Prison. His only hope for escape comes when he agrees to a seven year indenture in America. But he discovers he has traded one imprisonment for another under a cruel and exacting master, Sir Leo Rochester. But eventually, Daniel marries a young woman, Holly Blanchard, and they settle near Mount Vernon, Virginia. Daniel meets George Washington and experiences firsthand the taste of freedom sweeping the land. Then tragedy strikes and Daniel moves his family to Boston, where he prospers and meets Sam Adams, the flaming patriot for independence. Bound by his loyalty to England, he struggles as he sees two of his sons caught up with the Sons of Liberty. As the storm clouds of revolution begin to gather, family and friends must take sides as the Colonies are inexorably swept into battle at Lexington and Concord. Daniel, too, must decide his loyalties not only politically, but deeply personal ones as well.

Song in a Strange Land

Caught in the middle of the American Revolution, two families are united by blood but divided by loyalties. During the fight for a new country, men and women will sacrifice their all for what they believe…
but will it be enough?

Tread Upon the Lion

Book 3 in The Liberty Bell series. Daniel Bradford’s fight to save his son is threatened when Sir Leo Rochester hires Abigail Howland of the Winslow family to lure Matthew into his evil schemes.

Arrow of the Almighty

Micah Bradford risks his life carrying dispatches for the Continental Army as the ragtag patriots endure the rigors of winter in their hasty retreat from the British. The young nation’s struggle for independence seems all but lost!Micah Bradford, along with his twin brother Dake, is serving in the Continental Army as a dispatcher for General Washington, when he meets and falls in love with Sarah Dennison, a young woman whose parents demand that she marry a wealthy middle aged suitor. Micah is determined to prove his love and save her from her fate, despite Sarah’s loyalty to her parent’s wishes. His life is complicated when he is forced to become a protector of another young woman named Keturah Burns, who has suffered much hardship and carries a bad reputation as a camp follower. The Continental Army flees across New Jersey in the dead of winter after its defeat at New York. With his ragged and starving army near collapse, and facing increasing numbers of deserters, George Washington holds his remaining troops together by the sheer force of his personality. Across the ice filled Delaware River the British Army confidently expects to deliver the final death blow to the patriot cause. Deeply troubled by the apparent loss in the struggle for independence of the young nation, Micah is also torn between the two young women and God’s call on his life. With both the nation and his life in peril, how will he determine where his loyalties lie?

Wind from the Wilderness

Book 5 in The Liberty Bell series. As Joel Bradford’s natural abilities are discovered, his high placement in service leads to success. But as he falls in love with Heather Reed, a fiery young patriot, he risks being shot as a spy if his identity is made known.

The Right Hand of God

After suffering through a harsh winter at Valley Forge, Washington’s troops are strengthened in their resolve to bring a new nation to birth. She could not keep her secret hidden for long. With her brothers risking their lives for the cause of liberty, Rachel Bradford despises the tyranny of England. One day she finds a badly wounded enemy soldier hiding in their barn. Jacob Steiner is a German Jew who had been forcibly consripted to serve among the Hessian soldiers. Her first impulse is to turn him over to the authorities, but pity causes her to take him in and nurse him back to health. Concealing him from her family, she begins to care for him and discovers that he is nothing like the enemy she expected. All through the long winter as her brothers are nearly starving at Valley Forge, Rachel is torn between her loyalty to the American cause of freedom and her awakening feelings for Steiner, especially after he comes to faith through her witness. But the day will come when she must face her family with the fact that she loves a man who was serving in the army of the enemy.

Command the Sun

Book 7 in The Liberty Bell series. When Matthew Bradford’s true father dies, Matthew has the chance to become an English peer, but this will mean renouncing America and the man who raised him. Will he come to regret his decision?

The Dangerous Voyage

Danny and Dixie Fortune are frantic when their father, James, disappears without a trace. The police investigation is at a dead end, and the twins are ready to do almost anything to help!.

Drummer Boy At Bull Run

To Jeff Majors and Leah Carter, the Civil War means a heartbreaking separation of fast friends. Jeff and Leah determine to keep their friendship strong, in spite of joining opposite sides.

The Secret of Richmond Manor

Lifelong friends Jeff Majors and Leah Carter find themselves on different sides in the American Civil War. Leah makes a discovery that challenges her faith, and her relationship with Jeff becomes strained as a result of the new pressures and the terrible war.

The Soldier Boy’s Discovery

See how Jeff and Leah, lifelong friends who have been separated by the Civil War, sort out their problems and learn valuable lessons against the backdrop of the bloody Battle of Antietam.

Blockade Runner

Follow teenagers Jeff Majors and Leah Carter as they become unexpectedly and dangerously involved in the sea action of the Civil War.

The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg

As young Tom fights his way into the Civil War’s bloodiest battle, he finds Sarah, the girl he loves, caught in the crossfire. Share their heartbreaks and their realization that God is ever faithful.

The Battle of Lookout Mountain

Leah brother Royal has returned from the Civil war battlefields but has found himself engaged in a battle of a different sort a battle for a lady’s affection. The lady is the beautiful Lori Jenkins of Chattanooga, and the enemy is the dastardly Drake Bedford, one of Pineville’s most venomous fighters. Just as their friendship starts to blossom, Lori is called home to Tennessee to care for her sick sister and Royal once again must face the Rebel army. The good news is, the army is headed toward Chattanooga where the friendship could continue to grow. The bad news is, Drake Bedford has decided to join the Union army as a soldier in Royal’s company! Join the excitement as the conflicts continue, on and off the battlefields. And see how God’s grace can change the lives of even the most stubborn sinners. Battle of Lookout Mountain is the seventh of a ten book series, that tells the story of two close families find themselves on different sides of the Civil War after the fall of Fort Sumter in April 1861. Thirteen year old Leah becomes a helper in the Union army with her father, who hopes to distribute Bibles to the troops. Fourteen year old Jeff becomes a drummer boy in the Confederate Army and struggles with faith while experiencing personal hardship and tragedy. The series follows Leah, Jeff, family, and friends, as they experience hope and God’s grace through four years of war.

Encounter At Cold Harbor

Confederate soldier Jeff can’t see why Leah is out of sorts just because she saw him at the theater with another girl. A Civil War tale of adventure, love, and family loyalty.

Fire Over Atlanta

While the fires burn in Atlanta, love burns in the hearts of both Yankees and Rebels. After seeing the way Jeff looks at pretty little Lucy Driscoll, Leah fears she’s lost his interest forever. She’s got a plan that will make him green with jealousy. But will her plan backfire’ And love is brewing on the front lines too. Will Royal or Drake win the hand of the lovely Miss Lori’ And what will become of quirky Charlie’ The poor orphaned girl acts more like a boy than a young lady seeking to become a fine Southern woman. The excitement continues and true love is revealed in another story of the Bonnets and Bugles of the Civil War. Fire Over Atlanta is the ninth of a ten book series, that tells the story of two close families find themselves on different sides of the Civil War after the fall of Fort Sumter in April 1861. Thirteen year old Leah becomes a helper in the Union army with her father, who hopes to distribute Bibles to the troops. Fourteen year old Jeff becomes a drummer boy in the Confederate Army and struggles with faith while experiencing personal hardship and tragedy. The series follows Leah, Jeff, family, and friends, as they experience hope and God’s grace through four years of war.

A Time to Be Born

Meet the Stuart family: eight children raised in the hills of Arkansas by their godly and determined mother, Marian, who does her best to lead her children to Christ. But as her three oldest, Lylah, Amos, and Owen, each decide to go their own ways, none seem to follow the path Marian has laid out for them. Set at the turn of the twentieth century, this first of the American Century series tells the story of a time of growth and opportunity. Filled with historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and James Randolph Hearst, this fascinating book will draw readers into the exciting events of the time and the lives of the family it follows. As the Stuarts mature, so does a young nation racked with uncertainty and growing pains of its own. Previously published as A Time to Be Born

A Time to Die

Just years before America witnessed the turn of the century, the three eldest Stuart children left their home in the hills of Arkansas to pursue their dreams in the land of opportunity. Now they are back for a family reunion at the humble home they left years ago. In an unforeseeable turn of events, their visit is cut short when Lylah and Amos are required to return to the city as the world edges closer to war. Within months they find themselves and their brother Gavin deeply involved in the war efforts, but not in the ways they had ever expected. And as the conditions in Europe worsen, they must face a startling reality: before it’s all over, the war could claim the life of one of their own. Will the Stuarts survive these tumultuous times and return to their family safe and sound? Or will World War I forever change the lives they know?

A Time to Laugh

The war in Europe is over and a new feeling of freedom is sweeping across America. The skirts are getting shorter, the women are getting faster, and the Stuart family is caught up in a sea of changes. From the Arkansas hills to the streets of Chicago, with a stop off in Hollywood on the way, One Shining Moment will hold readers in its mesmerizing grip. From daring cross country flights to seedy speakeasies to the Salvation Army headquarters, the Stuarts cross paths with the likes of Louis Armstrong, Rudolph Valentino, and Al Capone himself while they chase their dreams and try to stay alive! Can the Stuart family survive in this country turned upside down?

A Time to Weep

After the tumultuous 1920s, the Stuart family and the rest of America must grapple with a terrible turn of events: the Great Depression. While grateful for what they have, the Stuarts have to watch carefully lest times get even harder. When Jerry Stuart goes to Hollywood to join Aunt Lylah, he becomes a stunt pilot. He is not prepared for the turn his life will take. And half a continent away, Uncle Pete is fighting to keep his struggling oil rig out of the hands of the mighty Kingman Oil Company. From the destitution of the Oklahoma oil fields to the glitter of Hollywood’s Golden Age, this beautiful story of a family uniting to save a dream will captivate readers. And the realism borne out of Gilbert Morris’s own experiences growing up during the Depression will make the settings and characters come alive.

A Time for War

The close knit Stuart clan becomes personally involved in WWII when several members of its younger generation go off to fight. Will and Clint are strongly rooted in their Christian heritage, but Adam’s life has been aimless and bitter. While he fights his toughest battle within himself, he endangers the men under his command. The three cousins’ military exploits take them from the Arkansas hills to the jungles of Guadalcanal, from Hollywood to the forests of Germany. The Stuarts at home lean heavily on faith and family as they pray for their sons. Will the men return safely to the women and families who love them?

A Time to Build

As a new decade begins, the United States enters the war in Korea. From Hollywood to the Ozarks, the sons and daughters of Will and Marian Stuart are living out their dreams and living the good life. The next generation of Stuarts has everything they could possibly want. Will they continue the family’s legacy of faith as they launch out to pursue dreams of their own? Book 6 of the American Century series follows several of the younger Stuarts as they cope with war, disappointment, and shattered hopes. Returning to their roots on the family farm in Arkansas, they find love and healing in unexpected ways.

Dawn of a New Day

It is the tumultuous 1960s: Kennedy, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, and youth culture are on everyone’s minds and lips. Prosperity and progress are undergirded with a sense of uneasiness for the Stuart family, along with the rest of the country. With a movie deal on the horizon, Bobby Stuart’s star may be rising, but his descent into celebrity drug culture might be his undoing. And young love is blooming between two people who never expected it. Gilbert Morris fans will be delighted with his foray into a colorful and controversial decade. Dawn of a New Day is the final, never before published conclusion to the popular American Century series.

Tracks of Deceit

In the 1860s West, Katy Steele is hired as a special agent for the Central Pacific Railroad to find her father’s killer.

Imperial Intrigue

Katy and Sam face their most challenging assignment yet: Escort a banished Austrian prince and his entire entourage across the wilderness to their ranch in Texas. Upon arriving they discover they will have to fight for their land and their lives.

The Depths of Malice

Katy Steele and her partner, Sam Bronte, face their most dangerous assignment yet when they travel to St. Louis to help Sam’s younger brother find out who is behind a series of mishaps aboard his riverboat.’

Over the Misty Mountains

Captivated by the promise of rich land beyond the Appalachian Mountains, they discover that faith alone can carry them through the harshest of times.

A tragic loss forces Josh Spencer to leave his home in Virginia and seek the frontier as an escape from his pain and bitterness of heart. Setting out in late fall with no knowledge of wilderness survival, he encounters a heavy snowstorm. And then a Cherokee chief finds him – .

Freedom and the hope of a homestead ‘Over the Misty Mountains‘ entice Patrick and Elizabeth MacNeal and their two children to leave their secure life in Boston. Sailing to Virginia, they join a wagon train of pioneers headed west and find their journey sabotaged by broken wheels, violent storms, and flooding creeks. Then comes an attack by renegade Indians -.

The frontier has brought them together. Can it sustain their hope of a new life?

Beyond the Quiet Hills

The wilderness lands over the misty mountains had drawn them west. But could they tame America’s first frontier before it destroyed them?

The Tennessee frontier had brought together Hawk and Elizabeth Spencer in the harshest of times. As they struggle to survive and raise their family at the Watauga settlement, Hawk brings his son, Jacob, to live with them. But Jacob has only known the life of the city and resents his father for leaving him behind in the past. That bitter resentment only intensifies when Jacob discovers the strong bond that’s already formed between his stepbrother Andrew and Hawk.

Things are complicated when the stepbrothers both begin to fall in love with Abigail Stevens. While she enjoys the attention of both young men for a time, she knows she must ultimately choose between the two. Will her decision drive the family even further apart?

Can Hawk stop a vengeful plot from turning the frontier into a war with the Cherokee?

Among the King’s Soldiers

Seth Donovan came to America fighting for the King but soon longs for the freedom he sees in Sara MacNeal. The Spirit of Appalachia Book 3.

Beneath the Mockingbird’s Wings

Nathaniel Carter is torn between his white and Cherokee ancestries and must learn that his cause of war is wrong. The Spirit of Appalachia Book 4.

Around the River’s Bend

Will Sabrina Finally Find Her Place in the New World? Sabrina Fairfax was raised in an elegant house with servants catering to her every desire. With her father’s unexpected death, she finds herself impoverished and alone in London. Among his papers, however, she discovers a deed to a piece of land in the Colonies and seizes it as her best and perhaps only hope. A mix up lands Sion Kenyon, an out of work miner, in jail. Sabrina arranges his release on the condition that he accompany her to America as an indentured servant. They soon find that nothing is easy in this new land. And adding to the hardships of pioneer life is Sabrina s struggle with jealousy as she watches Sion s growing attraction for her friend and neighbor.

Secret of the Planet Makon

In this first volume in Gilbert Morris’ Daystar Voyages series, six Junior Space Rangers are aboard a space cruiser speeding toward the planet Makon. That’s where the secret lies. The secret that can mean life or death to millions on Makon and beyond.

Wizards of the Galaxy

In book 2 of The Daystar Voyages, six Junior Space Rangers think they can crush their enemy with human force. However, they wake up to the truth that their battle is a spiritual one and that their only source of spiritual strength, their only hope, is God.

Escape from the Red Comet

In order to escape a strange comet that seems bent on destroying their spaceship, Captain Edge and the Space Rangers land on the planet Ciephus and find only children living there.

Dark Spell Over Morlandria

As soon as the crew of the Daystar completes one mission, it’s on to the next! They’re off to the planet Morlandria for rest and relaxation or so the crew thinks!This time the Commandant has a secret mission for Captain Edge. He must stop the assassination of King Denethor. Yet even though the Jerusha is oblivious to the circumstances surrounding their true reason for landing on Morlandria, she can tell that something on the planet is not quite right. And the rest of the crew soon discovers the same thing. Something evil is lurking in Morlandria!Can the crew get together and stop this evil from taking over? Can they save the king and his family from death?Join the crew of the Daystar as they discover what God can do when we trust Him and how prayer is the most powerful weapon against the forces of darkness.

Revenge of the Space Pirate

Zaria’s Escaped!The Queen of Darkness has gotten away from her captors and has taken over the star ship of two young Space Academy cadets. Karl Bentlow and Olga Von Kemp have been hijacked! And more terrible than that, Zaria is steering them toward the Cygnus Sector, an area of space that no one has entered and returned alive. She’s looking for space pirate Sir Richard Irons. Captain Edge and the crew of the Daystar set out to rescue Karl and Olga and foil the plans of Zaria and Richard Irons. On approaching Irons’ headquarters, Ringo notices that the medallion he’s worn about his neck for most of his life resembles some of the ancient statues and writings on Irons’s planet. Does Sir Richard Irons have a connection to Ringo’s dead father? Join the excitement as the Space Rangers see the power of Jesus break the power of Satan. Discover how even the most evil people can be released from the power of their pasts in Revenge of the Space Pirate.

Invasion of the Killer Locusts

When something attacks the planet Capella, Captain Edge and the Daystar Space Rangers are sent to rescue the Capella royal family and do battle with some of the most terrifying creatures in the cosmos.

Dangers of the Rainbow Nebula

Captain Edge and the crew of the Daystar are off on another exciting mission, this time to save the crew of the Wellington from certain destruction by the gravitron threads of the Rainbow Nebula. But there is a troublemaker in the ranks. Greedy Hector Jordan has another plan to make himself rich, and this time it means stealing supplies on board the starship to build a virtual reality machine. After enlisting Ringo to help him build the computer that runs the machine, Heck puts the crew’s lives in danger by stealing power from the ship’s main fuel cells. Join the Daystar Space Rangers and the crew of the Daystar as they make a heroic rescue. Discover how God can give compassion and power to overcome past hurts and teach us to love those who have wronged us. And see how God can use Heck’s machine for good even though Heck meant it for selfish gain.

The Frozen Space Pilot

The Daystar crew discovers an escape pod that was frozen in time. The pilot inside, Galan Knowles, has been frozen for more than 5000 years! But their thrilling discovery enrages the Daystar’s enemy, Sir Richard Irons and the Jackray. Before the Jackray ambushes, the crew must start putting the pieces together. In this fast paced sci fi adventure, the space rangers discover how God reveals Himself to us in times of fear and confusion.

The White Dragon of Sharnu

How do all the strange and sinister activities on Sharnu intersect with the mysterious and dangerous flying white dragon?

Attack of the Denebian Starship

The Daystar Rangers are in a bind. With their favorite Captain Edge assigned to another ship, they end up with a mean and quite troublesome captain. She seems intent on causing problems. With an enemy ship aimed right at the Daystar, what will the crew do? And how will their new leader react? Come aboard with Ringo and friends and find out what God can do in the tightest of spots.

Unseen Riches

She’s overcome the challenges of widowhood, poverty, and newspaper publishing. Now if she can only settle the conflict within her heart.

With high hopes of the adventure to come, Jennifer DeSpain, along with her family and friends, is embarking on a journey that will change their lives forever. Abandoning the comforts of their home and well-established newspaper, they head east to Colorado. But when the train comes to an abrupt stop, the adventure is just beginning. The Kissing Bandit strikes again–stealing both her money and a kiss!

Determined to overcome this loss, Jennifer and her editor, Jason, manage to print the first issues of their new paper. Life is improving until Jason suffers a terrible accident, which forces Jennifer to run the paper herself. Overwhelmed with despair and frustration at the uncooperative press, Jennifer is on the verge of quitting–until two men enter their lives who must be heaven-sent. Preacher brings truth and miracles. And with an eye on Jennifer, the handsome rancher Lance Rivers insists on taking care of them.

Adored by everyone except a bitter and jealous Jason, Lance seems the perfect addition to their family. Can he be the one who Jennifer can finally trust with her heart?

Above the Clouds

With her sudden wealth she can have whatever her heart desires. But it may cost her what she treasures most. Life in Black Hawk, Colorado, keeps Jennifer DeSpain and her fianc , Jason Stone, busy but content. Everything changes, though, when a craggy old miner bursts into their office and declares that he has struck gold in the small mine Jennifer owns. Accustomed to poverty, this new found wealth easily consumes her family’s interests. Even Jennifer’s husband to be is captivated by the prospects. Representing Jennifer and her money, Jason takes a stagecoach to a nearby prospering town to stake new mining claims. By the end of the long and treacherous ride, he is well acquainted with another of the passengers a young actress who has decided that the handsome and apparently wealthy Jason will be hers. Wanting to believe that this new relationship is strictly platonic, he spends more and more time with the beautiful young woman, all the while claiming that he loves only Jennifer. But before Jason and Jennifer can hope to share true love, they must each return to their first love. It will be a tumultuous journey for them both. Will they face it together…
or alone?

The Silver Thread

A sister missing. A brother searching. Each needing an answer to save a life. Abby DeSpain is missing gone without a clue! But her brother Grant has his suspicions. The very idea that Abby could be chasing after that rogue Billy Rogers and running straight into trouble spurs Grant onto her trail. Boomtown after boomtown brings him no closer to finding his sister, but in each he encounters characters who intrigue him and challenges that build his character all of which guide him to astonishing answers to his life long questions. Abby is indeed searching for Billy. He’s left her a trail of letters promising her the world. Promises she feels she deserves and ones she intends to make him keep. But when the trail abruptly ends in the most lawless boomtown of them all, trouble finds Abby quickly, and she soon learns that her normal tricks do not work. With time running out, Abby realizes she must ask for help from the only one who can save her the one she abandoned long ago.

Dixie and Jumbo

Dixie Morris’ best friend is an elephant, a runaway from the circus. The problem is, somebody wants to kill him. See what Dixie does to save her friend. And want happens when she asks for help from the best friend of all, the Lord Jesus.

Dixie and Stripes

In this Dixie Morris adventure, Dixie goes to live with her Aunt Sarah who is a doctor for the animals of the Royal Circus. Trouble starts when someone lets Stripes, the Bengal tiger, out of his cage. Will Dixie be able to lure him back in before there’s a disaster?.

Dixie and Dolly

While living with her aunt who is a veterinarian for a circus and the caretaker of a gorilla that understands sign language, Dixie uses deceit to try to get a special pet.

Dixie and Sandy

This guidebook was published to help people of all ages and budgets move to Costa Rica successfully and make their dreams come true and is a candidate for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for Publishing Excellence. Christopher Howard is Costa Rica’s most read authority on living and retiring in Costa Rica. He has resided in the country for 31 years and is a Costa Rican citizen. It is not surprising that he has first hand knowledge and insight into all aspect of Costa Rica’s culture, economy, language and its people He has appeared on the NBC Today Show, CNBC World News and is a frequent lecturer at international retirement seminars. People who read this book before coming here often know more about Costa Rica than many long term residents, according to the Association of Residents of Costa Rica ARCR. For the last fifteen years Mr. Howard has also conducted award winning relocation and retirement tours liveincostarica. com to supplement the information in his book and assist those interested in making the move seamlessly.

Dixie and Ivan

A Russian family has joined the circus with their dancing bears. But when Dixie tries to make them feel welcome, they’re rude to her. What’s wrong? An accident puts Dixie on the path toward solving the mystery. Her story shows that being kind to strangers gives a good witness of Jesus’ love.

Dixie and Perry

How does Dixie Morris get into so many mixups all at once? Jared Eagle moves into the neighborhood and teaches Dixie how to train falcons. That won’t make problems or will it? Billy Joe Satterfield picks on the new boy, and English class explodes. Dixie and Jared can’t be blamed for that or can they? Dixie needs $500 to go on the church missions trip. That is $500 she doesn’t have. But she’ll get it or will she? And then Billy Joe shoots an endangered bird. Dixie and Jared should tell Sheriff Peck or should they? Join Dixie and Jared in their adventures, and see how the questions get answered in Dixie and Perry.

Dixie and Blizzard

Dixie’s off to the cold world of Alaska. Fifteen degrees below zero and twelve inches of snow. How different Alaska is from life on the farm. And as a welcome to this land of snow Dixie and her friend get stuck out in a snowstorm!When the two are rescued by Lars Bjoren and his dog sled team, Dixie meets a sad and lonely man who lives on the outskirts of town. And when Lars’s brother and sister in law are killed in an automobile crash, he is thrust into instant parenthood as his niece and nephew come to live with him in Alaska. How can Dixie help him?Join Dixie Morris in Dixie and Blizzard as she befriends a lonely man and helps him rekindle his love for God and an old flame.

Too Smart Jones and the Buried Jewels

Juliet and her friends are planting flowers in the city park when they hit upon something that doesn’t belong. It’s an old, rotted box full of jewels. Where did it come from? And where does it belong? When ‘Too Smart’ Jones tries to solve the mystery of the buried jewels, she realizes how important it is to do the right thing.

Too Smart Jones and the Disappearing Dogs

Dogs are missing all over town. Never one to pass up a good mystery, Too Smart Jones is on the case. Who’s the strange and scary old man with the shaggy dog? Children join Too Smart Jones and all of her friends as they solve the mystery of the disappearing dogs.

Too Smart Jones and the Dangerous Woman

There’s a woman living in an alley in the middle of town. Where did she come from? Too Smart Jones sets out to find the answers about Butcher Knife Annie. How will they solve this mystery while treating Annie in a way pleasing to God?

Too Smart Jones and the Cat’s Secret

Juliet Jones is ecstatic about her birthday present a kitten named Boots. But, mysteriously Boots keeps disappearing. One Morning Boots comes home with blue booties on all four feet! Readers join Too Smart Jones as she follows Boots to solve the mystery.

Too Smart Jones and the Mysterious Artist

The town Too Smart Jones lives in is being covered in graffiti. While trying to find who has been putting the graffiti on the walls, Too Smart and her friends discover a large mural and nobody knows who painted it. The same painting appears on canvas in a local artist’s section of the art museum and again, nobody knows who painted it. While searching for this mysterious artist Too Smart learns an important lesson on the power of faith and prayer

Too Smart Jones and the Spooky Mountain

Too Smart Jones and her friends discover a mysterious house outside of town. When she and her brother decided to look around inside the house they hear a strange sound and as they leave Too Smart sees a light from inside the house. To add to the mystery, there has been a black limousine seen in town, and nobody knows the owners. Not wanting to get caught doing something wrong, Too Smart doesn’t tell her parents that she has been visiting the old house trying to figure out what is happening and learns a lesson in honesty.

Too Smart Jones and the Stolen Bicycle

Join Juliet and her homeschool friends as they turn up clues and discover the secret behind the stolen bicycles.

Too Smart Jones and the Wilderness Mystery

Juliet Jones and her homeschool friends are headed for a wilderness trip of camping and whitewater rafting. The perfect trip turns sour when things start disappearing. Come along with Too Smart Jones and her friends in the wilderness as they try to solve this mystery.

The Beginning of Sorrows

There are many end times novels on the market. But the Omega Trilogy takes the apocalyptic story a step further into biblical truth, using the power of allegory to help the reader understand the full horror of the decline of America and the end of the world. Epic in scope, with an extended cast of characters, this first book opens as America falls into decline and moves toward a devastating end. With mythic style, the authors present a gripping story not only through the lives of individual characters, but also through economic, military, social, and political aspects of the scenario. The Omega Trilogy will open new ways of thinking not only about what the end times will be like, but also what it means to all believers. Note from Publisher: Due to the overall sales of the first two books in the Omega Trilogy, we regret to report that the third book, Seven Golden Vials, will not be releasing. However, we are happy to announce a new series from Gilbert Morris, debuting in the spring of 2003, tentatively titled The Creoles. Be looking for the first book to hit bookshelves early next year.

The Spell of the Crystal Chair

The Dark Lord has been busy, and once again Goel is sending the Seven Sleepers to spoil his plans. This time Josh and his friends are off to Whiteland, a place of sled dogs and igloos, polar bears, and seals. The Sleepers soon learn that Whiteland is also the home of the dreaded ice wraiths, the warlike Yanti people, and a crafty dark hearted wizard. Then they hear the really scary news: their job is to destroy a special chair deep inside the wizard’s palace. But what about the fearsome creature that guards the Crystal Chair? And what about the wizard himself? See what happens when the Sleepers obey Goel, the good leader who always gives his friends just what they need.

The Savage Game of Lord Zarak

The Seven Sleepers are confronted by an evil king involved in a deadly game. The king punishes perceived wrongdoers by giving them a horrible choice: live in a dungeon or chance escape to freedom past his ferocious hunting dogs.

The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo

The Seven Sleepers have seen their share of strange animals in Nuworld. But Josh and his friends have never seen anything like the animals in Dr. Korbo’s country. Where did squirrels the size of elephants come from, anyway’ Is the evil doctor somehow responsible’ God knows how to put his people in the right place at the right time. So when the Sleepers hear what Dr. Korbo plans to do next, they decide to stop him. Follow Josh and company into danger and see what happens.

City of the Cyborgs

Although the Seven Sleepers don’t know anything about cyborgs, they agree to help their new friend Rainor rescue his sweetheart from them. But the City of the Cyborgs is totally bizarre. The Sleepers get in, but they can’t get out. Watch Josh and Sarah and your other Sleeper friends tackle their rescue mission. And see them get the advice they need from God, their good leader, at just the right time.

The Temptation of Pleasure Island

The Seven Sleepers get to take a much needed vacation. Traveling to a place called Pleasure Island they find a virtual paradise where games and parties are constantly happening. Gambling is the norm and if some unlucky person loses everything they have they are forced to work as slaves in the mines. Watch Josh and Sarah and your other Sleeper friends figure out the best way to handle situations involving things they know are wrong. They get the right advice from Goel before things get too out of hand.

The Victims of Nimbo

The Cloud People were at one time on good terms with the Earth Dwellers. Yet the leader of the Earth Dwellers has recently come under the influence of Maroni, the evil high priest of the god Nimbo. Nimbo demands human sacrifice and the Earth Dwellers have been kidnapping and sacrificing the Cloud People. Watch Josh and Sarah and your other Sleeper friends tackle this dangerous and immoral situation. And see them get the advice they need from Go l, their good leader, at just the right time.

The Terrible Beast of Zor

The King of Madria is dying and the armies of Zor have surrounded the kingdom. Some people in the kingdom have even started to follow the Dark Lord. Losing ground, the armies of Madria need a leader. The Prince, who only cares for himself and what makes him happy, is not interested in this role. Goel instructs the Seven Sleepers to try and save Madria by teaching the Prince some of the lessons they have learned, and helping him realize to be a great leader is to be a servant.

Buckingham Palace and the Crown Jewels

The Kerrigan family travels to England with their photojournalist father, and the siblings make a new friend.

Nine-Story Pagodas and Double Decker Buses

NEW Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids Series: After their mother died, photographer Mr. Kerrigan begins taking his natural daughter and adopted children with him on business trips. They’re on the move for adventures all over the world. Million selling author, Gilbert Morris, thrills and educates young readers with these new travel adventures. Pearl gets the opportunity to visit the area where she was born when Mr. Kerrigan is assigned a job in Hong Kong. On the plane, the family meets two young children who are going to live with their Grandparents in Hong Kong. However, there is no one to meet their new friends at the airport so the Kerrigan clan puts into practice what they recently learned about the Good Samaritan. As they make sure the children find their grandparents’ house, they make new friends, and learn about Chinese culture.

Painted Warriors and Wild Lions

Duffy Kerrigan has three adopted siblings. Seth from Nigeria, Juan from Mexico, and Pearl from Hong Kong. One of their first trips with their father is to Africa. There Duffy immediately becomes critical of the different way Africans do things. As she learns more about the culture, she discovers that different does not necessarily mean wrong and that much can be learned from other cultures.

Kangaroos and the Outback

NEW Adventures of the Kerrigan Kids Series: After their mother died, photographer Mr. Kerrigan begins taking his natural daughter and adopted children with him on business trips. They’re on the move for adventures all over the world. Million selling author, Gilbert Morris, thrills and educates young readers with these new travel adventures. The Kerrigans learn valuable lessons as everything begins to go wrong on their trip to Australia. Their luggage was misdirected, the girls suffer food poisoning, Mr. Kerrigan loses a contact, and their all purpose vehicle breaks down on a rural road. The Kerrigans learn the valuable lesson that bad things can happen to good people and that it is critical to trust in God even during difficult circumstances.

Where Two Seas Met

Newlyweds Cheney Duvall and Shiloh Irons Winslow are enjoying an idyllic honeymoon aboard a ship in the West Indies. But when a fierce storm interrupts their carefree days, Cheney and Shiloh find themselves on a small island facing a mysterious illness. Quarantining the island and the ship’s crew, Cheney and Shiloh work themselves to exhaustion as they care for those infected with the highly contagious disease. When Cheney collapses, Shiloh fears the worst. Has their love overcome all odds only to be tragically cut short? Since his plot to ruin Cheney was exposed, Bain Winslow has fled New York and is now the owner of a large spice plantation on the same island where Cheney and Shiloh are caring for the plague victims! Discovering the island has been quarantined, Bain rages against Cheney and Shiloh, refusing any attempt at reconciliation. Will Bain ever accept Shiloh as the legitimate heir to the Winslow fortune?

The Moon By Night

Book 2 of Cheney and Shiloh: The Inheritance. Cheney and Shiloh Irons Winslow return to New York from their honeymoon and enthusiastically begin work Shiloh at Winslow Brothers Shipping and Cheney in her medical career. But their tranquility is shattered when Cheney discovers that a young doctor she hired as an assistant hides a scandal in his past and possibly murder in his heart! Danger and plot twists abound as the Morrises pen yet another thrilling chapter in the continuing saga of the much loved Cheney and Shiloh. Sequel to Where to Seas Met.

There Is a Season

Hoping to escape a brutal New York winter, Cheney and Shiloh travel with a group of friends to Sangria House, a small citrus plantation in Florida. But when they arrive, all is not as they expected. Though the place seems deserted, with no supplies or staff, they manage to get settled in and look forward to enjoying a relaxing holiday together. But when they find something dreadful in the wine cellar, they wonder if perhaps Sangria House is not the haven they had thought it would be. Cheney and Shiloh: The Inheritance Book 3.

Heart of a Lion

In his newest series, much loved master storyteller Gilbert Morris turns his imagination to the Jewish ancestry of Jesus of Nazareth. Combining extensive research with skillful plotting, Morris creates believable scenarios and great stories. The result is an exciting series with riveting, action packed adventures that will entertain, enlighten, and challenge readers as never before. In the series debut, Heart of a Lion, Noah struggles to resist the siren call of the world’s pleasures, while straining to hear the still, small voice of his father s God. The reader is in for a roller coaster ride of surprises as humanity s common ancestor fights the spiritual battle of the ages.

No Woman So Fair

Book 2 of Lions of Judah. Much loved master storyteller Gilbert Morris has turned an imaginative pen to the lives of the patriarchs. Combining extensive research with skillful plotting, Morris creates believable scenarios in which his fictional characters are worthy of their biblical counterparts. The result is an exciting story with riveting, action packed adventures that will entertain, enlighten, and challenge readers to think in new ways about familiar stories from the Bible. In No Woman So Fair, Abram and Sarai struggle with the call of God on their lives and his promise to give them a child. Their battles with doubt and temptation will have readers glued to the pages and seeing spiritual forbears in a new light.

The Gate of Heaven

Much loved storyteller Gilbert Morris turns an imaginative pen to the lives of the patriarchs. Combining extensive research with an action packed and skillful plotting, Morris creates believable scenarios in which his ctional characters parallel their biblical counterparts. The Gates of Heaven follows the dramatic journey of Jacob, from deceiving his brother and being deceived in his choice of wife, to his life changing encounter with God. Meanwhile, Jacob’s only daughter, Dinah, buys a slave who is actually an aristocrat from Crete. Will he come to love Jacob’s God as well as his daughter? Book 3 of the bestselling Lions of Judah.

Till Shiloh Comes

The familiar story of patriarch Jacob and his twelve sons comes to new life and power in this masterful retelling by Gilbert Morris. Joseph seems to be the one who will be chosen to carry on the family name and birthright, but Jacob makes a startling announcement: ‘The scepter will not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes ‘ Lions of Judah, Book 4.

By Way of the Wilderness

Lions of Judah Book 5 The always compelling story of Moses, told as only master storyteller Gilbert Morris can deliver it. Readers will feel the sand beneath their feet as they follow Moses through his days in Pharaoh’s court, his exile in the desert in Midian, his return to Egypt and confrontation with Pharaoh, to leading his people into the desert on their quest to reach the Promised Land.

Daughter of Deliverance

Rahab, a weaver in Jericho, is forced into prostitution by her father’s gambling debt. With no choice in the matter, she often thinks death would be preferable. When Israel s vaunted army crosses the Jordan River, two spies including Ardon, the son of Caleb, come to scout the land. When Rahab saves them from capture and death, the two promise to spare her when the army destroys the city. Ardon has no use for fallen women, yet despite himself, he is attracted to Rahab. She is becoming a woman of great faith, but his pride will not allow him to forget her past. As the battle for the land escalates, both Ardon and Rahab will put God s faithfulness to the test. Daughter of Deliverance is brim*ming with adventure, romance, and heroic acts of faith. Lions of Judah Book 6

Deep in the Heart

The Texas Frontier provides for riveting adventure and inspiring characters as this historical fiction series draws readers into the struggle for freedom.

The Yellow Rose

THE ALAMO HAS FALLEN. THE FATE OF TEXAS IS UNCERTAIN. AND THE STRENGTH OF ONE WOMAN’S FAITH IS HANGING IN THE BALANCE. Her husband is dead, a casualty of the Alamo. Her son and the man she’s learning to love just narrowly escaped death themselves at the confrontation of Goliad. Now Mexico’s armies are pushing north, burning property and killing settlers, while Comanche raiders terrorize ranchers along the Brazos where Jerusalem Ann Hardin has decided to plan her clan. Will she join the panicked settlers fleeing to safety, or will she stand and fight for this land she loves? Will her new faith remain strong when the Comanche raids get personal? Will she choose the right man to marry when two suitors come calling? Jerusulam Ann’s thrilling tale whisks us through a kaleidoscope of exciting scenes, from the blood soaked battlefield at San Jacinto to dusty cattle drives across open range; from the hidden village of a Comanche war chief to angry brawls in a frontier saloon. Spiced with humor, and brimful of romance and adventure, this saga of faith on the American frontier will have you holding your breath as you follow the trials and triumphs of some of Texas’ finest in Book Two of the Lone Star Legacy.

The Eyes of Texas

The Texas Frontier provides for riveting adventure and inspiring characters as this historical fiction series draws readers into the struggle for freedom.

The Exiles

Book one of The Creoles Series, captivating novels from bestselling authors Gilbert and Lynn Morris, introduces Chantel Fontaine. Readers follow Chantel through the streets and swamps of Louisiana as she falls in love, faces the loss of both her parents, and searches for the baby sister she thought was lost forever.

The culture of the citizens of nineteenth century New Orleans was as varied and intriguing as their complexions French, Spanish, African, and American. As the layers of these cultures intertwine, a rich, entertaining story of love and faith emerges. It is the early 1800s, and Chantel Fountaine, has finished her education at the Ursuline Convent. But the trials and tragedies that preceded her graduation have put her Christian beliefs to the test.

The authors’ unique perspective and the distinctive cultural setting make this novel come alive in the minds and hearts of readers.

The Immortelles

For her sixteenth birthday, Damita De Salvado receives a beautiful slave girl, Rissa, but mistreats her, revealing Damita’s prejudice and hardening Rissa’s heart. When her family experiences financial hardships, Damita grudgingly sells Rissa to a mysterious Christian doctor, Jefferson Whitman, who is Rissa’s adopted brother. Now the tables have turned: Rissa is a wealthy, free woman, while Damita’s family struggles to keep the plantation. Will both women find the love and security they long for?

The Alchemy

Each book in The Creoles Series revolves around one of four girls who become close friends while attending a convent school in New Orleans. The third book, The Alchemy focuses on Simone d’Or, a vivacious young woman hardened by high society life, and Colin Seymour, a talented young man from humble beginnings. As the famed singer and composer Lord Beaufort nurtures Colin’s singing voice, Colin rises to stardom in the opera world. At first, Simone judges Colin as a man beneath her standing, but after hearing Colin at the opera, she finds herself captivated by his talent and passion. Meanwhile, Simone’s brother places the family name in jeopardy by his gambling debt, and she must face the possibility of marrying Vernay, a rigid young man of equal status who is feared for his skill in dueling others to the death.

The Tapestry

The Creoles Series tells the stories of four young women who attend the Ursuline Convent School in New Orleans during the early nineteenth century. Each book is a romantic adventure that focuses on one woman as she faces the trials of life and faith. In this striking conclusion to The Creoles Series, Gilbert Morris delivers his award winning storytelling, told against a cultural background unique to this series alone. Abandoned as an infant on the steps of the Ursuline Convent School, Leonie Vernay has endured the emotional and financial poverty of an orphan. Now a young woman making her way as a humble seamstress in New Orleans, she is startled by a mysterious stranger who claims to know her identity and her relatives. Will Leonie find acceptance with her long lost family, or is she on a misguided quest? In The Tapestry, Leonie must decide if her longing to belong has clouded her judgment and her ability to see love in others.

The Homeplace

Lanie took out her journal and dated it April 12, 1928. She started the habit of writing down everything that happened to her when she was no more than eight years old, and now she had six journals completely full. She thought about the prize at school, almost prayed to win, but somehow she could not. ‘God,’ she finally said, ‘I’ll do my best, and if you’ll help me, that’s all I ask.’ Fourteen year old Lanie Belle Freeman of Fairhope, Arkansas, has high hopes for her future. Happy on the five acre family homeplace, she dreams of going to college and becoming a writer. And with her father launching a new business and her mother expecting the fifth baby, the bright days of an early Southern spring seem to herald expansive new beginnings for the Freeman family. But her mother isn’t as strong as she should be, and it’s going to take time for the business to pay back the mortgage. When unexpected tragedy strikes, it is left to Lanie to keep the family together and hold on to their home. In a world shaken by the Great Depression, it is faith in God and love in a tightly knit family that will help Lanie and her siblings overcome the odds and create a future that promises the fulfillment of love. The Homeplace offers a warmhearted and inspiring saga of a courageous young woman who holds her family together through the Depression era.

The Dream

Lanie Freeman had to grow up fast. Her mother died when she was just fourteen and now her father is in prison. The oldest of five children, seventeen year old Lanie has transformed into a surrogate mother…
and a beautiful young woman. Not only must she keep her family together, but lately she has drawn the attention of Roger Langley, son of the richest man in town. Tensions run deep between the Freemans and the Langleys. And on top of it all, Louise Langley accuses Lanie of trying to snatch away her handsome fiance, Dr. Owen Merrit. Dr. Merrit has long helped out the Freeman children, but Lanie isn’t sure he even notices that she’s no longer a child. Then Fairhope is thrown into chaos when the new preacher arrives wearing blue jeans and riding a motorcycle. In only a month, dashing Brother Colin Ryan shakes the entire town to the core of their beliefs. With the town embattled over the preacher, her family struggling to survive, and her own heart in turmoil, Lanie seeks solace in her writing. She pours out her heart to God, trusting his promises. But when things fall apart at every turn, will Lanie continue to trust? The Dream continues the inspiring saga of one woman’s struggle to hold together her family and follow her dreams in the midst of America’s darkest hour.

The Miracle

Raising four strong willed younger siblings after her mother’s death and her father’s imprisonment, seventeen year old Lanie Freeman never knows what new adventure will roll into view such as her brother’s wild idea to turn the family’s old truck into a traveling store. The Freeman Rolling Emporium could provide the financial security Lanie and her family so desperately need, or it could tear them apart. Yet it’s only a prelude to other changes. Author Brent Hayden’s arrival in Fairhope breathes fresh life into Lanie’s dream of becoming a writer. And then the hammer descends…
Lanie’s father is diagnosed with cancer, and the faith and unity of her family are stretched to the limit. And on top of this shattering news, a crisis is about to strike that will rock the whole town of Fairhope and shatter Lanie’s dreams of love. The Miracle continues the story of a young woman’s valiant struggle to uphold her faith, her family, and her dreams during the height of the Great Depression.

The Courtship

It is Autumn of 1936 With most of their Louisiana plantation sold off to survive The Great Depression, eighteen year old Lanie Freeman and her sister Maeva struggle to reunite their family. Fourth book of the Singing River Series.

Santa Fe Woman

Ever since her mother’s death, twenty two year old Jori Hayden has lived safely under the shelter of her wealthy father. But when the severe economic depression of the 1800s destroys the family s fortune, the Haydens must venture west together along the Santa Fe Trail in search of a new livelihood. With her father in poor health and her Aunt Kate a dedicated Christian keeping charge over the younger siblings, Jori hires Chad Rocklin right out of prison to lead their wagon train. And in a journey marked with danger at every turn, romance, faith, and family prove to be the biggest fortunes of all.

A Man for Temperance

In 1850, Temperance Peabody, age 32, is a plain yet beautiful woman who has yet to know the thrill of romantic love. Raised in the Oregon territory where her parents established a strict religious colony, she was never allowed to have a suitor but now longs to have a family of her own. After her parents die and a cholera epidemic wracks the colony, Temperance feels called by God to take the surviving orphaned children back East to their extended families. But the only man available to accompany her on the dangerous journey is Thaddeus Brennan, a hard edged drifter with good reasons of his own to get out of town. Despite the mismatch of Temperance’s purity with Thad s hot temper, heavy drinking, and distaste for kids, the intensities of their trek help the two find common ground, perhaps enough on which to build a lasting relationship. But life and love are unpredictable. And when another man and woman join the journey, and a shock awaits two of the orphans, this hearty story of faith and new desires duly follows.

The Joelle’s Secret

Popular novelist Gilbert Morris finds fresh romantic, history based inspiration in Joelle’s Secret. This mid 1800s tale begins with seventeen year old Joelle Jones fending off unwelcome advances from her predatory stepfather just after her mother has died. When the man is declared Joelle’s legal guardian, she knows he will have his way with her, so in desperation runs away. Pursued by the stepfather who offers a reward for her return, Joelle cuts her long beautiful hair, poses as a young man, and finds work as a stablehand. She meets a spiritually frustrated treasure hunter who believing Joelle to be a male invites her to join a wagon train to gold rich California. But hard living on the trail makes it harder for Joelle to conceal her identity. When her traveling companion learns the truth, matters of faith and friendship become tense until Joelle helps him realize that God can indeed do all things, and that some things like true love are worth even more than gold. About the Author Gilbert Morris is among todays most popular Christian writers; his books having sold nearly six million copies worldwide. He specializes in historical fiction and won a 2001 Christy Award for the Civil War drama Edge of Honor. Once a pastor and English professor who earned a Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas, Morris lives with his wife in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Angel Train

You re asking Bible believing righteous folk to put their lives in the hands of jail birds. Popular romance and historical fiction writer Gilbert Morris serves up his most unique story yet in Angel Train. The mid 1800s tale introduces Charity Morgan, a beautiful yet businesslike young hero*ine whose devout religious community is losing its Pennsylvania homestead to the economic recession. To survive and stay together, the members plan to form a wagon train to Oregon where free land is aplenty. The only catch is that no wagon master is better equipped to lead them safely out West than inmate Casey Tremayne and his band of fellow felons. After Charity’s prison warden uncle offers the men parole upon completion of this sacred and dangerous journey, only divine intervention can bring all parties to common ground.

What the Cat Dragged in

A charming new mystery series from beloved and bestselling author, Gilbert Morris…
Jacques the Ripper: A tough minded Savannah breed of feline fierce, enormous, and with a mind of his own. And…
Cleo: A multi colored Rag Doll with long silky hair. Cleo is as affectionate as Jacques is tough and her favorite mode of transportation is draped over the shoulder of the nearest human. In their debut mystery, Jacques and Cleo and their owner…
or rather the human they own, Kate Forrest, and her son, Jeremy, move to a beautiful beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama, left to Kate by a distant relative. The catch is that another distant relative, wanna be novelist and bonafide cat hater Jake Novak, has also inherited an interest in the house. Undeterred, Kate and Jeremy move in the downstairs quarters and Jake takes the separate apartment upstairs. Then, when a murder occurs…
everyone is stumped but feline sleuths Jacques and Cleo come to the rescue and reveal the identity of the killer. About this series: For years, mystery readers and cat lovers alike have devoured the suspense novels by Lillian Jackson Braun, Rita Mae Brown and others, in what has developed into the bestselling cat mystery genre. Now, veteran fiction author Gilbert Morris joins the ranks of those prestigious novelists with his Jacques and Cleo, Cat Detectives series, destined to become a welcome addition to this genre by feline fanatics everywhere.

The Cat’s Pajamas

Readers of mysteries and cat lovers alike will devour this second whodunit in the Jacques & Cleo, Cat Detectives series by bestselling author, Gilbert Morris. Hollywood comes into the lives of the newest residents of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Jake Novak and Kate Forrest have settled into the beautiful beach house left to them by a distant relative. Cat hating Jake busies himself working on his novel in his upstairs apartment, while Kate gets involved in a beach ministry to young people. When New Leaf Productions arrives to film a movie, the locals are fascinated by the glamour of the actors. But when a cast member is murdered, followed quickly by a second killing, the town of Gulf Shores becomes worried. Jacques the Ripper has solved one murder and when he and Cleo are recruited to be in the movie, Jacques throws himself into nosing around for clues and a murderer. About this series: For years, mystery readers and cat lovers alike have devoured the suspense novels by Lillian Jackson Braun, Rita Mae Brown and others, in what has developed into the bestselling cat mystery genre. Now, veteran fiction author Gilbert Morris joins the ranks of those prestigious novelists with his Jacques and Cleo, Cat Detectives series, destined to become a welcome addition to this genre by feline fanatics everywhere.

When the Cat’s Away

Readers of mysteries and cat lovers alike will devour this third whodunit in the Jacques & Cleo, Cat Detectives series by bestselling author, Gilbert Morris. When White Sands, Alabama, is chosen as the location for an international cat show, cat lovers from all over the world flock to the beach. Jake Novak is disgusted at the idea of people fawning over cats, but his downstairs housemate, Mary Katherine Forrest, is delighted. And when the favorite pedigreed cat is kidnapped, however, the cat loving world is shocked. Then other favored contestants disappear and Jake is hired to solve the catnapping. As the plot thickens, the friends of Jake and Mary Katherine are drawn into the chase Beverly Devon Hunt, Enola Stern, and Oceola Plank join forces to run the catnapper to a blazing finish aided of course, by Jacques the Ripper…

The Mermaid in the Baseme*nt

A wealthy widow of a nobleman, daughter of a famous scientist, and skeptic who only trusts what can be proven.

Meet Serafina Trent. A woman about to take 19th Century London by storm.

It’s London, 1857, and everything is at stake for Serafina Trent. A woman of means…
but not the typical Victorian lady who feels her place is to be seen and not heard. When her brother’s most recent female dalliance, a beautiful actress, is found murdered, all evidence points to him. Especially since the actress had just rejected him in a most public manner. Now everyone believes Clive is headed for the gallows. Everyone, that is, but Serafina.

Determined to prove her brother’s innocence, Serafina finds herself working with unlikely allies including Dylan Tremayne, a passionate storyteller and actor with a criminal past. This novel will hold fans of mystery and history spellbound until the very last page.

Victorian England comes alive in this intriguing new series from one of Christian fiction’s favorite authors.

A Conspiracy of Ravens

Lady Trent’s sleuthing skills are put to the test in a Victorian mystery about mischief, murder, and a lost heir. With the aid of her partner Dylan Tremayne, Lady Serafina Trent aims to help her neighbors the Haydens determine who the true heir is to their sizable estate. After some investigating, she shocks the Haydens when she reveals that the child they believed had died at birth is actually alive and living as a criminal in London’s worst slum. Then the Hayden’s butler is murdered and the stakes are dangerously raised. Lady Serafina must employ her famous scientific reasoning to help her discover answers before foul play strikes again though her beloved reason fails to explain her growing attraction to Dylan…
Enjoy Victorian England through the eyes of Christian Fiction’s most beloved author.

Sonnet to a Dead Contessa

Lady Trent must rely on her newfound faith to solve the mystery…
and save herself. In London, 1858, women of British nobility are being murdered with alarming frequency, so Scotland Yard calls on Lady Serafina Trent and her crime solving partner, Dylan Tremayne, to help piece together the perplexing clues. With Dylan’s help, Serafina has garnered acclaim as a brilliant detective solving mysteries by relying on her astute observation and scientific reasoning. But in the midst of solving these crimes, Serafina’s relationship with Dylan meets unexpected stress when his childhood sweetheart returns. Torn between desire and decorum, Serafina desperately wants Dylan to be happy but in the arms of another woman? After a lifetime of viewing the world through a practical lens, Serafina begins to examine her own soul and realizes her need for Jesus. Yet will her faith save her life when all clues point to Serafina as the murderer’s next victim?

Honor in the Dust

The grandfather of Christian fiction returns with the story of what happened to the winslow family during an earlier era when the Tudors reigned tracing the doomed rise of Stuart Winslow within the salacious court of King Henry VIII. The determined Stuart Winslow will go to any lengths to lift himself and his widowed mother out of poverty. After a distant relative manages to secure a place for Stuart in the court of King Henry VIII, Stuart quickly learns that the court is really a wicked cauldron of vices, power plays, and temptation. As Stuart rises at court, he is asked to find and deliver for execution an enemy of the king William Tyndale, an acquaintance of Stuart’s whose sole ambition is to translate the Bible into the language of the common man. Does Stuart fall prey to his dangerous ambition and accept the assignment? Or is he willing to face death at the stake for the sake of Christ?In Honor in the Dust, bestselling author Gilbert Morris captures the tone of the Tudor period beautifully, chronicling the period s excesses with skill and prudence. But like Morris s other novels, it also contrasts those excesses with the godly behavior of real life characters like William Tyndale. In this captivating historical drama, Stuart Winslow is caught between two worlds: one that promises material and worldly success, and one that promises salvation. Is his faith strong enough to withstand such a challenge?

When the Heavens Fall

THE SECOND NOVEL IN THE WINSLOW BREED SERIES THE PREQUEL TO THE FAMED HOUSE OF WINSLOW BREED SERIES!Brandon Winslow would rather gamble and frequent taverns than attend church. So how does he find himself at the forefront of the resistance to Bloody Mary’s attempt to eliminate at sword s point, if need be the Protestant faith?During the reign of Mary I of England ‘Bloody Mary’ young Brandon Winslow son of Stuart, protagonist of Honor in the Dust, the first book in the Winslow Breed series finds himself in dire straits. After being flogged and then drummed out of the military for seducing the wife of his commanding officer, he sinks into a life of gambling and petty fraud along with Lupa, the fair gypsy woman who nursed him back to health. After Mary weds Prince Philip of Spain, she begins to work in earnest to establish Catholicism as the only faith in England and to execute Protestants. When Brandon sees several people burned at the stake in London for their faith, the experience changes him: Even though he has been only a nominal member of the Church of England, he finds himself compelled to stop those responsible for these outrages and to do so before his uncle Quentin, a pastor, is himself burned at the stake. Unfortunately, the only way to save Quentin and so many others is to make Princess Elizabeth who is herself in danger of dying at Mary s hand queen. And that, of course, would be treason. Punishable by death. But then, Brandon has always been a gambler…

Edge of Honor

Quentin Larribee is a surgeon one of the best. But in the confusion of one of the Civil War’s last, desperate skirmishes, the hands devoted to healing bring death to William Breckenridge, an enemy soldier in the act of surrendering. Now the deed haunts Quentin. A bright future lies before him, with marriage to the lovely Irene Chambers and eventual ownership of her father’s prosperous medical practice. But it cannot ease Quentin’s troubled conscience. Honor compels him to see to the welfare of the dead man’s family. Quentin moves from New York City to the little town of Helena, Arkansas, where he attempts to save Eden Breckenridge and her children from financial ruin. But in trying to solve one problem, he creates another, falling in love with the widow of the man he killed a woman who knows nothing of his terrible secret. Edge of Honor is an unforgettable novel of redemption and honor, where good is found in the unlikeliest places and God’s unseen hand weaves a masterful tapestry of human hearts and lives.

Journey to Freedom

Chosen by the Maker to do great things, a dreamer and unlikely hero named Chip leads the Whitefoot Mouse army to protect their royal family and defend their homeland against the invasion of domineering Brown Rats.

Jacob’s Way

‘The army makes a man hard sometimes. I remember a young girl no more than ten who gave me a glass of buttermilk just outside of Chancellorsville. I still remember that. I guess that’s all my life is. Some pictures fading out behind me, and there’s not much before me.’ Reisa listened as he spoke. She knew that he was a man who longed for goodness, and longed for friends, and perhaps even a wife and family. Finally she said, ‘I hope you find your way, Ben. God is real, and love is real.’ Fleeing a bloody pogrom that threatens their tiny Russian village, Reisa Dimitri and her grandfather, Jacob, sail the ocean to a new life in America. They are swiftly embraced by New York’s Jewish community. But God has other plans that will call them far from the familiar warmth and ways of their culture. Accompanied by their huge, gentle friend, Dov, Reisa and Jacob set out to make their living as traveling merchants in the post Civil War South. There, as new and unexpected friendships unfold, the aged Jacob searches for answers concerning the nature of the Messiah he has spent a lifetime looking and longing for. And there, the beautiful Reisa finds herself strangely drawn to Ben Driver a man with a checkered past, a painful present, and a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy him. Fast paced and tender by turn, Jacob’s Way is a heartwarming novel about human love, divine faithfulness, and the restoration of things that had seemed broken beyond repair.

The Spider Catcher

He is a young Welshman who forsook the family shipbuilding business to study medicine…
until, poised at the brink of a brilliant career, tragedy broke his heart and shattered his dreams. She is a daughter of London’s inner city, a woman child weaned on life’s harsh realities who has learned much about fending for her living and her virtue but little of what it means to be loved. Thrown together by circumstance, Rees Kenyon and Callie Summers head across the ocean toward a new life during the stormy beginnings of the American Revolution. As a new nation struggles for independence, Rees employs his medical knowledge to save lives, and his shipbuilder’s skills to build the potent fighting vessel known as the ‘spider catcher.’ But it is Callie, whom Rees scooped from the mud of the London streets, on whom his own life will soon depend…
and who can help him find for himself the faith, hope, and love he has taught her.

God’s Handmaiden

Gervase Howard, a young nurse serving under Florence Nightingale in the Crimea, returns home to care for a young nobleman who lies in a coma the only man she has ever loved, but who is married to someone else.


Computer program designer, Oliver Benson, decides to completely change his appearance in order take revenge on the two people in his life who used to mean the most to him his wife and his manager because they destroyed his life. Will Oliver learn what real love is before it’s too late? Or will his wife and manager discover his identity and end his life for good?

Heaven Sent Husband

A CBA Bestselling Author Between her dedicated nursing at Mercy Hospital and plans to be a missionary in India, Ketura Lindsey had no time to think about marriage. But to follow God’s plan, she had to acknowledge that love was part of His higher purpose for her life. Yet did He really intend her to find wedded bliss with her high school nemesis, Jared Pierce? Now an intern at Mercy, he was a constant presence in her heart and mind. But would Jared, who dated beauty queens, ever notice let alone propose to a plain Jane? Available only in Christian Romance 6.

The Angel of Bastogne

In the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life and John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas

Newspaper reporter Ben Raines is a full fledged cynic trying to bypass what he feels is the least wonderful time of the year Christmas. But his plan to escape on a dream vacation overseas is foiled when the boss assigns him to write the annual front page holiday story.

With a humbug twist, Ben chooses to investigate a World War II legend involving his own father that will expose the fallacies of religion and everything related to December 25th.

Willy Raines fought in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne during Christmas 1944 and to Ben’s embarrassment believes a real angel saved the lives of every man in the 101st Airborne unit.

Some angel that was. Life was never easy for Willy after the war, and he was far from heroic in his son’s eyes. Ben sets out to find other veterans who witnessed The Angel of Bastogne, sure to return empty handed. Instead, he comes home with a heart that is overflowing.

A Land to Call Home / The Silver Star / Brothers

Taming the land came at great price. Will their love survive the loss? It has required long, difficult years to tame the virgin prairie of Dakota Territory, but in spite of heartache and back breaking labor, the hardy immigrants recognize that God has been with them every step. What was merely a dream is now beginning to take shape. And so they face the challenge of proving up their homesteads and building an official town for their growing community. Hjelmer travels west to work on the railroad, but after sending only one letter to Penny, who has agreed to wait for him, he is not heard from again. As the months pass, Penny is pursued by other eligible suitors, and her love for Hjelmer is sorely tried. Will he return to keep his promise? First the land, then a natural disaster nearly devastates them. What will it take to make their dreams a reality?

Christmas By the Hearth

Christmas By the Hearth will warm the hearts of all ages as leading Christian authors share a collection of Christmas short stories. Such popular authors as Angela Elwell Hunt, Francine Rivers, Bodie Thoene, Calvin Miller, and many more contribute stories ranging from historical to contemporary.

How to Write (And Sell) a Christian Novel

In his entertaining and informative style, best selling novelist and teacher Gilbert Morris leads you step by step through the process of writing a novel.

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